7 Best Putters Under $200 in 2024: Quality on a Budget

The game of golf started with a few Scottish men hitting a pebble over sand dunes and old tracks with a bent stick; today, the same concept applies, but with appropriate instruments and cleaner landscapes to play on—it’s no longer an exclusively-Scottish affair, as many countries, like the United States and India, have embraced this gentlemen’s sport.

I enjoy golf because it provides an excellent cardiovascular workout and improves mental health. There will be times on the course where you’ll have to stop and think hard about performing your next move. 

Health experts say that the simple swinging motion with the golf club builds your muscles and strengthens your core. As a result, my time in the field is quite beneficial. Another plus for me is that women can also take part in the action!

I have an an honest passion for this game, but the downfall for me is that the equipment price for this sport can be pretty heavy. Not everybody can fish out $20,000 for a golf club—that is, apart from the fact that you need some finesse, strength, and strategy to play a great game. 

I come bearing good news for those like me who are enthusiastic about the game but lack the financial means. This article breaks the myth that you need expensive items to play golf. I present 7 best putters under 200 dollars. Yes, you heard right, under $200, because some of us would like to believe that it’s not the equipment that will give you the perfect shot—you’ll also need precision, tact, and strategy.

One putter that caught my eye was the TaylorMade Spider X putter, which I recommend due to its weight that provides stability.   

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks For Putters Under $200 On The Market In 2024
TaylorMade Spider X Putter
  • Focuses on providing stability
  • Most expensive putter
  • Ability to have its weight moved and positioned according to the golfer’s desire
Odyssey Works 2020 Model
  • Comes with face inserts
  • Ball glides effortlessly across the grass
  • Comes with an alignment feature for easier putting
S7K Standing Putter
  • Capable of standing on its own
  • Has a length of 34 inches
  • Can be handled by both male or female players
Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter
  • Comes with Tungsten Forward weighting
  • Speed Optimized Face Technology
  • Loss in distance are reduced significantly
Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Aids with getting your alignment right
  • Easier to handle
TaylorMade Patina Ardmore 2
  • Comprises seven designs
  • Has a double sightline
  • Single dot to help with alignment over putts
Wilson Harmonized Putter
  • Can be purchased for beginners and professionals
  • Will improve your performance
  • Only made for right-handed players.

Here Are the Best Putters Under 200 Dollars – Tried and Tested

1. TaylorMade Spider X Putter




Named the best putter in 2021, you probably saw this putter in the hands of many golf professionals on the field lately. The concept behind the head of this mallet putter focuses on providing stability on impact. This is the most expensive putter in this article, as its price is just shy of $200.

The Spider X is the most recent version of the TaylorMade Spider range, and as mentioned, this putter aims to give players stability on impact (thanks to the X shape of the clubhead). We want stability when playing on the field. When the head of the putter shakes too much, it hinders the player from getting the ball to start. 

Available in 33, 34, and 35-inch models, the Spider X comes in various colors (the gold is quite lovely) with a few lines on top or just one solid line. The putter also helps the player with their alignment, thanks to research done by TaylorMade specialists who have integrated the True Path Alignment system. 

Another exciting bonus for this product is its ability to have its weight moved and positioned according to the golfer’s desire.






2. Odyssey Works 2020 Model




Odyssey is a good brand; this model was placed on our list because it respects the “under $200” criteria. It comes in different styles too, so you’ll need to be informed before buying. 

Among these styles, the #7 is ideal for helping the player with distance control in their putting game. This putter comes with face inserts that help with getting a firm grip. You’ll notice that the ball glides effortlessly across the grass. And just like the Spider X, it comes with an alignment feature for easier putting.

With its overall design, it’s best suited for players with an arc in their swing when it touches the ball. That fact shouldn’t stop you from purchasing this product, as it does help make your put easier from the soft grip, but still lets you control the game. 

The only downfall with the Odyssey Works 2020 model is that it only comes in a standard grip; this means you’ll have to manipulate it more to get what you want. 






3. S7K Standing Putter




The S7K standing putter is the best choice for new and long-time players who struggle with alignment. Beginners sometimes find it challenging to align the face of the putter to the ball. For advanced players, you maybe can’t fix the alignment because you use a blade or mallet putter.

As its name states, it’s capable of standing on its own. You can leave this putter standing while you check that your ball is in line with the hole, move around, check the alignment, and go back to your standing S7K to continue the game. It will remain standing even on a sloped lie.

This putter has a length of 34 inches, which doesn’t give golfers many choice. Even so, it can be handled by both male or female players. 

The lightweightedness of this putter is great if you want your ball to speed along the greens, but most players prefer some weight. However, the speed can be controlled by your stroke due to the weight.






4. Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter




The Cleveland Frontline Elevado putter comes with Tungsten Forward weighting, which provides stability through the presence of two metal injections of molded tungsten weights. These are found on the face of the putter. Mallet putters usually have weight placed at the back of a putter, but with this design, the center of gravity is moved to the front for more accuracy on the field.

Thanks to Cleveland’s Speed Optimized Face Technology (SOFT), speed and loss in distance are reduced significantly for off-center hits and the 2135 Technology, which helps correct lousy alignment.

The Frontline Elevado comes in three different sizes and includes two hosel configurations, one being a slant and the other a single bend. The slant option is better for players with a slight arc stroke, while the single bend is ideal for players with a straight stroke.






5. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter




This putter is the cheapest on the list and doesn’t have as many technological advances as the previous putters mentioned. The Pinemeadow Golf PGX is ideal for beginners, as it aids with getting your alignment right and its clean lines make it easier to handle.

Don’t be deceived by its light weight, at 380g, which is ideal for regular golf tournaments. This weight also makes it easy to play on faster greens, which have become more common.

I also love the color and design of this putter, as the off-white stands out from the grass when it’s in the address position. The color also helps you keep an eye on the alignment lines for the perfect aim.

This model comes with a cover head to protect it from dings and scratches.






6. TaylorMade Patina Ardmore 2




The TaylorMade Patina Ardmore range comprises seven designs, including four-mallet putters (Ardmore 1, Ardmore 2, Ardmore 3, and DuPage) and three-blade putters (Del Monte, Soto, and Juno). These designs have a black nickel color scheme and are crafted to help you get more puts.

So far, my favorite in the range is the Ardmore 2  because of its single bend shaft so that you can see the face when in the address position. Those who have a straight back or straight through the stroke in their putting will love the face-balanced design and the fang-style shape of the head. It also has a double sightline and single dot to help with alignment over putts.

Recent developments in the TP Patina collection have led to inserting a PureRoll aluminum piece that has been increased by 5mm. This reduces the air pockets behind this insert for better ball striking.






7. Wilson Harmonized Putter









Wilson is also a recognized brand in the sports world as it doesn’t just make equipment for golfers but for baseball, badminton, and tennis players. We love this brand because it delivers great quality. Wilson Harmonized is one of those products that can be purchased for beginners and professionals.

This putter will improve your performance thanks to the horizontal alignment guides on the head, which helps beginners get an accurate shot. The accuracy of this putter is due to the micro-injection face insert that also helps you feel when it touches the ball.

We all know what an excellent grip on the club can do for your putting. The Wilson Harmonized features a vertical seam that’s found on the back. Unfortunately, this putter is only made for right-handed players.






Buying Guide

When choosing a putter for yourself, you need to consider your needs and your style. For example, you should ask yourself if your stroke is straight or follows an arc movement, as this will help you choose a putter that suits you.

Golf is all about your putting style, and if this is an issue, you should look for a mallet putter. If you are consistent in your game, then a blade putter will do you good.

Apart from the putter’s head, it would be best if you looked at the grip and length of the putter. For you to put well, make sure they have the correct length for your game.

The grip is a personal choice, as some like a firm grip for better control, while others like a softer feel when putting. Those who have a problem with sweat will need tacts or have a club that comes with an all-weather grip.

Here are some frequently asked questions that can help you make a good choice.

Does Grip Matter for Putters?

When a golfer finds himself with a false grip, it isn’t easy to square the clubface, and it might close rapidly. This usually happens for irons or drivers.

In regards to putters, it’s always better when the grip is thick. If you still have trouble handling it, it’s advised to change to jumbo or a mid-sized grip.

Today, many known manufacturers create most of their clubs with a jumbo grip. They’ve noticed that golfers love the thicker grips because of the practical impact and stability for different strokes.

What Putter Length Should I Purchase?

Players don’t have the same putter length, so you’ll need to make sure that the putter you get lets you see the ball in the address position and that you’re looking down directly at the line. A putter that’s too short will push you to stand closer to the ball crouch, putting a strain on your back. 

A longer putter can lead you to be positioned in a way that doesn’t allow you to see the target line, and the putter won’t sit flat on the ground. The results are incorrect alignment and a non-pendulum-like stroke.  

Ergonomically speaking, the 34-inch putter suits most putters; the standard sizes are 33, 34, and 35 inches.

What’s the Difference Between a High Handicapper and a Low Handicapper in Golf? 

A low handicapper plays off an index from one to 10, while a high handicapper off a 19 and above. Between the two, the low handicapper is better in golf because a high handicapper needs more than the normal amount of strokes to finish the course. Unfortunately, most high handicappers are women with an average index of 28.9, while men have a handicap average index of 16.1. 

Can My Long Putter Be Cut Down to Adjust to My Height?

Yes. You can have the length of your putter reduced as long as it’s cut by a qualified professional who will make sure that your putter is balanced. The weight change should be minimal and not negatively affect your game. It’s always better to do a fitting before purchasing a putter or order a custom-made putter, if possible.


Golf is a beautiful sport that demands some physical and mental effort to succeed. The success of this game comes from the equipment, but is also based on how you invest yourself in the game.

You make yourself a success in the field by the way you maneuver your equipment. In essence, you’re the one who brings value to the putter, as it’s in your hands, and not the other way around.

So, price shouldn’t be an issue when picking out a winning club. I believe this article does the game justice by presenting putters of high quality and design, but also great value for your money. 


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