Best Toe Hang Mallet Putters in 2024 (Expert Picks)

One of the most common misunderstandings in the game of golf is how putter fitting can impact your game.

If you are using a mallet putter or a blade putter, it is essential to understand how your putter’s specifications can help your game.

As a PGA Professional, I can’t stress enough how important it is to find a putter that works for your natural putting stroke.

With all of the great putters on the market, narrowing down which putters are the best toe hand mallet putters on the market can be difficult.

We have chosen some of the best on the market for the 2024 season.

Best Toe Hang Mallet Putters in 2024

Best Toe Hang Mallet Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten S


  • Top of the line putter head 
  • Very high MOI mallet putters
  • Multi material construction 
  • Unique head shape
  • Very easy alignment


  • The putter heat is quite large and could be a difficult transition from a blade putter

The Odyssey Stroke Lab putters are some of the best on the market, and that is partly because of the number of options that they have available.

Years ago, when I first started teaching golf, Odyssey would have a new putter come out each year, and it always looked relatively close to the model that they released the prior year. 

However, now things are different. This Ten S model is entirely different than what Odyssey has done in the past, and the toe hang mallet putter has a very high MOI and is extremely stable at impact

If you feel as though you are leaving putts out to the right and not able to turn the club over, the Stroke Lab Ten S could be the perfect solution.

The new Micro Hinge Star insert ensures that you have a firm yet pure strike with each putt. 

Runner Up 1: Spider Tour Double Bend Putter


  • Pure roll insert for a better forward roll 
  • Lightweight aluminum core with a steel frame for stability and high MOI
  • Comes with a Super Stoke grip for better use of larger muscles


  • There are so many different Spider models on the market now that it can be hard to decide which is best for your game

The TaylorMade Spider putters are a toe hang putter with plenty of consistency and durability. The Spider model has truly become one of the most popular golf putters on the market.

Not only are amateur golfers enjoying the benefits of the Spider Tour, but the professionals like it as well. 

Our favorite thing about the Spider Tour Black Putter is the vibration damping in the club head.

Many people like a toe hang mallet putter because of its ability to square up the face at impact. This typically means these players need a bit of forgiveness in their putting stroke. 

Combine that forgiveness with some of the best feel in the game, and you will be amazed at how these toe hang mallet Spider golf putters can help your game. 

Runner Up 2: Cleveland Golf HB Soft #11 Putter


  • Great feeling toe hang putter
  • It comes at a fair cost
  • Soft feel coming off the face of the putter


  • Toe hang mallet putters tend to sometimes feel a bit bulky

Cleveland makes a large range of golf putters that work for many different handicaps. The Cleveland HB Soft #11 is one of the best toe hang mallet putter choices on the market.

The face is speed optimized, and it can help golfers that struggle with the distances both short and long. 

The Speed, Optimized Face technology means that even if you miss the center of the club face, you should be able to get the ball to still get rather close to the hole.

Overall the Cleveland HB soft is a great feeling and high performing putter with plenty of toe hang. 

Tour Edge Wingman Putter

Best Value


  • Mid toe hang mallet putter
  • Offered at a very fair price
  • Great for golfers with a slight arc


  • For golfers with a lot of face manipulation, it may not be enough toe hang

The larger these mallet putters get, the more expensive they get as well. If you are looking for something that is an affordable toe hang mallet putter, the Tour Edge Wingman could be a good choice. 

This is a very fairly priced putter with plenty of feel and consistency. It looks very similar to the putters that cost premium, yet it is priced very reasonably.

Overall the Tour Edge Wingman Putter has a mid toe hang about 30 degrees. 

Golfers that tend to open and then close the clubface with their putter in their hand are going to enjoy the capabilities of this putter.

Keep in mind that the toe hang putter does not tend to be the best solution for the straight back straight through putters. 

 Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Putter

Best For High Handicapper


  • Very stable club head 
  • Good putter for the higher handicapper
  • Odyssey putters typically perform better than others 
  • White hot insert is always very well received


  • Putter head may feel a bit heavy initially

High handicap golfers quickly learn that putting is not nearly as easy as it looks. It is an unfortunate truth of the game of golf that the putting stroke takes quite a bit of time to master.

The average golfer will also have a hard time making most of their putts, but for high handicappers and beginners, the process is even more complicated. 

We love the Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO putter for a toe balanced putter for a higher handicapper.

Most golfers that first start out tend to have a bit of a hard time with squaring the club face up. You can use alignment aids and putting tools to help. However, to develop a consistent roll, you will need a putter that feels great. 

The EXO is a high MOI design. This particular toe hang model is going to help increase the initial ball speed so that the ball rolling down the green will stay on its line.

Golfers with an arc stroke will have no trouble using this putt.

Cleveland Golf Frontline Elevado Putter

Best Looking Toe Hang Mallet Putter


  • Much easier for golfers to aim 
  • Works for an arcing stroke 
  • Toe hang weighting 
  • Several different hosel configurations to choose from 


  • Other putters in this category sometimes have slightly better feel

The Cleveland Golf Frontline Elevado Putter is one of the better looking toe hang putters.

Golfers prefer the coloring of this Cleveland putter and the new 2135 Proprietary technology from Cleveland. With this technology, you will have no problem getting your putter lined up. 

Many golfers struggle with distance control, but the speed optimized face technology will help to ensure this is not an issue.

The Cleveland Frontline putters come in several different designs, but the Clevland is the best choice for a toe hang model. 

Toe Hang Mallet Putters Buying Guide

Hopefully, our list of the best toe hang mallet putters has given you some ideas as to which piece of golf equipment could be best for your game.

As most professional golfers will tell you, finding a putter that you feel comfortable and confident with is essential. 

What Length Putter Do I Need? 

The easiest way to tell what putter length you need is to know what your height is. The taller you are, the taller the putter that you are going to need.

Most putters are sold in 34 or 35 inch lengths. Golfers over 6 feet tall should be the players using the 35 inch putters

Those that are less than 6 feet tall should think about the 35 or 34 inch putter. Many putting strokes are significantly impacted by a putter that is not the proper length.

Golfers need to pay close attention to ensure they are not using a club that is too long or too short for their putting game. 

For A Toe Hang Putter Should I Choose Mallet or Blade? 

We gave you the best choices for a toe hang design in a mallet putter. However, there are some players that would prefer to play with a blade. Luckily, there are many putter options for both blade and mallet putters on the market. 

One of the best things about a toe hang mallet putter is that it helps golfers square the club face up at impact.

The reason the mallet is so good at this is that the heavier head helps players to square things up and get the ball rolling towards the hole. 

Is High MOI In A Putter A Good Thing? 

A high MOI means that a putter has a high moment of inertia. This is essentially the speed that the ball is coming off the club face.

Although you may think that when putting, you want a soft feel, you can actually have a soft feel with plenty of speed. 

A putt that is hit with plenty of speed is going to roll towards the target much better. The slower putts tend to wobble and get off the line, while the firm putts are going to stay right on track the entire time.

This is an important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a new putter. 

Most of the top performing putters from Odyssey and Scotty Cameron work on giving the player a soft feel while still making sure that initial speed stays relatively high.

Both a face balanced putter and a toe hang putter can have plenty of ball speed. 

Do I Need A Face Balanced Putter Or A Toe Hang Putter? 

Face balanced putters tend to help golfers that need to keep the ball straight on the path. The face balanced putters work quite well for the straight back straight through stroke.

Toe hang putters tend to be a better option for golfers that have more of an arc stroke. 


Mallet putters are continuing to get more popular than blade putters, and it is certainly not a surprise. We are very impressed with these toe hang putters that 2024 golfers have access to.

The best choice is the Spider Tour Black. The putter head is built specifically for golfers that need the extra toe hang to be able to square of the face of the putter.

Overall you can’t beat the feel and the performance of a Taylormade Spider. 

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