Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Review 2021

If you have been around the game of golf for a few years you know the popularity of the Odyssey putters.

Odyssey makes a putter for every golfer, every stroke, every handicap and every strength.

Each release of Odyssey putters offers new and improved features and technology. They really do lead the way when it comes to putters and their importance. Many amateur golfers will be bothered by the price of an Odyssey putter.

If you consider how many times during the course of a round you use this club, you will certainly get your money’s worth.

odyssey stroke lab putters

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter Review

In this Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter review, we will help you understand what sets Stroke Lab putters apart and what information you need to have to choose the right one for your game.

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter


Within the stroke lab putters there are quite a few options as to which club head will suit you.

There are blade putters, mallet putters, partial mallet and several non traditional shaped stroke lab putters. Choosing the one that is correct for you will take some time and testing.

Player Handicap

Finding the correct Stroke Lab Putter for your game is more about your putting stroke than it is about your handicap.


The Odyssey stroke lab putters have a beautiful and sleek black finish to them and a white face insert.

The face material is a white hot microhinge. The feel with the new lab shaft putter has improved significantly over the previous Odyssey putters.

All of these putters can be custom ordered but the stock grip options tend to mostly be oversized. The oversized grips will help take your hands a little out of your putting stroke and incorporate some bigger muscles.


This is where the Odyssey stroke lab putter stands out. For the first time in the history of putters, Odyssey has revolutionized the shaft to change the weight distribution in the putter.

By changing the putter shaft to a graphite end with a steel tip Odyssey saved over 40 grams of weight.

That weight was put back into the putter in head and the grip end to create an innovative new weight distribution. Putter weighting has been on the radar of several golf manufacturers for years, but the stroke lab putters take this to a completely new level.

Seeing a putter that is both graphite and steel in the shaft certainly looks quite different but the lab shaft is truly revolutionary.


The entire foundation that these stroke lab putters were built on is performance. The Odyssey stroke lab putter with the lab shaft is supposed to help you gain consistency and feel with each stroke.

The innovative new weighting in the shaft has made this possible. If you are a terrible putter the odyssey stroke lab will help ( best putters for beginners and high handicappers) , if you are an amazing putter the odyssey stroke lab will help. Not too many putters have this kind of versatility.


The Odyssey stroke lab putters are considered premium golf putters. They come with high-quality shafts, a premium grip and top of the line putter heads and therefore their pricing will be higher than other models available.

With the performance they offer you will be getting a quality club. If the current stroke lab putters are more than you would like to spend looking for an older model.


If our Stroke Lab putters review still has you questioning if this is the right fit for you there are other options out there.

Here are three that we think could fill the void if you didn’t like something about the Odyssey.

Scotty Cameron Newport

The Scotty Cameron Newport is a classic putter that has been around for many years. It gets an update every few years but older models of the Newport can still sell for a very high price.

This is a premium option and the pricing will run about the same if not higher than the Odyssey stroke lab putter.

When it comes to weighting and feel there is no question that Scotty Cameron knows what they are doing.

Although they have a traditional steel shaft as compared to the stroke lab putters there is plenty of science and technology incorporated into this putter.

Read our Scotty Cameron Newport 2 review.

TaylorMade Spider

Perhaps the most popular putter available at the moment the Spider is again a premium option. This putter has a non-traditional shape to it but incredible feel and distance control.

Most of the spider models are going to be quite funky looking. The plus side with the Odyssey Stroke Lab is that you can choose a more traditional putter if you want.

The Spider is available in several clubhead and grip colorations, making this a popular choice for those who enjoy custom clubs.

Read our TaylorMade Spider Putter X & Spider Tour review.

Bettinardi Golf BB1

If all of these large putter heads and crazy technology are more than you want to think about, a Bettinardi may be a good option for you. Bettinardi putters have been known to great players for many years.

They are extremely well-produced, and 100 percent milled from the same piece of carbon. This is a positive for those low handicappers that don’t enjoy the faces that odyssey stroke lab putters have.

The Bettinardi is still an expensive choice. It’s a premium putter but it is more of a classic design, look and feel than the odyssey stroke lab models. It’s quite interesting to compare a Bettinardi directly with a Stroke Lab and see the differences side by side.

For the mid handicapper, we believe the Odyssey stroke lab putters will give you greater consistency than a Bettinardi.


Choosing a putter is a very personal decision. With most other areas of golf, your equipment choices are dictated by your handicap, your swing, the years you have played the game and many other factors.

When it comes to putting all players are created equal. A forty handicapper can have a better putting stroke than a six handicapper.

In this review, we clearly showed that the Stroke Lab putters are built to give the better players the feel they crave and the game improvement players the forgiveness and consistency they need.

There is a stroke lab putter for every golfer out there, now go find which one you like best!

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