S7K Putter Review: Pros, Cons, Features

In the game of golf, when you are looking for a club that can deliver strokes with low speed and short distances, a putter is highly recommended for the job. However, some might argue that other clubs can do the job when aiming at close distances.

The S7K putter is the easiest club for beginners as most have experience playing putting, which entails rolling the ball until it gets into the hole. We can see where the name for this golf club comes from as it is for precise moments like this on the green. 

Thanks to the putter, you can limit your number of shots per round and develop some skills. In all honesty, beginners have it easy with this club but will have to put in hours of practice and build their perception when predicting how the put could curve.

The S7k Putter

We love the S7K putters because they give a solid hit on the ball thanks to their flat face and a short length. We can agree that putting is the most stressful area in the game because it calls for precision, some control, and a good amount of finesse when handling the S7K putter. 

Design and technology

Today golf is associated with technology, and many technological advances exist to help golfers play better and without stress. 

One of the results from these technological advances is the S7K putter. One of the biggest problems golfers face is aligning the ball to the target, but that problem is solved thanks to the S7K putter. 

The S7K can stand by itself thanks to its light shaft and grip, made from EVA foam, together with how the sole is uniquely shaped.   


With the S7K, you can line up your ball to the target from the back of the club, step back and check if everything is okay while your S7K remains standing, waiting for you to continue with the game. It includes three lines drawn on the back of the clubhead that assists alignment, helping the player with perfect aim and indicates the ball’s direction.

There’s a good relation between stroke-balance construction because the S7K’s balance-point is very low, which results in more speed by impact for putts that maintain their line and follow the cup.

The S7K is very forgiving on miss-hits as its moment of inertia (MOI) is ranked among the highest in the market.


The S7K key is a more modern blade because the back end of the edges stretches out more towards the back, which is very different from older models.

Its head has a profound, fly-cut mill pattern which gives a soft touch when hitting the ball.


The official name for this putter is the S7K stand-up putter for men and women. We believe it suits both genders as it’s  a comfortable height at34.5 inches, and is played by both right and left-handed players. It only weighs 330 grams.

The clubhead, which comes with cover, is 431 stainless steel. The loft is at 23 degrees, while the lie is 72 degrees. The MOI stands at approximately 7000 g/cm2.

What we love about the S7K

  • Lightweight shaft and foam grip
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Used by both right and left-handers
  • Best choice for alignment 
  • Limits number of strokes per round
  • Minimal lateral movements 
  • Guidelines At the back of the clubhead
  • The scope dot on top of the clubhead

What we dislike about the S7K

  • Expensive 
  • It may be too light for some players on the grip
  • The grip is too soft

Alternative to the S7K putter

What makes the S7K putter different from all other putters is its balance and ensuring that the line from the ball to the hole is directly on the center. It is also incredibly soft on impact and lightweight on your hands. The Cleveland Huntington Beach putter can be an alternative to the S7K putter as it also has a softer feel off of the clubface. Because it is 304 stainless, it is 50 % lighter, which can be beneficial on faster greens. 

Cleveland Huntington Beach putter

The Cleveland Huntington Beach putter also provides a lot of forgiveness and is best suited for mid to high handicap golf players. 


Is the S7K legal for tournaments?

Yes, the S7K putter is by many professional golf players during tournaments and approved by the PGA.

Can I change the S7K putter grip?

It’s not recommended to change the grip on the S7K as it is essential for the club to stand on its own. Replacing the grip could affect the weight distribution and hinder it from standing by itself.

Can I change the shaft of the S7K putter?

You can contact the manufacturer if you wish to change the shaft, but it can hinder the utility of the S7K, which is meant to stand on its own. as we think the graphite shaft also plays a role in this stand-up putter.


There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the S7K putter  since it arrived on the golf scene because it had never been seen before. Most players thought it to be illegal because of how it can be used to get the perfect aim and alignment. 

Regardless, it’s clear that this club has won the attention and confidence of golf enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. It’s like having a putting advisor next to you on the greens.

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