9 Best Wedges for Chipping in 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

Honestly, you can use any club in your golf bag to chip. Some are easier than others, but chipping is something you should be able to do with a variety of clubs.

If, however, chipping is not the strong point in your golf game, then using a golf chipper could be the best plan of action.

We will give you an idea of some golf chippers that could make sense for your golf game and a few traditional style wedges for chipping.

Our Best Wedges For Chipping In 2024

Best Wedge For Chipping: Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge C


  • Very fairly priced
  • Good mix of traditional wedge and a chipper style
  • Feel balancing technology
  • Lower center of gravity


  • Not great feel for lower handicappers

The reason the Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge grabs our top spot is that this is a wedge completely designed for chipping. It has less loft than a traditional pitching wedge, but it is one of the best wedges on the market for learning to control your chips.

The Smart Sole 4 has 42 degrees of loft and is built shorter than the other clubs in your bag. This was done for a reason. By making the golf club a little shorter, you can get closer to the ball and have more control over your shots around the green.

If you have taken golf lessons in the past, you may have noticed the pro trying to get you to move closer to the ball to establish control. This Smart Sole 4 Wedge C will help you to do that.

The Smart Sole 3 is equipped with feel balancing technology. Cleveland moved the center of gravity closer to the center of this club to help with both forgiveness and feel on those short shots.

If you want a wedge that is a perfect mix between a pitching wedge and nine iron designed to help you get up and down from anywhere around the green, the Smart Sole 4 Wedge C is your best option, and it comes at a fair price.

runner Up 1: Square Strike Wedge


  • Anti chunk sole
  • Very easy to hit
  • Low center of gravity
  • Perfect for short shots around the green


  • Not a traditional look to it

Although this wedge may not look like it is a legal golf club, it is perfectly legal. And before you say that it seems too different for you to give it a shot, just hear us out.

This wedge was explicitly designed for making those chips around the green easier. It has 45 degrees of loft, which again will be somewhere around the pitching wedge/nine iron.

The Square Strike has a center of gravity located low and in the center of the club. This wedge is very hard to hit fat or thin. It’s almost hard to hit this club poorly.

Square strike installed what they call an anti chunk sole, and it does work to help keep the wedge moving through impact and providing great turf interaction.

The Square Strike is priced about the same as the Cleveland Smart Sole, and it comes with a one year warranty. This is a steel-shafted club mostly built for shots around the green.

If you happen to like the Square Strike, it is available in a few different lofts, a lob wedge and a sand wedge.

Runner Up 2: Cleveland Golf CBX 2


  • Progressive shaping and groove design
  • Right mix of spin and roll
  • Available in many loft options


  • Cavity back design for forgiveness not all players like this look

If the chipper type golf wedges are not precisely the type of wedge you were looking for, then the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 would be a good wedge to look into.

This is a much more traditional style wedge available in everything from a gap wedge to a sand wedge to a lob wedge. If you like the CBX 2 wedge, you can quickly fill your bag with them.

What we love about the CBX 2 is the forgiving cavity back design on these wedges. If you want something to use around the green for chipping, this wedge comes in low lofted options.

Because of the progressive technology that Cleveland uses, the lower lofted wedges are built for this bump and run chip shots around the green.

The CBX 2 is priced a bit higher than some of the other wedges in this review, but this is one that should stay in your golf bag for quite some time.

The best lofts available on these wedges for chip shots will be the 46, 48, 50 and 52. These would likely be considered gap wedges, but they should give the proper mix of spin and roll.

The CBX wedges do not have bounce and grind options for you to choose from. The gap wedges are made with a bounce/grind specifically useful for getting the ball up in the air and getting it to stop quickly on long or short shots.

The lob wedge design is built with more bounce and spin for shots around the green. The sand wedge falls somewhere in the middle of these two.

Overall the CBX is one of the top wedge golf has to offer this year. If it is pitching or chip shots or bunker shots, having one of these in your golf bag will prepare you for golf courses and golf shots of all types.

Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper

Best Wedge for Chipping for the Best Price


  • One of the lowest lofted wedges golf has to offer
  • Use with a putting stroke
  • Very low price option


  • Not suitable for full swings, use for short game only

If you have been reading our reviews, you may notice how often Pinemeadow products come up for the best cheap and low-cost versions on the market.

Pinemeadow does not make the most high end technologically advanced golf wedges on the market. However, they do make a quality product at an outstanding value.

The Excel EGI Chipper comes at 37 degrees of loft. This is the lowest lofted chipper that we have found. If you are looking to make quick contact and have the ball roll most of the way to the pin, this is a perfect option.

For players that tend to hit their longer clubs well but struggle with a sand wedge or lob wedge, the EGI Chipper is a great replacement.

With this golf wedge, you just swing it like it is your putter. It’s that simple! The bounce angle and loft are perfectly positioned to help you get the ball in the air just enough to send it rolling towards the target.

It takes a little bit of time to get used to the feel on this chipper, but once you do, this is going to be a very valuable club in your golf bag.

Intech Golf EZ Roll Wedge

Best Wedge for Chipping if you’re a Female Golfer


  • Putter length but seven iron loft
  • Great alignment technology
  • One of the most manageable wedges to hit
  • Helps mostly out of short grass around the green


  • Not great for full swing shots

For the female golfers that want to improve their chip skills around the green, the Intech Golf EZ Roll for women is a great option.

If you are a golfer who tends to use their putter or hybrid even to chip as opposed to a pitching wedge or sand wedge, the Intech is an excellent option.

The Intech EZ Roll has a back weighted design that is intended to help you get the wedge shot up in the air quickly and then run out towards the target. The loft on the Intech is going to be the same as a standard seven iron, around 35 degrees.

This makes this one perfect for that bump and run type shot but keep the sand wedge in your bag for bunker play.

If you occasionally hit your wedges thin or chunk them, the Intech has technology developed to help eliminate these two miss-hits.

Next time you go out for a round of golf, keep your golf wedges in the bag and try and hit some shots around the green with just your putter or your hybrid.

Does this type of wedge shot seem to help your game? If it does, then a club like the EZ Roll would be a great addition.

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws Wedge

Best For Feel Around The Greens


  • Great feel
  • Made from an 8620 mild carbon steel
  • Graphite and steel stock shaft options


  • One of the more expensive wedges on the market

The Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws Wedge is one of the better looking and better feeling golf wedges on the market. This is a tour-proven model that is quite popular among mid to low handicap players. 

There are lots of great features when it comes to this Mack Daddy 5 Jaws wedge, but one of the most important is the fact that this comes in several different loft and grind options. You can purchase the Mack Daddy 5 with the exact specifications you would need to fit into your golf set. 

With both a Temper Tour Issue steel and a Project X Catalyst 80 graphite shaft, this is a wedge that will work for both slow and fast swing speed players. The Mack Daddy is a top of the line wedge perfect for chipping and a great feel. 

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

Best For Higher Handicappers


  • Forgiving cavity back design
  • Soft carbon feel
  • Precise center of gravity


  • Won’t spin quite as much as other wedges

The Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge was another new release for 2021. With the Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge, you will have a wide range of loft and bounce combinations to ensure that you get the perfect for your game. 

This is more of a mid to high handicap wedge, yet it comes with some of the best feel on the market. If you want to have impressive turf interaction and a great launch, the Mack Daddy CB could be a perfect choice to consider. 

We found this to be one of the more forgiving golf wedges on the market this year, something that golfers should take into consideration when looking for the best wedges for chipping. Although the Groove in Groove Technology allows for a better spin, the Mack Daddy 5 will spin quite a bit more. 

Cleveland ZipCore Golf Wedge

Best For Mid Handicapper


  • Higher MOI
  • Increased spin
  • New UltiZip Grooves


  • Thicker top line takes a while to get used to

The Cleveland ZipCore Golf Wedge is a newer release, and it has some of the best technology on the market for chipping. With the ZipCore the new center of gravity position helps players that are looking for higher MOI, added spin, and more control. 

The RTZ Zip Core has three sole grinds to give you the custom fit you need in your short game. Having a few different sole grinds helps players who are working on creating variety in their golf wedges. 

Each of the Cleveland Zip Core Golf Wedges has been treated with the new heat treatment meant to preserve and prolong the Cleveland wedges for future use. If you are a player who notices your grooves becoming damaged quickly, the heat treatment should help. 

Cobra King MIM Black Wedge

Best Looking Wedge for Chipping


  • New Metal Injected Molded design
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Tour Wedge Grind


  • Not as many sole grinds and lofts available

The Cobra King MIM Black Wedge is one of the best looking wedges on the market for chipping. With a Cobra King MIM Black Wedge, you will be able to take advantage of the new technology offered by Cobra and the impressive spin technology. 

This is an entirely new way of manufacturing wedges from Cobra, and it has proven to be quite effective. One of the things that makes this wedge such an excellent choice for chipping is the progressive spin technology. With this technology, your lob wedge will spin a bit harder than your gap wedge or pitching wedge, something all golfers should take into consideration. 

The Cobra King MIM Black Wedge has a precision CNC Milled Face and Grooves to ensure that golfers get the exact control they need. If you are worried about the look and feel of the clubs you are choosing, the Cobra King MIM Black is a smart choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best wedge for chipping. There are so many great wedges on the market it can sometimes be hard to narrow things down to the top selection. 

Best Wedge for Chipping Buying Guide

Now that you have the best possible options for a new chipping wedge in your golf bag, how will you decide which one is for you?

Here are some factors to consider in choosing the best wedge for chipping.

What Is The Difference Between Chips and Pitches?

A chip is a short and low shot. When a golfer hits a chip, it does not go in the air very high, and when it lands, it tends to roll out.

That is why golfers will use other clubs aside from a sand wedge or a lob wedge to hit chips. You don’t need much loft to hit a solid chip; in fact, many will use a seven iron to chip around the green.

When it comes to pitching, you can expect the ball to go higher in the air, and when it hits the green, it should stop in place. When the ball lands, it will either spin, stop, or maybe just roll a foot or two.

There are plenty of situations in the course of a round of golf that you could easily use a pitch or a chip, and you will have to choose which one is best for you.

Yes, many golf clubs that people would refer to as a chipper are considered to be tournament legal. If you stick with the larger golf manufacturers and brand names, you don’t need to worry.

If you have any questions about the legality of a chipper that you have, you should be able to find the details and the fine print on the manufacturer’s website.

If you are not playing in golf tournaments, it doesn’t really matter if your chipper is legal; however, we always recommend playing this game fair and square.

What Is Degree Wedge Is Best for Chipping?

The best wedge for chipping is the one that you are most comfortable with. Chipping takes quite a bit of feel to get good at. When you are new to hitting chip shots around the green, it can be very hard to judge how far the ball will roll out once hit.

Obviously, chipping with a lower lofted club is going to let the ball run further than something with a high loft. Most people like to chip with a pitching wedge or gap wedge.

So a club anywhere from 44 to 54 degrees of loft seems to be great around the green for getting the correct mix of spin and roll on your shots.

Should I Use A Chipper For A Full Swing Shot?

It’s not to say that you can’t use a chipper for a full swing, but it is not the best option for it. Most of the chippers we reviewed will have lofts similar to a pitching wedge or a nine iron.

Use your traditional irons for the full swing shots and save this for around the greens. The main reason is that the weighting on these wedges is explicitly built for shorter length shots, not full swing, and it may cause you to miss-hit the shot.


Choosing the best wedge for chipping should not be giving you a headache. Wedges should be your favorite club in your golf bag.

As your short game improves, your score will improve. There are not too many golfers out there that wouldn’t love a few shots shaved off of their score.

When it comes to the chip shot, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The Cleveland Smart Sole is not a traditional looking golf wedge, but there is no question you will have increased control over the golf ball.

We love that the loft on this club is the perfect mix of a pitching wedge and a nine iron. If you don’t want a golf club in your bag that looks like a chipper, the Cleveland CBX 2 is a great traditional looking wedge that is also quite versatile.

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