Square Strike Wedge Review 2024

If you are looking for a new wedge this year, one option that you may continually see being offered to you is the Square Strike golf wedge. Square Strike is an interesting club choice for both chipping and pitching, and it certainly will change your mind about what a wedge needs to look like. As a former PGA Professional, I can tell you that having the right wedges in your bag will lead to lower scores on the golf course.

If you are worried about whether or not the technology that the Square Strike offers is going to benefit your game, we have all the answers your need.

Square Strike Wedge Review

In this Square Strike Wedge review, we will discuss the basic features of these wedges and also help you to determine if the Square Strike wedge would work for your golf game.

Square Strike Wedge

Features and Benefits of Square Strike Wedge

The Square Strike golf wedge has a primary goal of being forgiving and easy to use for those that struggle with shots around the green. This is a very broad-level view of this club and what it can offer. However, there is a lot more going on here that is important to look at and understand. Anytime you purchase a wedge-like Square Strike, you will be deviating from the typical golf wedge options on the market. For some players, this is a good thing, and for others, it can cause problems in the game. Let’s take a look at the individual features and benefits of the Square Strike wedge.

Player Handicap

The first part of deciding whether or not the Square Strike Wedge is for you is to see if you fit in the proper handicap category for the wedge. This is going to be a high handicap to beginner golf wedges. Most of the better players who are experienced in hitting chip shots and pitch shots with any club will find that the Square Strike is not a great choice for them.

Remember that the Square Strike golf wedge is designed to make the game a bit easier, more forgiving, and simplified. If your golf ball could end up anywhere when you swing, this is a great club for your short game.

If you are looking for precision, feel and spin, choose a more blade style wedge.

Shaft Options

Most of the time, when you look at purchasing a golf wedge, the shaft choices will be rather straightforward. You can expect to get either a steel wedge flex shaft or a graphite shaft. Golfers are starting to get more interested in custom shaft options in wedges.

For so many years, players would just play with the stock shaft, but not all golfers have the same swing characteristics necessary to use these golf shafts.

However, the Square Strike only has a stainless steel shaft available in one flex available. Throughout this Square Strike wedge review, you will see that most of what we have to say is positive. The shaft issue is a negative because it does not give players much choice to find the perfect golf shaft.

You, of course, always have the option to purchase this and then have it reshafted. If you are a golfer that always uses graphite shafts and you are nervous about the steel in the Square Strike Wedge, you can rest assured. The steel is lightweight, and as we have explained, the Square Strike wedge is really built for short games and not long shots.


Forgiveness is where you will really see the Square Strike wedge review turn completely positive. This is one of the most forgiving tools you can have for use around the green. Square Strike golf wedges have several unique features that help make chips shots even easier than using your pitching wedge.

A Square Strike wedge has a rather heavy club head. The club head’s weight helps pull the center of gravity down and give golfers the ability to hit down and through their shot, creating the perfect launch each time.

The Square Strike Wedge comes in three lofts 45, 55, and 60. You can put a few of these wedges in your bag if you find that they help you get the golf ball to perform.

In addition to having a bit of extra weight in the club head, the Square Strike wedge also offers anti-rotational properties in the club head. This means that players who tend to turn the club in their hands as they get through the impact position will notice more forgiveness.

When you hit chip shots and pitch shots, you will want your wedge face to stay square and stable instead of rotating or moving in your hands. With the Square Strike Wedge, that is entirely possible.

Using the Square Strike wedge is incredibly easy. The club is shorter in length than your other golf clubs and will feel more like a putter than a golf wedge. All that you need to do is line the wide sole up behind the ball and take a putting motion to hit the ball.

The Square Strike is impossible to hit fat and thin. You can play this wedge from a variety of lies, and with the different loft options available, you can vary the length that you hit these wedges. Overall this is an impressive and great feeling golf wedge that you will find to be very forgiving.


Although the Square Strike may look like a non-traditional wedge, it does have a very good feel when you hit with the club. Sometimes, to get the performance and forgiveness you need in your wedges, choosing a club that varies from the norm can make sense.

Many golfers will describe the Square Strike wedge as looking a bit like a chipper. Chippers mix a putter and a pitching wedge or iron, which is really what the Square Strike looks like.

Around the green, you will find that the Square Strike wedge is a great option for chipping and pitching; however, it is not ideal for full swing approach shots to the green. If you are trying to fit a full swing approach shot with the Square Strike, your results will likely not be all that good.

With the Square Strike setup and functionality, it is almost impossible to hit behind the ball. This wedge can be game-changing for those worried about stubbing their chip or hitting it thin.

All you will have to do is take a typical putting stroke, and the loft of the club will take care of everything else around the green. Overall the look, sound, and feel of the Square Strike are impressive for a game improvement wedge with tons of forgiveness.


For all the technology that the Square Strike golf club offers, you may assume that the pricing is quite high. Think about the concept of not having to worry about fat shots in your golf game. Certainly, that would be worth quite a bit of money.

Luckily, the Square Strike comes at a price that is actually lower than most other wedges on the market. Part of this lowering in price may be the lack of shaft options and some of the spins you may lose around the greens; however, you will find the Square Strike to be a great value.


In our Square Strike Wedge review, you have learned that this is a tremendous golf club for the high handicapper and beginners looking to improve their golf game. However, if you are one of those golfers who need something just a bit different from this, there are many other options on the market. Here are a few of our favorite choices to consider. 

PowerBilt TPS Bump & Run Chipper


  • Great for chipping and pitching
  • Very minimal swing is necessary
  • Low risk club to use for chipping
  • Very fair pricing


  • Not a good replacement for a lob wedge or sand wedge as the loft is low

The PowerBilt TPS Bump and Run Chipper is a great choice if you think that this putter-style chipping technique is a good choice for your game. Like the lower 45 degrees of loft in the Square Strike, the Powerbilt has 32 degrees of loft. From the fringe or a fairway lie, the PowerBilt TPS is a great wedge to consider.

Although PowerBilt TPS is easy to swing, you will not get much spin from this 32 degree wedge. Remember that the ball is going to roll quite a bit when you make solid contact. If you plan for it, you should still be able to get close to the hole.

C3i Wedge – Premium Sand Wedge


  • Shallow grooves to promote more spin
  • Beveled leading edge
  • High loft option


  • Unique wedge style takes a bit of time to adjust to

The C3i Wedge is a good choice for those that like the wide sole and forgiving leading edge that the Square Strike offers. However, the ability to get the ball up in the air is quite a bit easier with this C3i wedge.

If you need something that helps you get to spin on the ball or escape from a sand trap, the C3i would be a smart choice. This wedge is also designed for the newer player or higher handicapper, so expect similar pricing and feel to the Square Strike.

Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge


  • Great feeling golf wedge
  • Has a variety of different strengths from all over the golf course
  • High MOI and ball speed


  • Won’t keep the chipping and pitching wedge quite as simple as a putter

If you read our Square Strike wedge review and realized that the unique look of this golf club is just a bit too out there for you, the CBX 2 wedge is a great option. The Cleveland CBX 2 is a typical golf wedge in a cavity back design. The CBX 2 is not just good for around the green, but it will work for approach shots and sand shots as well.

We love that the CBX 2 comes in so many different lofts that you can use this club from a variety of different locations and lies. Learning to hit shots with the CBX 2 wedge will help you improve your chipping, pitching, and overall golf game.

Conclusion : Is the Square Strike Wedge Worth It ?

As you can tell from our Square Strike wedge review, this golf club is a great choice for some golfers. If you struggle with consistency in your short game and tend to hit shots that land both short and long of the green, the Square Strike is a perfect choice. The pricing on the wedge is very fair, and you can get a tremendous amount of forgiveness in your golf game by putting one of these golf clubs in the bag. Overall keep in mind that the clubs used in the short game should give you confidence around the greens; if the Square Strike can do that for you, your scores will drop lower.


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