6 Best Golf Alignment Sticks 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What started as a simple stick to help golfers make sure their feet were headed to the target has become one of the best golf training tools on the market.

People use golf alignment sticks to help with aiming, alignment, setup, stance, and more.

These sticks are simple to keep in your golf bag, and they can certainly help you become a better player.

Although all golf alignment sticks may look the same, there are some differences between them. Let’s take a look at some of the best golf alignment sticks on the market

Our Best Golf Alignment Sticks in 2024

Best Overall: GoSports Golf Alignment Training sticks


  • Fair price
  • Comes as a pack of three
  • Foldable
  • Pointed tip to help get it in the ground 


  • More lightweight material than other alignment sticks

The GoSports Golf Alignment Training sticks are the best on the market. This comes as a pack of three sticks that are 48 inches in length. They are a bright color that will help to ensure you don’t leave them behind on the course when play is finished. 

Having a pack of three alignment sticks can be very beneficial. Instead of having to practice one area of your game at a time, you can use these three sticks to help you work on multiple areas of your game at once. 

For instance, you can put one on the ground for alignment and stick one in the ground to help you with the swing path.

One side of the GoSports alignment stick is going to have a pointed end. The point is to help you to get this to stay in the ground while you practice. 

We love that you can fold the GoSports model as well, so you won’t have any trouble putting them in the apparel pocket on your golf bag when you are done practicing.

If you are new to the world of alignment sticks and want something that will change the way you play, this is a one of the best alignment sticks to try. 

Runner Up 1: Tour Sticks Golf Alignment Stick


  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Flyer with drills is included
  • Lightweight and has a holding tube
  • A leader in the training tool industry


  • Priced a bit higher than other options on the market

The Tour Sticks golf alignment sticks were one of the original ones to hit the market. With the Tour Sticks, you are going to get two sticks, and they are made of very high-quality materials.

When you purchase these, you will be satisfied with the way they feel and perform

Each stick is 46” in length, and they are not foldable. It is going to stick out of the top of your bag about the same distance your driver wood.

One side of the Tour stick alignment sticks will have a rubber cap on it; the other end will have a point to help you get it in the ground. 

Since Tour Sticks have been in this training aids game for so long, they also offer lots of drills and guides on how to use this handy training aid. You get a flyer that gives you multiple drills to work on while using this alignment stick. 

The Tour sticks are available in many different colors, and they are manufactured with a UV coating to make sure that they don’t fade. This is a golf alignment stick that you will have for a very long time. 

Runner Up 2: Maxfli Golf Alignment Sticks


  • Easy to use and smaller scale
  • One stick has lines on it
  • Each pole measures 36 inches


  • Not as great for swing path issues because of the smaller size

The Maxfli Golf Alignment sticks are another great choice if you want something that is lightweight and easy to fit in your golf bag. These alignment sticks are not as large as some of the others, but some golfers don’t find that to be an issue. 

The three poles in this setup are all going to be 36 inches in length. They are great for indoor use and when working in a confined area. The Maxfli is also offered at a very fair price when you consider that it is three sticks included. 

We like the clip that Maxfli provides that allows you to store the three aids together. One of the training aids has some lines to help you get the exact ball position and setup when you are in the middle of a practice session. 

Regardless of how you like to practice, the Maxfli golf alignment sticks are going to be a great addition to the effectiveness of your practice routine. 

SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks Training Aid

Best Premium Golf Alignment Sticks


  • Great for consistency 
  • You can use it for a wide range of areas in your golf game
  • Safety cap on one end pointed on the other


  • Priced a bit higher than other choices

SKLZ is a company that makes quite a few golf training aids, and they are all very well received by golfers. The SKLZ Golf Alignment stick comes in a pack of three, and you are going to get three 48 inch fiberglass rods

The rods are made of high quality material that is resistant to breaking. You should understand that many golfers break alignment rods from time to time, and this is very understandable.

Sometimes when you are working on your swing, you will accidentally hit the stick, and it will snap. The SKLZ seems to hold up quite well to this. 

Our favorite feature on the SKLZ trainer is the nine rings that are on the center of the stick. You can use these rings to help you make sure that your setup and ball position are perfect over and over again.

This is the best golf alignment stick for those that are precise when it comes to their golf game.

PrideSports Golf Alignment Stick

Best Folding Golf Alignment Sticks


  • Some of the best alignment sticks from a visual standpoint
  • Easily fold up
  • Comes with two sticks in a package


  • Can collapse at times when putting it in the ground.

If you don’t want to see, a golf alignment stick hanging out of the top of your bag, then you may want to consider a folding model like the PrideSports. The PrideSports Golf Alignment stick is a collapsible model that is 48 inches in length. 

You are still going to get the benefit of a full length golf alignment stick, but you won’t need to worry as much about the storage. The PrideSports golf sticks are a very bright in color, which will help you focus on the golf skill and task at hand. 

A golf alignment stick that blends in with the grass is not going to give you as much of a clear direction as to what to do. With this pack, you will get two sticks that fold into a small carry tube.

The only issue people sometimes have with a folding stick is that it can easily fall apart when placed in the ground. The PrideSports seem to do just fine. 

Champkey 48″ PRO Golf Alignment Sticks

Best Cheap Golf Alignment Sticks


  • 48 inch length great for any height player
  • Rubber safety cap 
  • Very fairly priced 
  • Helps to develop proper alignment and mechanics
  • You can purchase in three or six pack 


  • Durability is not quite as good as some other brands

Champkey brand is not one of the top manufacturing names in the industry but you may have seen the great value they offer on some golf accessories.

Golf grips are one of the best selling items from Champkey, Furthermore, the golf grips’ tacky and soft materials are designed for all-weather performance. But these 48” golf alignment sticks are an excellent choice for the player that is working on some specific issues in their game. 

With the Champkey alignment sticks, you can work on your golf game and easily store this training aid right in your golf bag. The Champkey sticks are bright in color and allow you to see exactly what you are working on. 

The end of the stick has a rubber safety cap to make sure that you won’t hurt yourself if you are putting them in your bag or using them on your downswing.

The other side of the stick is pointy, so it will stick in the ground and hold the angle of the shaft that you need. 

If you are new to the world of golf training aids and alignment sticks, you may be reluctant to invest too much money.

How To Use Golf Alignment Sticks 

Golf alignment sticks are quite simple to use and incorporate into your daily routine. With a golf alignment stick, you simply put it on or in the ground to work on your alignment, swing path, and more. 

If you plan to use the golf alignment sticks to help with overall aim and alignment then the sticks will stay on the ground. Place one by your feet and another on the other side of the ball to show the path towards the hole. 

If you want to use the golf club alignment sticks to work on your club path, you will place the shaft in the ground on an angle that allows you to work on things like coming over the top or bringing the club back too shallow. For the most part, when working on something like the path, ensure that you do not hurt yourself with the alignment stick. Start with slow-motion swings because you take a full swing. 

If you end up hitting the golf alignment stick, there is a chance that it could break your golf club or the alignment stick in the process. This would be best to avoid if possible. 

What To Look For When Buying Golf Alignment Sticks 

Now that you have a better idea of the best golf alignment sticks on the market, it’s time to narrow down which will be the best fit for your individual golf game. There are a few things that will set alignment sticks apart, even if they do seem as though they are relatively similar in design. 


The material of the golf alignment stick needs to be something that will not damage your club but will also be sturdy enough to remain upright in the ground while you are using it. The golf alignment sticks on our list are mostly made with a fiberglass type material. 

There will be times that you will hit the alignment stick with your club, and there is a chance that it could break, yet you will also not have to worry as much about getting hurt if this were to happen. 


Golf alignment sticks are very durable. You will not have to worry about these breaking or bending as long as you take proper care of them. If your golf alignment sticks came with a case, be sure to use it.  


The golf alignment sticks are the number one training aid in the world of golf. With a golf alignment stick, you will be able to work on your alignment, your swing path, even things like weight transfer and angle of attack. 

The more you get to know how to use the golf alignment sticks, the easier it is to become a great player. The value of this product is something that is very easy to justify, especially with the fair pricing that alignment sticks are offered. 


Although golf alignment sticks all look somewhat similar, they have varying features and functionality. Some of these golf alignment sticks are collapsible; others will have the ability to bend to work on different areas of the game. 

If you are serious about your golf practice and have things that you want to work on in your game, make sure that the functionality of the alignment sticks match the issues you are working on in your game. 

Safety Features

There are many safety features to consider when you look into alignment sticks. For starters, you should be sure that you get some kind of a case with these sticks, so you have a place to store them. In addition, one end of the stick will be rather sharp so it can stick in the ground; this typically comes with a cap to help protect you from being hurt by the sharp end. 

Another essential safety feature is the material composition of the golf alignment sticks. With a fiberglass type material, you will not get quite as hurt when you accidentally hit the stick. Always read manufacturers’ recommendations about where to stand and how to hit using an alignment stick. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get about golf alignment sticks. These questions should help you clear up any lingering concerns about the functionality of this product. 

Collapsible Alignment Sticks, Wooden Alignment Sticks.. which type is right for me?

There are two things to consider when choosing an alignment stick. The first is where you will want to store it; the second is what you need the alignment stick to do for your game. If you are serious about working on your game, make sure to read customer reviews about which golf alignment sticks help with specific areas of the game. 

We like the golf alignment sticks that are collapsible or offer varying angles and setups. The more functionality you can add to a golf alignment stick, the better. 

Are Golf Aiming Sticks and Golf Swing Sticks the same?

Golf alignment sticks and golf swing sticks are the same things. Years ago, people were buying fiberglass rods from Home Depot and using these to help them improve their golf game. Luckily things have gotten much easier, and now these golf aiming sticks and golf swing sticks are a perfect solution built specifically for the golfer. 

What is golf alignment sticks length?

The golf alignment sticks are typically a little longer than your driver. Most options will be around 45-48 inches in length. Pay attention to cheaper golf alignment sticks that are shorter in length; some of the functionality may be compromised by having a tool that is too short. 

How to store alignment sticks?

Collapsible golf alignment sticks should go in your golf bag. This will make it much easier to have the sticks with you at all times. Other golf alignment sticks may work in the extra club slot in your golf cart bag. Many golf cart bags have 15 slots, and players will use that 15th slot to keep their ball retriever or their golf swing sticks.

Golf Alignment Sticks Buying Guide

Now that you know the best golf alignment sticks to purchase, you may have some questions about how they work, how you should use them, and which ones will make the most sense for your game.

Here are some questions that should help guide you towards the proper golf alignment sticks. 

What Is The Difference Between Expensive and Cheap Golf Alignment Sticks? 

If you noticed from our list, there is a bit of a difference in pricing between some of the different golf alignment sticks. The significant differences that you will see are the number of sticks included in a package and the quality of the material the stick is made of. 

The higher quality, more durable alignment sticks tend to be sold for quite a bit more money than those that are thin. The thinner ones also tend to break from the normal wear and tear of being inside a golfer’s bag. 

Surprisingly enough, some of the folding golf alignment sticks are also a bit cheaper. This is because they are usually made with lighter-weight material. We recommend using these folding ones if you are an occasional practicer. 

If you practice every day and will use your alignment rods constantly, go with the higher quality version. The price difference is not enough to justify going with the cheaper models. 

Do Beginners Need Golf Alignment Sticks? 

Beginners, middle handicappers, and low handicappers need golf alignment sticks. They will be able to work on their alignment, swing plane, and path. These are things that every golfer should be focusing on regardless of their ability to score. 

Beginners should start by using the alignment sticks to help them learn how to line up to a target. The sticks can run parallel to your feet, and you can see the way that the club and ball need to travel to reach the proper end result. 

Beginners should do some research to find the best drills and exercises to use alignment sticks; they may find a much quicker path to success. 

How Can Golf Alignment Sticks Help A Player? 

Golf alignment sticks are going to help golfers how they struggle to aim. They can also help with determining proper ball position, swing path, and swing plane as well.

These sticks can be laid flat on the ground as a visual aid, or they can be placed in the ground to help guide the golf swing. 

Regardless of how you decide to use the alignment sticks, you will find them to be one of the more versatile training tools on the market. Whether your golf swing is highly refined or you still need quite a bit of help, the alignment sticks can make a big difference. 

Will Alignment Sticks Be Longer Than My Golf Clubs? 

If you purchase alignment sticks that do not fold, you may see them starting to come out of the top of your golf clubs. The stick will probably point higher than the clubs themselves, and therefore, you could see part of the stick coming out of the top of the bag. 

Luckily there is a golf accessory for everything. Even golf alignment sticks come with a headcover. Yes, believe it or not, you can purchase a headcover for your alignment sticks. This will help to make sure that the golf sticks are not damaging your clubs in any way. 


Hopefully, you feel a bit more knowledgeable about the best golf alignment sticks and how they may be able to help your game. Choosing a great golf alignment stick is important because it is a tool that you will continually use.

The GoSports stand out to us as being the best golf alignment sticks on the market. 

The GoSports are priced relatively well, easy to use, and will work to help you improve your game. You get three sticks for the same price other manufacturers charge for one.

The most important thing about choosing the best golf alignment sticks is to make sure you understand how to use them. Do a little research, and you will end up seeing some great improvements in your game.

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