Best Golf Practice Nets in 2024

Having started the game as a child and worked my way up through high school, college, and professional golf, the one thing I can say genuinely helps a golf game is practice.

When a PGA Professional like myself tells you that it is a good idea to practice and work on your game, we mean it. Golf is a hard sport, and if you don’t put the time in, you won’t get better.

Having a great golf practice net will help you become much better at the game. Here are the best golf practice nets on the market.

Our Best Golf Practice Nets in 2024

Best Golf Practice Net: SteadyDoggie 10x 7 Golf Net Bundle


  • Great size
  • Bundle comes with several products
  • Does a good job at ball collection


  • Sides are not as wide as some other models

One of the most important things about a golf net is making sure that you get one that is big enough. Some of the pictures of golf nets online make them look very large; when they arrive, you realize that they are relatively short and won’t work for taller golfers. 

Having extra height at the top of your net is important in case you hit one with a little more angle, you want to make sure the net catches it. 

This set comes with a mat and the net, which is important if you don’t want to rip up your lawn while practicing. Although hitting off a mat is not as great for your game as hitting off the grass, it will work to help you develop some consistency. 

We like the fact that this is a net that will hold up outdoors, but it will also work for an indoor golf practice center as well. The net comes with a chipping target as well. You can hang the target directly in the net so that you can practice hitting small shots as well. 

This is a lightweight and portable net that you can have up and working in a matter of minutes. This is a great net for the high-quality material and the easy assembly to help take your game to the next level.

Runner Up 1: The Adventure Guys Heavy Duty 10X7 Golf Practice Net


  • Comes as a package set
  • Tri level mat to use with the golf net
  • Easy to see the target


  • No ball return feature

The Adventure Guys Golf Net for practice is a reasonably priced option that comes as a package with the mat and everything you need to get started. One of our favorite things about The Adventure Guys net is the mat that it comes with.

The mat has a tri level hitting mat. This means that you can hit from a tight, medium, or thick lie. How many golf rounds have you played where you had a perfect golf lie or the same golf lie every time.

This is just not a reality. Giving yourself the ability to hit from several different types of mats is a great idea.

The Adventure Guys net sets up very fast, and you will be swinging in a matter of minutes. If you are a golfer who likes to have a target to hit, you will have an easy one with the ShotMaker Pro chipping target that easily attaches to this high quality net.

The ShotMaker Pro will also catch balls to really help you get your chipping skills honed in.

Runner Up 2: GALILEO Golf Practice Net 7×8


  • Great target to aim at
  • Sets up easily
  • Good for use in smaller space


  • Smaller-scale makes it better for small spaces, not great for catching errant shots

The Galileo is one of the hottest selling golf net options on the market at the moment. The Galileo is a great option for those that are looking for a large target to aim at without having a huge net.

This is a smaller scale net but its perfect for indoor or outdoor use in smaller spaces.

The Galileo has a large target sheet, and because of that, it helps to decrease the sound when a ball is hit into the net, even with high impact.

The Galileo golf net is not quite a pop-up option, but it is pretty close; you can fold this net and pop it back up in a matter of about two minutes.

This is a net we recommend for golfers who are new to the game or only practice periodically. For lower handicappers with lots of swing speed, we recommend something a bit more sturdy and durable than the Galileo.

GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net

Best Value


  • Great ball return feature
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made with reinforced nylon
  • Great pricing


  • Does not come with a mat or target

Like many of the other products golf has to offer, things can get expensive. Going to a driving range also adds up quite a bit over time. Although a golf practice net is not quite the same as going to the driving range, at least you are getting some practice in. 

This GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net is a great choice for golfers that want to keep the cost down but still have a solid golf practice net that will hold up to thousands of golf shots.

One of the reasons that the GoSports is priced so low is that it is not a package set, you won’t get the mat or targets, but you get a great golf net that is very durable. 

The ball return feature on the GoSports will help make the net more convenient and let you keep practicing without having to try and find and untangle your golf balls from a net.

The GoSports is lightweight, but the way it is built will keep it standing even when hitting drivers into the golfing net.

Best Premium: Spornia Spg-7 Golf Practice Net


  • Portable and easy to setup
  • Allows full golf game practice
  • A great choice for indoors
  • Perfect ball return


  • Expensive

The Spornia Golf Practice Net is a unique and interesting practice net, unlike any other on the market. It is a very technologically advanced design that will help players make their practice sessions more efficient. 

With the Spornia, you can practice anything from your full swing to chipping to even putting. You can adjust the net return angle to make sure that you get the golf ball rolled directly back to you after each shot.

The ball doesn’t bounce or jump around, and therefore, this is a perfect indoor golf practice net. 

For fast swinging players, a net can wear out very quickly. When you have a ball traveling hundreds of miles per hour, it doesn’t take long for a net to wear out.

The Spornia comes with a large target sheet that helps to absorb these shots and dampen the sound as well.

HG Golf Practice Hitting Net

Best For Long Practice Sessions


  • Has a canopy and a golf net
  • Large target
  • Does a great job of collecting all wayward shots
  • Fairly priced for the size of the net


  • Take a little more time to set up

Have you ever wanted to work on your game, but the sun keeps you from doing it. As golfers, we need to be so careful of how much time we spend exposing ourselves to harmful rays. Being on the driving range for so many years teaching thousands of golfers has made me realize a thing or two about sun protection. 

That’s why we love this HG Golf Practice Hitting Net. There is no debating the fact that this is a unique solution for your golf game.

This is a high quality golf practice net, but it is also a gazebo. When you need a break from the sun, you can simply set up under the gazebo and relax for a few minutes before heading back out. 

The net itself is large and colorful, and it is also very wide and high. If you hit lots of errant shots, this is a great net to consider. Although you can use this golf net indoors or outdoors, we like it much better for outdoor use. 

The net and canopy combination is made with a water-resistant material that will also give you a spot to hide from the rain should a rain shower appear during a practice session.

If you are worried about spending money on a golf net because you won’t use it enough, you will find lots of reasons to use this unique and easy to set up option from HG Golf. 

Golf Practice Net Buying Guide

Now that you see how many great options you have for practicing from home, you have the difficult choice of narrowing down golf nets.

There are a few things that may help you decide which of these golf nets is going to be best suited for your game. 

Are Golf Practice Nets Good For your Golf Game? 

Anytime that you can swing a golf club of making a swinging motion, it is good for your golf game. Most amateurs do not realize how much it helps to swing a club a few times a week between your rounds on the golf course. 

Part of becoming a great player is being more committed and deeply involved with the game. Sometimes all this takes is gripping a golf club a few times a week or making a golf swing with a medicine ball in your hands to help gain strength. 

Is a golf hitting net as effective as a practice round on a golf course? Probably not. Could a golf net be just as good for your game as hitting golf balls on the range? Absolutely! As long as you are thinking and practicing the right why golf nets are very good for your game. 

How Many Feet Wide Should A Golf Net Be? 

As you probably noticed from our reviews, the size of a golf net varies considerably. We talked about how important it is to make sure you get enough height out of your net, but the width is quite important as well. 

At a minimum, you will want the width to be 7 feet. Ideally, eight to ten feet is ideal for a golf net width. When your golf net is not wide enough, balls can miss the net. For some very consistent golfers, this is not an issue, but it is for most people. 

Even great players miss one left or right from time to time. When a golf ball misses the golf net, people can get hurt, and things can get broken. 

What Is The Best Way To Practice Using A Net? 

When you practice golf with a net, it is essential to develop a practice routine. If you start hitting fifty seven irons in a row, you are really just exercising and not practicing the game.

Here are a few tips to help you make your golf net practice a bit more effective. 

  • Vary the club you are using, hit a maximum of three shots with one club before moving to another
  • Only use two or three balls, so you have to go pick them up and stretch your muscles out
  • Try to hit the target in the center of the net as often as you can
  • Pay attention to setup, alignment, and posture on each shot 
  • Combine golf net practice with a video of your swing so you can see what you are doing 
  • Visualize the golf course while you hit shots; this makes each shot matter a little bit more
  • Don’t be afraid to practice your chipping and pitching into the net as well 
  • Focus on what impact feels like and combine that with the flight that you saw to see if the shot was a good one 

How Far Should You Be From The Net? 

When you are a new golfer, you will want to stand very close to the golf net. Stand just outside the edge of the net so that when you swing, your club does not hook on the net. You want to make sure that you have room to swing freely, but you don’t want your club to get tangled in the net. 

For beginner golfers, the ball has a high likelihood of going left or right of the net and missing completely. By standing closer to the net, you will have a better chance of keeping you and your practice facility/yard safe. 

The further you stand from a golf net, the taller the net has to be. When you stand further from a golf net, the golf ball has time to launch a bit higher, and it may go over the top of the net if you stand too far back. 

When you hit chips and pitches, you may stand a little further away and get the ball to land in the net. With a golf net that has a ball return, you will want to stand in a position that brings the golf ball back to you. 

What To Look For In An The Best Indoor Golf Net? 

If you have the space for a golf room in your home, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. When you purchase golf nets for indoor use you must make sure that they are strong and that they have a center target.

If you don’t you may end up damaging the wall behind the net. Some people hang an additional sheet on the net to make sure they don’t put a golf ball through the wall behind the net. 


Purchasing a golf net is a great way to practice golf. It is impossible to be at the driving range or the golf course all the time. Many busy people want the ability to take a few swings after a day of work. The golf net is the perfect solution.

The 10 x 7 feet Golf Net Bundle is the best golf practice net on the market. It comes with everything you need to succeed, and it is offered at a fair price. We like the side of this net and the fact that it leaves you a wide-open target to swing without feeling like you need to control your shots. 

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