Best Golf Training Aids for Swing Plane in 2022

The swing plane is something that all golfers need to work on. Even as a golf professional, I need to ensure that my swing is on the plane and doing what it should.

The better your path, the better your ability to hit consistent and long golf shots. We put together a list of the best golf training aids for swing plane.

These are built to help golfers feel what is needed to hit the ball using the proper path and angles.

Our Best Golf Training Aids for Swing Plane in 2022

Best Overall: Tour Striker PlaneMate


  • Very effective training aid
  • Helps golfers feel exactly what they need to do
  • Will help with path and finish as well
  • Comes with three different bands


  • Takes a little while to learn how to use it

If you are serious about your swing plane, the Tour Striker PlanteMate is the best choice you can consider. This tool takes a little bit of getting used to, but when you do, it is one of the best golf training aids on the market.

The Tour Striker not only allows you to work on your swing plane, but it helps train you during the process and allows you different programs that you can to do make sure you become the golfer you want to be.

The Tour Striker is a swing training aid that forces you to have the perfect takeaway, transition, and finish as well.

The device uses resistance bands that give your muscles training, feedback, and strengthening as well. The Tour Striker comes with interchangeable bands so that this tool can grow with you as you improve your golf game.

Best Alternative: SWINGALIGN Golf Swing Training Aid


  • Great for practicing a variety of golf training exercises
  • One of the most versatile swing trainers
  • Helps to develop more speed


  • Make sure that your arms fit in it

The SwingAlign golf swing training aid is a great way to start to understand how angles and plane will affect your entire golf game.

With the SwingAlign, you can work on your swing plane, rotation, alignment, and setup. This is one of our favorite models because it allows you to practice so many different swing concepts. 

Many golfers start to lose sight of their swing plane when the club gets to the top. The SwingAlign system allows players to see where they are and to make sure that they are on plane.

Being on plane at the top of the swing makes it much easier to start the downswing on plane and make solid contact. 

The SwingAlign also comes with a connection belt that allows golfers to keep their golf swing more connected and eliminate many misses, mostly the slice.

We love that the SwingAlign can be used for any golf club in the bag. Although we love it for practicing swing path, there are many golfers that have found it to be an excellent solution for their putting game.

Anti-Flip Stick Impact Golf Swing Training Aid

Best Value


  • Very well priced
  • Helps golfers work on swing path, swing plane, takeaway, impact, and more
  • Easy concept yet very effective
  • A good drill to add to daily practice


  • Must start training at slow speed to get the feel, then you can increase speed

One of the more common misses in golf is a flip at the impact position. For golfers that flip the club, it can be hard to get away from that feeling.

Using training aids is a great way to start to get the feeling of what it takes for a powerful and consistent impact position. 

The Anti Flip Stick attaches to the end of your golf club, and you can swing with the stick in place. The Anti Flip Stick will make it easier to do a proper takeaway, wrist hinge, and it will show you the proper position at the top of your swing

Working on swing plane is very important but making sure that your swing path hits all of these key points will be what helps develop consistency. 

The Anti Flip Stick gives golfers the feedback they need for a very fair price. When you can start to get this feeling down, there is no question you will gain quite a bit of extra power and consistency as well. 

Swing Jacket

Best Beginner Golf Training Aid For Swing Plane


  • One of the best golf training aids for beginners
  • Helps new players learn what swing plane is
  • Keeps the club on the path, makes your body turn as well


  • Check the sizing to make sure it fits

There is no question that golf is a difficult game to master. When you first start playing, there are so many different concepts and feels, and it will all be foreign to you as a new player.

Luckily there is an option with this swing jacket that you will feel like you know exactly how and where to swing the club. 

Of course, the swing jacket is a little awkward to work with at first, but it gives beginner golfers a very good idea of swing plane and how to train their swing to work.

The Swing Jacket guides players so that they can’t take a poor golf swing. If you really need direction and support, this is the way to go. 

SKLZ Power Position Swing Trainer

Best For Indoor Use


  • Great for an indoor golf training aid
  • Helps golfers work on their grip as well
  • Makes visualizing the swing plane very easy
  • Weighted to help you gain strength


  • Not adjustable in any way

Practicing your golf swing plane does not have to be done outdoors only. You can pick up one of these golf swing trainers like the SKLZ Power position and use it indoors.

We love that this particular model allows golfers to work on both their grip and their swing path as well. 

This is a very simple design that allows you to see where the club shaft will be positioned at several points in your golf swing.

The entire thing is weighted so that you will feel as though you have a heavy club in your hands. The weighting helps players strengthen their golf muscles and start to increase ball speed. 

If you are looking for a way to visualize why your swing plane is off, this golf swing plane trainer will help you to do so.

Golf Training Aids for Swing Plane Buying Guide

These golf training aids can help players of any level learn how to get their swing plane on track. Sometimes it can be hard to narrow down which one of these aids is the right fit for you.

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best swing trainer for your game. 

Can You Carry A Training Aid In Your Golf Bag? 

Golf swing plane trainers can be carried in your golf bag as long as you don’t take them out during a round of golf.

Most manufacturers will make swing trainers to fit in your golf bag so that you can easily grab them the next time you have a session at the range. 

It’s perfectly acceptable to keep these tools in your bag, but you can’t take them out in the middle of the round.

If you were to use some in the middle of the round, you would be helping your golf game using an illegal device. This would disqualify you from a tournament. 

How Does A Weighted Training Aid Help Your Game? 

A weighted club can help golfers accomplish quite a bit with their game. Not only does a weighted club help a golfer to have a better path, but it can also increase muscle and strength.

These things are important if you are trying to gain more distance and swing speed. The faster you can swing the club, the further you can hit it.

Using training aids to help you apply that speed correctly is the secret to truly lowering your handicap and bettering your golf scores. 

Make sure that the weight of your swing trainer for golf is not excessively heavy that it could cause you injury or stress. 

Are Swing Jackets A Good Idea? 

There is some debate in the golf world about a swing jacket. The swing jacket can be very restrictive, and it will essentially force a golfer into learning one type of swing.

With all the years I have spent in the golf industry, I truly believe that every golfer has their own unique abilities when it comes to a golf swing. Teaching one swing is not necessarily the best approach. 

However, you will notice that we had a swing jacket on our list as the best trainer for a new golfer. When a player first starts the game, everything can be very foreign. There is so much mentally that goes on in golf that players sometimes get to the point they are afraid to take the club back. 

Putting a swing jacket on a new golfer is going to help them gain a little bit of confidence; it will help them get some direction and start to feel what it takes to hit a ball solid.

This is not something that you will want to practice with every single day, and you want to eventually wean off the swing jacket. 

The idea behind all of the golf swing plane training aids is to eventually not need them anymore. The aids are designed to give you good feedback, and then once you make the adjustments and the changes to your game, you move on and swing without the help of an aid. 


Hopefully, our list of the best golf swing training aids for swing plane has helped you narrow down the endless choices on the market.

The Tour Striker PlaneMate stands at the top of our list because of the quality of the design, the ease of use, and the fact that it will grow with you as a player.

Tour Striker does a very impressive job of making sure golfers fully understand what it takes to use their device, and they even give training protocol so that players can progress to the more challenging bands.

When you practice with the Tour Striker long enough, you will start to gain some serious strength and clubhead speed as well. The device folds up small, and you can keep it in your bag, but it will have a large impact on your game.

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