Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor Review

There’s a revolution in golf driven by technology. Whether it’s club equipment, space-age composite drive materials, an optimized center of gravity on wedges, or GPS golf watches that give accurate shot distances.

Foresight Sports QCQuad Launch Monitor

The most critical technology for the professional golf player is the launch monitor. Watching any PGA Tour event when the broadcaster cuts to the range, you can see every pro practicing or warming up using a launch monitor. The real-time information the monitor provides helps them understand precisely how they’re striking the ball that day. It provides information on whether they need to play with their swing or make subtle adjustments before they tee off.

This level of information hasn’t been available to the club golfer until now. Yes, a pro might use a launch monitor during a lesson, or your local pro shop could have one for club testing, but having your own professional-level launch monitor was out of reach. 

Now, as with all technology, the cost of owning one of these unique systems has come down. While still being a big-ticket item, this technology is definitely worth investing in. 

Having a launch monitor is both a fantastic improvement tool and a lot of fun. If you’re considering building a golf simulator at home, this monitor, with its exceptional capabilities and portability, is the one you should buy.

In this review, we’ll thoroughly investigate how the QCQuad launch monitor measures up, how accurate it is, and how it can help you improve your game.

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What is the QCQuad Launch Monitor?

The QCQuad launch monitor is a measuring tool that you place facing your ball, indoors or out, to instantly measure every aspect of your shot. 

This launch monitor uses the latest technology to deliver the most accurate and comprehensive data for every shot.  The QCQuad uses hybrid technology, combining infrared tracking and high-speed, high-resolution cameras to calculate every facet of clubhead and ball launch performance. 

The cameras capture thousands of images a second, allowing the software to construct a complete 3D model of the clubhead and ball at impact, allowing direct measurements.

The QCQuad launch monitor is fantastic in terms of portability and usability. You need very little space to use it indoors, and there’s no calibration or complex set-up. The monitor doesn’t need to be leveled or adjusted to a golfer’s setup or ball position, making it simple and easy to use.

Outdoors, you might need an alignment stick to make sure the cameras face the target squarely. 

The system has a built-in display that shows you all the data on-screen without requiring additional software or monitors. You’ll see your data in real-time.

Design and Additional Features

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The QCQuad is beautifully designed and ergonomically shaped for ease of use. The frame is shock-mounted and die-cast for strength and balance.

The main features are:

  • All-weather construction
  • An LCD display
  • Wi-Fi and ethernet
  • An altitude sensor that automatically calculates the difference in ball flight
  • Rechargeable lithium battery

The QCQuad becomes a full simulator with their exceptional FSX software system.

This monitor is designed for performance and ease of use. The quad’s usability far outshines its competitors—no complicated measuring or additional tools are needed to use it. You place the monitor on the ground around a foot and a half from the hitting zone, enable tracking, and you should be good to go.

Easy Set-Up

Setting up the QCQuad is easy. The all-in-one unit has been specially designed for a simple set-up so you can use it quickly. No comparative launch monitor is this straightforward.

To begin, place the device about 20 inches away from the hitting zone. Get the bottom of the monitor level with the hitting surface and face the monitor perpendicular to your club face. The QCQuad has a kickstand underneath, which you can use to level the device on uneven surfaces. 

  • Switch on the quad at the power button, and a green LED indicator will blink when the system is ready.
  • When you want to collate club data, you’ll need to attach club markers to your club face—these are included with the quad.
  • Your monitor is now ready to track both club and ball data. The built-in monitor displays your tracking information. 
  • The QCQuad also has a kickstand underneath, which you can use to level the device on uneven surfaces. 

Accuracy and Performance

The Foresight Sports QCQuad Launch Monitor Review : Accuracy and Performance

Data” is the new buzzword in golf. The main difference between the professional and amateur golfer is data. The professional has access to accurate swing data, which gives them extra knowledge about the sport. 

This knowledge allows them to practice with a purpose. The data informs them that when they adjust their ball’s position, their launch angle changes, or if they move their hips quicker, their clubhead speed increases. This launch monitor gives the result of their adjustments straight away to help them see if the changes are working. 

The key to good data is accuracy—here, we assess the performance of the QCLaunch Monitor for you. The QCQuad uses state-of-the-art technology to capture swing motion and ball flight. 

Quadrascopic Vision

Foresight Sports’ monitor uses four high-speed, high-resolution cameras, giving unparalleled image clarity to every swing.

Industrial Strength

The monitor has a shock-mounted die-cast aluminium frame for both stability and durability. 

Cutting Edge Optics

The optics are tailor-made and machine-aligned for optimal image capture.

The combination of superior imaging and stability makes the QCQuad the professional choice, and that says everything.

Data Sets and Tracking Capabilities

The QCQuad offers an excellent range of tracking data:

Ball Data                           

  • Ball speed                   
  • Launch angle
  • Side angle
  • Spin
  • Sidespin
  • Carry distance

Club Data

  • Clubhead speed
  • Efficiency
  • Angle of attack
  • Club path
  • Face angle
  • Loft and lie at impact
  • Impact location
  • Closure rate

The photometric camera system computes what the ball is doing after impact with accuracy. The high-speed cameras track the exact motion of the ball and club. Uniquely, the quad shows where the ball impacts the club. Knowing this helps you understand where the sweet spot is, how it feels to strike the ball flush, and help you work towards doing so more often.

Software and User Experience

The QCQuad is a complete system that requires no additional screens or devices. Being self-contained makes it the most versatile monitor on the market; you can use it anywhere where there’s enough space to swing a club.

All data appears instantly on the in-built monitor. You can send your data to your phone or other devices by downloading the FSX mobile app.

FSX pro is the quad’s data insight software. 

This data is displayed on a high-resolution display screen with accurate graphic illustrations of each data point. The line illustrations of the flight path, launch angle, and ball carry allow real-time visualization of the shot. A simple click then brings up data tables and multi-ball comparisons, which gives an instant comprehensive analysis of our swing—this will show your progress through the practice session.

Yardage gap statistics are an example of how data transfers from practice to the course with accurate results. The yardage gap is the exact distance between different clubs; you might hit a nine iron 120 yards and a pitching wedge 105 yards. Knowing exactly how far you hit each club and their difference gives you the knowledge to choose the correct club out on the course.

Full Golf Simulation

The FSX 2020 software brings a complete golf simulation experience into your home.  

With FSX, you get the practice range, then enjoy rounds on some of the world’s most famous courses like Pebble Beach, Carnoustie, and St Andrews. You could upgrade your clubs with live club fitting data.

The FSX software has three different main functions:

  • Play golf on a course you choose with up to four players. Compete in with stroke play, matchplay, or betterball, or scramble
  • There are skills challenges like long drive competitions and closest to the pin. You can compete with players around the world and share your results.
  • Practice and Improve your game. Get the most accurate club and ball performance data that tells you which areas of your game are solid and need work. 

Software Add-Ons – Putting

QCQuad has designed a fully comprehensive putting data software package. The software doesn’t come standard with FSX 2020.

Statistically, putting is the most crucial area of the golf game, making up 41.3 percent of shots per round, according to The Game Golf. The club golfer’s average number of putts per round is 34 strokes, unlike Phil Mickelson, who averages 27.1 putts per round.

Improving your putting goes a long way to cutting your handicap.

The problem is most club golfers don’t know anything about their putting stroke; How consistent is your stroke? Do you strike the ball in the center of the putter? How far do you roll the ball?

The SFX putting analysis can help you improve your putting stroke, which will improve your score. 

The monitor gives incredible insight into how the putter head works, how you strike the ball, and how the ball reacts after the hit.

The ball data covers these areas:

  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Lunch spin
  • Carry in inches
  • Skid
  • Time of roll in seconds

To assess how the putter head works, you add markers to the clubface. Now, the software will be able to tell the face’s closure rate at impact.

The critical data gained from markers are:

  • Marker center top – club speed, club path, and strike angle
  • Markers placed horizontally on the heel and toe – face angle to target path and lie angle at impact
  • Markers on heel and toe in the centre – loft at impact

Golfers can be temperamental and often blame the club for bad results—never more so than the putter. Many golfers experiencing putting woes go out and buy a new putter instead of practicing to improve their stroke. QCQaud gives you the ability to fix your stroke with the putter you have. This goes a long way to offset the steep price of the Foresight Sports putting add-on.


The QCQuad is a market leader in its field. Top teaching professionals like Butch Harmon and Martin Hall use it, while Rickie Fowler has the complete QCQuad simulator in his home. The cutting edge technology the quad offers comes at a price.

The basic QCQuad package starts at $11,000 and includes:

  • A two-year warranty
  • Power adaptor and cable
  • USB cable
  • An alignment stick
  • A club marker dispenser

This package gives you all the performance numbers on the built-in screen.

To get an in-depth insight into what your numbers mean and power your home simulator, you will need an FSX Software license at $3,000. To buy more courses for simulation will cost between $95 to $900 each. 

Foresight Sports has two software add-ons available: Club Analysis and Essential Putting Analysis, which go for $4,000 and $2,500 each.

Most golfers will get everything they need, including the full home simulator with the primary monitor, the SFX software, and Club Analysis add-on, all for a total of $18,000.

If you can afford it, you’ll be purchasing one of the most accurate, easy-to-use monitors on the market. The QCQuad will revolutionize your understanding of your game, and you’ll have great fun sharing it with friends and family.

Things We Like: Pros

  • Great technology – The QCQuads combination of a photometric, high-resolution camera system and infrared tracking results in exceptionally accurate data. It creates 3D imaging of the clubface and ball to capture precision data. 
  • Totally portable. The quad is the most simple and easy monitor to use. It is a self-contained unit with a built-in monitor that you can set up anywhere. You can use it indoors and outdoors with ease. You only need enough space to swing a club—your quad will instantly give you data for club head speed, attack angle, ball spin, carry, and more. The quad doesn’t require calibration or balancing. Simply put it down and switch it on.
  • Completely versatile. The system works for a variety of applications, from club fitting to coaching.  It is the go-to system for practising professionals and teaching pros. The QCQuad becomes a complete home simulation system with the addition of the Foresight Sports software package. 
  • Guaranteed toughness. The quad is made from die-cast aluminium and comes with a two-year warranty. The award-winning industrial design sets it apart from other launch monitors.

Things We Don’t Like: Cons

  • The Price. The QCQuad is pricey. You’ll be parting with a large chunk of change to get the most out of this launch monitor, as you’ll need the additional software to get a complete range of data.
  • The camera system calculates what the ball does after impact, which is slightly less exacting than a doppler system, which tracks where a ball lands and works out how it got there.

Where To Buy The QCquad

You can buy the QCQuad directly from the Foresight Sports store or you can find it online at all significant retailers like Top Shelf Golf and Shop Indoor Golf. 

We recommend shopping around for the best deals, as most major stores will have excellent support teams.

If you’re interested in a second hand QCQuad, eBay is probably your best option.

We recommend going directly to the Foresight Sports store to get QCQuad software additions like the SFX license and the E6 Connect simulator software.

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Using the QCQuad launch monitor is a revelation for many players. Having access to data and analysis on a professional level will give you a new perspective on your swing. The quad’s information will change the way you practice—now, you’ll have direct feedback on what you’re trying to achieve in each practice session. You can practice with purpose.

The QCQuad launch monitor leads the field in golf. The combination of superb data accuracy and ease of use makes it our number one choice.

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