Rapsodo Launch Monitor Review (2024): Is It Any Good?

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor is one of the most affordable and easiest to use options for a golfer looking for a personal launch monitor and practice system. In our Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor review, we will show you everything that you need to know about the Rapsodo, some ideas for alternatives, whether or not your game needs a Rapsodo, and which features help this mobile launch monitor stand out. 

If you are in the market for a launch monitor this year, then this Rapsodo MLM review is exactly what you need. 

Rapsodo Launch Monitor Features

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor is packed full of features for a very fair price. For those that are on a budget but also looking for top-quality launch monitor technology, the Rapsodo can make a great choice. Here are some of the key features that stand out when you purchase the Rapsodo. 

Professional Level Accuracy 

Even though the Rapsodo is not even close to the most expensive launch monitor on the market, it still has really good accuracy. Players that use the Rapsodo feel confident in the numbers they get, and they are able to trust the yardages they now have for all of their clubs. 

In addition, setting up the Rapsodo is quick and easy, so you won’t have to doubt whether it is calibrated and ready to read your swing numbers. 

Indoor Outdoor Use

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor can be used both indoors and outdoors. Golfers love the fact that they can practice inside hitting into a net and also bring the launch monitor outside and use it on the driving range. Since this is a very portable unit, it makes it considerably easier to bring it with you wherever you may be going. 

Data To Help PLayers Improve 

One of the best features of the Rapsodo is that it will give golfers data that will help them improve. When you get instant feedback from the information the Rapsodo collects, you can then take it and use it to take your game to the next level. 

The Rapsodo does not just take the distance and launch and give you the numbers; they also will provide you with averages, dispersion, trajectory, and even the standard deviation for each club. This means that the software is working on the back end to give you the tangible data that you need. 

Quick Setup and Connection 

When we set out to use the Rapsodo, we were really impressed with how quickly things were set up. It only takes a few seconds to get the Rapsodo up and running, and golfers will really like the fact that they won’t have to delay their practice session while waiting for the Rapsodo to load up. 

We are quite impressed with the overall wireless features from the Rapsodo. Sometimes with units that have the video capabilities, you will notice there are more connections and greater battery usage, but this was not an issue with Rapsodo.  

Look and Feel 

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch MOnitor is not a large and bulky piece of equipment. You will be able to store this in your golf bag and pull it out when necessary. The overall feel is that it has enough quality to last through many practice sessions without creating an issue. 

Overall we like the way that the Rapsodo responds on the range, and it does not feel flimsy or as if it is going to break after a few sessions. Similar to the Flightscope Mevo, the designers did a good job putting this unit together and thinking about durability and longevity. 

Coach Connect 

One of the things that really sets the Rapsodo Launch monitor apart from others on the market is the coach connect. With the coach connect technology, players can pair up with an online golf coach that is serious about helping them improve their game. 

The coach will analyze the data that is coming in from the Rapsodo Launch Monitor and help players that are trying to work on certain areas of their game. 

If you already have a coach that you work with, they can also log in to the system and help with the data that you are putting on the app. Overall the coach connect is a unique feature that you will not notice other launch monitors to have. Keep this in mind if you want something both functional and unique. 

Shot Review 

In addition to just giving golfers data about the shots that they hit, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch monitor ensures that players can see what their shots looked like, how their shots are typically shaped, and what they can do to fix the issues in their game. 

So many players think they know what their golf swing needs in order to get better. However, until you take real data and match with video and feedback, it is very difficult to know what a player truly needs. The Rapsodo combines all of this information with interactive games and accurate results to make it possible for the average player.

Benefits of Rapsodo Launch Monitor

Now that you have a better idea as to what the Rapsodo Launch Monitor does let’s take a look at some of the benefits and why you would choose this particular mobile launch monitor over another type. There are quite a few things that set the Rapsodo Launch Monitor apart, and one of them is the pricing. 


When looking at mobile launch monitors, you have probably seen some that are closer to $3000. The Rapsodo Launch Monitor is very fairly priced, and it is in a category that makes most average golfers feel as though this could be a good addition to their game. 

When you start increasing the price of the Rapsodo and looking in the next range up, you will be getting involved with much more technical swing tracking equipment. The Rapsodo is the perfect price range for those looking for basic swing tracking advice and info. 

Shot Tracer

If you watch PGA Tour golf on TV, chances are you enjoy the shot tracer technology that they offer. With this shot tracer information, you are able to see the golf ball fly up, turn and move towards the target. 

Since the Rapsodo is equipped with GPS and it has great accuracy, you are also able to use the shot tracer functionality to be able to see what this can do. The shot tracer makes you feel like a professional, and it also helps you have a visual representation of what your golf swing may need to work on. 

GPS Shot Mat

The GPS Shot mat will show you the areas where you are hitting the ball. Obviously, players want to see the golf balls all collected in one small area on the GPS Shot map. If you notice that golf balls are going left and right, short and long but not ending up near the target, then you may need to work a bit harder on dispersion. 

With the GPS Shot Map, you can narrow down which clubs need the most attention and how you can develop your skills with these clubs to become a better player. 

Video Replay 

The video replay ensures that players are able to watch your golf swing improve over time. The technology is a really good one to have, and you will notice that many of the budget portable golf launch monitors do not have video recording and replay technology. 

The video functionality is a great option when working with a coach as well. The coach will be able to watch your swing and see how it develops using the advice that they are giving you. 

Club Gapping

Perhaps the most important benefit of any mobile launch monitor is club gapping technology. With club gapping, players can finally learn how far they are hitting each of their clubs and make some adjustments to the yardages they think they understood. 

Club gapping is essential as most players think they hit the ball a bit further than they do. If you find that you have a major gap between your five wood and your hybrid, you may need to add an additional hybrid to the bag. 

This type of information is extremely valuable and very important for golfers to consider. 

Shot Replay 

If you are still unsure what caused you to hit a shot poorly or simply want to investigate what is going on in your game, the shot replay technology can be helpful as well. A shot replay helps players see what is going on in their game and allows golfers to get a better picture of what needs to be worked on. 

Cons of this launch monitor 

With all the great benefits of the Rapsodo Launch monitor, it is unfortunate that we even have to mention the negatives. However, there are a few negatives that all players should be aware of before they make a large investment. 

The main issue is that the Rapsodo is not compatible with Android devices. If you use Android devices, then you will have to find another device that will work with your Rapsodo to be able to open the app and use the features and functionality. 

In addition, the data that you get from Rapsodo is accurate and helpful, but it is limited. You won’t be able to get club head data or things like spin, and that will impact the overall results. 

This would not be our favorite personal launch monitor for an indoor golf simulator; it simply does not offer enough detailed data to make it accurate enough for this type of investment. 

Rapsodo Launch Monitor Parameters & Data Points

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor has a few fewer data points than other launch monitors, but the information it does measure is quite accurate; here is what you can get out of the Rapsodo Launch Monitor. 

Launch Direction

Knowing the direction in which your golf ball is flying will help you determine if your aim or your golf swing is causing the issues. 

Launch Angle

The launch angle can help golfers determine if they are using their clubs the way there were intended to be used or if they have the clubface too open or closed at impact. 

Ball Speed 

The ball speed of a golf ball can tell players if they are using the right club, the right golf ball, and making an impact at the right place in their swing. 

Club Speed 

If you are working on getting stronger and faster, the club speed is a tremendously important factor to keep in mind. Club speed can vary from day to day, but players should keep a close eye on this data parameter. 


Golfers are always fixated on their total distance, and the Rapsodo mobile does a great job of measuring this distance for golfers. 

Smash Factor 

The smash factor is the ball speed you are getting for a given club speed. This helps you see how efficient your golf swing is and whether or not you are hitting the ball the way that you should.


The Rapsodo Launch Monitor does not measure a large range of data, but for the data that it does measure, the overall numbers are quite strong. This is an accurate launch monitor that will help players who are working on improving their game. 

Rapsodo App Review

The Rapsodo App is included as part of your purchase, and there is no additional fee to keep the app up and running through the years. However, the Rapsodo App is something that is really easy to work with and only takes a few minutes to learn. 

We were impressed with the overall speed, found no issues running the app, and were able to continually pull up our stats when we needed to review them. Overall the technology match from the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor to the app is quite good. 


The Rapsodo is a great tool that will work for a wide range of golfers. However, there are other similar options on the market that are worth considering. Here are a few of the most popular competitors to the Rapsodo and the ones that you may want to consider looking into. 

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor vs. Flightscope Mevo

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor and the Flightscope Mevo are almost the exact same price. This makes it quite common for golfers to compare the Rapsodo Mobile vs. Flightscope Mevo. 

The Flightscope Mevo tends to be the most popular choice; although it is not as feature rich as the Rapsodo, it does give a few more data parameters, and golfers like the accuracy. 

Rapsodo Launch Monitor vs. Garmin G80

The Garmin G80 is more expensive than the Rapsodo, but it has many of the same features, including the video technology. The Garmin is simple to set up and will be a great option for both indoor and outdoor use. 

If you are going to use your launch monitor inside, we recommend the Garmin G80 over the Rapsodo, as the information and data seem to be a bit more accurate. 

Rapsodo Launch Monitor vs. SC300 

SwingCaddie is another brand that makes portable launch monitors similar to the Rapsod and the Flightscope. One of the things that golfers like about the SwingCaddie is the ability to see the results on the screen of the rangefinder. 

If you are a player that is not interested in dealing with your cell phone while out on the golf course, you may want to give the SC300 a try. The issues here are that the video technology is not nearly as good, although the pricing is cheaper. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we are most commonly asked about the Rapsodo launch monitor and its accuracy and results. Keep in mind that there are several other launch monitors in this category if the Rapsodo is not for you. 

Our Verdict

Overall the Rapsodo Launch Monitor will checkboxes for many golfers. If you are an average player that is in need of great technology, accurate results, and some more data about your golf game, you will really enjoy what the Rapsodo has to offer. Players are pleased with this unit and how easy it is to use. 

If you are really looking to become better, you can use the Coach technology to pair up with a professional that is equipped to help your game. 

The only real downside we found with the Rapsodo is the ability to measure spin and the fact that it is not the strongest choice for a golf simulator setup. However, not all portable launch monitors need to work for a golf simulator. 
This is a model worth checking out, especially if you are new to the mobile launch monitor game and want to see what this technology is all about.

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