You Should NOT Swing Like This Guy!

NBA legend Charles Barkley is known for his skills on the basketball court, but when it comes to golf Sir Charles is not someone you want to emulate.

His swing is a start, stop, and start again nightmare that is funny to watch but very ineffective on the golf course.

Even the novice at golf can recognize how the absence of fluidity in a golf swing is detrimental to achieving long drives off the tee.

Barkley begins well with a takeaway that isn’t too bad, but on the downswing he inexplicably stops for a moment before resuming his swing.

An important key to distance is clubhead speed as it makes contact with the ball. To achieve speed at impact requires a nice fluid swing that begins at the top and follows through the ball.

You should practice fluidity first and foremost and let the physics do the bulk of the work rather than focusing on a hard, perfect strike as Barkley seems to be doing.

Awkward swings play great in movies like Happy Gilmore.

Not so much on the golf course.

If you want to learn how to swing correctly, check our Swing Tips out ;).​

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