Optishot 2 vs. Optishot 3 – 2022 Review

When you can’t get outside for a round of golf, the next best thing is an at home golf simulation experience. Getting to play or practice your golf game from the comfort of your own home is a very unique and amazing opportunity available to golfers. As a former Class A PGA Professional, I know how disappointing it is to miss a day of golf because of rain or weather. Luckily both the Optishot 2 and Optishot 3 golf in a box at home simulators can fix this situation. The only question left to answer is, which one is better? We will compare the Optishot 2 vs. Optishot 3 to give you information about these golf simulators and the technology they offer.

Optishot 2Optishot 3
IncludesOptishot 2 Hitting Mat, Pro Series Hitting Net, USB Cable (10 ft. ), Adjustable Rubber Tees, Two Foam Practice BallsOptiShot Hitting Mat, Pro Series Hitting Net, USB Cable (10Ft), Adjustable Rubber Tees, Two Fam Practice Balls
Can Use With Real Golf BallsYesYes
Indoor/Outdoor UseBetter IndoorsIndoors Only
Online TournamentsYesYes, with Up to 4 players
Warranty1 Year Warranty1 Year Warranty
Setup ProcessModerate to DifficultEasy to Moderate
ProsIt can be used by any golfer, regardless of handicap
Works with both Windows and Mac
It comes with 15 golf courses
Allows use with multiple players
Can use real or foam golf balls
Lower in price than other at home simulators
You don’t need to use the hitting mat
Very clear graphics and user experience
Temperature and wind can be changed to make the experience more dynamic
Very accurate for an at home simulator
Practice features
Easy to set up and comes with required software at this price point
ConsNot the easiest to set up and configure initially
Putting is not all that accurate
Some higher-end simulators prove to be more accurate
Take a bit of time to set it up initially because of hardware installation
It can only use indoors
LinkOptishot 2Optishot 3

Optishot 2 vs. Optishot 3 Comparison of Features

Many of the features and benefits of the Optishot 2 and Optishot 3 golf simulators will be quite similar. We will take a look at some of these individual components to try and give you a better understanding of what to expect with each of these models.

Overall Dimension

You may have heard that you need quite a bit of room to set up a golf simulation center in your home space. This is the truth, and the most important part is likely going to be the clearance that you need at the ceiling level.

If you don’t have enough room to swing the club or can’t place the golf simulator far enough away when using it, you may not get the launch monitor to read accurately. The overall size of the Optishot 2 is 15 inches long, ten inches high, and weighs 15 pounds.

Since the Optishot 3 or Optishot Vision uses the same launch monitor, you will be dealing with a unit that is basically the same size. However, you need to ensure for the Optishot Vision that you have room to mount three overhead cameras and halogen lights about 10 feet high and about 10 feet from the hitting area.


The Optishot 2 does not require as much space, and it does allow for outdoor use. If you are looking to move your golf launch monitor/simulator set up indoors and out, the Optishot 3 could be a bit more troublesome.


Although the software that is used to run these golf simulators is important, the hardware is just as essential. Without the proper hardware compatibility, you will not be able to run the program at all. To give you a basic idea, unless you have a newer computer with a good graphics card and room on your operating system, you will have a hard time with either the Optishot 2 or the Optishot 3 being a good solution.

There is no questioning the fact that golf simulators are made for those that understand and stay up to date on technology. If you don’t know how to reset your iPhone, a golf simulator setup is going to be very difficult for you.

Keep in mind that you will need internet for both systems to use the online play features.


Although the Optishot 2 and Optishot 3 will need quite a bit of high quality hardware to work, the Optishot 2 is a bit less demanding when it comes to these hardware requirements. This has everything to do with the fact that it is a bit older and therefore will work with older technology. If you have a newer computer and good internet speed, you should not have issues with the Optishot 3.


The portability of the Optishot 3 or Optishot vision is really not good at all. Most golfers are already aware that this is a model that you can only use indoors. When you first set it up, it takes a bit of time to get the hardware properly installed and the lighting right, but then it will be quite easy to leave it there for years to come.

The Optishot 2 is more portable in that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, the accuracy is not all that good each time you move it, and setting it up over and over again tends to be a bit of a nuisance.

Although you probably won’t want to move these two around much at all, you can at times bring the Optishot 2 with you if you are going to a friend’s house with room for a setup like this.


The Optishot 2 is a bit easier to move around and set up in a variety of locations. However, when you first put it into a new area, expect to deal with quite a bit of adjusting and maneuvering.


The most important feature to look for in any golf simulator is accuracy. What good is the entire simulator setup if your normal 7 iron all of a sudden goes twenty yards further or shorter than it would on the course? Golfers want to ensure that they are getting a golf simulator that will give them accurate information.

The Optishot 2 and Optishot 3 use the same launch monitor. This launch monitor will be accurate within 2 mph of speed and 1.9 degrees of the swing path. The fact that they both use the same lanch monitor makes them very similar when it comes to overall accuracy.

However, as you will see in our next segment, it is imperative also to consider the data points that a golf simulator will measure and give you details on.


The Optishot 2 and Optishot 3 will have very similar levels of accuracy. Both are considered to be quite accurate for an at-home simulator.

Data Collection

The more data a golf simulator can give you, the better information it can apply to the golf ball. This means that you will get much more accurate information the more data points that your simulator can read. The difference you will find between the Optishot 2 vs. Optishot 3 is the way in which it collects data.

With the Optishot 2, you will get information when the golf ball and the clubhead contact each other. Therefore you will find out things like the clubhead speed, path, distance, and face angle. Since this is the only time that the Optishot 2 will record information, this is all that you will get.

However, when you upgrade to the Optishot 3, there is much more ball data than just this club speed and face angle. Optishot 3 will get face impact location, sidespin, backspin, ball speed, carry distance, roll distance, smash factor, and vertical and horizontal launch angle.

As you can imagine, this club data is going to give golfers a much better idea as to how they are doing as they make their way around the golf course. Overall it is hard to fully trust a simulator that does not give any spin data, and for that, the Optishot 3 pulls ahead in this category.


The Optishot 3 is the clear winner here. As you can see, there are a variety of factors beyond club speed and club path that the Optishot 3 can record.

Initial Setup

Since the Optishot 3 is really not meant to be moved around all that much, we will look at just the initial setup to get these golf simulators going.

With the Optishot 2, you will have almost everything that you need to get started with your simulator the day you get it. The only thing that is a bit tricky about the Optishot 2 setup is that you need excellent lighting. If your space is a bit dark, you will not get good ball data and may need to add some additional lighting.

With the Optishot 3 or Optishot Vision, you will need to install 3 cameras, a projector, and a computer with all the proper software. The camera setup is the most difficult part and will be a bit time-consuming initially.

However, to get the accuracy and ball data that Optishot 3 gives, this setup is essential.


The Optishot 2 is easier to set up, but you will have a bit more tweaking to do each time you set it up to get it to work well. With the Optishot 3, you can spend your time making sure it is great initially and then never have to worry about it again. Overall, we would rather deal with the Optishot 3 when it comes to setup because it is a one-and-done type situation.


Optishot 2 is a much lower price point than the Optishot 3, but it will not give you as many of the same benefits. If you are serious about your golf simulator, you will have to spend several thousand dollars to get the proper setup. Don’t let the pricing be your only determination in choosing a simulator. In the end, a cheap model is not even worth having.


Optishot 2 is a better price, but the technology is not quite as advanced.

Which One Should I Buy Optishot 2 Vs. Optishot 3?

Now that you have a better idea as to what to expect from both of these models, you will need to make the difficult decision of choosing just one for your home golf simulator setup.

The Optishot 2 is one of the more popular at home golf simulators on the market. You can see from our review that it is relatively easy to use and set up, can be transported both indoors and out, and has good overall accuracy.

If you are a first time golf simulator buyer looking for a better-than-average model, the Optishot 2 is a perfect choice.

The Optishot 3 (or VIsion) is a much more technologically advanced model that is going to require a higher initial purchase, but in the end, it can do a great job of giving you the accuracy and information you need to enjoy your simulator purchase.

If you are serious about indoor golf, have friends that want to play, and need a place to work on your game throughout the winter months, the Optishot 3 is going to be the better choice. Overall you will have to decide what your priorities are if you want to ensure you get the proper golf simulator model for your home.

The good news is that Optishot has made it easy for consumers to purchase and place a simulator in the comfort of their own home for a relatively fair price.

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