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Best Golf Ball For 10 Handicap

Playing with the right golf ball is an essential part of being a great golfer. When you have the wrong ball in play, things like ball flight, distance, roll, speed, and even more can be impacted. As a former PGA Professional, I was very particular about the golf ball that I played with. It took

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Best Golf Balls for Straight Flight in 2022

As a golf professional hitting the ball straight is quite essential. Finding a golf ball with the perfect dimple pattern, compression, and composition can take a bit of trial and error. However, the average golfer needs to consider a bit more about how choosing the right golf ball can help them hit straighter shots. Golf

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vice golf ball

Vice Golf Balls Review 2022

With Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Bridgestone having such a stronghold on the golf ball market, it’s hard for a newer golf ball company to make their presence known. As a PGA Professional, I’ll admit I can be a bit skeptical about a newer ball that comes to the market. However, I’m up for trying out

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kirkland golf ball

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball Review 2022

The best golf ball on the market will not always be the best for your individual game. As a golf professional, I didn’t always play with the most expensive or premium golf ball. The proper match for your game is better than the best technology on the market. Kirkland golf balls are the type that

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Best Golf Balls For 85 mph Swing Speed in 2022

Distance is something that all golfers are looking for. Golfers that have a swing speed of about 85mph tend to get some shots that really pop off the club face and others that leave them looking for more. If you are a player that needs a bit more distance and some better feel, you are

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taylormade project a

TaylorMade Project A Review 2022

TaylorMade golf balls have always been focused on getting players more speed. The TaylorMade Project A is a new built as an alternative to the tour-level TP5 golf balls. There are lots of great features to the TaylorMade Project A including, affordability. As a PGA Professional, I often tell players that the Tour Level golf

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callaway hex tour soft

Callaway Hex Tour Soft Review 2022

Searching for the perfect golf ball can take some time and research. As a PGA Professional, I can assure you that the time will be well spent. Finding the proper golf ball for your game will significantly increase your chances of scoring well and enjoying your time on the golf course. The Callaway golf balls

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callaway superhot

Callaway Superhot Review 2022

One of the things that stands out right away about the Callaway Superhot golf balls is that they are sold in a 15 ball pack. Having spent almost my entire life in the game, fifteen ball packs almost always mean that the golf balls are built for high handicappers that lose a lot of golf

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callaway supersoft

Callaway Supersoft Review 2022

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls are some of the most popular that Callaway has to offer. In fact, we will take that a step further; the Supersoft are some of the fastest-selling golf balls on the market. If you have ever wondered what all the hype is behind this product, we are here to tell

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Best Golf Balls for 70 mph Swing Speed in 2022

Knowing that your golf swing speed is 70 mph is a significant step, but how will you know the best golf ball for 70 mph swing speed. It takes a bit of testing and learning to get the right golf ball in your bag. As a PGA Professional, I, unfortunately, saw too many golfers playing

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