golf swing takeaway

Golf Swing Takeaway – How to Start Your Swing Correctly

When you start out playing golf as a seven-year-old, like myself, the takeaway never seems to be all that complicated. The golf club has to swing back, and you just pull it back on the line. As I grew older and became a student of the game and eventually a golf professional, I started noticing

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golf swing plane

The Ultimate Guide to Golf Swing Plane

Golf swing plane is a term that many golfers throw around. These golfers will call themselves one or two plane swingers without truly understanding what this means. There are lots of theories about swing plane out there. With more than twenty-five years of experience and having taught hundreds of students, I can honestly say there

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how to hit a draw

How To Hit A Draw? Step by Step Guide to Hitting a Draw

Hitting a draw has become a sign of a great ball striker. Golfers that can hit a draw seem to get more distance out of their shots, control over their ball, and a much better feeling when they make contact. As a golf professional, I can honestly say that my favorite shot shape is a

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golf clubs bag

How Many Clubs Are Allowed In A Golf Bag?

Before every tournament, I count my golf clubs. Having prepared for and played in hundreds of golf events, I never want to go over the fourteen club limit. Golf is a challenging game, and although it can be tough to narrow down which clubs to keep in the bag, it is absolutely necessary.  Making sure

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golf gripping

Proper Golf Grip – 5 Steps to Perfect Your Golf Grip

In golf, the only connection a player has with the golf club is the grip. Without the grip, none of us are even playing the game. Having the proper golf grip is essential, and its a part of the game that every player needs to master. In this guide, we have put together the steps

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golf swing followed though
Golf Tips

10 Golf Swing Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Game

There are a lot of golf tips out there. Some are good, and some are not so good. We have put together ten golf swing tips that will help you improve your game. These tips are researched, tested, and recommended by golf professionals and single-digit handicaps. Here are our top ten golf swing tips. 1.

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golfer stance

Step by Step Guide to a Proper Golf Stance

Addressing the golf ball is much more critical than the amateur golfer likes to admit. If your stance is not correct, how can you expect the impact position or the results to be correct? The proper golf stance takes a bit of time to learn, and you will be much better off if you understand

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golf tips

11 Practical Golf Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, you are going to be subject to quite a few tips of advice. Some of these will be great tips that will make you a better player, and some will overwhelm you. We have put together 11 tips about golf that are specifically geared towards the beginner. If you are new to

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