Taylormade P770 Vs. P790 – 2024 Review (Which one is Better)

So, you’ve got an important round coming up and you’re stuck without a good iron. 

Don’t worry! In this article, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about two of the best irons in the game: the Taylormade P770 and P790. I guarantee that using either of these clubs will do wonders for your swing.

This handy guide will: 

  • Provide an overview of the Taylormade P770 and P790
  • Highlight the key differences, digging deep into the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Review real user feedback of both clubs.

Let’s get into it!

TaylorMade P770TaylorMade P790
ReleasedNewest Model Late 2020Newest Model 2021
Player HandicapMid to LowAll handicaps, better for mid to high
LookPlayers bladeLonger blade length players iron
Ball SpeedHighHigh
ConstructionHollow BackHollow Back
Specs3-AW availability3-AW availability
ShaftKBS Tour 120 SSteel- Dynamic Gold VSS; Graphite- Mitsubishi MMT
Shaft SpinMidMid-High
ProsShorter blade length
Excellent control in the long irons
Tungsten weighting
Good forgiveness for a players type golf club
Very precise mid irons
Thinner top line
Players looking shape with game improvement forgiveness
Higher launch than players irons
Large sweet spot than previous models
Thru slot speed pocket technology
A thin face with very high ball speed
Perimeter weighting 
ConsSmaller sweet spot than P790
Only available standard in steel shaft
It can be expensive for beginners and higher handicappers that don’t play often
The top line is a bit thick
LinkTaylorMade P770TaylorMade P790

The Craftsmanship: An Overview of Taylormade P770 & P790

The commitment to delivering performance is very apparent in these Taylormade clubs. 

In fact, both models show just how relentless this particular golfing brand is in their pursuit of high-quality gear and equipment! 

The superior materials, original design, and cutting-edge technology of both guarantee all the power and precision you’d ever want in a winning golf club.

Head-to-Head: Performance Analysis

The most important thing to remember before comparing these two irons is that they both offer some impressive performance. Each of the irons can be considered part of the same family, and sometimes the difference you see between these sets will be very minimal. It makes it take a session at the range to hit and feel the differences that the P790 and P770 offer.


As you have likely noticed, TaylorMade continues to rerelease the P790 irons. This is because the technology keeps improving, but the basic design of the iron is still something that they want in their lineup.

The most recent version of the P790 irons features a sweet spot that is 60% bigger than the sweet spot in the last version. With the size of an iron club head, it is almost hard to imagine an increase in size this large.

The P770 has a slightly smaller sweet spot but still offers more forgiveness than a traditional players-type golf iron. Overall, forgiveness is primarily positive, but there are times that it can decrease the workability of a golf club.

Golfers that like to hit intentional fades and draws will enjoy the technology behind the P770 a bit more.

Winner: P790

Although the differences are subtle, the fact that the blade length on the P790 is longer just allows for more forgiving technology and a larger sweet spot. The fact that both of these irons are hollow back construction really helps them to be quite forgiving overall. Don’t let the P770 scare you when it comes to forgiveness; just be aware of the strengths and weaknesses in your own game.


The P770 and the P790 have very similar construction. Something that you see in these clubs but not in a SIM Max iron is the speed foam center. Essentially the clubhead is a hollow design but inside that hollow space is room for a speed foam injection. The speed foam does not increase the weight of the club, but it does help the feel to be more stable and pure at impact.

There are two things to look for when you consider the feel of a golf club, the first is feedback, and the second is vibration. You do not want a your club head to vibrate when you make contact with it. If it does, it gives you a poor feeling and will feel almost like a cheap iron.

We can ensure you there is little to no vibration at impact with either of these irons.

Feedback from a golf club allows you to learn to hit draws and fades and to control the overall ball flight. The P770 gives golfers more feedback than the P790. This has a bit to do with the shorter wedge length and the slightly smaller sweet spot.

The shape of the club won’t attribute to the feel all that much, but the compact size of the P770 tends to let better players feel as though they can improve accuracy and performance.

Winner: P770

This one was almost a tie. Since both of the golf irons feature the speed foam technology and are made to have an impressive feel, with forgiveness, it was hard to declare a winner. The reason we went with the P770 is simply because of the feedback and workability. When you want this club to do something, you can get it to do it.


If you are getting tired of us telling you that the P790 and P770 are very similar, buckle up because we are not done. The P770 and P790 both feature the same thin 4140 forged face. The fact that the face of the club is kept thin is what helps to promote more distance.

So the interaction between the golf ball and the clubhead in both of these popular irons will be very similar. Therefore the ball speeds should also be relatively close. However, there is a big difference in the lofts of the clubs.

The P790 irons are considered to be slightly more game improvement than the P770. With new models of modern game improvement type irons, we find that the lofts are continuing to get lower. The market’s golf technology has helped players get high enough launch, decent spin, and impressive overall performance even while using lower lofted irons.

The P790 seven iron has a loft of 30.5 degrees. The P770 seven iron has a loft of 33 degrees. This is a pretty significant difference, and the end result is that the P790 will likely fly a little further. A good player with higher swing speeds does not mind weaker lofts.

The weaker lofts can help players get more consistency and feel like they are playing with a classic player iron. So, although the P790 may seem as though it is going further, when you compare loft to loft, both irons will be about the same.

Winner: P790

If you are purely looking for distance in your irons, the P790 irons are the way to go. You will absolutely love how easy it is to hit the ball high and far with this forgiving golf club in your hand.

Design & Aesthetics

You should never judge a book by its cover. 

Thankfully, golf clubs aren’t books! 

When purchasing a club, it is therefore extremely important that you find one that’s visually appealing unless you wish to risk your confidence and overall performance.

Firstly, the P770 exhibits a much sleeker and compact design. With its smaller head size, tight leading edge, and thinner top line, the club appears more streamlined and precise.

For players after an iron that resembles some type of deadly blade rather than a cumbersome club, the P770 is definitely the weapon of choice.

In contrast, the P790 exhibits a much more powerful and striking look. 

With its larger head size and thicker top line, this iron demands attention without sacrificing elegance. For players wanting a sturdy yet sophisticated club, look no further than the P790!

Come 2024, little has changed visually in both. For the P770, the mirror chrome section on the back has now moved closer to the toe, and the reflectiveness of the finish has also been reduced. 

As for the P790, fine areas over a thick-thin back wall have been introduced – giving the inner-facing side of the club a snakeskin-esk aesthetic.

Winner: TIE

As the design and aesthetic of your club do not practically affect your game, the choice comes down to personal preference. 

Have a feel of both clubs, take a second to soak in how each one feels in your hands!

Price Point: Getting Value for Money

When choosing new golf irons, it’s vital to consider pricing. Luckily, both the P790 and P770 provide some of the best bang for your buck ever seen on the market!

With their superior materials, original design, and cutting-edge technology, the current price point sitting just above $1000 USD is amazing especially when compared to similarly priced premium clubs.

The P790 is only $100 USD more than the P770 too. This is because both clubs have essentially the same DNA; they’re made of similar materials and have the same hollow body construction. 

The key difference, however, is the size of the clubs – so you’re basically just paying for added materials when purchasing the P790 over the P770!

Feel great knowing that with the price point being almost exact, Taylormade isn’t trying to unnecessarily pocket your hard-earned cash. 

Still a bit too costly? Never fear! You can sometimes find a deal on some of the most popular irons on the market by looking at previous versions of the Taylormade P770 and P790. 

If you don’t buy a more recent model, you may save yourself a few dollars.

Winner: TIE

When the difference is only $100 USD, what sets the P790 and the P770 apart is relatively negligible. 

In fact, you know you’ve made a fantastic purchase when for just over a thousand dollars, you’ll be scoring a high quality, premium club that is guaranteed to improve your game!


The irons make up the majority of the clubs in your bag. If you are looking down at a club with a top line that is too thick or an offset that doesn’t appeal to you, your golf game is going to suffer. Ultimately the best performance is found from an iron that you trust, and that feels good for your golf game.

When it comes to workability and the ability to hit shots that shape the way you want them to, the TaylorMade P770 is going to be the better option. The head size, the higher spin, and the lower lofts all lead to more workability. This is really the better choice when you are a lower handicap player looking to really perfect your game with these P series irons.

Of course, there are other options in the TaylorMade lineup that will have even more ball control, but you are going to have to give up a bit of forgiveness as well, and that is something most golfers would prefer to avoid.

The P790 is not a traditional cavity back beginners club. Therefore you can still learn to hit a draw or a fade or control the height of your golf shots; it is just simply not as effective as the taylormade P770.

Winner: P770

You can learn to play a draw or a fade with the P790 and shape your golf shots. The forged hollow body construction of both golf clubs help to ensure that they stay very true at impact. However, with the taylormade P770 leaning a bit more towards the player iron side of things, it is a better choice for overall workability.

Versatility on the Course: Which Club for Which Golfer?

In golf, your club is more than what you use to hit a ball; it’s an extension of yourself! 

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose an iron that fits your player profile and needs on the course.

For pro-level golfers, the P770 is the way to go. Novice players beware: with its smaller head size and thin top line, the P770 rewards the precision and skill of experienced competitors. 

If you thrive on shaping shots and live for a demanding yet high-level game, the P770 is perfect.

On the other hand, the P790 is great for those graduating into a more intermediate club. 

This is because the P790 combines power and forgiveness, as its larger head size reduces the chance of off-center strikes and misses while allowing you to smack that ball straight down the green. 

This does not, however, mean that the P790 can’t be used by pros. In fact, many skilled players will find the P790 useful when pure power and reliability are desired over precision. 

You must, therefore, consider the conditions of play when deciding which club to use. 

For example, if you find yourself in challenging roughs, greens, or fairways, use the P770 for accuracy and control. 

Conversely, if you’re attempting to navigate difficult lies or simply need some consistency off the tee, the P790 is as reliable as they come!


Depending on your skill level, both the P790 and the P770 could be right for you. 

However, if you’re a highly skilled player, the versatility of the P770 when it comes to lining up precise shots and hitting them with power is simply unmatched. 

User Feedback & Reviews

Regardless of which club you choose, you’ll be glad to know that both have extensive user reviews and positive feedback from golfers of all skill levels.

With the P770, players and reviewers alike applaud its precision and control. 

Today’s Golfer stated that the P770 is “designed to deliver exceptional distance, accuracy, and control”. The P770 even earned a spot in Golf Monthly’s Editor’s Choice awards for 2024, hailed for its “playability and consistency”.

The P790 has its fans too, with Plugged In Golf describing it as “one of the most successful irons in golf history”. One intermediate user even noted that the “larger sweet spot is a game–changer for someone at my skill level”.

Winner: TIE!

Both clubs are clearly highly regarded by all who use them. GolfALot noted that “TaylorMade do players distance irons better than any other company, they invented this section of the iron market”. 

So, no matter which one you go for, know that both clubs are backed up by many who love them and their ability!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Now that we have given you the run down on the TaylorMade P770 and P790 irons, it’s time to answer a few last questions. Good players ask lots of questions before purchasing a set of golf clubs. They want to know the main difference between clubs, how they are compared to current golf models, which has more spin and more.

What is the difference between TaylorMade P770 and P790?

The main difference between the TaylorMade P770 and the TaylorMade P790 is the size of the club head. The taylormade P770 is a smaller head with a thinner top line and a slightly more player iron type look to it. The P790 has a thicker top line, will resemble a player’s golf iron, but still has the forgiveness of a traditional game improvement club. The compact players head in the taylormade P770 also means that it is a bit less forgiving.

Are the TaylorMade P770 forgiving?

The TaylorMade P770 has a medium amount of forgiveness. Remember that this iron is a bit more of a player’s design than the P790, but it is certainly not like a complete Taylormade blade. You can still get plenty of distance, ball flight, and forgiveness when using the TaylorMade P770 irons.

For a golfer that is new to the game looking for their first set of irons, we would recommend the P790 over the P770.

What handicap should play taylormade P770?

Golfers with a ten handicap or less are going to see the most benefits from the P770. If you are currently a 12 handicap and looking to try and get distance, while still hitting shots that can be controlled, the P770 is a smart choice.

Golfers should not limit themselves so much by what their handicap is; if you find a golf iron that you love the feel of, purchase it and learn to adapt your game. As long as it is not causing your trouble or headaches, the club can work.

Many golfers find that the combo set of the P790 and P770 is another good choice.

Do any pros use TaylorMade P770?

The TaylorMade P770 is a bit more of an amateur golfers model than a professionals. However, professional golfer Tommy Fleetwood uses the P770 irons in his long irons. Even heavy hitters have a hard time controlling long irons and getting them to do exactly what they need. Therefore putting something like the P770 in place is the best choice. The rest of Tommy Fleetwood’s irons are a bit more of a blade style than the hollow back construction.

Are P770 or P790 more forgiving?

The P790 is more forgiving than the P770. This is because the larger head size increases the sweet spot and reduces the chance of off-center hits or misses. 

The P790 is perfect for intermediate players who want both performance and forgiveness.

Can a high handicapper use P770?

Yes, high handicappers can use a P770, however, they should know that it is way less forgiving than a larger club alternative. 

The P770’s smaller head size and thinner top line make it harder to maintain consistent shots and requires greater skill to fully realize its precision and control.

Are P770 easy to hit?

A challenge for beginners, the P770 can become a reliable and forgiving club for more intermediate to pro-level players. Once you have become used to the smaller head size and thinner top line, this club could one day be considered “easy” to use.

Conclusion: Which Is Better TaylorMade P770 or P790

Now that we have given you the complete run down on the TaylorMade P770 vs. TaylorMade P790 golf irons, it’s time to declare an ultimate winner. The only trouble is that the P770 iron and the P790 iron are built for slightly different players. If we have to choose an overall winner, it is going to be the P790.

This is the golf iron that really brought the hollow back technology to the world of golf. Those that were tired of being forced to play with an ugly cavity back because of forgiveness could now have a players-style club with the performance they needed.

The P790 has helped so many golfers improve their overall performance on the course, and we don’t think TaylorMade is done with where they will take this impressive set of golf clubs.

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