6 Iron: How Far Should You Hit a 6 Iron?

A 6 iron is a popular club, and most golfers have one in their bag. It’s the second shortest iron club, next to the pitching wedge. The complex question is usually how far should you hit your 6 iron? So let’s delve into this.

The best way to hit a 6 iron in golf is to have your knees slightly bent and your shoulders parallel to the ground. You should keep the weight of your body evenly distributed on both feet and hold the club with enough room for two fists between your body and your hands.

Once you are in position, swing back smoothly, then swing forward straight through the ball. The distance a 6 iron goes depends on several factors. Read on to learn more about how to get the most out of your 6 iron.

What Is a 6 Iron in Golf?

The lower the number on the club, the higher the loft and the shorter the shaft length. For example, a 5 iron has more loft and is shorter than a 4 iron. A 6 iron has less loft than a 7 iron but has more loft than a 5 iron and so on.

The numbers also correspond to average yardage with lower numbers typically providing more distance. A 6 iron shot will travel approximately 150 yards with perfect conditions and no wind. This club is used when you need more distance than what an 8 or 9 iron can provide but not as much as what a 5 iron would give you.

A 6 iron is also used for short distances, like hitting the ball out of a bunker or onto the green. It’s one of the most frequently used clubs in a golfer’s bag, as it’s versatile and has multiple uses.

What Is a 6 Iron Used For?

The 6 iron is often considered the workhorse of the bag because it can be used for several types of shots. This club is often considered the ideal balance between accuracy and power. It can be used for long and short-distance shots. It’s also great for chipping around the green or driving off the tee box in certain situations.

Who Should Use a 6 Iron?

Who Should Use a 6 Iron

If you’re a good golfer and want to improve your skill, you should use a 6-iron. The 6-iron is the most versatile club. This is because the clubhead is smaller than a driver, larger than a pitching wedge. The size and weight of the 6-iron make it easy to place shots accurately and into tight spaces.

How To Hit a 6 Iron?

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Hitting a 6 iron is not as simple as it looks. Sure, you stand behind the ball, take a practice swing, and then hit the ball, but there’s so much more to it than that!

The best way to hit a 6 iron is to arrange your feet on the tee box like you would for a regular tee shot. If you’re right-handed, place your right foot forward and your left foot back. Then take a practice swing with your driver and bring it down to the ball, contacting it slightly ahead of where you’d normally strike it. If you’ve done everything correctly, the ball should fly off to the right of the tee box between 20 to 40 yards.

A good tip is to make sure to hold your 6 iron slightly off-center. Place the grip just off-center towards your fingers (right-handed golfers should hold it on their left side).

How Far Should You Hit a 6 Iron?

How Far Should You Hit a 6 Iron

The first factor that you need to consider is the level of difficulty of the hole. For example, if you’re playing on a hole that requires you to hit your ball over the water and onto the green, you’ll want a club with a longer distance capability than usual. However, if you’re playing on a long, wide-open fairway, a standard 6 iron will work fine.

One must also determine how much roll is required after hitting their ball. If you want your ball to roll as far as possible, using a 6 iron might not be the best option. However, if you don’t mind your ball rolling less than normal due to harder ground or some other reason, then using your 6 iron might be alright.

Another factor to consider is the wind speed and direction you’re playing. If the wind is blowing against you and at an angle, then it might make sense for you to use a 6 iron with more loft than usual.

What Types of Shots Can I Hit With a Six Iron?

The 6 iron, like all irons, has a club head that is flat at the bottom. The club head also has grooves designed to help impart spin on the ball. This helps control trajectories.

While there are many types of shots you can hit with a 6 iron, here are some of the most common:

1. Punch-Out Shot

The punch-out shot, also known as the punch shot, is when the golfer uses a 6 iron to hit the ball out of heavy rough or water.

2. Knock Down Shot

The knockdown shot is a golfing technique that uses a 6 iron to hit the ball down into the grass in the middle of the fairway. The ground’s soft surface and the resulting impact with the ball make it bounce forward up to 30 yards. This maneuver can be used to clear an obstacle in the path of your shot or to play a tight angle on your approach.

Tips To Hit a 6 Iron Better

To hit a 6 iron better, start with a strong grip on the club. Grip the club so that your left thumb points directly at the target. This will help you keep your body more aligned with the direction of your swing and your spine more upright throughout the entire process of hitting the ball.

Don’t let any part of your body jut out or slant away from a straight line to the target. This includes your hips, shoulders, knees, and feet. If you feel yourself getting off-balance at any point during your swing, take a deep breath and pause for a moment before continuing.

Now that you have a solid grip on the club and have aligned your body properly, it’s time to hit the ball. Make sure you’re standing still when you begin. Swaying back and forth will throw off your swing and make it difficult to strike the ball properly.

Swing slowly, paying attention to how far back you lift the club before swinging forward again. Keep practicing slowly until you’ve built enough momentum to hit the ball without stopping.

Using a 6 iron is hard to do correctly. It’s easy to get tense and try to muscle the shot into place, but this will make the ball go farther and further from where you want it to land. Instead, focus on the fundamentals of golf. Let your body hit a good shot naturally, and try to trust that you’re doing everything correctly. With enough practice, you’ll know how to properly hold the club and swing it properly so that your shots fly true.


Is A 6 Iron Necessary?

The 6 iron is a crucial and versatile tool on any golf course. It’s used to clear obstacles and approach the green. However, many golfers choose to use a hybrid or fairway wood when they would be better served with a 6 iron.

How Far Does A Pro Hit A 6 Iron?

The 6 iron is one of the most important clubs in your golf bag. While the driver gets all the attention, golfers who can hit a 6 iron well are consistently able to score better and win tournaments.

A typical amateur golfer will hit their 6 iron about 135 to150 yards on average. An average tour pro will hit their 6 iron anywhere from 180 to 210 yards depending on their club head speed and angle of attack into the ball.

If you want to hit your 6 iron further, you need to work on your golf swing technique. Increasing your club head speed, improving your impact position, and working on your shot shape will help you squeeze out more distance from your 6 iron.

Should Senior Golfers Carry A 6 Iron In Their Golf Bag?

This is something that has been debated for years. Some golfers believe that the 6 iron is the most important club in their bag, while others believe it should be removed completely.

The 6 iron is not as useful for seniors as for younger golfers. When used, it doesn’t add much distance to the shot and can cause unnecessary strain on the back and shoulders. The longer irons are also easier to master than the shorter irons and don’t take much time to learn how to use.

Wrapping Up

The number on the backward spin indicates how much backspin and loft will be in your golf ball. So when you hit a 6 iron, you want to make sure that you get the ball high enough into the air so that the ball lands deep and it rolls out.

How much of a rollout is just what makes golf challenging and fun, but by knowing how far your 6 iron goes, you will know when to stop swinging. A good way to do this is to imagine a wall behind the green with your ball landing two feet behind it. If you are on the driving range, take your time and try to experiment with what hits the target distance of about 120 yards or about 100 meters. The ball should turn about 35 degrees or a little more backward from vertical. That way, once it hits the ground, it will get up in the air at least 75 yards or 60 meters, and it will land deep (about 15 or 20 yards) on the green.

Mastering the 6 iron is not that difficult; it takes patience and practice.

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