How to Clean Golf Gloves the Best Way: Easy Steps to Follow

If you’ve played golf before, you know how quickly golf gloves can discolor and easily lose their shine. This happens when they’re introduced to sweat, dirt, and human contact.

Luckily, you can increase the longevity and shine of your golf club if you keep it clean. Although cleaning a golf club may sound like a technical and complicated process, it’s actually quite simple. 

In this article, we’ll show you the best techniques in cleaning golf gloves and answer some crucial questions to aid in keeping them clean and on top.

How to Clean Golf Gloves the Best Way: Step-By-Step Guide

If you don’t look after your golf gloves, they won’t look after you. As a result, you must thoroughly clean and disinfect them after each usage. After all, keeping your golf gloves clean adds a fantastic grip to them, which can improve your overall golf game. 

Clean Golf Gloves

Here’s how to clean your golf gloves properly to maintain them in tip-top shape:

Step 1 – Identify Glove Type

The first step to washing your glove is to know what type it is. For example, your golf glove could be leather or synthetic. You can tell the difference by simply holding the golf glove. 

However, if you’re not sure of the glove type you have, there’s usually a tag somewhere to tell you. Try searching under the Velcro section of the golf glove; you’ll probably find it there.

Although leather gloves are more costly, they’re comfier and last longer. On the other hand, synthetic gloves have their own set of benefits. For instance, some have perforations on the hand and fingers that help wick away sweat and improve breathability. 

It’s important to note that you must determine the type of golf glove because leather gloves are generally tricky to wash. The thing is, you have to try your best to keep your leather gloves fresh while playing because they’re just not cleanable.

Step 2 – Gather Supplies

You’ll need to get some soft cleaning brushes and some warm water. You won’t even need strong cleaning supplies; only dish soap and water should suffice.

Cleaning with hard bristle brushes damages your golf gloves. A little brush with delicate bristles is all you need.

Step 3 – Washing

It’s not necessary to completely dip your gloves in water. Instead, using a brush and soapy water, gently scrub them till all visible dirt is gone. Focus on the parts that have grime and dirt. Also, keep immersing your soaked brush in water and then cleaning your gloves till you eliminate any dirt on them.

Additionally, a great way to remove the tougher stains on your golf gloves is to wear the damp glove and carefully clean it with a hand towel pre-soaked in soapy water.

Step 4 – Drying

This is an essential part of cleaning your glove. It can make the shine or dull of your golf gloves. Generally, not drying them well makes them lose their luster and longevity. 

Also, it’s not advisable to use a dryer to dry golf gloves because the heat will destroy them. Instead, after cleaning the glove, let it air dry for 3 hours. Next, wear it to extend the glove and to avoid shrinkage.

Now, air dry your golf glove for around 12 hours. If the glove is drying up, you can use a glove conditioner to keep it in good shape and protect it from contaminants.

Step 5 – Analyze and Replace

There comes the point in time when you just have to get a new golf glove; it’s normal. But, now, when is this?

Always check to see if your golf gloves are still in shape after multiple cleans. If they’re not (have holes in them or are stained), it’s time for an upgrade. Several people try to fix their gloves beyond this point when they really just need an upgrade.

Can You Wash Synthetic Golf Gloves?

When cleaning synthetic gloves, you need to follow a separate set of regulations. For example, one of the key principles in cleaning them is that they shouldn’t be simmered in water. It also isn’t a good idea to leave them in a tote bag or the rear of a truck. 

Additionally, synthetic golf gloves can only be cleaned in one fashion: in the washer. They can be washed at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius without the use of a conditioner. It’s also crucial to use a gentle cycle. And to preserve the fabric, flip the gloves and use a cold water wash cycle.

What’s more important, and something that many people overlook, is to avoid mixing them with heavier objects. They can degrade the fabric on the gloves, and you definitely wouldn’t want that. 

You can also clean them by hand because machines might be hard on them. So, start by preparing a light detergent and warm water. But make sure that the water isn’t too warm; if it’s too warm for your hands, it’ll be too warm for the gloves as well.

How to Get Smell Out of Golf Gloves

Sadly, there isn’t a lot to do about a stinky golf glove. It begins to stink because of the salt, filth, and sweat accumulating in it.

However, you can clean your golf glove with the techniques described above, but the problem could be arising from the inside of the golf glove rather than its surface. So, if your golf glove is beginning to stink, it’s probably time for a change. Yet, what you can do is to keep it from getting to that point. 

To avoid your golf gloves from stinking, remove them quickly after your round and keep them in a ventilated bag or closet to air dry.

How to Take Care of Golf Gloves

Some golfers treat their gloves as golf gloves, while others treat them as work gloves. But golf gloves aren’t the same as work gloves. If you misuse them, you’ll find yourself replacing them frequently.

The first thing to note is that dampness and salt are detrimental to a golf glove. The more dampness it’s introduced to, the more it’ll degrade and wear down.

Also, the golf glove’s interior is a whole different story. This is because it’s designed to become wet as it absorbs sweat produced during your games. So, allowing your golf glove to “breathe” during your rounds is important to maintain it in good shape.

In addition, if you’re out on the course and become sweaty, never use your golf glove to wipe the sweat off your face. It’ll only wear down as a result of this. Instead, during your game, always carry a golf towel with you. Wipe your face, palms, and perhaps even your golf ball with the golf towel. Also, make it a point not to perform these activities while wearing your golf glove.

You might even try tying your glove to the golf cart and letting it dry off while driving.

How to Keep Golf Gloves From Getting Crusty

You’ll find that when your golf gloves become wet, they become crusty. This is usually caused by the sweat on your hands.

However, there’s a simple way to avoid this; air-dry your golf glove while golfing. Of course, you’ll have to remove it and dry it out on your golf bag when you’re done with your rounds of golf.

The majority of people tear off their wet glove, scrunch it up, and stuff it in the back of their golf bag. So when you go to fetch your glove the next time, it’s a crusty nightmare. Most golf gloves that are treated this way for a long time may grow damaged and are rather uncomfortable to use.

Can You Wash Gloves in a Washing Machine?

It’s advised that you don’t clean your golf gloves in washing machines. This is because temperature, humidity, and tumble are deadly combinations for leather gloves. And while synthetic golf gloves are more easygoing with machine washing, it’s still not recommended.

Therefore, you can just run your gloves through a cold, mild detergent. And to preserve the fabric, flip the glove and ensure the velcro is securely fastened. Also, remember to avoid using bleach on your gloves.

When to Replace Your Golf Glove

You can take good care of your golf glove, true. But, as mentioned, you’ll need a new one at some point. It’s because golf gloves are only meant to absorb sweat to enable you to better hold your golf club.

So, if your glove has stretched, shrunk, or gotten overly stiff, it has turned into a nuisance rather than a functional tool. And continued use will be detrimental to your health. At this time, you should replace it.

Wrapping Up

Golf gloves degrade gradually, but they’re not too costly. So yes, you can just buy a new one when you need it. However, you can save some cash by following our step-by-step guide that’ll help you properly clean and maintain your golf glove. 

This way, you’ll make sure that the lifespan of your glove is lengthened. And you don’t need to do a deep clean; just some water, dishwashing detergent, and a brush will suffice. You should also treat your gloves gently so that they don’t wear out quickly. For example, a delicate cycle and proper handwashing won’t ruin the fabric as quickly.

Moreover, make sure to wash your golf gloves regularly. And never try to clean the sweat using them while playing because moisture is the glove’s worst enemy. Instead, carry a towel or, if nothing else, your shirt. 

It’s important to take care of your golf gloves while playing and at your home. This way, they’ll swing for a longer period while maintaining a good grip and style. 

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