How To Hit A 7-Iron & How far Should you Hit?

The 7-iron is a challenging club to grasp. It’s not as forgiving as the 3 or 4-irons, and it’s also more difficult to keep in the air. However, if you can get taught how to hit this club accurately, you might just be able to get out of some challenging spots on the golf course.

In this detailed review, I will tell you how far the average golfer hits a 7-iron, show you tips on how to hit it further and quicker, and supply distance charts for your comfort.

What Is A 7 Iron?

7 Iron

The 7-iron golf club is categorized as a mid-iron golf club and has a loft angle that varies between 29 degrees to 33 degrees. The 7-iron is designed for a combination of shots that includes off the tees and reaching long par 3s.

With so much versatility of 7-irons, the question on everyone’s mind is, what are the 7-irons used for? The answer is simpler than you thought. 

You can use it for what you feel comfortable with. For instance, if you are confident enough to use the seven iron to hit under trees, this is the tool for the job.

7-Iron – SPECS

The clubheads of 7-iron irons are narrow front to back, and the clubfaces are grooved to help spin the ball. 

The distinction is that a blade-style features a maximum back on the rear of the clubhead, which is helpful to players. 

How To Hit A 7-Iron

Are you having trouble out on the golf course? Perhaps you can’t seem to hit the balls, or maybe you hit it too high and keep losing the ball?

The truth is that you need to know your 7-irons like the back of your hand before you can even think about record-breaking drives.

The most promising golfers on the planet can hit the green and make par from 140 yards to 190  yards and while most people won’t come close, we should desire something equivalent.

Golf can be difficult and confusing to new players. Numerous different suggestions and hints can turn any average joe into a professional.  Below I have mentioned just a few tips on hitting a 7-iron.


Improve your movement when you swing by practicing with a professional golf instructor.  


Furthermore, practice your swing to be faster and better your swing velocity. The further you can hit, the better and closer you get to the target. 


Comprehend the course strategies and work hard on the courses, study the game and the course.

How Far Should You Hit Your 7-Iron?

A typical amateur golfer can hit a 7-iron roughly 127 yards to 157 yards. Women, children, and senior golfers would hold the lower range.

To successfully hit the golf ball over 160 yards with a 7-iron club, the typical amateur golfer would have to be very lucky or very strong.

How Far My 7 Iron Go?

Distance Charts for the 7-Iron (Yards)


7-Iron Chipping Guide

Are you a golfer that has struggled with your game and are now looking for some help?

Do not worry. You have come to the right place. Below, I have described how to successfully chip with a 7-iron golf club.

The 7-iron chip is one of the most effortless shots in golfing as effectively it is a longer putt.

The good thing regarding the ‘short game ‘is that even if you aren’t hitting the ball very well all day, you can still hit it up and down the course and get a decent score. And the best thing about the ‘short game’ is that it doesn’t require a lot of size, velocity, or power. Skill is the fundamental necessity for the ‘short game’.

Start by reading the green itself, breathe in and out, and place the ball in the middle stance. For the perfect shot, you must feel and control the speed when using your putting grip, especially your shoulders and arms.

Many of the current courses built in the last 20-30 years or more include an increase in the bunkering around each hole and significantly small space to bail and save yourself from a poor position. 

As a result, the higher lofted clubs with 56 or 60-degree wedges have been preferred to hit the shots around the green in recent years.

Although, if you play on bigger areas of green and miss the green,  then you have a choice of multiple clubs you can continue with.

To keep hitting the ball accurately with the 7-irons, you must avoid siding yourself on the golf course.

The good news is that the ‘short game’ is straightforward to practice and most putting greens at most general public courses are free to use and open to the general public. You should all take advantage of this!

Take a look below at some of the tips we have compiled to help you get that perfect shot with a 7-iron golf club.

Analyze the course

Take your time and be certain to analyze the course when you get to your shot that requires a straightforward 7-iron chip.  Walk around the ball and view it from alternative angles like the front and the back of the hole. 

Control the speed

Now that you have analyzed the course and have an opinion on the speed of the shot, make certain you take some practice shots to control the speed you want to swing at the ball. 

Watch any golfing event on the television or online, and you will see that professional golfers take up to half a dozen practice trial swings before taking the real shot. 

Put the golf ball in the center of your standpoint

So, you have read the green and made your rehearsal practice swings. Set up with your feet relatively narrow, with the ball in the center of your standpoint. 

You can narrowly pivot on this location back and forth, moving it forward to hit a touch higher and slower or back to get the ball to come out lower and quicker.

Use your shoulders and arms

This shot is simple and doesn’t need any ‘wristy’ action. Too much speed is usually generated when you get too ‘wristy’ with the 7-iron. You must handle the golf club smoothly and swiftly.

Swing Speed For a 7-Iron?

According to statistics, the intermediate 7-iron clubhead speed on the PGA Tour is 90 mph. However, the average male non-professional golfer hits the golf ball at around 75 mph, which results in the 7-iron achieving about 150 yards, compared with 180 to 190 yards for the pros.

Is There Such Thing As a 7 Hybrid?

Most golf clubs are now marketed as a 5 or 6 iron and up.  If you have a great set of irons that you hit well from 7-iron up but have an issue with the mid to long irons, we would ask you to consider trying the 7 or 4 hybrids as they offer amazing prices and versatility in shots for both pros and newbies.

Who Can Use a 7-Iron?

Any golfer should know that the 7 iron is used most when the golf ball is less than 150 yards away from the target. This length can cause difficulties for some players, including professionals. To hit such shots accurately, golfers aim to keep their heads and shoulders steady and swing the golf club low during the down-swing to hit such shots accurately.

Is a 7-Iron Good For Beginners?

Far too numerous golfers concentrate on wedges and putters. It is good to remind yourself that all the clubs in your bag are important and serve a specific purpose. The 7-iron is typically your most effective tool for beginners.

A sufficient set of irons will make sure you hit your balls more accurately than any other club. So consider this when buying a new club for a beginner.

Your selection of irons is essential, especially to the beginner. There are numerous choices with a baffling range of features and advantages.

All golfers, professional or not, are different from each other. Discovering the accurate set for your gameplay is essential and critical. You should always consider your strength, style, and speed.

You don’t want to go for an iron designed for pro if you are new to golf, as it may seem difficult and require a lot of skill. The majority of decent irons last a lot of years, so once you learn the basics,  it’s probably a smart idea to invest in a golf set that you can grow into to an extent.

What Makes 7-Iron More Likable?

Golfers select which of their iron clubs to use based on the distance to the target. The 7-iron golf club is one of middle irons, best suited for shots in the 140- to 170-yard range.

Shots Selection With 7-Irons 

Sometimes a golfer will be put in a situation where distance and height come into play. You have a tree in your way and you need to go 140 yards up the green. Do you pick the wedge to clear the branches? It might not be powerful enough. This is where the 7-iron comes into play. Below I have listed which shots are suited for the 7-iron.

Backswing. Swing back along your foot line, when the shaft is horizontal it should point a little left of the target for the average golfer. Allow the lead wrist cup to move swiftly as you swing for the ball. This helps you keep or enhance the weak, loft-packed position you set earlier.

Front swing. Rather than pushing your weight forward, keep your center of gravity back and allow your limbs to make a more significant contribution to the hit. Once you swing, relax your knees and let gravity do the rest.

Finish. Make sure you conclude your swing. Feel your hands as you swing more upward than around. Swing with the shoulders aligned with the ball. Anticipate a gentle left-to-right, and the ball lands smoothly.

Shots Selection With 7 Irons

Beginners are encouraged to start with a 7-iron. Most experienced golfers will tell you that the 7-iron is the most comfortable and easiest golf club to grasp.

A 5-iron is manufactured to let your ball go a further distance. However, a 7-iron will go at least 120-130 yards, bringing you smoothly on the green in only four.

The 9-iron is for beginners. However, for a shorter distance of 50-60 yards, we advise you to go for the smooth 7-iron shot. The 7-iron golf club is certainly a fantastic choice and very likable.

Buying a 7-iron Golf club

Buying a new 7-iron can be a tedious task, so I have listed below some of the best 7-iron golf clubs available on the market.

Srixon Z 585


  • Extra distance
  • VT sole technology
  • Good looks
  • Soft forged feel
  • Forgiveness


  • Hollow sound on short irons

Srixon forges beautiful irons for the golf industry. Forged Srixon construction is made to accurately hit such shots to allow forgiveness with periodic tweaks to improve the feeling and add some velocity off the clubface.

The clubhead is forged out of 1020 Carbon Steel, making it compact to deliver more power behind the swing. 

Mass issuance behind the center of the clubface delivers a greater sweet spot and more energy. Srixon’s technology delivers superior turf exchange.  

Better players may not appreciate the hollow sound produced by short irons. However, the soft feel may permit a compromise for the sound.

The Srixon 7-irons with corresponding performance are virtually sure to allow you to play adequately. 

Wilson D7 Forged Irons


  • Consistent dispersion
  • Soft yet solid feel at impact


  • Mid handicap irons don’t come in too many colors

The Wilson D7 forge golf clubs are appropriate for handicapped players. The clubhead is manufactured from soft 8620 Carbon steel, designed specifically to penetrate ball flight and generate lower spin.

Powerful lofts count towards the final distance generated by the D7 Forged irons.

The strong lofts allow the Wilson D7 Forged to compete with many game improvement irons in the ball speed, spin, and carry distance categories.

The price is usually very affordable and good value for money for low handicap golfers.

Callaway Mavrik Pro

Callaway Mavrik Pro


  • Good workability
  • Easy on the eye


  • There are more forgiving irons out there
  • The high end of the price spectrum

The consolidated clubface appeals to the professional golf player.. A thin topline and sole complete the player profile view.

The Mavrik Pro is part of the Mavrik range, which delivers control and incorporates the latest technology in their irons. Super-thin design, which delivers a sophisticated face architecture. The added tungsten weight delivers the most satisfactory takeoff and trajectory.


So how hard and how far should you hit the 7 iron? The simple answer is that everyone is different. However, this article should give you a rough idea and help you on the golf course. 

Many golf players want to know the average distance of the seven iron because 7 iron is one of the most used golf clubs on the market. 

After watching many golfers, from beginners to professionals, the average distance for the 7 iron is around 110 yards.

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