How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball?

Watching a great golfer hit a shot behind a pin and then back it up several feet is truly impressive. If you want to learn how to do this with your own golf shots, you are in the right place.

After years of teaching students how to put backspin on golf shots and improve both their short game and long game, I’m happy to share some really helpful tips and information.

Here is the best information out there about how to put backspin on the golf ball. 

What Is Backspin And Why Does It Matter? 

You have probably noticed that all golf balls have dimples. The dimples on the golf ball are there to help golfers get the ball up in the air. The dimples help create lift, and when they interact with the grooves on the golf club, they will also help to create spin. 

Backspin is when a golf ball rotates backward as it is flying through the air. Many people think that this would make the golf ball fly a shorter distance, but this is not true. Golf balls that have a lot of backspin will actually fly further. 

how to put backspin on golf ball
How to put a backspin on a golf ball

Not all golf shots will have backspin. A golf ball has to be hit well, and it has to be capable of creating backspin for this to happen.

Some golfers have lower swing speeds, causing lower spin rates; however, most golfers can create some backspin, especially in their short game. 

Knowing and understanding how to create backspin is a big part of the battle. 

Factors That Impact Backspin 

If you are looking to start getting backspin on the ball, here are a few of the things that you must consider and understand. 


It is easier to put backspin on a ball when you are playing with a club with a higher loft.

The higher loft will naturally help the ball to fly higher, and this will help it get the lift that it needs to create more backspin. The loft also makes it easier to hit the golf ball, and that, in turn, will help players to create backspin. 


The faster the swing speed you have, the faster the spin rate you can put on a golf ball.

Golfers are realizing that the spin rate is a huge indicator of total distance. Players are doing everything they can to get more speed in their swings. 

Angle of Attack

In order for the golf ball to travel up the face of a club correctly, the angle of attack has to be exact.

If a player comes into the impact position too shallow, they will struggle to get the proper spin on their golf shots. The attack angle can also put a sidespin on the golf ball and send it in the wrong direction. 


Grooves will help you to get backspin on the ball. If your grooves are filled with dirt and grass, clean them out as soon as you can.

Could you imagine if the reason you were not getting backspin on a golf ball was that your clubs were dirty?

This happens more than you may think. 


Backspin on a golf ball happens when the club face, and the golf ball make great contact at a fast speed and proper angle. If you do not have a good lie, your shot will likely not get a lot of backspin.

When you are hitting out of the rough, the grass will get caught between the face and the ball, and this will cause a ball not to get much backspin.

This is why you see players so disappointed when they miss the fairway; they know the ball will be harder to stop when it gets to the green. 

4 Steps To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball

Putting backspin on a golf ball will look a bit different for every golfer.

However, there are some steps that you can follow to make sure that you have the greatest change of spinning the ball back once it hits the green.

Step 1: Choose Club Wisely

Don’t start practicing putting backspin on a golf ball by using your four iron. You should start this process with a wedge or an eight iron, something with more forgiveness. These clubs are easier to stop and spin the ball.

Allow yourself to get the feeling of how to spin the ball before working on the longer clubs. After all, backspin in the short game is the most important. 

Step 2: Make Sure The Lie Is Correct

As we mentioned hitting a shot with backspin takes a really good lie. If your lie is not great, you can’t expect too much.

In fact, if you have a bad lie, you may want to try a shot that allows a ball to roll to the target and doesn’t spin backward. Analyze each lie you get in golf and choose your golf club accordingly. 

Step 3: Accelerate

Swing speed is very important in golf. Many golfers will decelerate as they swing through their shot. This can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it has to do with players trying to control their shots or being worried about where the ball may end up. 

If you want to get backspin on a golf ball, you must accelerate through your shot. Once you make the transition from the backswing to the downswing, you have to go after the ball with all that you have.

Holding back once you get to this point will only cause a weak shot that will probably not have backspin on it. 

Step 4: Down and Through 

The thought that I always found most helpful for golfers who want to put backspin on a golf ball is: down and through. 

If you are thinking about hitting down and through your golf shot, you will have a much easier time getting the ball to spin.

Hitting the ball on the upswing or trying to lift it up off the ground is not how to put backspin on a golf ball. 

Tips For How To Put Backspin On Golf Ball 

Here are a few insider tips from professionals on how to put backspin on a golf ball. 

Choose the Proper Wedges

Some wedges spin better than others. It is important to upgrade your equipment from time to time so that you get the most performance around the green. 

Golf Balls

A three or four-piece golf ball tends to spin quite a bit more than a two piece ball.

If you want to really start backing the ball up, you may need to start using a high performance ball. It will likely cost you a few extra dollars, but it could be worth it when it comes to performance benefits. 

Start With The Lob Wedge

If you can learn how to hit the ball solid and get backspin with a lob wedge, move on to other clubs.

Lob wedges are built for spin, and they will have a high backspin rate. Work with this club around the green until you get the feeling and then move to other golf clubs. 

Clean Your Clubs

Cleaning the grooves on your golf clubs is such an easy way to get more backspin on the ball.

You will be amazed by what a difference clean grooves can make when proper contact is made. With all the uncontrollable things in golf, why ignore something as simple as cleaning the grooves. 

Backspin Drills

You know how we feel about drills. The more you practice golf drills, the easier it is to learn a new concept and make sure that you can bring your new skill to the golf course.

Here are our favorite drills when you are learning how to put backspin on a golf ball. 

Tee Drill

Take a tee and put it in front of your golf ball. Don’t place the tee in the ground; just leave it loose in front of your ball. When you swing and hit your shot, try and hit the ball and the tee.

This will allow you to hit down and through the golf ball. This is a very good visual drill for the golfer that keeps trying to lift the ball when they swing. 

Alignment Stick Drill

For the alignment stick drill, you will need to grip your golf club and the stick at the same time. The stick will be placed so that it runs up under your left arm. This drill makes sure that golfers do not flip their wrists when they hit pitch or chip shots. 

The alignment stick drill should be used for practicing smaller shots. When a golfer tries to flick their wrists or lift the ball through impact, the stick will prevent them from completing the shot.

This is another great way for golfers to get the feeling that they need when coming through the shot. 

Front Foot Drill

Many people struggle to get the ball to spin backward because they are ending up with all of their weight on their back foot. When your weight ends up on the back foot, you will probably try to hit the ball up in the air instead of hitting down and through the shot. 

When you do the front foot drill, you will put most of your weight on the left foot and keep it there while you hit some chip shots.

Don’t transfer the weight back to the right side so much, and you will find it much easier to get backspin on your shots. Some players turn this simple drill into a way to start chipping shorter shots that need to spin backward. 


By now, you should feel as though you know how to put backspin on a golf ball. Grab your wedge and head out to the chipping green to get some work done.

Backspin is most important when you are hitting shots around the green. As you get further away from the hole, you will want to ensure that you can stop the ball on a dime, and if you have the proper spin rate, you should be able to do that with ease.

Ball spin, high spin rate, and backspin are all positive things that great players have as part of their golf game. 

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