Putter Length by Height: How to measure it

Practicing a new sport is often challenging. But with the right tools, you can ace it. When playing golf, you must choose the right putter length for you. Doing so will give you better control over the distance of your hit and will help you achieve more accurate strokes.

However, many people don’t know how to choose the appropriate putter for themselves, and some resort to professional putter fittings. That’s where we come in!

We’ll tell you how to choose your putter length by height and setup posture. So without further ado, let’s jump in!

Does Putter Length Really Matter?

Does Putter Length Really Matter

Before diving into details about choosing suitable putter lengths, you should know whether this aspect makes a difference in the end.

For starters, a putter with the wrong length will affect your strokes significantly. Simply put, you won’t make a proper swing; therefore, your ball will divert away from the target. More so, using the wrong putter will affect your ball’s trajectory by affecting the lie angle. As a result, your ball will fly off the target, and you’ll lose your chance at scoring.

Of course, the putter length isn’t the only aspect that can affect your playing, but it’s one of the most important. Here are two scenarios that you should try to avoid.

When Putter Length Is Too Long

If you buy an exceedingly long putter, you’ll be tempted to stand away from the ball before swinging. Also, you’ll place your eyes inside the ball instead of over it. This means that the putter’s heel will touch the floor while the toe will stay in the air. In other words, your lie angle will be more upright than it should. Remember, your lie angle should never be too upright or too flat.

So, eventually, your putter will aim towards the left when taking a stroke. As a result, your ball won’t go towards its intended hole.

More so, using a long putter might cause you to place your elbows closer to your body than you should. This will affect the pendulum motion that playing golf is all about.

When Putter Length Is Too Short

Odyssey Golf 2021 Ten Putter

On the contrary, if you use a putter too short for you, you’ll have to stand close to the ball. Also, you’ll throw your eyes past the intended line. This means that the putter’s toe will remain on the floor while the heel will go up. As a result, your aim will go towards the right, and you’ll have a flat lie angle.

Not to mention, using a short putter will lead you to take a hunching stance. Over time, this might give you unnecessary back pain.

All in all, in both scenarios, you won’t achieve the goals you want in playing golf, even if you purchase a putter as luxurious as the Odyssey Golf putter, for example.

What Putter Length Do You Need?

Now comes the part you’ve been waiting for. To buy the right putter for you, you should consider two equally essential points: your setup posture and height.

The posture point is critical because it depends on personal preferences. For instance, some players prefer to have their eyes forward of the golf ball. Accordingly, a shorter putter will be better for them. Meanwhile, some like to keep their eyes inside the ball, so they’ll need long putters.

Also, some people buy putters depending on sense. For instance, they try holding putters of different lengths and see which one feels more comfortable. While this isn’t precisely scientific, it works for people with experience in golf. But if you’re a beginner, you’ll need to do more than that to purchase the right putter.

Putter Length by Height

The easiest way to choose the right putter length for you is by considering your height. If you’re a tall person, you should buy a long putter and vice versa. Here’s a chart that shows the proper putter lengths according to heights.

Putter LengthHeight
31.5 inches5’ to 5’2’’
32 inches5’3’’ to 5’5’’
32.5 inches5’5’’ to 5’7’’
33 inches5’8’’
34 inches5’9’’ to 5’11’’
35 inches6’ or more

It’s worth mentioning that these numbers aren’t rules. To elaborate, if you’re 5’8’’ tall, but your posture doesn’t feel comfortable with a 33-inch putter, you can look for a shorter or longer putter accordingly. However, the chart is a good guide for beginners who don’t know where to start.

Adjusting Putter Length for Setup Posture

Putter Length by Height

Your setup posture can significantly affect the way you play, therefore affecting the putter length you need. For example, if you hunch over the ball, you’ll need a short putter. Conversely, if you stand up tall, you’ll need a longer one.

So if you’re new to golf and still don’t know what your posture is, you should practice before purchasing a putter to avoid making a wrong choice.

How to Measure for the Correct Putter Length

To ensure that you get a suitable putter, you should measure the distance between your wrists and the ground. You’ll need a measuring tape or a ruler and a helping partner.

First, you should stand as if you’re about to take a putting stroke. It’ll be best if you don’t hold a putter in your hands. Instead, let your hands dangle naturally as if you’re about to address the ball.

Next, you should tell your partner to measure the distance between the ground and your top wrist. Since people have different grips and place their hands differently, you should always measure from the top wrist, not the lower one.

Finally, the measurement that your partner will come up with is the right one for you. Ideally, it should range between 32 and 35 inches.

What Is the Standard Putter Length?

Technically, there is no standard putter length since it depends on many variables. However, the most common putter length in the market ranges between 32 inches and 36 inches. This is because most manufacturers design their putters to allow players to throw their eyes over the ball.

Are Putter Fittings Worth It?

Many people resort to putter fittings after failing to find the right putter length for themselves. During a putter fitting, an expert will take your current putter’s static measurements. They’ll need weight, height, loft, lie angle, and more.

Then, they’ll ask about your issue with the current putter. For instance, you might have a problem controlling the speed of your strokes or accurately swinging the ball towards your goal line.

After they’re done with those steps, they’ll build various putters for you with varying lengths, weights, lofts, lie angles, and head styles. As a result, you’ll be able to find your perfect match among the many choices. Bear in mind that the process might differ from one place to another, but the general idea is the same.

Finally, to answer your question, it depends on where you stand in playing golf. To elaborate, if you’re a beginner who’s still in the practicing stage and buying the first putter, then putter fittings aren’t that worth it. They’ll cost you unnecessary money, and you might not benefit from the encounter.

On the contrary, if you’re an expert who wants to take your golf skills to the next level, then you’ll highly benefit from getting fit by a professional.

Should You Get a 34 or 35-Inch Putter?

As we’ve mentioned before, the right putter length for you depends on your height and posture. As a result, there isn’t a specific number you should get. Ideally, you should get a 34-inch putter if you’re between 5’9’’ and 5’11’’ in height. If you’re taller than that, you’ll feel more comfortable with a 35-inch putter.

But to be sure, you should try both before purchasing. Like any other sport, golf doesn’t always abide by rules. As a result, you might find that the putter you perform better with isn’t the one that matches your height.


Wrapping Up

Excelling at golf requires practice, experience, and the right tools. Getting the right tools is especially vital at the beginning of your golf journey. This is mainly because it’ll affect your scoring, therefore, will affect your self-esteem.

To get the best putter for you, you should consider your height and setup poster. Then, you should measure for the proper length at home. This is essential because using an incorrect putter can significantly affect your putting strokes’ accuracy. Finally, if you aren’t confident in your measuring abilities, you can reserve a professional putter fitting.

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