Between Range Balls vs. Normal Golf Balls, Which Is Better?

If you want to achieve your best score when playing golf, you should select a ball that matches your style so it doesn’t cost you precious points. Today, golf balls come in multiple types. The type of ball you choose will affect your shot’s speed, spin, roll, and distance.

You should check your golf ball if you’ve been working to improve on your game. There are many distinctions between range golf balls and normal golf balls. We will discuss the differences between golf balls in the following range balls vs. normal balls article.

Differences Between Range Balls vs. Normal Golf Balls

There are varying materials and manufacturing methods used for making range balls compared to normal golf balls. Range balls tend to be more durable than normal golf balls due to their makeup. Typically, a range ball will have been hit many times before it needs to be replaced. Because they’re constantly being hit, range balls usually have thicker outer covers. 

Range balls consist of a two-piece ball with a rubber insert. They’re painted with a thick layer of paint. In general, normal golf balls have a thinner cover, making them more spinny and capable of traveling longer distances. These balls usually consist of two or more pieces. Also, normal golf balls don’t have long-lasting paint since they’re designed to last only a few rounds.

Are Range Balls and Normal Balls Constructed the Same?

The construction of range balls vs. normal balls is different. In the production of a range ball, a manufacturer focuses on a mix that highlights durability and also performance.

Performance is the most important factor when we speak about normal golf balls. There’s no doubt that the cover of a player’s golf ball has to be tough enough to prevent cutting after several holes. Apart from that, the normal golf ball only needs to make it through an 18-hole round.

The feel of the ball is another important factor. Range balls aren’t going to matter on the golf course, so people won’t complain about their feel. However, with a normal ball, it will matter, especially when playing short games

In most cases, the feel and spin determine the difference in performance, along with the launch. Range balls usually feel quite hard when they’re hit. This is due to an extra layer of paint on the golf ball and a thicker cover. These golf balls spin more slowly due to this. Even so, you don’t need to spin your ball too much during practice, as you’re mostly trying out your full swing on the range.

The ball needs to reach the desired location during a round of golf on the greens. You can indeed use range balls just as well as normal golf balls in certain situations. You should use something that hits hard during your entire round of golf.

How Does Their Performance Differ?

  • Overall Distance: When it comes to range balls’ performance, it depends on what golf balls you compare. A normal range ball, and another double-piece golf ball, will likely vary in the distance by at least 10%. Using a range ball versus a high-performance golf ball with three or four pieces may lead to additional performance variations.
  • Launch Angle: When you use short irons and your driver, you may notice that the golf balls are going farther than before. Your launch angle will determine how much compression you can get from the golf ball, but your swing speed will also affect it.
  • How Do They Hit off Mats? The results will be the same when hitting golf mats with normal golf balls or range balls. Grass doesn’t provide the same level of level forgiveness as golf mats do. 

Best Range Balls

Range balls are typically purchased directly from manufacturers. You will most likely see range balls from Titleist, TaylorMade, and Bridgestone on golf courses.

1. Titleist Recycled Golf Balls in Mesh Bag 

A fantastic quality golf ball that has a hard-to-beat design, used by golf enthusiasts across the globe because of its outstanding quality.

2. TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls

When it comes to overall quality and craftsmanship, this brand is known as an industry leader. With that, you can count on them as one of the leaders and one of the best brands in golf for many years.

3. Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

As one of The pioneers and fitting with over more than 2 million swings recorded. The Bridgestone Golf ball has shown its capability to improve the performance of over 75% of fit golfers.

Are Range Balls All the Same?

There’s no such things as two identical range balls. A range ball’s quality varies considerably depending on the type of club where you practice. For example, there are high-quality golf balls available at a country club with substantial dues. Several ranges even carry professional balls. It’s unlikely to find golf balls that behave like normal golf balls. Providing the best service is expected of the staff of a club like this.

The sight of the same range balls at a classic golf course 10 years after they were first placed there isn’t out of the ordinary. There are probably a few golf balls added each offseason; the old ones are likely repainted.

Consider looking for the differences between the golf balls that are available when choosing a range ball to practice with.

Best Normal Golf Balls

Check out our list of the best golf balls to improve your game.

1. TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

On all shots, Distance+ offers high-velocity, long-distance performance. This golf ball combines a REACT Speed Core with a low-drag, high-speed aerodynamic design. These golf balls will certainly improve your game.

2. 2021 Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Golfers will enjoy maximum ball speed with the Warbird Golf Ball. This high-energy core is highly compressible at any swing speed to provide more potential distance.

3. Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

For nearly 20 years, Tiger Woods has worked with Bridgestone’s R&D team. The company leads the golf ball industry in innovation. The new Reactiv cover represents the next step.

Are All Normal Balls The Same 

There’s a wide range of performance for golf balls. As an example, the addition of additional pieces can improve performance and feel. You will get some distance and low spin with two-piece balls, but they can be hard on greens and not as spinny.

Can I Use Range Balls for Playing a Real Round?

Your short game will likely be affected when you pick between range balls vs. normal balls. Range golf balls may cause you to experience long game issues. Although using a range ball isn’t ideal, it’s acceptable if there’s no other option.

Don’t use range golf balls on the course since golf courses don’t appreciate when players take them. Driving ranges need to replace golf balls frequently since golf balls wear out after a few years. If everyone took a few golf balls off the range, the balls wouldn’t last long.


Do range balls go as far as normalballs?

The distance travelled by a normal golf ball compared to a practice/range golf ball is different. A normal golf ball will travel further than a range golf ball. Due to their durability, range golf balls tend to have less flight than normal golf balls. Unlike a range golf ball, a normal golf ball isn’t as durable.

Rather than focusing on your distances at the driving range, you should focus on your swing speed, rhythm, and ball flight accuracy. The distance of range balls is reduced by 10-15% and if you use a limited flight range ball, expect it to be reduced by 25-30%.

Do range balls carry less?

Their spin is generally lower, while their slice and hook are less effective than a traditional golf ball. Many factors affect how much spin a ball generates, but range balls are harder and have shallower dimples than professional balls.

Are range balls bad for your clubs?

Golf balls used in driving ranges don’t have a great deal of impact on your clubs. A golf club’s face is designed to sustain thousands of hits from golf balls before the integrity of the club is compromised. Even though range balls may react differently from normal balls, they’re not detrimental to your clubs.


The golf ball is the only piece of equipment in your bag that you use on every shot, which is why it’s important to choose one well. Specialists have proven that the choice of a golf ball model significantly impacts  the speed of your swing. A beginner will not have the same swing speed as an experienced player and will not have the same expectations, especially trajectory and spin.

Playing with a golf ball adapted to your game will allow you to hit better shots and improve your score. Each model has its characteristics and advantages depending on its design (such as number of layers, materials used, core compression, and cover composition).

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