Best Golf Rain Hats in 2022

The best golf rain hats on the market are those that will keep water away while keeping your head cool and comfortable.

These features can be a lot to ask from a hat, but there are a few options on the market that do a great job of it. As a golf professional, I can tell you that I never leave the first tee box without the proper rain gear in my bag.

If you are caught in a storm, it pays to have the proper golf rain hat in your bag. We have put together the best golf rain hats on the market across a few different categories.

Our Best Golf Rain Hats in 2022

Best Golf Rain Hat: Zero Restriction Men’s Gore-Tex Bucket Hat


  • Highest quality waterproof golf hat
  • Very durable seams
  • Gore Tex technology is perfect for rainy days


  • Usually priced higher than other golf rain hat choices

At the top of our list is the Zero Restriction Men’s Gore-Tex Bucket Hat. Truly if you are worried about keeping your head dry during a rainy round of golf, this hat will do it.

In addition to the Gore-Tex material that will shed water off of your head, the Zero Restriction hat has some impressively engineered shaping. 

The wide brim is built to keep water flowing away from the golfer and far enough away that it does not completely drench your clothes.

Keeping water off your head is one thing, but dumping this water on your hands or your golf ball as you try to play is another. 

The Zero Restriction waterproof golf hat is one that you will own for a very long time. The one size fits all golf rain hat seems to work well for the majority of people. It has a slight stretch in it for those golfers with a larger head.

Runner Up 1: FootJoy DryJoys Tour Bucket Hat


  • One of the most well known bucket hats
  • Provides 360 degree coverage
  • Takes moisture from brow area away 
  • High quality waterproof golf hat


  • Fit of the hat is not adjustable

FootJoy does a great job of producing high quality rain products. They have nearly perfected the technology required to make sure that you can stay dry while being caught in a rainstorm on the cause.

The classic FootJoy golf hat is a bucket hat design that will keep water from getting anywhere near your face. 

Many golfers like the bucket hat design because it offers 360 degree coverage. Inside this hat, you will find a moisture wicking sweatband and lots of high quality stitching. This is one of those hats that you will own for a long time. 

The only downside of the DryJoys Tour Bucket Hat is that it is offered only in black.

You will notice this to be a common trend among golf rain hats. Most of the reason has to do with the hat staying clean and not developing water stains.

Runner Up 2: Callaway Men’s Aqua Dry Bucket Hat


  • Water tight design 
  • Keeps rain away from the face 
  • Keeps head warm as well 
  • Deep bucket hat 


  • Not the best choice for the summer months

Callaway Golf has its hand in almost all aspects of the golf industry. Whether you need a golf bag, new clubs, or a new golf bucket hat, this brand will have you covered.

We are impressed with the Callaway Aqua Dry Bucket Hat and the job it does with keeping water off of your head. This is a hat we would recommend for the cooler months of the year. 

With the black fabric and water-tight design, it can get a bit hot with this one on. You will notice that the Callaway design is a bit of a deeper bucket style than some other golf rain hats on the market. The deeper bucket helps to keep water away from your eyes as well. 

If you are a player who is easily distracted by rain, you are not alone. Rain can make golfers do some amusing things with their swings.

Sometimes the best way to avoid this is to choose a hat that blocks the view of the water dripping down off your head.

The Weather Co. Golf Bucket Hat

Best Value Golf Rain Hat


  • It Will fit most head sizes
  • Waterproof golf technology with taped seams
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • Light enough to wear for sun protection 


  • Not the same Gore Tex material as other golf hats on the market

The Weather Co Golf Bucket Hat is a great choice to consider if you need something that is very affordable. You will probably notice that many of the golf rain hats on the market are quite expensive.

The price has everything to do with the quality of the material. As soon as something is considered to be waterproof, it almost instantly gets costly. 

The Weather Co Golf Bucket Hat has a drawcord for easy adjustment and a very wide brim for keeping the rain off of your face. On the rain hat’s seams, you will notice that there is tape to help keep the water from coming in. 

This is considered to be a unisex hat, and it will be a very lightweight option that you can stuff in your golf bag.

If you have been debating on whether or not a golf rain hat is worth the money, this Weather Co option should help to make your decision for you.

Under Armour Men’s Warrior Bucket Hat

Best Adjustable Fit Golf Rain Hat


  • One of the best bucket hats for a variety of golf course conditions 
  • Will keep you dry 
  • Works as a sun hat as well 


  • Not the same waterproof construction as a FJ or ZR hat

If you are worried about the one size fits all concept, the Under Armour Men’s Warrior Bucket golf hat could be a great choice. This is a fast drying waterproof golf hat that will keep your head both cool and dry. 

We won’t say that this golf hat has the same waterproof technology as the Zero Restriction, yet it still does a good job keeping your head dry.

Another great feature is that it dries extremely fast. If you happen to get in a storm, your hat will dry off in no time. 

This fast drying feature also makes the Under Armour Men’s Warrior hat an excellent choice for the sun.

There is a built-in HeatGear moisture wicking sweatband. This will help to make sure that even if you are working up a sweat, you will be able to dry your head down rather quickly with this hat on. 

As we have become accustomed to with Under Armour, this waterproof golf hat is comfortable and stylish all at the same time.

There are a few different colors you can choose from, and finding that perfect fit will be no trouble with this impressive golf hat. 

FootJoy DryJoy Baseball Cap

Best Baseball Cap Golf Rain Hat


  • Waterproof construction 
  • Designed for golfers who want rain or shine gear
  • It fits a bit better than a bucket hat
  • Quick drying 


  • It won’t protect the back of the head and neck from getting wet 

Not all golfers enjoy playing golf with a bucket hat on. Some will feel as though bucket golf hats tend to get in the way and cause water to flow in areas where they don’t want it to.

If you want to stay dry and comfortable but you don’t enjoy a waterproof bucket hat, then this FootJoy Dry Joy Baseball Cap is a perfect choice. 

This is a traditional baseball cap style hat made of waterproof materials. This hat will keep your head and your face dry and protected from the sun as well.

You will want to wear a high-quality rain jacket with this hat that will cover the back of your neck as well. 

This FootJoy has is not just great for keeping you protected from the rain; you can wear this hat for sun protection as well. The water resistant fabric on the FootJoy hat will make you glad you keep one in your golf bag. 

Sumolux Women Outdoor Hat

Best Golf Rain Hat For Women


  • Easily adjustable 
  • Very fair price
  • It comes in a variety of colors 


  • It doesn’t offer as much protection as a gore tex material rain hat would

It would be stretching the truth if we were to tell you that the options for women’s golf rain hats are endless.

In fact, not many manufacturers are going to make water resistant hats specifically for women. Although many of the options on our list above could do the trick, this Sumolux option is a great choice. 

The Sumolux is available in many different colors, and it easily folds to store in your golf bag. You can use this hat to keep you dry in a storm, but it also does a great job of blocking the sun.

With golf gear like this, you will be prepared for whatever the day on the course brings. 

The Sumolux hat is adjustable and will fit any woman that tries it. This is a lower price purchase and one that will help get you through those quick rain showers on the golf course. 

What To Look For When Buying golf Rain Hats?

Golfers typically tend to know which type of winter golf hat is best for their needs. However, there are a few things that you should understand before purchasing golf hats for rain. 

Are All Waterproof Golf Hats The Same?

What one manufacturer considers to be waterproof is often different than another. There are times that waterproof means that you will stay dry for a passing shower, and other times waterproof means you can stay dry in a downpour. 

Try to read the fine print about the type of waterproof technology the hat has. Typically speaking, anything with a Gore Tex type material is going to keep you very dry. 

Are Bucket Hats or Baseball Caps Better For Golfing In The Rain? 

Most golfers are going to like the bucket style golf hats because of the protection that they provide. WIth a bucket hat, you won’t have to worry about any part of your head getting wet. The water also tends to drip away from the grips of your golf club. 

As any great golfer will tell you, the entire mission of playing golf in the rain is to keep the grips dry at all times.

If your grips remain dry, you will have no issues holding onto the club and completing a great swing. If grips get wet, things get quite a bit more difficult. 

Are Golf Rain Hats Worth It? 

As a golf professional, I have played countless rounds of golf in the rain. The two items I was always glad that I had with me were rain gloves and a rain hat. With these two items, you can stay relatively comfortable and try to finish out your round. 

The great thing about a golf rain hat is that it comes at a fair price, and it easily fits in your golf bag. You won’t have to worry about it adding weight to the bag, and you will always have it if you need it. 


Hopefully, our choices for the best golf rain hats have helped you narrow down the options that could be best for you. The Zero Restriction Golf Bucket Rain Hat will stand out as one of the best rain protection items you can own.

The hat keeps you cool and dry, and it folds up to go in your golf bag as soon as you are done with it. When it comes to weather protection, you can’t go wrong with Zero Restriction.

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