8 Best Golf Bags in 2024 + How to Pick One For You

A golf bag is not only a place to keep your clubs; it is also a way to represent your golf style and personality.

Golf bags have lots of different features, and they are developed for players of all handicaps and athletic abilities. We have put together a list of the best golf bags across several different categories.

There is a bag on this list for all golfers! ra

Best Golf Bags in 2024

Best Golf Bag: Sun Mountain 2020 C-130 Golf Cart Bag


  • A large number of pockets
  • Comes in many colors
  • A very effective strap system
  • Separate putter well


  • A bit heavier than some other options on the market

At the top of our list is the Sun Mountain C-130. This golf bag has everything you could want in a quality cart bag, and it comes in about ten different colors.

The top is a 10.5” inch top with a 14- way full-length divider. All of your clubs are going to be organized and protected with this bag. 

The reverse orientation of the Sun Mountain bag helps give golfers easier access to their golf clubs. The Sun Mountain has a Smart Strap System that uses two velcro straps to secure the cart to the bag properly. Your bag will stay in place, and you will have ample access to all of the thirteen pockets. 

There are three velour-lined pockets for your valuables, with one of them being water-resistant. The full-length clothing pockets help if you want to keep a sweater or a jacket in your bag without it getting wrinkled. 

The total weight on the bag is 6.6 pounds, which is a bit heavier than a lot of other options, but when you evaluate the features, this is worth the extra pound or so.

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag

Best Golf Cart Bag


  • Powerful single shoulder strap
  • Lightweight for a cart bag
  • Cart strap pass thru system
  • Insulated cooler pocket


  • Not as large as some other cart bags

The Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag is our top choice for a golf bag for cart use. This bag is a bit lighter than the Sun Mountain and has a smaller overall size, but it still has tons of great features and benefits. 

The Cobra Ultralight features a similar pass through system that allows the strap to go around the golf bag without blocking your access to the 13 pockets.

The pockets on this bag are well designed and even include a large insulated cooler pocket. The cooler can hold 12-ounce cans. 

The Cobra Ultralight only ways about five pounds which will make moving it from your cart to your car very simple.

You can use the single included strap to help you lift and lower the bag with ease. If you are worried about keeping your valuable safe, you can use the dual fleece lined valuables pockets. The Cobra even has a spot for your rangefinder as well.

Sun Mountain 3.5 Ls Golf Stand Bag

Best Lightweight Golf Bag


  • Full length apparel pocket
  • Hydration pocket
  • Valuables pocket
  • Only weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Cushioned hip


  • Won’t carry as much as other top bags

Sun Mountain will make our best golf bags list yet again with their lightweight 3.5 Ls golf stand bag. This is a smaller golf bag, but it is still designed to carry all of your golf clubs. The X Strap system on the back makes it a great choice for carrying your clubs around the course. 

Since this is a lighter golf bag (weighing in at just 3.5 pounds), there are quite a few less pockets. However, there are seven pockets of varying sizes to help give you some great organization with this bag. 

The Sun Mountain 3.5 Ls comes in several different colors, and it is fairly priced. You will usually find that the lighter weight golf bags tend to cost a little bit less.

If you like walking and carrying your bag, there is no question that the Sun Mountain makes a great choice. 

TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Golf Bag

Best Golf Bag For Walking


  • 14 way divider
  • Easy access to water bottle
  • Strong stand
  • Great for cart, pushcart or walking


  • Not the most lightweight
  • No putter well

If you spend most of your days on the course walking the TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover is a great choice.

We love this bag because it can fit well on a golf cart or push cart, and it also works as a carry bag. The fact that it is called a crossover helps give you a lot of functionality with this bag. 

The Flex Tech is one of the lower weight stand bags, but it still comes with a 14 way top. The dividers are not going to be full length, but you still get plenty of separation to keep your clubs in great shape. 

The double strap on the back helps to make the bag easier for carrying, and the stand is one of the best stand options we have seen.

Even if you are a player who likes to load their golf bag down with equipment, this stand will hold things up and keep your bag steady. 

Inside the Flex Tech Crossover you will get a large cooler pocket and a water bottle pocket as well. It is important to keep yourself hydrated when carrying a bag like this around the golf course. 

JEF World of Golf JR1256 Golf Bag

Best Sunday Golf Bag


  • Can fit about eight clubs
  • Very lightweight carry bag
  • Has a stand
  • Low in price


  • No full length dividers
  • Minimal pockets and space

Sunday golf bags are an excellent concept for walking a few holes, playing a smaller course or just heading to the range to practice a few things.

With a Sunday golf bag, you will not be able to carry all of your clubs, but you will have the essentials and an easy way to get around the golf course. 

The JEF World of Golf Sunday Bag weighs only two pounds, but you will also notice that the top is a little less than five inches in diameter. The pockets on a Sunday bag are limited, but you will not want your bag to be all that heavy anyway. 

Many Sunday golf bags come without a stand, and that can make them deteriorate quickly. Laying them in the grass tends to have them fade and sometimes see holes starting in the fabric as well.

The JEF World comes with a stand to help keep it out of the wet grass. This is a single strap stand bag, but that should be all you need with a bag this light in weight.

OGIO Mutant Travel Cover

Best Golf Travel Bag


  • Very large main compartment fits cart bags
  • High-quality wheels
  • Fair Pricing
  • Reinforced base


  • No external pockets
  • Does not come with a lock

If you are taking your golf game on the road, it is even more important to make sure that your clubs are fully protected.

The Ogio 2018 Mutant Travel Cover is a fairly priced and high functioning travel bag that will help your clubs stay in one piece as you travel. 

The OGIO is most well known for its oversized wheels and easy access to all of the pockets. The top of the Ogio is fully padded to keep the most vulnerable parts of the club protected. 

Inside the Ogio you will have a large main compartment that will accommodate even cart bags. You should use the straps inside the Ogio to tie everything down and make sure that the clubs don’t slide around while traveling. 

The OGIO is easy to get into and out of and has more storage than most other travel bags on the market. The weight is also fairly light so that you can save the extra weight for the clubs, balls, and shoes that you need to stuff inside.

Sun Mountain Women’s Starlet Golf Bag

Best Golf Bag For Women


  • Comes in a few colors
  • Easy to access pockets
  • Lift handles make the bag easy to lift
  • 15-way divider
  • Putter well


  • Not great for walking the golf course

For the female golfer, it can be tough to find a golf bag that manages design and functionality. Sometimes the best looking golf bags are not the most attractive and vice versa. Luckily with the Sun Mountain Starlet you can get the best of both worlds. 

This is a cart bag with a fifteen way top and eight pockets of varying sizes. The bag comes with a single strap to lift it on and off the golf bag, but it is rather lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The two lift-assist handles make it possible for women golfers to manage their own clubs with ease. 

The Sun Mountain bag does come with full length dividers and a putter well to give a golfer easy access to their putter. The pockets on this bag are all forward-facing, so when the bag is on the cart, the golfers have complete access to everything they need. 

The Sun Mountain Women’s Starlet comes in three different colors, and they have dropped in price since they were first released.

Sometimes stand bags don’t have enough pockets for the woman golfer, but the Sun Mountain Starlet has more than enough room for all that you could need on the course. 

Tangkula Golf Stand Bag

Best Cheap Golf Bag


  • Double strap
  • Quality stand bags
  • Comes in several colors


  • Not as many features as other stand bags
  • Not as many full length dividers

Last on our list is the best cheap golfers bag on the market. With how expensive golf gear and equipment gets, we certainly understand the need for looking into lower-priced golf gear.

The Tangkula is a carry-stand bag in several different colors and completely capable of protecting and transporting your golf clubs. 

The Tangkula comes with a strong stand and enough pockets to store all of your gear. We like the X Strap that you get with this golf bag. If you like to carry your golf clubs, but you don’t want to fatigue easily, the Tangkula is a good choice. 

When you choose a cheaper golf bag, you will miss out on a few features like magnetic pockets, putter wells, and a cushioned hip, but you are still getting a great product.

Golf Bags Buying Guide

Here are a few frequently asked questions about bags that may help you start to narrow down, which is the best option for your game. 

What Type Of Golf Bag Is Best? 

It’s hard to say if a cart bag or a carry bag is the best. The answer is going to be determined based on the type of golf that you play. If you plan on walking the golf course most of the time, then the stand or carry is going to be your only choice. 

If you play a lot of cart golf or live in a community where you have your own golf cart, then the cart bag makes the most sense. The cart bags are great for storage, but they are heavy. The carry bags are lightweight but don’t offer as much storage. 

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Who Makes The Best Quality Golf Bags? 

Sometimes golfers like to stick with the manufacturer of their clubs when they choose a bag. For instance, a golfer with a brand new set of Callaway’s will want a Callaway bag.

There are, however, a few companies like Bag Boy, Sun Mountain, Ogio, and Club Glove that make great golf bags, but they don’t make clubs. Don’t forget to look outside of the top club manufacturers when you are shopping for a bag. 

Is An X Strap or Double Strap Necessary For Walking The Course? 

An X Strap will help distribute the golf clubs’ weight evenly across your back and shoulders. If you don’t use an X Strap, you will probably start to fatigue quite easily.

Single straps are easy to grab and move the bag from point A to point B, but they are not good for an eighteen-hole walk around a course. If you are walking using a Sunday Bag and only have a few clubs with you, then the single strap is fine. 

How Long Do Golf Bags Last? 

Golf bags will last many years if they are taken care of properly. You should store your golf bag in a dry environment and make sure that you never put it away while it is wet.

If you end up getting caught in a rainstorm, empty your bag and dry it completely before storing it away. 

Every few months, you should empty and clean your entire golf bag. If there are dirt, sand, or mud stains on the bag, you should be able to clean them off quite easily.

Golfers that take care of their bags should get five or more years out of it, those that don’t may only get a season or two. 


We know that choosing the best golf bag on the market can be a difficult choice. We hope that our choices have helped you to narrow things down and find one that works best for your game.

Be sure to pay attention to the type of golf that you like to play before you make your ultimate decision. If you love to walk, stay away from the cart bags.

 If you play a lot of cart golf, then there is no question that the Sun Mountain C130 stands out as the top golf bag. The number of pockets, color choices, and features makes this a golf bag that will last longer than your clubs.

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