Best Callaway Drivers For 2024: Top Picks & Expert Reviews

Callaway makes an entire line of very high performing golf clubs. Their drivers are known for giving players lots of distance and control on their shots as well.

Years ago, when Callaway first released the Big Bertha, it was one of the largest and highest performing drivers golf had ever seen.

Years later, Callaway remodeled the Big Bertha and released a brand new version.

Here are the best Callaway drivers on the market.

Our Best Callaway Drivers 2024

Best Callaway Driver Overall: Callaway Mavrik


  • Improved sound and performance
  • Adjustability
  • Very fast speeds
  • Great feel
  • Mavrik Sub Zero Driver for lower handicappers
  • Mavrik Max Driver for the higher handicapper


  • Expensive

The Mavrik is a new release for Callaway, and it has all of the best features when it comes to speed and spin.

This is the standard model, but the Mavrik Max is a bit of an oversized version for the higher handicapper. 

The Mavrik features a new FS2S titanium face that is more lightweight than traditional titanium and has tons of forgiveness.

The jailbreak bars were designed using Artificial Intelligence, and they act as a springboard for the ball to jump off of at impact. 

With adjustability, premium shaft options, and the new Cyclone Aero shape, the Mavrik is a hard driver to beat.

Runner Up 2: Callaway Rogue Driver


  • Lower in price
  • Great distance
  • Low spin


  • The sound and feel were not great

The Rogue driver is a club that started the concept of the Jailbreak bars. The triaxial carbon crown featured in the Rogue Driver helped make this one of the longest golf clubs that Callaway had released.

The only problem with the Callaway Rogue was the sound and the feel. The ball would travel forever, but golfers were not impressed by the way the Callaway Rogue driver felt.

This has since been improved with the Mavrik.

The Rogue is not the newest driver on the market, and therefore players have a real opportunity to get a club at a very low price while the supplies last.

With the combination of the high performing Aldila shaft and the very fast head speed, this golf club is a great buy.

Best Value: Callaway X Hot Driver


  • PLenty of forgiveness
  • Higher launching
  • Very low pricing for a quality club


  • Not as long as some of the newer options

As drivers get older, they will start to drop in price a bit. This leaves players an opportunity to get a club that once was over $400 for much less.

The Callaway X Hot Driver is an excellent choice for a forgiving and affordable upgrade in your bag.

The Callaway X Hot is very forgiving and has a more classic design to the clubhead.

If you have a driver that is eight or nine years old and you are nervous about upgrading to something too modern, the X Hot is a great choice to consider.

The X Hot is adjustable, and it is high launching as well. This club is best suited for the mid to high handicapper.

Read our Callaway X Hot Driver review.

Best For Forgiveness: Callaway Big Bertha B21


  • Brand new technology
  • Internal draw bias
  • Lighter and stronger than previous models


  • Not for lower handicappers

The latest and greatest release from Callaway is the new Big Bertha driver.

The newest technology in the new Big Bertha B21 makes it a very high launch driver that has very low spin as well. 

The center of gravity is very low and forward as opposed to back, as you have seen in some of the drivers released in the past.

This is a great club for those that tend to slice the ball. The club has internal draw bias weighting so you won’t be looking at an overly offset or closed clubface driver, but it will still help you keep the ball much straighter. 

The new face on the B21 uses materials that are stronger but lighter than the titanium that has been featured in previous models.

Players will be able to increase their swing speed and straight out their shots with this B21 in their hands. 

Best For Senior: Callaway Epic Flash Star


  • Great ball speed
  • Lots of forgiveness
  • Very lightweight


  • Expensive, and the price has not dropped

The Epic Flash Star is a perfect driver for seniors who are looking for the ultimate performance in a club, and they don’t mind paying for it.

If you feel as though you have lost distance for some reason, the Epic Flash will help you get it back.

This driver features the jailbreak technologies that most of the other Callaway drivers are using, but it is one of the most lightweight clubs on the market.

The center of gravity is low, and the shaft is about as low in weight as you can find.

If you have struggled with the launch, the Flash Face on this club gets the ball in the air and with tons of ball speed.

For senior players getting your ball speed back is imperative to success on the course.

Best For Mid Handicapper: Callaway Epic Max Driver 


  • Created using artificial intelligence
  • Flash Face technology
  • Higher launch and premium forgiveness
  • New Optifit Hosel


  • Expensive new technology

The Callaway Epic Max Driver is one of the newest releases to the market, featuring some of the most impressive artificial intelligence technology that we have seen in a driver. This new golf club has the Flash Face technology, and it is truly one of the highest ball speed clubs that Callaway has ever created. 

We love the Callaway Epic Max for the mid handicap player that needs adjustability in their golf driver. If you find that your game could often benefit from a little left to right spin or a slightly higher launch, the Epic Max is a perfect fit. With more than 20 yards of shot shape correction you can get this to feel like a custom fit driver each time you play. 

The Callaway Epic Max features the new Jailbreak Speed Frame technology designed to have the club head feel even more like a trampoline. If you want the best of the best that Callaway has to offer, look no further than the Epic Max. 

Best For Women: Callaway Big Bertha Women’s Driver


  • Designed specifically for the woman golfer
  • Impressive distance
  • Low spinning golf driver


  • New release with higher pricing

The Callaway Big Bertha Women’s Driver is one of the best new releases on the market for a female golfer. This club was designed with a very high launch club head and a low and forward center of gravity. If you want low spin and a long distance shot, this is the club to choose. 

With the Big Bertha Women’s Driver, you will get some impressive face architecture that promotes optimal speed and forgiveness. In addition, golfers will benefit from the draw bias features of the Big Bertha REVA. With a draw bias club head, you can eliminate the shots that go to the right and start to hit a bit of a draw. 

Regardless of the woman golfers’ handicap, the Callaway Reva is a golf club that will do the trick to help you improve your game. 

Callaway Drivers Buying Guide

Here are some essential questions to consider before purchasing your new Callaway driver. 

How Do I Know Which Callaway Driver Is Best For My Game? 

With all of the great options out there, it can be hard to choose the one that is best for your golf.

Pay very close attention to the features and the technology the golf club offers and make sure that it works for your handicap.

If you are a higher handicap golfer, you will want more loft and a low center of gravity. For lower handicap players, the feel and workability are going to be more important. 

Are Callaway Drivers Better Than TaylorMade Drivers? 

Golfers tend to choose whether or not they are Callaway or TaylorMade loyal. This decision usually happens within the first few years of being a golfer. Callaway and TaylorMade offer very similar technology between their clubs. 

The TaylorMade drivers are well known for high ball speed and lots of distance.

Callaway clubs are most famous for giving golfers tons of forgiveness and launch without having to sacrifice the distance. 

What Is The Best Loft In A Driver? 

No loft will be perfect for all golfers. Generally speaking, 9.5-10.5 is an excellent option.

Choosing a driver like the Callaway Mavrik allows you to adjust the loft of the club to get an excellent fit for your game. If you are undecided about the loft, choose something adjustable. 

Which Callaway driver is best for me?

The Callaway drivers on our list will work for a wide range of players. The driver you choose should depend on the strengths and weaknesses of your game and your golf handicap. Something like the Callaway Epic Max is going to be one of the best fits for a wide range of players where the Epic Flash Star may be more of a high handicapper golf driver. There are no major issues with any of these golf drivers; you simply need to find something that works for your abilities. 

What To Look For When Buying A Golf Driver 

If you are buying a new Callaway driver, there are certain specifications and features that you should consider. Having a better understanding of why one driver is different from the next will help you determine which is the proper club for your game. Here are a few things to look for when buying a golf driver. 

Look / Feel

The look of these 460cc golf club heads are all going to be rather similar. The aerodynamic club head shape is going to help ensure that you can get impressive ball flight and the confidence you need in your golf club. 


A Callaway golf driver is almost always forgiving. Players are impressed with their ability to hit the ball far, even with missing the center of the club face. Adjustability in the club head can add to forgiveness. 


Callaway golf drivers come in a variety of shaft options. Each of these shafts has different characteristics like higher launch, less spin, or even more torque. The best way to determine which shaft is the best for your game is to go for a custom fitting. 


The flex of the golf club shafts is typically extra stiff, stiff, regular, or senior. The flex of the shaft will be directly related to your swing speed. The faster you swing, the stiffer the golf shaft that you need. 


The forgiveness of a golf driver will be determined by the size of the sweet spot and the loft and launch. Players that need the extra forgiveness should go with a higher lofted golf driver that is slightly offset. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best Callaway drivers on the market. Understanding the differences between these clubs will help ensure that you get something that works perfectly for your game.


There is no question that one of these Callaway drivers could be taking over a spot in your golf bag very soon.

Callaway uses top of the line technology in all of the clubs they make, and they stand behind the quality of their products. 

The Mavrik driver is the best option at the moment because of the artificial intelligence, high performing face, and incredible distance.

This is a driver that you will not be disappointed in, and golfers of all handicap levels can find success with the Mavrik.

Choose between the Sub Zero model, the Mavrik Max, or the standard to get a club that is a perfect fit for your skills. 

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