8 Best Golf Chippers for 2024: Your Complete Selection Guide

The golf chipper is a convenient club if you struggle with shorts around the green. The golf chipper keeps things very simple and is just a bit of an extension of a putting stroke.

Since these clubs are not the most popular around, you have to make sure that you know who makes the best golf chippers.

Here are six best golf chippers that we think stand out from the crowd.

Our Best Golf Chippers in 2024

Best Overall Golf Chipper: Ben Sayers Men’s Pro Chipper


  • Extra weight in club head
  • Very consistent
  • Great from tight lies


  • Not a well known brand name product for feel

The Ben Sayers Men’s Pro Chipper is a great option for the golfer that finds themselves with quite a few bump and run type shots up to the green. The Ben Sayers Pro Chipper is a very affordable golf club that will make these types of shots incredibly easy to hit. 

If you are a player that does well with putting and wants a club that feels just like the putter off the greens, you will enjoy the Ben Sayers Men’s Pro Chipper. Remember that chippers do not necessarily have the same ball speed that a pitching wedge or sand wedge will have, but they do have some good consistency. 

Ray Cook Golf M1 Chipper

Best Golf Chipper For Seniors


  • Versatile shot
  • Head looks like a hybrid between putter and chipper
  • Eliminate Stub type shots


  • Unique looking golf club

The Ray Cook Golf M1 Chipper is a design that will look quite a bit different than other models on the market. This is considered to be more of a modern hybrid design chipper. Although it may look funny when you try and hit this chipper, the performance is quite good. The firm shaft will help reduce twisting and impact, and it still has a soft feel when you make contact. 

The biggest reason to go with the M1 chipper is that it has excellent visual lines, and it makes the possibility of messing up your chip shots considerably lower. 

MYKUJA Two Way Chipper

Best Two Way Chipper


  • Two way design
  • Left and right handed players
  • Fair pricing


  • Not a legal golf club

For those golfers that do not play in tournaments and simply want a club that will work from a left or right handed chipping position, the Mykuja Two Way Chipper is the way to go. The Mykuja is a golf club that is going to perform regardless of if you are a right or left handed golfer. This means that if your shot is stuck up against a tree, you can simply just flip this club around. 

The Mykuja is not as popular of a club because of the fact that it is not USGA legal, but it does have some great features that many golfers can benefit from.

Runner Up 1: Orlimar Escape Chipper


  • Very stable feel
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Difficult to shank
  • Seven iron loft


  • Does not spin much

If the Cleveland Smart Sole is a bit more money than you were looking to spend, this Orlimar Chipper could be a great choice.

This club is a cavity back design that has a stable feel at impact. If you want the feeling of a slightly extended putting stroke, the Orlimar is a wonderful option. 

The loft of the Orlimar is going to be about the loft of a seven iron. You will be hitting more bump and run type shots with this club.

The gooseneck hosel helps to make sure that this is a very difficult club to shank. 

When it comes to a solid feel and durable club design and construction, the Orlimar is an excellent choice to consider.

Runner Up 2: Square Strike Chipping Wedge


  • Simple design concept
  • Easy to hit
  • Around the loft of an 8 or 9 iron


  • Priced higher than other golf chippers

The Square Strike is a unique golf wedge that doesn’t really look anything like a traditional wedge.

The shape of the clubface is very rectangular in shape and does not have rounded edges. Although the Square Strike is a bit more of a full clubface than a traditional chipper, it is very much the same concept. 

The 45 degrees Square Strike will be your best option if you want a true chipper type feel around the greens. It is important to note that you can take full swing shots with these Square Strike clubs. 

The shaft length of your square strike wedge is going to be about the same as your putter. This will give some added control around the greens.

With the shaft length and the weighting of the square strike, you are going to have a challenging time hitting behind the ball or hitting it fat. You should be able to get solid contact and very easy aim on most shots.

Wilson Harmonized Chipper

Best Value Golf Chipper


  • Very low pricing
  • Easy to hit golf club
  • Decent feel for a low priced club
  • Easy to aim


  • Lower lofted option

If you are thinking about adding a chipper to your golf bag, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Wilson Harmonized is a great choice. The Harmonized is effective and stable chipper offered at a very low price. 

This chipper is great for those in-between areas where you aren’t sure if you should putt or chip. It has lots of forgiveness, and you can swing it just like you do your putter but get much more accurate results on your short chip shots. 

The Harmonized Golf line of golf clubs from Wilson has been around for quite some time, and players love the versatility and performance that these clubs offer.

This particular chipper is going to have 32 degrees of loft so that it will be on the lower lofted side. This is not a club that will help you with shots out of a bunker or a high lofted approach to the green. 

Another nice thing about the Harmonized is that there is no face insert. The fact that there is no insert will help make sure that you will have much less vibration and better feel when you hit with this wedge.

Certainly around the greens, feel is going to matter.

 Intech EZ Roll Chipper

Best Golf Chipper For Beginners


  • 37 degree loft
  • Easy to aim
  • Simple concept
  • Shorter shaft length


  • Not great feel for the better players

For a beginner golfer, the short game is a complicated part of golf. There are so many shots to learn, and so many different club choices to choose from. Luckily a club like the Intech EZ Roll can make golf much easier for the new player. 

This is a conforming chipper that is going to have 37 degrees of loft. This will make it about equivalent to a seven iron.

If you want to learn to hit bump and run type shots that roll up to the pin, the EZ Roll is a great choice. 

The back weighted design helps to make misses more infrequent. The Intech’s length will be about the same as the putter, giving a player even more control and familiarity. With the gooseneck hosel, the shanks should stay away as well. 

This club is an excellent option for a beginner to get the golf chipper concept down and then move to the more traditional wedges as they improve their game. 

Intech Golf Approach Two Way Chipper

Best Non-Conforming Golf Chipper


  • Very easy to use
  • Has two faces
  • Low in price


  • Illegal according to the USGA
  • Does not have a great feel

Everyone wonders if a golf chipper is an illegal golf club. As long as your chipper only has one face, then it is legal.

Golf clubs with two faces are illegal, according to the USGA.

Having two faces on a golf club makes it too easy for some golfers. You can play the club left or right-handed, and therefore, the USGA has made them illegal. 

If you are not playing tournament golf and you want a really handy and inexpensive tool to keep in your bag, then the Intech Golf Approach Two Way Chipper could be a great choice. This club has two faces and can be hit either left or right-handed. 

The advantage of this is that you can get yourself out of trouble if you need to. If your ball is up against a tree, you can use either side of the clubface to get yourself back in play. The loft on the Intech is going to be similar to your seven iron loft. 

Overall, this will be thought of more as a tool than a go-to wedge in your golf bag. You can hit running type pitch shots with this club to get your ball up close to the pin. Mostly this club is for getting golfers out of trouble quickly and easily.

Golf Chippers Buying Guide

Now that you have a better idea of the best chippers on the market let’s help break down some of the most frequently asked questions about the chipper.

Since the chipper is not the most widely used golf club, there are some misconceptions about its use and a chipper’s legality. 

Is A Golf Chipper An Illegal Golf Club? 

As long as the golf chipper has a single face and follows the other requirements set forth by the USGA, then it should be legal.

The most common reason for a chipper to be illegal is when the club has two faces and can be used by left-handed or right-handed golfers. 

What Loft is A Chipper? 

Chippers will vary in the loft. You may find one that has 37 degrees and another that has closer to 48 degrees.

The more loft that a chipper has, the higher it will fly, and the better chance it has to stop short on the greens.

Generally speaking, the chipper is used to replace a golfer having to use a 7,8 or 9 iron around the green. 

Golf Chipper vs. Chipping Wedge? 

If you are new to the game or struggle with hitting your shots thin or fat, you may want to look into a chipper. The most important benefit of the chippers is that they make the chance of missing a lot lower. 

Since golf chippers are shorter and they have a very simplistic design with a lower loft, golfers can take tiny swings and still get results.

With this club, there is usually no reason to break your wrists or rotate your body very much at all.

The simplistic technique of hitting a chipper makes this one of the best golf clubs for a newer player or higher handicapper. 

Can You Use A Chipper Out of A Sand Trap? 

The only time it would make sense to hit a chipper out of a sand trap is if the ball was sitting up and there was no lip on the trap.

Outside of this, chances are you will struggle to get the golf ball out of the bunker because of the lower loft on the chipper. 

What To Look For When Buying A Golf Chipper 

Golf chippers have some impressive technology, and they can really make a difference for players that are struggling with their performance around the greens. If you are interested in a chipper for your golf game, you must understand a bit more about what to look for when purchasing this unique golf club. 


The loft of a golf chipper is typically quite a bit lower than that of a golf wedge. The lower loft on the chipper helps golfers hit the ball a bit more consistently, and it encourages more of a bump and run type shot than a higher lofted golf shot. 


The grip on a chipper will be standard like that of a golf wedge, even though the club will feel and sometimes perform a bit like a putter. The grip for seniors may be more of a midsize or jumbo sized grip. The grip size being a little larger will help ensure that golfers keep their hands out of it and stay a bit more engaged with their larger muscles. 


Most chippers come with a steel golf shaft. Since the golf chipper is a little shorter than other golf clubs, the steel shaft often tends to work quite well. The steel shaft is something that players will use to ensure more stability in their golf shots. Slower swing speed players may opt for graphite but remember that these golf clubs are not meant for full swings. 


Chippers tend to have a bit of weight in the club head. This extra weight is a good thing for golfers that are looking to ensure they get the ball up and down and never leave a shot in the rough. For players who hit the ball thin or play shots that scoot across the green at times, the weight in the club head is important. 

Chipper or Wedge

The chipper or wedge decision is not always an easy one for golfers to make. Many players will decide that having both a chipper and a wedge is a good idea. The chipper is often good for the bump and run type shots where the wedge will still win from the rough. We would recommend having both options. 


Distance is not the main concern when shopping for a new golf wedge. The distance that you get really does not matter. You don’t need to hit the ball incredibly far with your chipper; instead, it is used for accuracy around the greens. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you are now feeling as though you have a better understanding of what the golf chipper is and how it can work for your golf game. Here are a few questions that many golfers still have about golf chippers.


Hopefully, our list of the best golf chippers has helped you narrow down the choices out there. If you have room in your bag for an extra club and you struggle with consistency around the greens, there is no question the chipper can help. 

The Ben Sayers Men’s Pro Chipper stands out as the overall best golf chipper because of how easy it is to hit and the great feel.

If you want a chipper that will help you learn how to hit golf shots around the green, the Ben Sayers is the way to go.

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