Golf Gear: Our Top Picks 2024

There is a lot of golf equipment on the market. We fully understand that you will likely be very overwhelmed when you start your search for golf gear.

Sometimes golf clubs can be chosen as a matter of preference, and other times it comes down to performance.

We do a lot of testing, learning, researching, and studying when we do a golf club or golf equipment review.

Playing with the right equipment can make or break the success of a golfer. So if you are looking to make some changes to your golf bag, this is the place to start! 

Golf Clubs

For beginners and the occasional golfer purchasing a full set of golf clubs is often the best choice.

With all of the complete set choices on the market, it can be challenging to decide which is the best equipment for your skill level.

We have broken down which clubs offer the best performance for a player of all abilities. 

When choosing a full set, you will want a great mix of fairway woods, wedges, irons, and, of course, a putter. If your preference is to choose individual golf clubs, we have many articles highlighting the best choice for golfers of all levels.

Clubs can be expensive, and we understand that as well. Luckily not all equipment is top of the line and costly, and not all golfers need something that is high end to enjoy the sport. 


Most players consider the driver to be the most important club in the bag. When you are looking to score low, distance is going to matter.

A drivers technology changes quickly, and to stay on top of the best choices on the market, you need to understand the terminology and the game. 

Drivers are getting more forgiving, longer, and more adjustable with each passing year.

Finding the one that will work for your game will be easy after reading our articles. Golfers will know which club is the best for their game. 

If it has been a few years since you have updated your drivers, you will be amazed by the performance upgrades that these clubs have gone through.

If you take some time to swing one of these new drivers, you will be quite impressed with the advancements that have been made. 


Irons come in three basic styles the cavity back irons, the forged irons, and the muscle back or blade irons.

Depending on the type of player you are and how you hit the golf ball, you will need to choose your irons accordingly. These iron choices are not going to all have the same strengths and weaknesses.

You may need to select irons based on the brands you love or the level of your play.

Iron shafts will also come in a different material than a driver shaft, and you should have some basic facts about your swing before choosing the perfect club for your game.

Knowing your swing speed and deciding on an iron style are the most important factors when choosing your new clubs. Manufacturers make changes each year to fit the wants of the overall golfing population.

The preference that most players are looking for at the moment is distance.

Manufacturers are making clubs that go further but still feel great at impact. They have had to use alternative material to accomplish this, but most players are pleased with the results that they have seen.  

Fairway Woods

A fairway wood is a club that can get you close to the green on a par five or save you on long par four. Fairway woods are build to get golfers distance while also being relatively easy to hit. We do believe that the majority of skilled golfers must carry at least one best fairway wood.

Woods tend to be preferred by those that need more forgiving equipment for their golf swing. 

A hot trend when it comes to fairways is an adjustable hosel. Suppose you want the option of changing your fairway from a three to a four wood you can now pick your loft.

Make sure to choose a fairway wood loft that will fit in with your set. Remember that as with all clubs fairways should serve more than one purpose for you.

Use them off the tee or from the fairway to get the most benefit while on the golf course with these clubs. 


Your wedges should hands down be your favorite clubs in your bag. To have success around the greens and in the sport of golf, you will need a mix of wedges, not just one.

Wedges come in many different lofts, and they will have various clubhead material as well. Golfers need to understand a thing or two about brands, lofts, bounce, grind, and more to purchase the proper wedge equipment. 

Each of our wedge articles will break down who should be playing with which types and allow you many different choices within your ability and skill level.

Pay close attention to the grooves and spin rates on wedges, as these are some of the essential features.

If you have yet to find equipment that allows you to put spin on the ball be sure to take a look at our article about backspin, chances are there are ways for you to take your game to the next level. 


Putters are what will make or break your score. If you play with a putter, you love you will find ways to lower your score. After all, golf is a game of getting the ball in the hole.

Next time you head out to the golf course, keep track of how many putts you take, and you will realize the emphasis that great players put on choosing a top putter. 

Putters come in both mallet and blade style designs, and they offer multi-material golf shafts as well. When choosing a putter, you also need to understand the hosel type and its impact on your shot.

Each of our putter articles will help make sure you know the equipment out there and how it can impact your game. 


For some players, the hybrid is one of those miracle clubs. The features of a hybrid are that it is easy to make contact with and will give a player the ability to hit a shot out of the rough with ease.

Choosing not to put a hybrid in your golf club lineup is truly a mistake. Even low handicap players will see success with a hybrid, especially from a difficult lie. 

Beginners will love the loft and the forgiveness that they can get from a hybrid. Almost all manufacturers and brands now put out several different hybrid types, and many put out a full set of hybrid iron. 


Chippers are unique because they are a mix between an iron and a hybrid. Not all golfers will be able to fit a chipper in their golf club lineup.

Most of the time, you will have to sacrifice a wedge to make room for the chipper. A chipper gives higher handicappers and beginners the ability to hit controlled chips around the green that eliminate a wide range of mistakes. 

If your golf balls are continually flying over the green, or you are a player who fears chipping the chippers are a great choice to consider adding to your golf clubs. 

Golf Bags

Golf bags come in several types. If you are one of those players who prefer walking the golf course or you like to ride each time you play the sport, there are options out there.

When we make a top pick for any product, we make sure that it is made with quality material, has the features that a golfer will benefit from, and it solves an issue for many players. 

Golf bags should have great organization, be on trend as far as style is concerned and they should easily accommodate all of your golf clubs.

Sometimes the best golf gear is not complicated, it is just something that makes sense to golfers. 

Golf Carts 

When it comes to golf carts we provide several articles for you to review. If you like to drive your golf cart or you are walking most of the time, there are options for you to choose from.

Some golfers want to be able to walk the course but keep their hands free of clubs and equipment. 

The motorized pushcart is a way for this to happen. For those interested in purchasing a cart to park in your garage, we also have some of the best golf carts on the market featured in our articles.

However you like to get the ball around the course, it is good to understand the many options out there. 

Training Aids 

It’s hard to find a player on this planet that does not need a bit of work on their game. Golf is a challenging sport, and when you want to introduce new concepts or simply change your ways, things can get tricky.

Luckily there are ways to make this easier using accessories and aids that can take your game to the next level. 

Training aids allow players to make better contact with a ball even when they are away from the course. Some training aids can be used at home, and there is no shortage of options when it comes to training aids. 

If you need to work on your chipping, putting, overall swing, or simply where your hands are when you set up, there are training aids available.

We took the best aids in a variety of categories and did a review on each one for you to see. 


Golfers love accessories. From score counters that they can attach to their bag to divot repair tools and custom hats and gloves.

Golf accessories can make the game more enjoyable it can also allow players to enjoy themselves a bit more on the course. 

Some players think that all of the accessories and gear that they have can lead to a better round of golf.

This is certainly a possibility, and to those that need a little more luck in their game, we can certainly understand the need and desire to do this. 

Overall, golf accessories can be both high and low in price. Sometimes they are things that golfers bring with them on the course, and other times they could be tools that help a player improve from home. 

Golf Balls 

What is golf without the golf balls? The most critical piece of equipment that we have is the golf ball. Golf balls, although they may all look similar, are very technologically advanced and have some unique design characteristics. 

The golf balls on the market today are made up of several different pieces. Some balls are going to be two pieces, and they are built for distance and for value.

Other golf balls could have as many as five pieces as part of their construction. Clearly, a five piece ball will offer your game quite a few more benefits. 

Golf balls can be either cheap or expensive, but players should be considering what golf balls they put into play.

You need to be aware of the golf balls that you are using and how they are impacting your game. If you don’t pay attention, you could miss out on a few strokes. 


Golf apparel is made specifically for the game. With the right golf apparel, your swing will not be restricted, and you will feel comfortable the entire time you are on the golf course.

Golf apparel includes pants, shirts, outerwear, shoes, and gear for specific weather. 

When it gets cold and rainy, there is golf gear that can help you succeed. When the weather is nice and warm, moisture-wicking fabrics make it more comfortable on the course. 

Golf shoes are going to give you more ability to stay balanced and grounded as you play. There are both spikeless and soft spiked golf shoes that golfers can play with and enjoy their time on the course.

Golf apparel is explicitly made for golfers, and the best players will realize the importance of playing with golf specific gear. 


Now that you have a better understanding of all the best golf gear on available you will have to learn how to use this gear properly.

Whether you struggle with drivers, woods, or all your equipment our guides and swing advice can help you get you use your equipment and your clubs properly.

Sometimes all it takes is one great tip to change your swing. 

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