Best Golf Putters on the Market in 2021

If 2021 is the year for you to update your putter, you are in luck. The technology in putters has come so far in the last few years. For the first time ever, shafts are being made with different materials.

The inserts used in both mallet and blade putters have higher MOI and better roll than we have ever seen before. The only hard part is deciding which putter is best for your game!

We went ahead and picked out our favorite options for best putters across a few different categories. Each putter on this list is one to consider if you are looking for a putter facelift this year.

Best Putters In 2021

Best Golf Putter: TaylorMade Spider X Putter


  • True Path Alignment System
  • Adjustable weights
  • Heavier club head, more stability
  • Used on PGA Tour


  • Expensive

If you have followed any of the professional golf tournaments in the last few years, you should have a pretty good idea about the TaylorMade Spider series of putters. This putter is something that the golf world had not seen before, and it has changed the view of mallet putters for many people.

The latest version of the TaylorMade Spider is the Spider X. This putter has a revolutionary X shaped design to help increase stability at impact. The theory is that with a thinner, less heavy blade putter, the putter tends to wobble at impact.

The more a putter head shakes, the worse the results will be. Getting a ball to start and stay on a solid roll is what putting is all about.

The Spider X comes in a range of color options. Some will features a few lines on top, and others have just one solid line. Regardless of your visual preference, there will likely be a model that works for you. In addition to the color options, there are a few different choices for the hosel type on these mallet putters as well.

The True Path Alignment System is the result of TaylorMades research on what helps golfers aim the face and return it to square at impact. This putter is very easy to align.

Even after all of these positives, we still have one more thing to add about this Spider X putter; it is adjustable. We know it is hard to believe! The Spider X comes with three weights that can be moved and positioned to give each golfer the feel that they desire.

Available standard in the 33, 34, or 35-inch model, this is a putter that will earn a spot in your golf bag for a long time. It certainly earned a spot on our best putters list.

Read our TaylorMade Spider Putter X review.

Runner Up 1: Odyssey O Works Putters


  • Microhinge insert
  • Black clean and simple look
  • Available in several different styles
  • Medium price range


  • Not the latest release
  • No stroke lab shaft

Next on our list, we had to choose something at a little lower price point. These Odyssey putters are what we consider to be the best value right now on a new putter. The O Works series is not the latest release from Odyssey, but it certainly deserves a good look.

There are several models available of the O Works putters. Our favorite option is the Marxman, but it is again a mallet putter. If you are looking for a traditional and classic blade putter, consider the #1.

This series of putters feature an all-black finish that helps to eliminate glare and make alignment easier. The O Works black putters have a clean and simple look at address. They all feature the Microhinge Insert technology.

The micro hinge insert is designed to provide a more true roll, and it does work.

If you have an older model putter Odyssey put out and are thinking about upgrading, this would be a great option to consider. The O Works has all the signature looks that Odyssey has always put forward with some new and improved technology.

A golf putter should feel like a best friend. You should be able to rely on your putter when things get ugly out there. We can honestly say that although we like some Odyssey putters better than others, none of them are bad.

Just like the Spider golf putter, this Odyssey comes standard in a 33, 34, and 35-inch length. With how good the weighting is on these putters, choose the right size from the start or go for a fitting prior to ordering.

Runner Up 2: Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter


  • Sleek all-black design
  • Variety of club heads to choose from
  • Proprietary aiming technology
  • Speed optimized face


  • Not as heavy in the head as the Spider

Next on our list is the Cleveland Golf Frontline Elevado. Although the Frontline is a complete series of putters put out by Cleveland, we like the Elevado option.

This putter features tungsten forward weighting and the center of gravity much closer to the clubface. This weighting helps create that same stability that we said the X putter focused on so much.

Just as this game has become so focused on speed with the woods and irons, the same goes for putters. Cleveland Golf features its speed optimized face technology that helps to make the speed coming off the face more consistent.

Do you ever have a putt that you miss the sweet spot by a little and it seems to take off and roll forever, or only roll halfway to the hole? Cleveland speed optimized face with help with that.

Now that we have covered what Cleveland Golf did when it comes to distance control, what about alignment? Cleveland used their proprietary 2135 technology to help players achieve perfect alignment on each putt.

With the clean black putter head and shaft, you can easily see if you are lined up to your target or not. Even though there are several models of the frontline putter, all of them feature some incredible alignment technology.

Not only is this putter offered in three different lengths, but there are two different hosel configurations as well. One option is a slant, and another is a single bend. Each will have its benefits depending on the type of putting stroke you have.

This putter comes with a headcover, and it is priced around the same as the Odyssey O Works putters we reviewed.

If you are looking for a cheaper option but like the look and design of the Cleveland frontline, take a look at the Cleveland Huntington Beach model from last year. It has many of the same characteristics (although you will miss the all-black look).

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

Best Cheap Golf Putter


  • Very low price
  • Great alignment lines
  • Clean black and white look


  • Feel is not as good
  • Roll coming off the face is not as consistent as others

If you love the idea of adding a new putter to your bag but hate the fact that it can cost a fortune, then this Pinemeadow Golf PGX putter could be for you.

To be transparent, the Pinemeadow is not going to have the same technological advances or feel that something like a Scotty Cameron or a Spider X would have.

One of our favorite things about the PGX is the coloring and design. This is a bright white club head with some black alignment lines. The putter head stands out on the putting green than many of the other golf clubs we have seen. If you struggle with alignment, this putter will help.

Usually, cheap golf putters are also quite light, making them difficult to use on faster greens. Fortunately, Pinemeadow made this mallet putter at 380g, which puts it in the same category as other tour weighted putters. This putter will absolutely work on faster greens regardless of your particular putting stroke.

The Pinemeadow PGX is one of the best golf putters for beginners because of its price, clean lines, and forgiveness. This putter won’t come off the clubface quite like a Scotty Cameron, but it certainly won’t leave you disappointed.

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

Best For Alignment


  • Best putters for alignment
  • Nice feel
  • Easy to use
  • Works for men or women
  • Legal for tournament play


  • Priced a bit high
  • Not as heavy as some players would like

When you look at some of the significant differences between the putting game of tour players and amateur golfers, the thing that stands out most is alignment. Amateur golfers struggle to get the putter face appropriately aligned to the target.

It doesn’t matter if you are using a mallet putter or a blade putter, making sure your golf ball is lined up with your target is difficult.

The new S7K putter does something that even Scotty Cameron has not done yet; this putter can stand on its own. You can line your golf ball up to the hole, step back and check your alignment and your golf putter will remain standing. This is undoubtedly something the game of golf has not seen before.

The S7K is capable of standing even on a sloped lie, and it is the perfect way to make sure your putter face is lined up with your target. As far as the overall design of this putter goes, it will look like a modern blade.

The back end of the blade extends out further than a traditional blade but not nearly enough to call it one of the mallet putters.

This putter comes standard at 34 inches, making it a perfect height for the majority of golfers. The pricing of the S7K is a bit higher than a Cleveland and less than some of the premium options like the Spider or a Scotty Cameron Newport.

If you feel that alignment is the weak link in your putting game, give this putter a chance.

Read our Pinemeadow PGX Putter review.

Golf Putters Buying Guide

Now that you have your list of the best putters on the market in 2021, it is time to answer some frequently asked questions when it comes to putters.

Choosing the right putter for you does not need to be difficult, but there are some things golfers should know before ordering the next putter for their bag.

What Length Putter Do I Need?

Putter length is going to vary from player to player. Ultimately you need something that is going to allow you to get your eyes over the golf ball. If your eyes are over the golf ball at address and you are looking down the line, then your putter is the proper length for you.

For most players, the perfect length is going to be right around 34 inches. Putters are usually sold standard in 33, 34, and 35-inch lengths for men. A putter that is too short for you seems to be a better problem than one that is too long. Various retailers offer the opportunity to get a putter fitting if that is something you may be interested in.

What Is The Best Putter For A High Handicapper?

Most beginners like the mallet putter because of the longer alignment lines and the larger, more forgiving sweet spot. Mallets can help high handicappers have an easier time lining up and ultimately making more putts.

Another reason we like the mallet putter head for a high handicapper is the weight. The weight of the mallet seems to help with twisting and turning of the clubhead at impact. Cheaper beginner type putters always seem to be too light and cause trouble when it comes to consistency.

What Is The Best Putter For A Low Handicapper?

Traditionally a blade putter is best suited for a lower handicap player. Low handicap players look for ultimate feel and distance control, especially on fast greens. Most low handicap players like the look and design of a simple blade for their putting stroke.

As Odyssey and TaylorMade have made such significant strides in their putting technology, the great players have started to switch over to a mallet head. It comes down to choosing something that works well for your stroke.

What Is The Most Popular Putter on the PGA Tour?

The putter that seems to be showing up more and more on the PGA Tour is the TaylorMade Spider X. Last year the Spider X was responsible for five wins, and the Spider Tour was just right behind with three wins.

This Spider X putter has been very popular not just for professional golfers but for amateur golfers as well. The putter features a mallet head and extreme stability overall. If you need a change-up in your putting game, the Spider has some fantastic features.

A few other putters that led the way as far as money earned on the PGA Tour are the Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters and the Scotty Cameron Newport series.

Does Grip Size Matter In Putters?

Size always matters! Grip size is very important for putting but in a much different way than it is for your iron or driver.

When players use the wrong grip size with an iron or a driver, it can lead to a difficulty to square up the clubface, or the club face can close too quickly. Making sure that your hand size matches your grip size is imperative with all other clubs except the putter.

When it comes to a putter, the grip should be something that feels good and performs well. The thicker the grip, the easier it is to keep your hands out of your putting stroke. If you struggle to use your larger muscles when putting it can make sense to switch to a jumbo or midsize grip.

Even if you have small hands, you can use a larger grip, and it is completely fine. Many top name brand putters are being produced with the jumbo grip on the club as the stock grip. You will likely see this happening more and more. Players feel as though this thicker grip gives them more stability during the stroke and especially at impact.

Does Shaft Matter When Choosing a Putter?

Most putters are going to come with a traditional steel shaft, and you won’t have much choice. The Odyssey Stroke Lab putters are partially graphite and partially steel. This shaft is the first of its kind used in a putter, and it has revolutionized the weighting capabilities in a putter.

If you think you need a specific shaft because of weight or flex, focus more on overall weight. Flex should remain constant among putters so that you won’t have too much of an issue with that. A man with a swing speed of 120 mph and a female that swings at 70mph can easily use the same putters.

If My Putter Is Too Long Can I Just Cut It Down?

Yes, you can cut a putter down and throw a new grip on, but you will very likely throw off the weighting. Depending on how the weighting is affected, your game may get better or worse!

The best thing to do is have a qualified professional cut your putter down for you. They will be able to make sure the putter is still balanced. There are ways to combat the weight changes when cutting a putter down, but it will need to be done with the correct scales and a professional.

For something like the new Odyssey Stroke Lab putter cutting the shaft down can be quite tricky. If you know you need a shorter or longer putter try to order it custom right from the start. The combination graphite and stainless steel shaft make this club challenging to cut down and still achieve proper balance.

What Should I Expect To Pay For A New Putter?

Golfers tend to struggle with laying out more money on a putter after they have purchased a $500 driver. When you think about all the golf clubs in your bag and how often they are used, it makes the most sense to spend money on your putter.

Putters can range in cost from forty dollars to five hundred dollars. If you can spend somewhere in the middle of this range, you will be getting a high-quality option that should last you for many years.

Technology in putters does not change as fast as it does in irons and drivers. The purchase you make should stay in your bag for an average of five to ten years. When you think about how many putts you will hit in a five to ten year period, a putter is not an expensive club.

What Is The Difference Between A Men’s and Women’s Putter?

Some of the best putters on the market do not come in a female version. This may seem like it t is unfair, but it is not the case. Putters can be for men and women. Gender has no effect on a putting stroke.

Although you may see some putters explicitly manufactured for women, the only difference on these will be the coloring and the length. Most times, the actual technology in the putter head will feel and perform the same.


Getting golf balls to go straight off the tee is hard; getting the ball onto the green is harder, but rolling the ball into the cup is, without a doubt, the hardest part of this game. Choosing a putter that has the best feel and performance for your game can take some time.

The best golf putters for you may be a poor option for your friend. Choosing a putter is a very personal decision, but it should be made easier with some of our advice and suggestions.

We still feel very confident in our overall best golf putter choice of the TaylorMade Spider X. This putter will give you the feel, stability, and consistency that you are looking for. If you have yet to try the Spider X, 2021 is the year to do so. Which putter did you choose this year?

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