Best Golf Accessories: 20 Must-Haves for Every Golfer

Golfers need lots of accessories. Even the golfers who say they are traditionalists and don’t want all the junk in their bags will use lots of golf gadgets and accessories.

Everyone is always looking for a way to better their game and get that step above the competition.

Some golf accessories are geared at making golf more fun; some try to make the game easier, and others are just sold to the golfer who will buy anything.

Here are the most important golf accessories that all golfers should at least know about and understand. You never know there could be something on this list that changes your game for the better. 

Golf Rangefinders and GPS

Golf rangefinders and GPS devices are going to help golfers get accurate yardage to the hole. The golf rangefinder can be a very simple product, or it can get quite complicated and have extensive features. 

A rangefinder is going to look a bit like a binocular. You will look through the unit and focus on the golf hole. When you do this, you will get your yardage.

These rangefinders are usually quite accurate and will give you an exact distance to the hole. 

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A GPS is usually a handheld piece of golf equipment that will give you a picture of the hole and yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green. You can also find golf GPS watches.

A GPS is simple to use, and you don’t even have to adjust it to move from one hole to the next. 

Golf rangefinders and GPSs are helping to speed golfers up as they give accurate and quick information, instead of having to pace of yardages. 

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golf grips closeup

Golf grips are not just an accessory; they are a necessity. Golf grips have changed quite a bit in the last few years. They are tackier, more durable, and more customizable than they ever have been in the past. 

The importance of grip size is really coming to light for many players. If your grip does not sit in your hand correctly, the ability to hit the ball squarely is going to be very difficult.

Golf grips are made to help golfers when it is raining, snowing, humid, and so much more.

If you have not changed your grips recently, it is worth taking a look into some of the golf grip technology that has hit the market.

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Golf umbrellas were always about protecting players from the rain. However, now that people realize the damaging effect of the sun, umbrellas are getting even more popular.

If you are walking the golf course, umbrellas are a perfect way to make sure that you are protected from the sun while still getting in your exercise. 

Golf umbrellas should be wind resistant whenever possible. Since you are out in the open playing golf, you are probably going to be exposed to some wind as well.

You will notice that many golf umbrellas are reinforced to help give strength when it comes to the wind. 

Most golfers go with a full-length umbrella that straps to the outside of the bag or fits in with the clubs. There are also shorter ones that fit inside the golf bag completely.

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A golf towel is one of the essential golf accessories. With a golf towel, you are going to be able to keep your golf ball and your golf clubs clean. 

A golf towel also allows you to keep your hands dry if you are playing on a rainy or wet day. 

We highly recommend keeping a golf towel on the outside of your bag and putting one inside your bag as well. The one inside your bag will be saved should you encounter some rain or a muddy situation.

Having a backup is a great idea. 

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golf tees closeup

Golf tees used to be those simple wooden pegs that you placed in the ground. As the years have gone on, the golf tees have become more complicated and more technologically advanced.

If you didn’t think golf tees had technology, think again! 

Golf tees are not designed to make sure that there is almost no friction when you hit the golf ball. The tees are used to help improve your game as opposed to work against your game.

With these high-quality golf tees, you are going to have no trouble getting the ball teed to whatever height you need. 

If you are a new player and a bit afraid to tee your ball too high or too low, some options will tell you the exact height to leave your golf tee.

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If you have noticed the latest trend in golf club and golf ball manufacturing, the idea is to make everything easier to see.

Golfers do not want glare from the sun having any effect on their game. One of the best ways to avoid this is to wear sunglasses. 

If you have never played golf with sunglasses on, it may take a bit of getting used to. After a few rounds, you should have the hang of it.

You may have to experiment with a few different pairs and lens colors before you find your best fit. 

We recommend going with something as natural as possible. You want to make the golf course easier to see and block harmful rays from your eyes. Outside of that, you will want to see the golf course as naturally as possible.

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Golf hats come in many different types. You may see bucket-style golf hats or baseball cap style. There are golf hats where a ball marker can attach and those that will give you UV protection as well. 

Golf hats, in general, are one of the smarted golf accessories to keep around. As far as golf apparel is concerned, the hat could be the best option for protecting your skin and your face during a day on the course. 

In addition to protection from the elements, golf hats also show a golfer’s style. This is certainly a nice addition and something that many players take quite seriously.

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golf headcovers closeup

Golf clubs are expensive, and they can be quite fragile as well. The best possible way to protect your clubs is to use a great headcover.

A golf headcover will usually come with the woods or driver that you purchase. 

However, if you want to purchase a matching set of headcovers that is undoubtedly a choice that you have.

Headcovers are available for irons as well, but these are not as common.

Although headcovers tend to become yet another fashion golf accessory, their main purpose is to protect your clubs from damage.

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Cooler Bags

Some golf cart bags come with a cooler bag that is removable. You can take this cooler portion home with you after a round and prepare it with snacks and drinks for the next round.

Many golfers like to bring a cooler bag out on the course. 

Cooler bags help to make sure that you stay hydrated the entire time that you are playing. Since most golf rounds take four or more hours, that is quite a bit of time without food or liquid in your system. 

Golf cooler bags come in various sizes, and some will fit into your golf bag to make transporting them even easier. Most cooler bags are designed to help items stay cooler for the duration of your golf round.

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Ball Retrievers

If you are tired of paying high prices for golf balls, then a golf ball retriever is a golf accessory that you are going to need.

With a ball retriever, you will be able to get the golf ball that ends up in the lake or behind that out of bounds fence. 

Golf ball retrievers can save you much more money than they cost you. If you find two or three golf balls each round, you will have quite a stockpile at home. Ball retrievers come in several different lengths. 

Some are going to sit in your golf bag with your clubs, and others are going to fold up and fit right inside.

Regardless of the length of the retriever you choose, try and find something sturdy enough to retrieve a golf ball or two from at least six feet away. 

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Ball Markers

Do you remember the days of using the change in your pocket as ball marks? Things have changed, and there is a huge business for golf ball makers.

Many markers are now magnetic and will stick to a player’s hat so that they don’t lose them during a round. 

A popular trend at the moment is very large ball markers. These make it easier for players to see and to imagine their line to the hole. Of course, these will need to be moved out of the way of other players at times.

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Shoe Bags

It is not a great idea to change your golf shoes in a golf course’s parking lot. This is one of those unwritten etiquette rules.

Most golf courses have a locker room. They expect players to head to the locker room with their shoes in a bag, change shoes, and then play golf. When the round is done, shoes should be changed in the locker room again. 

A shoe bag allows you a place to store your shoes, socks, even your phone if you need to. Many shoe bags have a place to keep your GPS devices as well. The shoe bag can be a great way to get your accessories too and from the golf course.

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Golf Bag Organizers for A Garage

When you come home from a round of golf, you need to make sure you have a safe and organized way to store your golf clubs.

Unfortunately, leaving a set of clubs leaning against the wall in the garage is not a great idea. 

Clubs can fall and break; you can also end up doing some damage to your golf bag, leaving it stored incorrectly like this. Golf bag organizers come in many different sizes and can accommodate one or two golf bags. 

With a golf bag organizer, you will also get some extra room to store your golf shoes, golf towels, and other accessories.

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Golf Trunk Organizers

There is nothing worse than hearing golf balls and tees rolling around the back of your car as you head to the golf course. With a golf trunk organizer, you can keep your accessories organized to and from the golf course. 

A golf trunk organizer will have room for your golf glove, balls, tees, essentially everything a golfer needs for a day on the links. As great as it is to have your trunk organized, we don’t recommend storing your golf bags in your car long term. 

The glue on the grips and club heads will start to dry up and crack when exposed to very warm conditions. You will want to get your golf equipment out and left in a temperature-controlled environment. 

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Alignment Sticks

Alignment sticks are the best golf training aid on the market. Alignment sticks are gadgets that every golfer should be keeping in their bag.

Alignment sticks help players to work on their golf swing, their alignment, and their stance and setup as well. 

Alignment sticks are usually sold in a pack of one or two. You can lay one down on the ground when you set up and put another in the ground to help your swing stay on the plane.

Most of the time, an alignment stick will have one sharp end that allows the device to stand upright when placed in the ground. 

Some alignment sticks can be folded and stored in your golf bag. Others will ride along right next to the clubs in your bag.

Alignment sticks come in a few different sizes and many colors as well. If you are getting serious about taking your game to the next level, alignment sticks are the way to do it.

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Groove Sharpeners

golf club cleaning closeup

One of the essential features of the club face is the club grooves. The grooves on the golf club interact with the dimples on a golf ball to help put spin on a golf ball.

Groove sharpeners are gadgets used to help keep the grooves of the club sharp. 

When the grooves are sharp, they are going to be more effective. You cannot change the groove shape on your clubs, but you can help them maintain their original design.

If you have had a wedge for a very long time and feel like it could use help to perform, the groove sharpener could help.

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Divot Tools

When your ball lands on the putting green, it usually makes a mark. The divot repair tool is designed to help fix this mark.

When the mark is fixed, the putting surface will be smooth and fair for all players to putt across. 

Divot tools come in a variety of sizes and styles.

This is a golf accessory that every golfer should keep in their golf bag. A divot tool can be combined with a ball marker and a club brush to make a perfect size multi-tool.

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Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers

Golf cart Bluetooth speakers are a relatively new addition to the world of the best golf accessories.

With a Bluetooth speaker, you can easily bring your music, and your conference calls out on the golf course with you. 

The speakers will play music wirelessly, and many of them will attach to the golf cart magnetically.

If you have a fun group of friends or want to practice golf on the course with some music, they are a great golf accessory. 

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golf gloves closep

Years ago, many golfers believed that golf gloves made it so that they lost feel and connection with the golf club.

These gloves have changed quite a bit through the years, and they have become one of the best golf accessories out there. 

Gloves come in many different styles, including ones specially designed for rain and cold conditions. There are also golf gloves for sweaty hands and players who have arthritis.

The best golf gloves are the ones that fit your hands properly. 

As far as golf products are concerned, the glove seems like a simple device, but it can be beneficial. Gloves allow you to take your golf swing, knowing you have a perfect connection with the club in your hand.

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Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the best golf accessories on the market. Whether it be a golf shoe bag, a ball marker, a golf umbrella, or new golf head covers, there are always accessories out there to purchase.

When you think you have every piece of golf gear you could ever need, there will likely be a new release that makes you think otherwise. 

It is essential to manage all of the accessories that you have in your bag. Use the products that make the most sense for your golf game, and you may find that it helps you drop a few strokes. Most accessories are built to help you improve your game. 

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