The Best Golf Drivers of 2021

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Every single time you play you have to hear about the best golf driver of the year from all your buddies.

The driver of the year, according to them.

The question is, what makes something the ultimate golf driver? Best can mean different things to different people.

We will try and give you an inside scoop on what makes a driver superior, things you should consider when purchasing a new driver and which one we believe to be the winner this year.

Read our best golf drivers review to find out.

Our Best Golf Drivers For 2021

Best Golf Driver Overall: Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero

For the 2021 season, the winner is the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero.

This driver comes equipped with a 12 Gram Sliding Weight to help with ball flight control.

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver is designed to get players with faster swing speeds, better results. It comes equipped with the latest Jailbreak Technology from Callaway to produce Low, Spin and Low Launch.

So why do we say that the Epic Flash Sub Zero is the winner in the overall driver-category?

It truly is longer than other options out there but it somehow managed to still have great feel.

Great players will tell you that it is difficult to find a driver that gives them distance and feel.

Many low handicap golfers will choose a club that is not very long to have something that feels decent. With the Epic Flash Sub Zero, they do not have to choose one or the other, they can have both.

It is rare to find a club that checks all of the boxes. This is a top driver that has adjustability, forgiveness, feel and distance. The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero may very well be the longest driver in golf.

Read our Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver review.

Runner Up 1: TaylorMade M6

The TaylorMade M6 may be one of the most talked-about drivers this year. Tour players are talking about this golf club creating more ball speed than potentially any other driver out there.

The M6 has no adjustable weights which can be looked at as both a positive and a negative for some people. People who love to mess around with ball flight from one course to the next will want something much more adjustable.

The M6 is sort of a set it and forget it option. This can be good for people who continually question instead of having the confidence to swing away.

This also might be good for that guy you play with who tries to blame every mishit on the club!

When he hits one 40 yards right and says it must be because he needs to set his driver one degree different? Not so sure about that!

The M6 sees plenty of distance and forgiveness improvements from the M4 model. It is a logical next step in the M Series Drivers that TaylorMade has done so well with over the last few years.

It is easy for a company to claim they increased forgiveness.

What I like about this is that TaylorMade specifically states that they improved forgiveness in the bottom left and top right areas of the clubface. These are the most common areas for an amateur to miss a shot.

This TaylorMade M6 is packed with the latest and greatest technology. With adjustable lofts, longer carry and premium shaft options it’s a great solution for the mid to higher handicap golfers.

If you are a lower handicap golfer with lots of clubhead speed take a look at the M5 option instead.

Read our TaylorMade M6 Driver review.

Runner Up 2: Cobra F9 Speedback

The second runner up is potentially one of the biggest surprises of the year. Cobra is not a company that gets a lot of recognition for having a top-performing driver. The Cobra King is usually an affordable, forgiving solution.

This has changed with the new and improved Cobra F9 Speedback Driver. The Ball speeds on this driver rival those of the Callaway Flash Drivers.

It is the longest golf driver that Cobra has put out to date. The Black Carbon fiber crown is the only one like it on the market.

This driver focuses on all handicap levels, not just low and not just high. With the adjustable lofts and the high-end shafts options, this driver can be configured to fit every single golfer out there.

The Cobra F9 Speedback can help those that want a lower launch angle or a higher launch angle. The carry on this driver is seriously surprising and easily competes with the Ping G410, and Titleist TS3. The stats on the launch monitor were much better than the Mizuno ST190.

I love this option for a golfer who is improving their game. If you are starting the season out high but want to purchase a club that will still be a good choice as you get better the F9 is the perfect choice for you.

Golf drivers can be very expensive if you need to keep buying new ones to keep up with your game. The Cobra F9 will deliver if you are looking to up your driver game.

Read our Cobra F9 Speedback Driver review.

Callaway Rogue Draw

Best Driver For Fixing A Slice

So even after all those lessons and sessions at the range you still have that annoying slice pop up from time to time.

You are not alone.

The most common mishit for golfers is the slice. Equipment companies have realized that some players will not be able to adapt completely to a draw type swing.

Therefore it has become part of the job of the manufacturer to provide features on a driver that lessen the chance of a slice.

The ultimate best driver on the market for fixing a slice is the Callaway Rogue Draw.

The Callaway Rogue Draw Driver is already long and forgiving and now they close the clubface a little to make it even better for those who slice the ball.

The Rogue Draw Driver was worked on by Boeing as were all the Rogue Drivers. This was done to help develop maximum ball speed, with maximum forgiveness.

Not all slicers are those with crazy fast swing speeds trying to kill the ball. Plenty of slicers have slower speeds as well.

That’s what makes the shaft options in varying weights and flexes so important with the Callaway Rogue Draw Driver.

TaylorMade M5 driver

Best Adjustable Golf Driver

Remember how we said that the M6 was the Runner Up for the best gold driver of 2021. That probably left you wondering why not the M5?

The TaylorMade M5 is what we consider to be the best adjustable driver on the market.

Not only does the M5 come equipped with a Speed Injected Twist Face, but this driver also offers the T Track moveable weights.

The T Track moveable weight was a feature seen on previous M series Drivers and the TaylorMade fans loved it.

The M6, although long and forgiving does not offer this amazing benefit. The Track allows you to not only adjust launch (high vs low) but it also allows you to adjust draw and fade bias. There are two 10g moveable weights and the driver can be adjusted in seconds.

The M5 Driver also comes in a tour model that offers a slightly smaller head for the golf purist that does not feel the need for the 460cc.

Read our TaylorMade M5 Driver review.

Callaway Epic Flash

Most Forgiving Golf Driver

So the Epic Flash Sub Zero won our best overall driver but the Epic Flash model (although different) offers some amazing ball speed and forgiveness as well as an eye-pleasing green and black design.

The Epic Flash performs highest for golfers with a swing speed below 105 mph.

Phil Mickelson had this to say about the Epic Flash Driver, “”The ball speed, distance, sound…it just pushes the boundaries of everything I thought I knew about driver technology.

With several stock shaft options, this club is a great fit for the majority of golfers.

What makes it so forgiving?

Three things:

  • A new Triaxial Carbon Weave that improved MOI for off-center hits
  • The adjustability with a 16-gram sliding weight that allows you to dial in this driver to the exact specs that you might need.
  • Shaft options that work specifically for you. No need to just hit the 70 gram stiff when you really need a 50 gram stiff, Callaway has made this a simple option when buying a stock driver.

Read our Callaway Epic Flash Driver review.

Mizuno ST190

Best Affordable Driver

Although a few of the drivers we have already talked about have dropped in price since their release, some still hold around that $500 mark. If that is more than you are looking to spend, take a look at the Mizuno ST 190.

Mizuno’s iron game has been on point for many years but they are just starting to make a name for themselves in the wedge and driver market.

The ST 190 is a newer release from Mizuno that has produced the lowest spin rates to date for this company. The clubhead is sleek, black, has a very pleasant sound and depending on which model you go for it can have some adjustability as well.

Mizuno does not offer a ton of diversity when it comes to the shafts in this driver, but the stock shaft is a good one. The Mizuno comes stock with the Fujikura Atmos Line of shafts and they do offer a few different weights and flexes.

The driver offers great ball speed and distance and for almost half the price of something like the Titleist TS3, it’s certainly worth a look.

Cleveland Launcher Turbo

Best Driver For Seniors

The Senior game usually comes down to two top contenders, Cleveland and Callaway. This year we felt as though Cleveland won out with the release of the Cleveland Launcher Turbo.

What makes the Cleveland Launcher Turbo so great for a Senior is these three very simple things…

  • It’s easy to use, not much to mess with as far as adjustability, pick your loft and go play.
  • It is light, as we age our swings slow down, Cleveland compensates for that with their amazing lightweight stock shaft.
  • It’s forgiving. With one of the largest sweet spots on the market, even the misses will be solid with the Cleveland Launcher Turbo.

TaylorMade M6 D Type

Best Driver For Women

Sometimes the options for Women can be weak.

What I like about the TaylorMade M6 Women’s D Type is that it was designed using all the top technology that they put into the Men’s club head. This is not a modified version, this is the top of the line with a women’s shaft put in it.

The D Type helps to get a bit of a draw and a few more yards of roll, something we all know makes Golf just a little more fun.

If your swing speed is not where you want it to be this Driver helps in the way it was aerodynamically built to help you increase this.

Potentially most important is that this driver is available in both 10.5 and 12-degree lofts.

What to look for when Picking The Best Golf Driver?

Now that we have given you our favorite pics in the top categories it’s time for you to decide which driver is best for you. This can be easier said than done with all the information that is out there on drivers.

There are a few key categories that you need to pay attention to when choosing an option that works for you.

Club Head Size and Weight

Although most drivers are the standard 460 cc there are several that are a bit smaller. Another thing to consider is that 460 doesn’t look the same on all drivers. Some look huge and others hide the size well.

As far as Weight is concerned most companies are trying to make the clubhead lightweight if you are looking for something heavier choose a heavy shaft.


Adjustability is the name of the game for golf drivers in today’s world. Years ago if you were swinging a 10 degree but wanted a 9 you had to go spend a few hundred dollars. This is no longer the case and it’s been a great thing to happen to the game.

Adjustability can include, lofts, lie, launch, fade or draw bias. Some even have interchangeable shafts.

Shaft Options

The fitting advancements in golf have truly revolutionized the game, especially for Amateur golfers who really can’t hit anything you put in their hands. The Shaft Options are all about making sure you have the perfect combination to get the ball speeds you need.

Even though drivers have gotten more expensive through the years, the stock shaft options have gotten a lot better.

When you decide on the clubhead that you want, do some research on the shaft as well. There are high and low kick points (which will lead to high or low launch) and varying weights as well.

Generally, if you hit the ball too high you need a heavier shaft and vice versa. If you can jump on a Trackman or fitting machine to have ball speed tested it’s truly a great idea.


This can be the hardest to determine at times because of the marketing lingo used by golf manufacturers. When you hear about Jailbreak Technology and Flash Face and Triaxial Carbon it can be hard to determine what is important.

This is where the fine print comes in. When you read the information about any of these golf drivers they all have a recommended player or recommended swing speed.

If you swing at about 100mph don’t choose something that says “to get the fastest swingers the lowest spin rates”. It’s not going to be what you need.

Look for increased sweet spots, look for increased forgiveness in lower heel and upper toe. Those are the most common spots for an amateur to miss.


Hopefully, this information on the best golf driver gave you a good idea of the current technology on the market and some options that could work for you.

We consider the Epic Flash Sub Zero as the overall winner because of its incredible ball speeds, low dispersion rates, adjustability, and solid stock shaft options.

Although we consider the Epic Flash Sub Zero to be superior don’t count out the TaylorMade M6 or the Cobra F9 as both offer performance levels that we have not seen yet in the golf world.

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