Golf Apparel: What To Wear On The Golf Course?

Part of playing a great round of golf also means looking great. Golf apparel is designed to help players enjoy their round and get the most out of their time on the course.

With the right golf apparel, you can be comfortable and also score lower.

Some golfers are stuck on their traditional polo and khaki pants; however, there are some great options out there now to help ensure that you are comfortable and unrestricted while on the course. 

What To Wear Golfing? 

What you wear on the golf course will depend primarily on the weather and your personal style.

Having wardrobe and apparel options that work for a variety of weather and golf course conditions is essential.

Here are some of the types of golf apparel you can consider. 


Golf shoes have come a long way from the early spiked shoes that players used. Those long metal spikes were great for players who need stability in their swing, but they did quite a bit of damage to the course.

This is what brought the soft spike and spikeless golf shoes onto the market. 

In addition to the bottom of the shoes, golfers need to consider the comfort and the features of the shoes.

One feature to always keep in mind is the ability of the shoe to withstand wet conditions. Waterproof golf shoes are essential on rainy days or early mornings with dew on the grass. 

Shoes are a staple in the game, but it does not mean that you have to break the bank on a pair of golf shoes. There are cheap golf shoes for both women and men.

Some of the choices are cheaper and more comfortable than a pair of sneakers.

Players that enjoy walking the course or have issues with flat feet or wide feet can all find an option that will work for their game. Take advantage of the golf shoe technology on the market. 

More and more experts and professionals are realizing the importance of a great pair of golf shoes. Make sure that you are protecting your swing, your balance, and your feet by wearing the proper shoes. 


When choosing the right pants for golf, there are three very important considerations to make. The first is the course conditions, the second is the fit, and the last is the weather. If you keep these three things in mind, you will be prepared for whatever the golf course can throw at you. 

As far as fit is concerned, golfers are starting to become more comfortable in the slim fit golf pants.

Slim fit golf pants tend to provide a more modern style, and they also seem to get in the way quite a bit less than a pleated baggy golf pants.

This has been a significant change for golf, and it is bringing a more modern and fashionable style to the game. 

When it comes to weather, you will have to pay close attention to the temperature for the day. Finding golf pants that are thicker and warm is generally relatively easy.

However, the best golf pants for hot weather tend to take a bit more research.

Golf pants for hot weather tend to be more comfortable when the temperatures are high, and they will help to keep moisture off of the legs. 

Lastly, you must also consider the golf course conditions. If there is rain on the course, your regular pants are likely not going to cut it. Having a great pair of golf rain pants is an essential piece of apparel to keep in your golf bag.

Rain pants should be easy to get on and off, and they should protect your pants and even the top part of your shoes from having to deal with poor weather conditions. 

Even though shorts are getting more and more popular, golfers that wear pants feel as though they keep the classic and traditional look of the game.

Pants tend to bring a more polished style, and they are certainly an excellent choice for a tournament situation. If you have made it to the final day of your club championship, get a great pair of golf pants to compliment your golf game. 


A shirt with a collar is almost always considered a golf shirt. Golf shirts are known for having a collar and several small buttons following the collar. With a golf shirt, you will want to pay very close attention to the material.

If the weather on the course is expected to be hot and humid, performance fabrics for hot weather are essential. Golf shirts need to be breathable moisture-wicking to make your day more enjoyable. 

In addition, it is imperative that golf shirts are not restrictive in any way. If you try and take a swing and find that your shoulder or torso feels as though it can’t turn properly, you will need to consider a different golf shirt to wear.

If a shirt is made by a golf company like Izod, Callaway, Cutter, and Buck, Under Armour, or Peter Millar, you can rest assured that it will allow you to swing with ease. 

Women’s golf shirts tend to be a bit different than men’s golf shirts. Many women’s golf shirts are made with no sleeves, and they are built for a fashionable look.

Women golfers need to look for the same features when it comes to moisture-wicking materials and the ability to turn and swing through your golf shots. 

Golf shirts that have UV protection can add another layer of performance that will keep you protected from the sun.

With UV Protection, you can play your round knowing that you are at least somewhat protected from the elements at all times. 


Although the PGA Tour Professionals always have pants on, it does not mean that the amateur player must also wear pants.

Amateurs have the ability to wear shorts if they wish, and this is something that is absolutely worth taking advantage of. Shorts can make the game so much more comfortable when playing in the summer. 

Golf shorts typically cannot be cargo style, and they certainly do not qualify if they are denim. Wearing the best golf shorts means that you will have pockets for all of your golf gear. 

If your pockets are not going to be able to accommodate a few golf balls or your scorecard and a few tees, you may as well wear a different pair. 

The only other thing to look out for with shorts is the length. Some courses require shorts that are a specific length. The idea is that shorts that get a little too far above the knee are not necessarily appropriate for the private country club golfer. 


Golf apparel is an important choice when you consider all of your golf gear and equipment. Making sure that you are comfortable and stylish can sometimes be a challenge.

In the last few years, more golf companies have released high performing lines of golf clothing that are helping golfers to find solutions that work both on and off the golf course.

When you have clothes that you can wear to work and then head out to the course after, you will make your day quite a bit more manageable. With the new golf apparel on the market, this is more possible than ever. 

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