Best Women’s Golf Shoes in 2024

As a female PGA Professional, I can tell you that finding a great pair of women’s golf shoes is essential. Without the right shoes, you will be uncomfortable and unable to perform on the golf course.

Years ago, the search for a great pair of women’s golf shoes was quite difficult. Today there are so many great options on the market; it can be hard to narrow down the best ones for you. Luckily, that is where we come in.

We have pulled together some of the very best women’s golf shoes on the market. We have chosen options that will work for a variety of price ranges and player styles.

Our Best Women’s Golf Shoes in 2024

Best Women’s Golf Shoes: Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoe


  • High-quality construction 
  • Features waterproof materials 
  • Spiked shoes for extra traction 
  • It helps to keep your feet dry 
  • Feel like a sneaker but look like a golf shoe


  • More of a sporty look, not very low profile

Adidas golf shoes seem to grow in popularity each year. The Adidas brand seems to keep figuring out better technology for golfers.

The difference between these shoes and others on the market will be felt within the first few steps. These Adidas Women’s W Tech Response Golf Shoes are the best golf shoes for women on the market. 

The leather upper comes with a water-resistant technology that will help to keep your feet dry and protected from any of the elements or a rainstorm that catches you off-guard. This makes the Tech Response an excellent shoe for playing golf at any time of day and at any golf course. 

The bottom of the Adidas golf shoes features a six spike thintech outsole. This helps to give golfers some better traction and lots of stability when they are swinging.

We like that these shoes come in a few different colors, but overall they are more natural patterns. This means that you will have no trouble finding a match for them with your golf outfits. 

This is truly a tour level golf shoe with a well-designed traction pattern and plenty of comfort. Women’s golfers are lucky to have high-quality options like this to choose from. The technology for a women’s golf shoe has undoubtedly come a long way. 

Runner Up 1: FootJoy Women’s LoPro Collection Golf Shoes


  • Classic looking golf shoe
  • Lots of cushioning
  • Water-resistant technology 
  • It helps to keep feet comfortable


  • Not for wearing off the golf course

For a classic women’s golf shoe with soft spikes, durability, and a cushioned feel, the Women’s LoPro Collection from Footjoy are a great choice. Footjoy leads the way in golf footwear, and this is truly a classic and impressive shoe from the brand. 

The LoPro shoes are high quality, and they are going to be the most comfortable golf shoes for women. In fact, if you are a golfer who tends to struggle with foot pain after a round, this is a shoe that can make a big difference, 

The FootJoy Women’s LoPro collection is available in a few different colors, and it has a durable outsole to give you flexibility and room to move your foot around.

This is a great golf shoe for walking and those with a bit faster swing speeds. The soft spike technology helps golfers to dig their foot into the ground just a bit more than the spikeless.

Runner Up 2: PUMA Women’s Laguna Fusion Sport Golf Shoe


  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • Lots of comfort
  • Easy to maintain 


  • Definitely more of a sporty look as opposed to traditional

The PUMA Women’s golf shoes will be some of the more fashionable ones on our list. You can get these shoes in a variety of unique colors that will match with almost any outfit that you had in mind.

In addition to the great style and color options, the PUMA Laguna Fusion Sport also offers golfers plenty of features to get through a round in comfort. 

This shoe is made with a performance mesh material that makes them an excellent option for playing golf in the warm weather. The bottom of the shoe features spineless technology so that you won’t need to worry about changing your shoes after a round of golf. 

The Grip Zone Traction pattern on the bottom of the shoe provides plenty of support and connection to the ground. Even if you are a very fast swinging woman golfer, you will not slip in these shoes.

The arch support, impressive soft foam, and synthetic sole make the PUMA Women’s Laguna a pair of golf shoes that all women should consider. 

FootJoy Women’s Fj Leisure Slip-on Golf Shoes

Best Value Women’s Golf Shoes


  • One of the more unique and modern styles
  • Comfortable fit
  • No laces
  • Fair pricing
  • Great traction pattern


  • It does not come in a wide range of colors

When people think of FootJoy golf shoes, they assume that they are going to be expensive. Just because FootJoy has some of the best shoes in the game does not mean that they are overpriced.

In fact, the FJ Leisure Slip on is a very good value for the performance that you get. 

The Footjoy Leisure Slip on is a lightweight shoe with cushioning. The cushioning is built to last for the lifetime of the shoe. This means that if you wear your golf shoes all the time, the cushioning won’t flatten out over time. 

Although it is a not a common feature that you find in golf shoes, these FJ Leisure shoes are slip on. This means that you won’t have to worry about lacing up or your shoelaces becoming untied at some point.

The FJ Leisure will simply slide on and off your foot when you are done with your round of golf. 

With how easy these are to take care of and the durability that you get from them, this is a shoe that you could own for quite some time.

For the price that it is offered, it truly makes no sense not to invest in the Women’s FJ Leisure golf shoes. 

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

Best Premium Golf Shoes For Women


  • Available in many colors
  • Yake Leather is strong, lightweight and has increased breathability and durability 
  • Gore Tex waterproof technology 
  • Spikeless shoes can be worn off the golf course


  • One of the more expensive golf shoes

If you are a golfer that wants premium quality in your golf shoes, the Ecco Women’s Biom Hybrid is a great choice to consider. This is a shoe that has Gore Tex technology, a very comfortable fit, and is made with a premium Yak leather

The Ecco shoes are available in several different colors, and they are a very classy looking golf shoe. The Ecco look stands out from other similar golf shoes on the market.

It will do a great job to combine the premium feel with functionality and style as well. This won’t look like a sport shoe, and it won’t look like a traditional saddle shoe either. 

The BIOM technology in the Ecco golf shoes helps players to feel as though they have a better connection with the ground. This promotes more stability in the golf swing and gives players better overall balance.

If you like to walk or play golf in a cart, you will enjoy the performance of the Ecco Women’s Hybrid Gore-Tex. 

Under Armour Women’s Showdown Sunbrella Golf Shoe

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes For Women


  • Premium high quality golf shoes
  • It comes with a one-year limited waterproof warranty 
  • Comfortable midsole
  • Durable outsole


  • The shoe itself is a bit large

If you are a golfer that does not play in the rain, you may struggle with why it makes sense to purchase a waterproof golf shoe.

However, if you play golf in the morning, you will also want to consider purchasing a waterproof golf shoe. Morning golf means that the grass will be quite wet, and your shoes will soak quickly. 

One of the best women’s golf shoes for waterproof technology is the Under Armour Women’s Showdown. With the Showdown, you will get a very lightweight sunbrella upper that is fade and weather resistant. These shoes are built to be outside in any weather condition. 

If you are in the market for a genuinely waterproof golf shoe, you need to look for something that comes with a waterproof warranty. The Under Armour have a one year waterproof warranty. This is an essential factor to consider when purchasing women’s waterproof golf shoes. 

In the midsole, you will notice the Under Armour Dual Durometer technology. Essentially this means that you will have excellent arch support and comfort as well. The material these shoes are made from and their features will absolutely take your golf game to the next level. 

New Balance Women’s Minimus Sl Golf Shoe

Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Walking


  • The spikeless rubber outsole is durable 
  • Good traction for walking 
  • Nice lightweight shoe to keep your feet from getting tired
  • Fair price for a spikeless golf shoe


  • It does not hold up well in all weather conditions

When you look at all of the excellent walking ladies’ golf shoes, you will notice that they are built a bit more like sneakers.

When you are playing golf and walking, you will walk about five miles. Certainly, a walking shoe’s features need to be a bit different from those of a fashion shoe. 

The best walking shoe for women golfers is the New Balance Minimus SI. These are spikeless golf shoes that have a breathable mesh upper. The mesh helps to keep your foot cool.

The only downside is that these are not the best choice for wet conditions. When a golf course is very wet, you will need to choose something with more waterproof technology or a shoe with a leather upper. 

Inside the New Balance golf shoes, you will notice an ortholite insole that helps the player’s foot stay cool and dry.

You also get the RevLite midsole that provides quite a bit of cushioning as well. These are shoes that will perform like the best New Balance athletic shoes but have specific features that make them good golfing shoes. 

FootJoy Women’s Golf Sandals Shoes

Best Women’s Golf Sandals


  • Good for warm weather
  • Provide plenty of comfort
  • SPike pattern allows for a lot of traction 


  • Not the best golf shoes for poor weather

Women’s golf sandals are a popular choice in areas where golfers have to deal with extreme heat. A golf sandal is built to ensure that your feet have maximum breathability the entire time you are on the course.

Not all golfers will enjoy the features of golf sandal, but for some, they can be a good fit. 

The FootJoy Women’s Golf Sandals are an excellent choice for those that have a wider foot. These are easy to get on your foot and have a surprising amount of comfort. One worry that many golfers have with the sandal is the balance and stability they provide. 

The spike pattern and enhanced traction on the bottom of these golf sandals make them incredibly supportive.

There is only one downside to the sandal, which is when you are playing in wet conditions. Being caught in a rainstorm with soaking wet feet and shoes is not our ideal golf situation! 

Women’s Golf Shoes Buying Guide

As you can see, there are some great options out there for women’s golf shoes.

Whether you like something more traditional with a spike or the spikeless golf shoes are your best fit, there are still a few things to consider before making your final purchase.

Here are the factors we highly recommend considering before purchasing your next pair of women’s golf shoes. 

Do Women Golfers Need Golf Shoes? 

With more and more companies pushing out the spikeless golf shoe technology, some golfers start to wonder if a good sneaker will do just as much for your game as a golf shoe.

Although sneakers are a great option to consider, they don’t offer the same weather protection or traction that a golf shoe does. 

Even with a spikeless golf shoe bottom, you will notice that the shoe is built with a specific pattern to support golfers. If you are new to the game and play a few rounds with a sneaker on, this will not be a problem.

However, if you are serious about the game, a pair of golf shoes is a very smart investment. 

Is Waterproof Technology Necessary In Golf Shoes? 

Waterproof technology can help a golfer that is walking through wet grass. As you walk through the grass, the shoe gets wet, which then soaks into the sock and eventually gets to your foot.

If you have never played a round of golf with wet shoes, you may not understand the discomfort. 

If you play quite a bit of golf, chances are you will encounter some wet conditions at some point. Ideally, we recommend that women golfers have two pairs of golf shoes.

One pair should be lightweight and designed for walking; another pair should be a bit more premium and have more features. The premium pair should have the waterproof technology. 

ALternate your golf shoes and choose the pair that matches the conditions of the day. 

How Often Do Golf Spikes Need To Be Changed? 

When you purchase a golf shoe with soft spikes, you will have to change the spikes out from time to time. For some golfers, the spikes will need to be changed twice a year, and for others, it may be more like once a year.

The amount of time that you have between spike changes will depend on how much golf you play. 

The good news is that it is very easy to tell if your shoes are ready for a spike change. You will be able to look at the spikes and know that they are ready to be changed.

The small pieces on the bottom of the spike will be worn down and breaking. You will notice that the majority of the shoe will now sit flat and not have that raised feel that it once did. 

To keep your golf shoes in good shape for a longer period of time, avoid walking across pavement and concrete. Wearing your spikes on turf will undoubtedly help to keep them in better shape quite a bit longer. 


The best ladies golf shoes are the Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes. These shoes are high performance, long-lasting, and have tremendous comfort.

You will feel like you are wearing a tour level golf shoe when you have the Adidas shoe on your foot. With this shoe’s availability in a few colors and the fair pricing, this becomes a golf shoe that all women should consider.

If you like to walk or ride the golf course, the Adidas is a shoe that will absolutely get the job done.


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