How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last [Things You Should Know]

If you own an electric cart, the batteries are likely the most expensive component of the cart. To plan for when and how you will replace these golf cart batteries, it pays to know a thing or two about them. 

If you have ever wondered how long golf cart batteries last and how you can take some steps towards golf cart battery maintenance to prolong them, we have all the answers you need. As a golf cart owner, I can give you tips detailing what worked for me to maximize the longevity of my golf cart batteries. 

How long do golf cart batteries last? 

Golf cart batteries will last 6-8 years on average in a privately owned cart. Fleet carts that tend to see much more use may only get 4 to 6 years of battery life. For lithium-ion batteries, the latest trend in golf carts expects at least 10 years of battery life.

How long do golf cart batteries last

What determines how long a golf cart battery will last?

A golf cart battery should last anywhere from 6 to 8 years. However, you may have heard stories from your friends about a battery only lasting four or five years. If you don’t take care of it properly, this is a real possibility.


It is a good idea to schedule general maintenance for your electric golf cart batteries once per month. This is not something you need to pay for; it can easily be completed by you. 

The things you will want to check for are corrosion on the battery terminals as well as the water inside the battery. The water needs to be filled to the line as running the batteries dry is not effective, and it will burn them up much quicker. 

In addition, you will want to clean the terminals. I have used a solution of vinegar and baking soda that you brush on the terminals, which helps remove corrosion. I don’t pour this all over the battery, as it’s best not to soak it like this. 

Instead, simply use a wire brush, dip it in the solution, and clean the terminals. Sometimes adding a little grease can also help to make sure that they stay in good shape. 


Most modern golf cart chargers will stop charging as soon as they reach a full charge. However, if you don’t have something like this, there is a potential that you could overcharge the battery. When the golf cart reaches a full charge, unplug it. 

Overcharging will stress the battery and decrease its longevity of the battery.

Golf Cart Charging


The weight of a golf cart will impact how long a battery will last. If you have a large family that you are carting around on the cart, or you use it to carry around a lot of gear, expect the battery will wear out sooner. 

This is simply a result of making the cart battery work a little harder each time it is used. 

One of the reasons Lithium batteries are becoming more popular is that they are lighter in weight, and you don’t need as many of them to make the cart run. 


Golf cart batteries need water. It is important to keep them filled with water, but you must only fill them to the fill line. If you fill your batteries above the fill line, water will leak, and there will be a mess in your golf cart. 

In addition, when you overfill the batteries, you often see quite a bit more corrosion on the cart. The corrosion leads to poor connection and, eventually, a battery that does not last nearly as long. Simply fill to the fill line, and this won’t be an issue. 

Letting It Run Out of Battery 

Don’t let your golf cart battery run out. Some golfers will use their cart until it gets to zero percent and then make it charge all the way back up. This is a mistake. 

If you do this often, your golf cart battery life will be considerably reduced. 

Instead, you should be charging the cart often and keeping it above 80% charge when you can. Letting a golf cart run out of battery may happen sometimes, but it’s not a best practice.

Golf Cart Parked on the Road

How to make golf cart batteries last longer?

Golf cart batteries will last longer if you follow certain general rules that prolong their life. The first is that you should not overcharge or undercharge your battery. Don’t let it go down to zero and expect that it’s going to last long. 

Most of the time, you want to keep it charged more than 80%. In addition, be sure that your golf cart batteries always have the right amount of water in them. If you will not use the cart for quite some time, make sure to get a trickle charger to keep the batteries fresh.

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Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the length of a golf cart’s battery life.


At this point, you should feel more confident in how to keep your golf cart batteries working and make sure you don’t have to replace your batteries often. Golf cart batteries are expensive, and golf cart owners should do all they can to keep them healthy for as long as possible. I play a lot of golf, but I make sure to schedule monthly checkups on the batteries to ensure they are as healthy as can be.

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