Best Golf Cart Batteries for 2024: Complete Buyer’s Guide

If you own an electric golf cart, you know the battery life is not going to last for the length of the cart. Electric carts are great for the environment; they are clean to run and generally quite easy to fix.

The only real downside to them is that every few years, you are going to put in a new battery. Since most electric golf carts will have six or eight batteries, this can get a bit expensive.

Here are some great choices for the best golf cart batteries across several different categories. There is sure to be one on our list that will do the trick for your golf cart.

Our Best Golf Cart Batteries in 2024

Best Golf Cart Batteries: Trojan T-105 6V Batteries


  • Well known performance
  • Adequate voltage and power for electric golf cart batteries
  • High capacity and long life
  • Best golf cart batteries on the market


  • They are usually priced higher than other choices

Trojan Golf Cart batteries are, without a doubt, the leader when it comes to golf cart batteries. These are not going to be the cheapest golf cart batteries, but they will have some of the highest capacity and performance

These Trojan T-105 are deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries that will arrive on a pallet in a pack of six. This is enough to power your golf cart completely. Some of the things that people like the most about the Trojan battery is that it is virtually maintenance free

Although you will have to check on the batteries from time to time, add water, and clean the terminals, the Trojan just seem to function and hold up better than other battery options on the market. 

The fact that the Trojan batteries for golf cart are deep cycles is an important thing to consider. The deep cycle battery can be charged and used over and over again, and it will not affect the battery life cycle.

This is important as golf cart owners are going to want to charge their battery after each round of golf.

US2200 XC2 6-Volt Golf Cart Battery

Best 6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries


  • Deep cycle golf cart battery
  • High power
  • Long battery life


  • Priced higher than other golf cart batteries

If you are very particular about your golf cart batteries, then you may enjoy the performance of these US Battery 6 Volt Batteries. Although these are not going to be the cheapest batteries on the market, they will offer some impressive power and capacity benefits. 

The US Battery 6 volt battery is constructed of very durable and heavy duty materials. This is a case that is going to outlast the battery itself. If you live in a climate where the battery tends to have trouble with corrosion, the US Battery may be the one that you want to go with. 

If you remember, our top choice for a golf cart battery was the Trojan, and it had 225 Amp Hours. The US Battery has 232 Amp Hours and does beat out almost all of the competition.

The US Batteries are going to charge faster than other batteries, and they are going to hold their charge longer. 

With all of these great benefits on the US Battery, you may wonder why it didn’t get our top overall best choice. The only real reason is that these acid batteries are a bit expensive.

If you can afford this golf cart battery, chances are you are going to be very pleased with the results that you get. 

Universal Power Group UBGC8 8 Volt 200 Battery

Best 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries


  • AGM Battery
  • Best golf cart batteries for low maintenance
  • Great power
  • Easy to take care of


  • An AGM Battery is usually quite expensive

If your golf cart requires an 8 volt battery, then the Universal Power Group AGM Sealed Battery could be a great choice.

This is truly a maintenance free battery as it is absorbed glass mat and not a wet battery. This will leave you never having to add water to the battery. 

Of course, you will pay a bit more for an AGM battery type but in the end you will save quite a bit of your time. Many people who are seasonal residents love the idea of the AGM battery because they won’t need to worry about checking on it quite as much when they are out of town. 

With the AGM battery you will also have a battery that is spill proof. This means that if you need to position your battery in a different way inside the golf cart you can do so. With the flooded lead acid batteries, they are going to be stored upright. 

The Universal Power Group resists shocks and comes with a one year warranty. These batters weigh about 75 lbs each, so be prepared to have some help putting this battery in your golf cart.

Trojan T-1275 12V 150Ah Flooded Lead Acid

Best 12 Volt Golf Cart Batteries


  • Well known brand
  • High performing and long lasting golf cart battery


  • Not all carts will accommodate a 12 V battery

Trojan makes our list yet again with its 12 volt deep cycle lead acid battery. This is a powerful and long lasting battery that is going to be with you for a very long time. Of course, you will have to properly maintain the flooded battery to make sure that it is never running dry.

The Trojan 12 Volt batteries could work in a 48 V cart that has 8 V batteries currently installed. Some people chose to go with a four 12V batteries instead of 6, 8 V Batteries. You will have to see what your golf cart can accommodate and what works best.

Sometimes to switch from one type of battery to another, you will need another battery tray and some different connection as well. The Trojans are accustomed to running for a very long time without needing to be charged. You won’t have to fully charge it each time to maintain the health of the battery.

This Trojan battery will weigh well over 80 pounds. Considering the best 8V golf cart batteries weigh over 75 pounds, you can see why some people choose to go with 12V batteries for their golf cart.

The lower weight in the cart will help it start to go a little faster. This is partly why people are starting to switch to the very expensive lithium ion batteries in their golf cart as well.

If you are looking to make the switch from 8V to 12V you will likely be very impressed with the Trojan acid batteries’ performance.

Lynx Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Battery

Best Lithium Ion Battery for Golf Carts


  • High quality
  • Long warranty
  • Detects issues and has safeguards in place
  • Weighs only 30 lbs
  • Best golf cart battery for longevity


  • Priced higher than lead acid

The newest trend in golf cart batteries is the Lithium Ion batteries. These are maintenance free batteries that can last almost three times as long as traditional acid batteries.

The Lithium Ion batteries are clean and easy to connect; you just have to make sure that your golf cart is equipped to handle them.

Sometimes you will need a conversion kit depending on what you are installing and what type of cart you have. The Smart Cell Load Balancing helps to regulate the power used to charge the cells. The lithium ion batteries help the cart to run smoothly, and they charge extremely fast.

You will notice that most acid batteries will come with a one year warranty. The Lithium Ion batteries will come with a five year warranty. This has everything to do with the fact that these batteries for golf carts are all that much better at giving you longterm battery life.

This particular model is a 12V battery, so you would need to put four of them in to your 48V golf carts. This will certainly cost quite a bit of extra money, but for the functionality and peace of mind, you may be glad you did it.

Miady Golf Cart Battery

Best Value Golf Cart Battery


  • Compatible with most golf carts
  • Lighter and compact version
  • Over 2000 cycles
  • Fair pricing


  • Not as long lasting at the Trojan

There is no denying the fact that replacing golf cart batteries is expensive. If you have a golf cart you will often find that all of the batteries tend to go at once. This is unfortunate because the replacement expense will likely be much more than you even realize. The good news is that companies like Miady make this a bit more affordable for the average golf cart owner. 

These Miady batters are 12V but they also come in a 6V model for those that need them. These batteries are not just used in golf carts but also with certain RV applications or a trailer. There is very little maintenance with a Miady sealed AGM battery and they are more lightweight and compact than the lead acid models on the market. 

The battery has over 2000 cycles which is quite a bit for a golf cart battery and should give you several years of functionality. The battery also comes with a warranty that extends the first year and a half. The most important thing to check before investing in these golf cart batteries is that they are compatible with your current golf cart. If that check passes then this is a smart investment.

Golf Cart Batteries Buying Guide

Knowing the best golf carts on the market is only half the battle, now you will need to understand which of these batteries is going to be the best for your golf cart. If you plan to replace the batteries in the cart yourself, you should have a good understanding of the type of batteries you need and how they are all going to work together. Replacing golf cart batteries does not need to be difficult, but you must choose the right product. 

Brand Name

The brand name golf cart battery is Trojan. These are the most well known golf cart batteries and they are great for golfers that are looking for something long lasting and durable. The brand name on a battery does matter. You must make sure that the battery has a strong company behind it and that there is a warranty involved with the battery. 

Essentially when you compare something like a Trojan golf cart battery to a cheap knockoff type brand, there is a large difference in the capacity and longevity. Although you may save quite a bit of money at the beginning of the process, in the end, you will end up paying more. This is simply not worth it. 

Find a way to invest in something that is a good benefit to you and your golf cart. You won’t regret it. 


The biggest problem with electric golf carts is that they don’t last forever. Although the motor and all other parts are very easy to take care of and work with, the batteries have a shorter lifespan. Golfers that play a lot of golf and use their carts daily could go through an entire set of batteries in about four years. 

However, there are players that are also going to play just once a week and take their cart out for a ride occasionally and get six or seven years out of a set of batteries. The idea here is that golf cart batteries will only last long enough to charge a certain number of times. This is what the cycle is referring to. 

Once the golf cart battery has charged a certain number of times, it can no longer hold its charge. Most players are not going to keep track of the number of cycles that they get from their battery and instead will assume that batteries need to be replaced every five years or so. 

Battery Type

The lead acid battery used to be the only kind that golfers could get for their carts. However, things have changed, and players are now able to get lithium golf cart batteries or sealed AGM golf cart batteries. 

The lead acid is still the most cost effective type on the market; however, with the lead acid, there is considerably more maintenance. These golf cart batteries need to be refilled with water every week, and it is important for the batteries to be checked on constantly. 

With sealed batteries or the lithium ion, you pay a bit more upfront, but in the end, the battery is going to have a lot longer life and lower maintenance expenses through the years. If you are a golfer that is going to forget to add water to your golf cart batteries every month, choose something that is lower in maintenance. 


The price of golf cart batteries is high. In fact, if you look at an electric golf cart that is for sale and the price is rather low, chances are the batteries are almost done. People know that the expense of a set of batteries is typically around $700 to $1000. This is a large investment for people to make, and it happens every few years. 

Luckily the pricing of golf cart batteries is something that remains fairly consistent. You can plan for this expense and make sure that you are saving up for the next time that your golf cart needs new batteries. 

One way to save money on golf cart batteries is to properly maintain your batteries through the years. If you do the right thing with the golf cart batteries, you can expect that they will be a much better overall value. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better idea of the best batteries for golf carts on the market, you may have some questions about the best electric golf carts and their batteries.

An electric golf cart’s overall operation and functionality is rather simple; however, understanding a few of these important things can help make your life that much easier. 

What is a Battery Strap Used For?

There are a few things that you are going to need when you put new batteries in your cart. One of these is a battery strap. If you read our reviews of the traditional lead acid 6, 8, and 12V battery, you know that they are usually 70 or more pounds each. 

The battery sits in a compartment in the golf cart, and it is placed very close to other batteries. They are all connected together with cables to make it easy for them to function all within one unit. The problem with this is that there is no good way to grab the battery out. 

Add on the fact that it weighs more than 70 lbs, and most people leave this job to the experts. However, even the experts will tell you that a battery strap makes this process much easier. You can hook the strap to either side of the battery and pull it out in a matter of seconds. 

Can I Replace A Golf Cart Battery Myself? 

Many cart owners replace a battery on their own. If you have a battery strap and a basic understanding of how the electric cart functions, then you can handle replacing a battery. 

What we suggest doing is taking a picture of the golf cart battery before you disconnect or remove anything. You can refer to this picture once the battery is out, and you need to place the new one in. When you remove the battery, make sure you don’t damage any of the other batteries in the process. 

This is a great time to look for any corrosion or issues and fix that as soon as you can. If you have six batteries in your cart and they are all getting old, it is best to replace them all at once. If you put one new battery in with several old ones, it could get drained rather quickly. 

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last? 

The life span of a golf cart battery will depend on how much it is used and how it is cared for. If you take good care of the golf cart batteries and use the cart periodically, then you should get about 4-6 years out of your battery. 

A lithium ion battery could last ten or more years. If you happen to purchase something like a Trojan battery, you may also get a bit more time before you have to replace it.

Purchasing high quality batteries for a few dollars more than a cheap battery is a smart idea. When you consider that you will get many years out of it, it’s really hard to complain about the few extra dollars. 

What Is The Maintenance Required With Golf Cart Batteries? 

A lead acid deep cycle wet battery is going to need water to be refilled about once a month. If you don’t add the water and the battery runs dry, it will burn out and lose its effectiveness.

The process of putting water in the battery is simple and will take a matter of minutes to complete it. We recommend planning this as a monthly occurrence to make sure that you never forget. 

The other maintenance that you will have to handle is corrosion problems on the battery terminal. This happens quite often with acid batteries, and it only takes a minute or two to clean up the mess. Making sure there is no corrosion on the battery will help it to run better, and it will also help the overall health of the terminal itself. 

To clean the terminal, put a little baking soda and water into a cup. Take an old toothbrush and brush the terminals with the baking soda and water solution.

You will notice almost immediately that the baking soda starts to clear up the corrosion. You can then wipe the terminals clean and keep an eye on them the next time you fill the batteries with water. 

Are Gas or Electric Golf Carts Better? 

When you start looking at the price to change out your golf cart battery, it may have you wondering if it’s time to get a gas golf cart.

The battery is the most expensive part of the electric cart, and it is unfortunate that they need to be replaced often, but it also is partly why they are so easy to have. 

Electric golf carts run clean; you don’t have to run to the gas station continually; they usually have a smoother and quieter ride as well.

Gas golf carts are better for hilly areas where you may need more power to climb up and down hills. Gas golf carts are also better for long distance rides in the cart.

Most of the time gas and electric golf carts will be offered at around the same price. The resale value tends to be higher on the gas carts because people know they won’t need to change the batteries out in just a few years.  

If you get stranded without gas in a cart, it is usually a bit easier to refill than to charge a cart up overnight. There are positives and negatives to both gas and electric carts you have to find the one that fits you lifestyle the best. 

What Voltage Golf Cart Is Best? 

Carts that have a higher voltage are generally going to run much faster than those with a lower voltage. If you are not as worried about speed, then the voltage of the batteries won’t matter too much. 

If you are thinking of changing your cart to a higher voltage, check with your cart repair shop. There are usually additional adjustments that need to be made to your cart to adjust to the different batteries you plan on putting in.

Sometimes it is as simple as switching out the battery type, but most times, there is more to it than that. 

Does A Golf Cart Battery Need To Be Fully Charged To Work? 

Cart batteries are typically deep-cycle batteries. This means that you don’t need to be so careful with charging them. Sometimes a battery needs to be charged fully and run down fully so that it does not have any impact on its long term life. 

With these types of cart batteries, that should not be a concern. If you play a round of golf in the morning, you can charge the cart for an hour or two and take it back out again. Even if it does not have a full charge, you will still be able to use it, and you will get plenty of life out of it. 

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What Is The Difference Between A Deep Cycle Battery and an AGM Battery? 

A deep cycle battery is the wet battery that we were referring to. You need to add water to these so that they function properly. With this type of acid battery, you will notice a significant decrease in the capacity and the life cycle when it has no water in it. 

For the AGM battery, you will have a maintenance free battery. This is considered to be a dry or closed battery, and it will not need those monthly checks that we talked about.

The AGM battery has a similar capacity and life cycle to the acid, but it is more expensive, and you will spend less time overall taking care of it. 

Can I Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery? 

Sometimes you may find that one of your golf cart batteries is leaking or has busted in some way. To avoid having to purchase all new golf cart batteries, you may consider replacing just the one. In some situations, this can work, and in others, it can be a problem that will drain that battery very quickly. 

Sometimes the cart will look for the strongest battery to help it perform the right way. The newest battery in the cart will drain faster and sometimes need to be replaced sooner. When one battery goes, it makes sense to have the other ones tested. 

When you have the batteries tested, you can make a decision about whether you should replace them all or just one. Most of the time it makes sense to replace all of the batteries at the same time.


Hopefully, this information about golf carts and their batteries has helped to increase your understanding. Although there are many choices out there for a golf cart battery, the Trojan company makes some of the best choices.

They have been in the market for a very long time, and their batteries have great capacity and a very long lifespan. Since you are going to be investing quite a bit into a new golf cart battery, it pays to purchase something that will last. 


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