6 Best Golf Drivers You Can Get For Under $100 in 2024

We’ve chosen a selection that proves that cheap clubs can be good, so we have plenty of positive things to report. 

However, it’s no secret that cheaper clubs are going to run into issues that expensive clubs don’t, so we’ll make sure you know the cons of each as well! 

We’ll also let you know who each club is best for and what customers are saying about them. Let’s get into it!

Best Golf Driver Under $100

Best Overall: PGX Offset Driver

PGX Offset Golf Driver

Key Features

  • It comes with a headcover
  • Offset technology 
  • Black matte finish for better visibility 


  • Can help players fix a slice
  • It falls well below the $100 threshold 
  • 460cc clubhead 
  • Great looking golf driver


  • If you don’t leave the headcover on, the driver cover can chip

The PGX Offset Driver is our best overall option for the best golf driver under $100. With this PGX Offset golf driver, you can ensure that your golf club has a square face at impact and that you are going to get the distance and forgiveness that you need. 

Although the PGX brand is very much considered a value brand, it is still one of the better options on the market for those that are interested in saving money. The clubhead on the PGX Offset driver is just as large as you will find on any of the top drivers on the market. 

We would recommend that the mid to low swing speed golfers use the PGX offset; those with very fast swings may have a hard time with this club and its durability in the shaft. For beginners that slice the ball, the PGX Offset is a great option to consider. 

What Customers Say about PGX Offset Driver

Amazon reviews have this driver at almost four out of five stars, which is quite an achievement for a driver that costs well under $100. 

What holds reviewers back from giving it five stars is unsurprising, with several customers complaining about the durability – particularly on the club head. 

However, in line with the advertised anti-slicing technology, many customers reported significant accuracy improvements.

Best Runner Up: King Par Tec Plus 460 CC

King Par TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men's

Key Features

  • High MOI Design 
  • 460CC 
  • Lightweight graphite shaft


  • Large and forgiving club head 
  • The extra large sweet spot 
  • It comes with a headcover


  • It doesn’t have the best overall feel 

The King Par Tec is a great golf driver in the $100 and under price range. If you find that the PGX Offset is just a bit too much offset for you, then the King Par Tec Plus could be a great option to consider. This is a high MOI design that has a ton of forgiveness built-in. 

This driver has a very lightweight golf shaft that will help players get a high level of speed. When you can get this extra speed from your golf driver, you will notice an increase in distance and overall performance. 

One of the things that helped the PGX stand out as our top choice was the matte black finish. You won’t get that same sleek look with the King Par Tec Plus 460 Driver, but you will find the clubhead stays in better condition for a longer time. If you are new to the game or simply don’t feel like spending $500 on your next driver, this is a perfect option to consider. 

What Customers Say about King Par Tec Plus 460 CC

One reviewer said you “get what you pay for”, and that’s the general impression Amazon reviews of this club give off. 
It is among the best quality drivers you can expect to pay less than $100 for, which is probably why it has nearly four out of five stars.

Best For Beginner: Ram Golf SGS 460 CC Driver

Ram Golf SGS 460cc Driver

Key Features

  • 460cc Oversized driver
  • It falls well below the $100 mark 
  • Large sweet spot


  • Slightly shorter than a standard golf driver
  • Matching headcover 
  • Very easy to control
  • It can work well for higher swing speeds


  • The steel shaft is heavier than other golf drivers on the market 

The Ram Golf SGS 460CC Driver is the best choice for the golfer that would like an easy to control golf club. Drivers are not easy to control, and for beginner players, it can be even more trying to keep a golf ball in the fairway. 

Ram had a solution for this that helped to keep the pricing down and allow players a bit more confidence in the shots that they hit. With the Ram Golf SGS 460CC, the shaft is steel, and it is cut shorter than others on the market. 

The shorter steel shaft allows a player to learn to control the drives; the only problem is that there can be a bit of lack of distance. If you really don’t have much strength yet, the Ram Golf SGS may not be the best choice to consider. Overall this is a unique golf driver, and there are not many like it on the market. Keep this one in mind if you find that hitting the ball straight would be a better fit for you. 

What Customers Say about Ram Golf SGS 460 CC Driver

Amazon reviews confirm that this is a particularly good option for beginners. Many reviewers were novice players who said this driver made it easy for them to make longer, straighter shots.

Like the PGX Offset Driver, there were some complaints about the durability of the club head, although this is the first club on our list to have over four stars. Remarkably, 60% of the ratings were five stars!

Best For Distance: Alien Golf Area 51 Golf Driver

Alien Golf Area:51 Driver

Key Features

  • 460cc driver
  • Aerodynamic head
  • Soft feel grip


  • A great option for extra distance
  • Aerodynamic golf driver 
  • High speed golf driver


  • The sound at impact is a little harsh 

The Ram Golf SGS 460cc driver was all about control, whereas the Alien Golf Area 51 Golf Driver is more about distance. This is a 460cc hyper titanium driver that is all about getting golfers more distance than they thought possible. The aerodynamic head on the Alien Golf Area 51 Golf Driver is aerodynamic and allows for lots of speed. 

One of the other features that we enjoy about this Alien Golf Area 51 Golf Driver is the soft feel pro line grip. The grip is similar to a Winn grip which would only really be found on a more premium golf driver. 

Even though this may not be a brand that you have heard all that much about, and the technology is undoubtedly a bit different than other clubs on the market, the Alien Golf Area 51 golf driver is USGA conforming. 

What Customers Say about Alien Golf Area 51 Golf Driver

Here we have another club approaching four stars on Amazon, with the majority of reviews putting it at five stars. 

One reviewer went as far as to say this driver had them hitting the longest drives they had ever hit, and another predicted that this club would become more expensive in the future. 

No club is without its negative reviews, especially when it comes to budget clubs. While one reviewer complained about the durability of the club head, most negative reviews were actually about the durability of the shaft.

This is the other side of the coin when it comes to the long drives that can be made with this club: what makes this shaft so flexible also makes it less durable.

Best For Fixing A Slice: Bullet Golf B52 Bomber

Bullet Golf B52 Bomber Anti Slice Driver

Key Features

  • Graphite shaft
  • Soft and comfortable grip
  • Slice reducing


  • A large amount of offset 
  • Uniflex shaft for a wide range of players
  • It comes with a headcover


  • If you don’t slice the ball, this driver will correct a bit more than you need it to 

The Bullet Golf B52 Bomber is a great golf driver for a golfer that is struggling to fix a slice. This is a very offset club head that will allow for a player to close the clubface and get a bit more right to left spin on a golf shot. When you have exhausted all other options, and the ball still travels to the right on your drives, try a Bullet Golf B52 Bomber and see how it can help your game. 

With the B52, you will also get a soft rubber grip that allows players to feel as though they have control over the club and can have a better overall feel. With this golf club in your hands, you can finally swing through the impact zone with confidence that the ball has a chance to go straight. 

The only issue with this club is the amount of offset that it has. With this extreme offset, except that if you hit one straight, it could end up going a bit too far to the left. An OFfset is a tool that helps a golfer slices; it is not a tool that allows a golfer that hooks or draws the ball. Keep this in mind, and the Bullet GOlf B52 Bomber could end up being an excellent choice for your game. 

What Customers Say about Bullet Golf B52 Bomber

Amazon reviews put this driver at 3.9 stars. While one reviewer confirmed that the driver makes for straighter shots, several reviewers noted their improvements in distance, which is a bonus.

Best For Women: Coolo Driver

COOLO Driver Golf Club for Women Right Handed

Key Features

  • 460CC Deep face with a large sweet spot
  • Optimized center of gravity 
  • Long carry distance 


  • Perfect weight for a female golfer 
  • Classic lightweight premium golf shaft 
  • Higher launch angle and a lot of extra carries 


  • Not a well known name for women’s golf clubs 

For the woman golfer that is on a budget, the Coolo driver could be a great option to consider. Many of these golf drivers, less than $100, are made for male golfers or are considered unisex golf clubs. However, the Coolo was created specifically with the woman golfer in mind. 

This is a large 460cc face that comes with a large sweet spot and a forgiving face. Even if you miss the center of the clubface from time to time, this is a driver that can get you back into play. One of the things that also make this a great golf driver for women is the weight of the golf shaft and the center of gravity of the head. 

The clubhead has a low center of gravity that makes it easy to launch your golf shot. The carry distances from the Coolo driver are quite good, and you will get plenty of overall ball speed. For women golfers that struggle with total distance but still need to keep their budget in check, the Coolo is a great golf driver.

What Customers Say about Coolo Driver

Most Amazon reviews about this club are positive but not very detailed. That may be a very good sign, meaning there are no specific issues customers are having with the product. 

It may also reflect that the target customers aren’t particularly picky compared to most players and are happy with this product. 

Either way, it seems like a good sign that one of the only complaints was that the buyer didn’t realize that it was designed for women.

Buying Guide: How do I choose a golf driver?

Now that we have given you some of the best golf drivers on the market for less than $100, it’s time to break down which one of these could be the best fit for your game. There are lots of great things about each of these clubs, but golfers of all skill levels need to be smart about what they choose. Here are some of the most important things to consider and to look for. 

Shaft Type

The type of golf shaft that you choose will either be steel or graphite. In almost all of the premium golf drivers on the market with the high price points, you are going to find a graphite shaft. However, some clubs in the budget category will have a steel shaft. 

There is nothing wrong with a steel shaft driver, but you must be aware of the differences that it will bring. For instance, the steel shaft driver is a bit heavier to swing and takes some extra swing speed to get the same distance. 

Some of the steel shafts on the market are made to be a little shorter to help with overall control and feel. The graphite shaft is going to be the best choice for the majority of golfers. 


The flex of the golf shaft is typically a uniflex option. The uniflex means a golfer that typically uses a regular or a stiff golf shaft. Most of the time, with a budget friendly golf driver, you are going to give up your ability to choose the flex of your shaft. 

This is a bit frustrating, and you will kind of have to take what you can get. However, in the end, most golfers that are shopping in this price range can pick a club that ends up working relatively well for them. 

The flex of a golf shaft is an important consideration as you won’t be able to hit the ball consistently straight unless your golf shaft is the right one. 

Club Head Size

The size of the club head is another feature that can help players hit longer and straighter golf shots. The USGA limits the size of a club head to 460cc. This is as large as it will go for now, and some people say it’s as large as a club head will ever get. With the distances we are currently seeing from professionals, this could very well be the case. 

All of the options on our list are a 460cc club head size. If you are going to purchase a driver, this is really the size that it should be. Some manufacturers will try to advertise a club like a driver when in reality, it is more of a driving iron or a lower lofted fairway wood. 

The true 460cc club heads can give players lots of extra distance and performance, and it is well worth taking advantage of this technology. 

Offset Technology 

Some golf drivers on the market will have offset technology. This offset technology is designed to help golfers that slice the ball. The slice is a very common miss in an amateur golfer, and it causes the ball to go from a path that is straight down the fairway to one that makes a severe turn to the right. 

The offset technology is very common in the $100 and lower range for drivers. Typically speaking, golfers that are searching in this category are going to have a little less experience on the golf course, or they simply don’t spend enough time out there to justify the costs of a higher cost driver. 

Offset technology is a lifesaver for some; however, if you are not someone that hits a slice, you will want more of a straight neck golf driver. Slicing the ball is a common mistake, but it is not something that all golfers will struggle with. 

Legal vs. Illegal 

All of the golf drivers on our list of the best golf drivers under $100 will have legal technology approved by the USGA. However, there are several other drivers in the under $100 category that will have illegal technology. The illegal technology essentially means that a golfer cannot use the product in a golf tournament to USGA sanctioned event. 

For the average player that just enjoys making their way around the golf course with a set of clubs that helps them hit it longer and straighter, the legal vs. illegal technology may not matter. Golf clubs and golf balls will be illegal if they are deemed to roll too far or fly too far. In addition, if there is spin technology that seems too advantageous, the driver will be considered illegal. 

The illegal vs. legal driver decision is up to you based on your personal preferences. However, it is very important to know if you are using a legal or illegal golf club when you make your initial purchase. 

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Many golfers are worried about spending $500 on a golf driver, and they will ask lots of questions before doing so. However, golfers also tend to worry about purchasing a driver for less than $100 because they are worried about the performance of the driver and its ability to hold up over time. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions that we get about the best golf drivers under $100. 


If you’re in a rush, a good budget driver is the PGX Offset Driver. 

It looks nice, corrects your slices, and has impressive distance. Simply follow the storage instructions to make it last as long as possible!

The other clubs on our list show that golfers on a budget now have many options to choose from, with high-quality, cheap drivers available for a diverse range of players with different needs.

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