Best Golf Irons Under $500

Golf irons can be incredibly expensive to replace. With the manufacturing process and the materials used to create golf irons sets, the pricing can be well over $1000 for a new set of golf irons. The good news is that there are some companies putting out budget golf irons for the golfers that don’t have this extra money to spend. 

These golf irons sometimes fall short when it comes to feeling or distance; however, others will have the exact performance you need. Let’s look at the best golf irons under $500 and what to look for to make sure they are a good match for your skills. 

Best Golf Irons Under $500

Best Overall: PXG 2021 0211 DC Iron Set

PXG 2021 0211 DC Iron Set

Key Features

  • Built to your specification
  • It comes with a few shaft options
  • Progressive set design 


  • Fair pricing for a very solid feeling set of irons
  • DualCor system for extra distance
  • Stable at impact 
  • Central center of gravity 


  • Not the same performance as other PXG golf irons

The PXG 0211 2021 golf iron set is the best overall golf iron set under $500. Although you may need to be creative about your specifications and club set makeup, this set can fall under that $500 mark and help you put together an incredible set of golf clubs. 

With the PXG 0211, you will find that this is a progressive set design. The offset and the bounce will vary depending on the club that you have in your hand. As you move towards the lower irons, the ability to hit the ball up off the ground and closer to the center of the clubface becomes considerably easier. 

Shaft options for the PXG golf irons include some of the top golf shafts on the market. In the steel, you will get to choose from the Elevate Tour or Elevate 95g. Graphite shaft options will add a little to the price tag but not enough to make it worth finding another iron set. 

With PXG 0211, the thin steel face and new DualCor System ensure that you can get the power and the feel that you are looking for. 

Best For Beginner: LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men

Key Features

  • Very high selling golf irons
  • A large number of set configurations
  • Stepped steel shaft 


  • Set of 7 irons at a very fair price
  • Forgiving cavity back design 
  • Great for average golfers 
  • Custom Lazrus grip is good quality 


  • It does not have the same distance as a premium golf iron 

The Lazrus Premium Golf Irons are one of the most popular for the golfer looking for budget golf irons. These are widely sold to a range of players because of the price and quality. When you look at the construction of the Lazrus Premium, you will see that they are a very basic and classic cavity back golf iron

Sometimes for a beginner golfer, this is all that is needed to get a start in the game. In addition, Lazrus allows for many different configurations of the set, so it is easy to find something that works specifically for your needs. The standard set is the 4 iron through pitching wedge. 

The clubs have a standard steel shaft; they have deep grooves for great spin, control, and consistency. This may not be the set that you stick with for ten years, but to get you started in the game, it is a great option. 

Best For Senior Golfer: Wilson Golf Launch Pad Iron Set

Wilson Golf LaunchPad Iron Set

Key Features

  • LaunchPad Sole
  • Higher launching Ball Flight
  • Hybrid Golf Set design 


  • Very forgiving from the rough
  • It helps slower swing speed players launch the ball 
  • Lightweight golf irons


  • Short irons take some time to adjust to 

The Wilson Golf Launch Pad Iron Set is a premium hybrid type golf iron set that works really well for the senior golfer. These irons have dropped in price considerably from where they were initially priced, making them a really great deal. 

Golfers can use the Wilson Launch Pad irons to get the ball flight they need throughout all of the irons. Even the longest irons are high launching and create very forgiving golf shots. The only tough part is getting adjusted to the short irons. With the larger head on the golf iron, it takes some time to get used to the short game shots. 

These irons come with a midsize grip making them an excellent choice for those that are struggling with some pain in the hands. In addition, the midsize grip can help to keep the hands out of it and make the swing a bit more controlled by the larger muscles. 

Best for Slow Swing Speed Player: Cobra F Max Superlite

Cobra F Max Superlite

Key Features

  • Highly forgiving golf iron set
  • Lightweight weight 
  • Midsize grips


  • Priced dropped considerably since the release
  • Cobra is a very strong brand
  • Midsize grips for more comfort in the hands
  • It helps to increase the distance


  • Not a good fit for players with higher swing speeds 

The Cobra F Max Superlite is the best golf iron set under $500 for the slow swing speed player. If you struggle to get the ball to go as far as you want it to, these Cobra F Max Superlite can help while keeping the price down. It’s hard to get distance when you can’t pick up club head speed, but the Cobra F Max Superlite increases that distance easily with the lightweight feel of the clubs. 

These are cavity back iron with a low center of gravity. Higher handicappers that are looking for consistency will appreciate the Cobra F Max Superlite. Although this is not the latest release, it is one of the most lightweight golf clubs that Cobra has ever brought to market. 

If you are uncomfortable going with an off brand golf manufacturer to save money, then Cobra irons are a great place to look. 

Best Cheap Golf Iron Set: Wilson Staff D300

Wilson Staff D300 Golf Clubs Iron Set

Key Features

  • FLX Face Technology 
  • Powerful launch 
  • Distance golf irons


  • It helps average golfers get more distance
  • Classic cavity back looking shape
  • Higher and more powerful launch 


  • Not the best feeling golf iron 

Although some players may consider the under $500 price range for golf irons to be cheap, there are still some irons that can make it under the $300 mark. The Wilson Staff D300 are some of the most affordable golf irons on the market, but they still bring some good technology to the table. 

These golf irons are built for distance. Wilson even advertises this set as a distance machine. The overall capability of the irons is to get golfers more power on their iron shots. The power is added by making the face thinner and more durable. The result is a very strong impact and the high launch that golfers are looking for. 

If you are an avid golfer playing golf several times a week, chances are the Wilson Staff D300 is not going to have the feel and precision that you are looking for. However, for golfers that play an occasional round with friends and just need a cheap set to get them out there, this is a perfect place to start. 

The good news is you can always upgrade to a new Wilson release like the D9 if you outgrow these irons and their capabilities. 

Best For Beginner Woman Golfer: Ram Golf Accubar

Ram Golf Accubar Ladies Right Hand Clubs

Key Features

  • It comes with six golf clubs
  • Includes a SW 
  • Has hybrid golf club options


  • Helps keep pricing down for beginner golfers
  • Two hybrid golf clubs included
  • Graphite shafts
  • Lightweight design for a woman player


  • Won’t have the best distance technology on the market 

A beginner golfer is sometimes easily overwhelmed by the cost of the clubs on the market. It is unfortunate, but there are some really expensive golf sets out there for players to choose from. Luckily companies like Ram Golf Accubar can make it an easier decision for a woman golfer to pick up the sport. 

The game of golf is a great sport, but the one downside is that it is expensive to get started. For the woman golfer that wants to give golf a try, the Ram Golf Accubar is a great solution to consider. These golf irons come in the 6-PW, but they also include two hybrids. 

Women golfers can easily fill in with a few fairway woods, driver, and short game tools and have a complete set of golf irons. 

Ram Golf has been around for a long time, and even though they are known for being a bit of a value brand, there are some players that will find this to be a great solution to get started in the game. 

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Golf Irons Under $500? 

There are many different factors that go into choosing the best golf irons under $500. In addition to taking into consideration this price, players need to make sure that they are also looking at the quality and longevity of the set. It’s one thing to get a cheap set of golf irons that lasts for a few years, another to get one that only lasts one season. Here are the most important things to consider for the best golf irons under $500. 

Club Set Makeup

The club set makeup will help you determine how much of a value you are getting for your golf irons. If you are getting a 4-PW for under $500, it is obviously a better deal than a set that is 6-PW. 

Many golfers see the low price tag and get excited about a set of irons; meanwhile, the club set makeup is really not strong enough to make the golf club set a great deal. For players that are interested in putting together a full set in their bag, this set makeup is essential. 

Although most golfers are starting to switch to the hybrid clubs in the 5 and 4 irons, the rest of the set can be included. Also, pay attention to the wedges; you will want to ensure that you at least get a pitching wedge included with the set. 

Iron Style

There were two main styles of irons available on our list of the best golf irons under $500. These include the hybrid golf irons and the standard cavity back golf irons. Hybrid irons are higher launching and make it much easier to get the ball out of the rough. 

Many slower swing speed players, beginners, and seniors like what the hybrid irons have to offer. The cavity back golf irons are more of a standard or classic looking golf iron, and these are what we see more commonly in the iron style for golf irons less than $500. 

Shafts and Grips

The shafts and grips of cheap golf irons are often cheap. Pay close attention to the shaft manufacturer and the types of grips being put on the clubs. In addition to the importance of a club head, the golf shaft will be important as well. 

Good golf shafts can promote more distance and increase stability at impact. A great shaft will also improve the overall feel at impact. Golf grips come in different sizes and textures, and they can be expensive to replace; therefore, it makes sense to choose a grip that will help improve your performance. 


Just because a set of golf irons is under $500 makes it a great deal, but some of these irons are lower than $300. It is not always the best idea to look for the cheapest golf iron set. Sometimes as the pricing goes down, the quality and materials will also decrease. Try to find that medium where you are still paying for some technology but not breaking the bank. 


The cheap golf iron sets will not hold up over time for golfers that play every day. If you play an occasional round of golf, this is the perfect category for your to purchase from. Pay very close attention to the materials used in the golf head; stainless steel tends to be a popular and smart option for players. 

We would avoid any type of coloring or painting on the club head when choosing a cheaper set of irons. Over time this can wear off if you use the irons excessively. If you look at something like the Lazrus golf irons, it is a simple design that will allow players to have it in their bag for years to come. 


The brand of the best golf irons under $500 will likely be much different than the best golf irons on the market. Names like Callaway, Titleist, and TaylorMade don’t make iron sets that fit into this category. If you need a brand name golf club, you can always choose something that is used and offered at a reduced price. 

The names that stand out in the cheap golf iron industry are Cobra, Wilson, and sometimes even Cleveland golf. Although the brand can’t be the only thing that helps you determine if a golf club set is for you, it should play into the decision. 

If you run into an issue with the clubs, you will want a strong brand to be able to call on. 

Amount of Play 

Last but certainly not least is your intended use of these golf clubs. Do you plan to play golf five times a week, or do you intend to play 5 times a year? If you are an avid golfer that plays quite a bit of golf, it can make sense to purchase a golf club set that has a bit more quality and longevity. 

However, for the golfers that play occasionally or are just getting started with the sport, the cheap golf irons under $500 are a great solution. 

Overall Verdict

The best overall golf irons for under $500 are the PXG 2021 0211 golf irons. These clubs have great distances, are easy to launch, and can be ordered with the specifications that any golfer needs. These are a newer release to the market but have really stood out for players that need help with their gear. The Wilson Staff D300 is the best option for the golfer on a very tight budget. The good news is that although you may need to make a few sacrifices when shopping for irons in this category, it is possible to get a set of golf irons for under $500.

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