6 Best Golf Irons For The Money In 2024

Finding a deal on a set of golf irons is much easier than finding a deal on a car. When shopping for a car don’t you always find yourself questions if you paid less than the guy sitting next to you?

When it comes to golf clubs there are some easy ways to make sure that you get your money worth, and walk away with a quality product.

Always consider the fact that just because something is low priced doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Some times straying from the major manufacturers can make sense and there are times when it makes no sense at all.

In this review, we will give you our picks for the best golf irons for the money when it comes to distance, feel, and accuracy all offered at a fair and competitive value.

Quick Summary: Our Top Picks For Best Golf Irons For The Money In 2024
Callaway Rogue Iron Set
  • Variable Face Thickness technology
  • Urethane Microsphere
  • Ltweight Design
Callaway X Hot Irons Set
  • Increase ball speed
  • Stock shaft
  • Consistent distance
Cleveland Launcher CBX Iron Set
  • Classic design
  • Progressive shaped head
  • Incredible feel
Cobra Rickie Fowler Iron Set
  • Forged and affordable
  • Progressive spin technology
  • Long distance
Cleveland UHX Launcher Iron Set
  • Variable steel face
  • Tour Zip grooves
  • Impressive performance
Callaway Women’s Strata Golf Set
  • Distance feel
  • Max forgiveness
  • Designed for the slower swing speed

Best Golf Irons for the Money: Callaway Rogue Iron Set

When it comes to finding a great deal on a set of golf irons, you need to consider clubs that are a year or two old. Each time a new release hits the market, the older clubs tend to drop in price and become much more affordable.

When it comes to the best golf irons for the money, the Callaway Rogue will undoubtedly stand out as the best. 

A few years ago, these were premium-priced golf irons because of the technology and functionality they offered. The Callaway Rogue The Callaway Rogue Iron Set has the 360 Face Cup and Variable Face Thickness technology. This leads to increased ball speed and a much larger sweet spot. 

In addition, the clubhead has Urethane Microsphere to help increase feel and decrease vibration at impact. This means you will feel like you are hitting a premium iron, even though you are getting it for a great value. 

The Callaway Rogue is a lightweight club, but it is offered in both the steel and graphite shafts so that you can find something that is suited for your specific golfing needs.

The Callaway Rogue Golf irons are without a doubt a smart purchase for the golfer looking to save some money on their next set of golf irons. 

Runner Up 1: Callaway X Hot Irons

The X Hot Iron by Callaway is a distance iron that Callaway did not push nearly as hard as their Rogue, or XR or most recently the Mavrik.

This set of irons does not back the same feel and forgiveness as something like a Callaway Apex iron would but it can be a very economical upgrade.

If you are playing with a beginner set or technology greater than 8 years old the X Hot irons might be something to consider. They are designed to increase ball speed. The Mid to High Handicap golfer is best suited to swing this club.

These clubs are no longer being manufactured by Callaway so you are not going to be able to order them custom. The stock shaft is a True Temper shaft that would honestly cost almost as much as the whole set of irons to replace.

My favorite way to describe this set of clubs is that it’s the golf set I would buy to leave in my garage for out of town guests. You might think I say this because they are not quality, but that is actually the opposite of what I’m saying.

The X Hot is going to give consistent distance, fit a large range of players, the sound and feel are solid and the weighting is perfect for the average golfer.

If you are looking for something with the latest technology and a clean thin look, this is not your club.

Runner Up 2: Cleveland Launcher CBX Iron Set

The Cleveland CBX Iron Set is not only a great value but it is also one of the best sets that were put out in 2019.

The carbon steel iron set originally was priced quite high but has now dropped to an average and good value for a new set of irons. Now is the time to grab this golf club.

They went back to a classic design with this iron. Away from the bulky game improvement look to a progressive shaped head that packs in tons of forgiveness when compared to previous golf iron sets.

The CBX Irons start with a nice thin top line and incredible feel in the PW, 9, 8 and even into the 7 iron. As you move into the longer irons the clubs get thicker and almost look a bit more like a hybrid.

This is done intentionally to help with launch and forgiveness.

The CBX comes stock with a True Temper 98 gram steel shaft in the regular flex, perfect mid-weight option.

In this review, we are trying to cover sets that are great value but you can talk to anyone who bought a set of the CBX this year and I’m sure they would tell you that these irons were worth every dollar spent.

Cobra Rickie Fowler Iron Set

Best Forged Irons For The Money

The 2017 Cobra Men’s Rickie Fowler Forged Iron set is a great set of irons if you are looking for something forged and affordable.

Forged irons cost manufacturers more to produce so they are almost always priced considerably higher. The feel that you get from a forged set of irons is unmatched.

For better players feel starts becoming more important than distance and forgiveness at some point.

These Cobra irons use progressive spin technology. The 3-6 iron use V Groove technology to reduce spin and help with distance, roll and the off-center hit.

The 7-P use the U groove to try and help increase spin and allow you to stop the ball where you want it.

The Wedges use traditional wedge grooves so you can work the ball around the green.

These irons come with the CNC Milled Face that Cobra is becoming so well known for. The Milled face helps provide some control over trajectory and ball flight. Golf iron sets packed with this many features generally sell at a very high price.

The Rickie Fowler set has been dropping in price for quite some time making it a great value at this point. High performing sets of irons are costly but this set provides high quality at a great value.

Cleveland UHX Launcher Irons

Best Feel For The Money

Cleveland Golf is known for its wedges and the high-performing spin that they can help golfers create. If you struggle with getting a ball to stop or being able to control the flight and the launch of your clubs, Cleveland is a great brand to consider.

The Cleveland UHX irons have been around for just over a year, but they have already dropped considerably in price. 

Anytime you look for a golf club that has a tremendous feel, the pricing is going to be considerably higher. Golfers that demand great feel also demand excellent performance, and that gets a bit expensive. 

Luckily Cleveland provides this UHX at a fair price, but they don’t sacrifice any of the performance or technology. The variable steel face is made with an HT1770M insert that significantly increases the ball speed coming from these irons. 

In addition, the same Tour Zip grooves that help the wedges perform so well are also placed on these irons. If you are a player who cares about working the ball with the short irons and wedges, this is a great set to consider. 

The UHX is a perfect mix between a game improvement club and a forged golf club. You can get the impressive performance you are looking for but still get forgiveness should you miss the center a bit. 

Finding an excellent feeling golf iron that comes at a fair price is nearly impossible. Grab a set of these UHX irons before they leave the market for good.

Callaway Women’s Strata Golf Set

Best Women Golf Irons For The Money

The best women’s irons, offered at a great value, are part of a complete set.

Often overlooked because they are part of a packed set Callaway Women’s Strata set offers a tremendous amount of distance feel and forgiveness at a very low cost.

The Strata sets are perfectly designed for the slower swing speed female. The black and pink golf bag that comes with the 11 piece set is a great looking set of golf clubs.

The irons come standard with graphite shafts. The center of gravity is low creating a higher launch angle than some other sets on the market.

If you are a female that has been playing for many years, can break 90 and are looking for clubs with premium shafts and high-quality sound, this would not be the option for you. Instead, take a look at the Rogue or Mavrik options that are now out.

What to look for when picking Best Golf Irons for the Money?

Here are a few tips of advice to finding a set of golf clubs that gives you a great deal for the money.

  • Any forged irons for less than $800 are a great deal
  • Anytime you want feel, a thin look and workability you will pay more
  • Look into irons that are 1-2 seasons old, technology can change from year to year but not enough to make up for the cost difference
  • Wait until manufacturers release new models and then buy the previous model, you are getting new technology at almost half the cost that they were a few months prior
  • If you are very tall, very short or very fast swinging it is hard to find a value set of golf clubs, save up and order something custom that fits your game
  • When upgrading keep in mind that equipment differences from one season to the next are not usually significant
  • Steel shafts are almost always going to be less expensive than graphite

Remember that sometimes this doesn’t always mean finding the least expensive irons available.


The irons we talked about in this review might not match the best golf iron sets of 2024 but they all probably landing on a “best” list at some point in their lives.

One question that continually comes up is, Are expensive golf clubs better?

The answer is quite simple. Yes.

Expensive golf clubs are better BUT not all players need expensive golf clubs. If you need something custom or if you are a scratch golfer, things are not going to be cheap. For quality and precision, Mizuno Irons are the way to go.

If you are a weekend golfer seeking some extra forgiveness and distance out of a golf club a value set is exactly what you need. If your clubs are more than seven or eight years old lower priced set or something from a past season is the perfect upgrade for you. Similarly we have put together our list of the best driving irons which you might find interesting.

The most important concept to remember is that you never want to make the game of golf harder on yourself. The golf course, the weather, the yips, your physical ailments and limitations all make this game plenty hard enough.

If your equipment is outdated and you need an upgrade to keep in mind that sets like the Callaway Rogue Iron Set, the Cleveland CBX and Callaway X Hot are all one of the best golf irons for the money. Special mention goes out to the Taylormade P790 which is one of the best irons on the market.

Win a few skins and these clubs will have paid for themselves in no time at all!

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