How Fast Can A Golf Cart Go (Revealed)

Have you ever put your foot down on the gas pedal of a golf cart and noticed that it would max out at a certain speed? This is the case with all golf carts as they have maximum speeds that they will reach. If you are wondering how fast can a golf cart go and in need of some ideas to help them go a little faster, we have all the information you need. 

A golf cart will travel between 10 and 15 mph on average. However, speed modifications can be made to a golf cart to help them travel closer to 20 mph. The maximum that you will typically find a golf cart can travel is about 30 mph. A golf cart going 30 mph is quite fast and could end up being dangerous. 

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What is the Average Golf Cart Speed? 

The average golf cart speed is around 12-14 miles per hour. Golf cart speed will vary depending on the type of golf cart you have and any modifications made to the cart. Here are some of the things that impact the overall speed of a golf cart: 


how fast can a golf cart go - Tires

Larger golf cart tires will help the cart travel faster. In addition, some tires can be considered premium or performance tires for a smoother and faster ride than a traditional or stock tire. With electric golf carts, the tires and batteries are the most expensive parts of the cart and something that is worth considering if you are looking for maximum speed and overall performance of the cart. 

Upgraded Motor

If you want your cart to go faster, you may need an upgraded motor. The upgraded motor can add several mph speed and is typically a little larger. The acceleration on an upgraded motor is also a bit higher, helping the rider to feel a bit more consistent. 

Speed Chip 

There is a speed chip inside the golf cart that regulates the full speed of your golf cart. A professional can take the speed chip out and modify it so the cart can go a bit faster. With a speed chip modification and an upgraded motor and tires, the golf cart can typically get over 20 mph. 

Street Legal 

For a golf cart to be street legal, it must be able to travel 20mph at a minimum. The 20 mph speed minimum is in place to help ensure that golf carts do not slow traffic and cause issues with the natural flow. Street legal carts are very popular in southern communities, golf neighborhoods, and beachside neighborhoods. 

How fast can a 36v golf cart go? 

How fast can a 36v golf cart go?

A 36v cart is not the most powerful of golf carts, and therefore you won’t see a ton of speed from this style of golf cart. Expect that a traditional 36v golf cart will go about 14 mph. Some modifications can be made to a 36v golf cart to help it go faster, but probably not enough to reach the speeds of a 48v golf cart. 

The 36v golf carts are typically a bit less expensive as they do not require as many batteries as a 48v golf cart. The good thing about the speeds of a 36v golf cart is that they are not pushed back because of the weight of batteries. 

The 48v golf cart has to contend with the fact that the batteries each weigh quite a bit. 

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How Fast Can a 48v Golf Cart Go?

How Fast Can a 48v Golf Cart Go?

A 48v cart will start out with the same top speeds as a 36v golf cart in that 14mph range. The 48V golf cart does have a higher low end torque. Golf cart owners will feel as though the 48V golf cart gets off to a much quicker start, but it won’t reach a higher max speed until you do modifications to the cart itself. 

One thing that also helps with a 48v golf cart from a power standpoint is that it will draw fewer amps and have more range than a 36v golf cart. You may notice that you can maintain a top speed longer with a 48v golf cart as compared to a 36v. 

When going over a rough terrain type situation, the 48V golf cart will maintain a faster speed. The 36V golf cart typically only gets to its top speed if it’s on a long straightaway. 

How Fast Can a Gas-Powered Golf Cart Go

How Fast Can a Gas-Powered Golf Cart Go

A gas-powered golf cart typically travels at around 20 mph. Gas-powered golf carts are not typically going to allow for speed modifications in the same way that an electric-powered golf cart can. There are positives and negatives to both electric and gas golf carts. One of the positives of gas-powered carts is undoubtedly higher initial speeds. 

Some electric golf carts can be modified to go faster than gas golf carts, but that will certainly require additional investment into the cart. 

Gas-powered golf carts are typically preferred for work-type projects that require some extra strength and durability. In addition, the range of a gas-powered golf cart is usually considerably longer than an electric-powered golf cart. 

How Fast Can an Electric Golf Cart Go?

The standard electric golf cart will only go about 12 to 14 mph when it comes from the factory. Although some golfers may find that this is a little slower than they would prefer, there are reasons that golf carts are kept at this overall speed. If you are not careful about how you modify a golf cart, it can get a bit too dangerous. 

One of the main issues that golf cart owners need to be aware of is the total speed that an electric golf cart can go and how a cart can tip if the speeds get too high. Golf carts are known to tip from time to time, and they can be pretty dangerous if you are not smart about how you modify them. 

Electric golf carts are becoming very popular because they are easy to customize. Whether you are looking to add a fan or LED lights or to make the cart travel a little faster, the electric golf cart is relatively easy to customize. 

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How Do I Increase The Speed Of My Golf Cart? 

Making your golf cart a bit faster (within reason) will make your round of golf a little bit quicker or your travel time across the neighborhood a bit more manageable. Here are some of the best ways to increase the speed of your golf cart:

Upgrade The Golf Cart Motor

The golf cart motor may be less expensive to replace and upgrade than you think. Talk to a local professional about options for a motor upgrade that can help you increase your overall speed in your golf cart. 

Improve Your Golf Cart Tire Selection 

Golf cart tires come in a variety of sizes and styles. Golf cart tires will impact not only the speed of your cart but also the way it rides. If you want to see the best performance and look from your golf cart, a premium tire is an excellent investment. 

Keep The Overall Weight Down

Keep The Overall Weight Down

Want to make it across your neighborhood quickly? Make sure you don’t overload your cart with people and heavy gear. Keeping a cooler and two sets of golf clubs on your cart is going to slow it down quite a bit. 

Let go of some of the gear, and you will see an increase in speed. 

Improve The Speed Controller 

Improve The Speed Controller

The speed controller on a golf cart is there to help golfers control the speed of their cart. The speed controller is primarily helpful in making it easier to accelerate the cart and drive it appropriately. 

If you are able to improve or even remove your speed controller, you can get quite a bit more speed. The result is the increase in voltage of your motor; this should be done by a professional who understands the way the motor will impact speed. 

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Hopefully, now you know how fast a golf cart can go and how this number is impacted by the type of cart you have and the modifications that have been made to it. However, a certain amount of speed in the golf cart is helpful; it’s really not necessary to overdo this and create a dangerous situation. It’s possible to make simple modifications to an electric cart to increase the overall speed, but gas carts are pretty standard when it comes to top speeds.

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