How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?

The number of golf carts sold each year is continuing to increase. Golfers in golf communities purchase carts so that they have quick access to the course and all their gear with them at all times. The golf cart is a big investment and understanding the weight of your cart, the features, and the specifics are quite important. If you are wondering how much a golf cart weighs, we have all the answers you need. 

How Much a Golf Cart Weighs

How Much a Golf Cart Weighs

A golf cart typically weighs between 700 and 1000 pounds. However, the weight of a golf cart will vary depending on quite a few different factors. Let’s take a look at each of these factors so you can see which golf cart may be the best for you and the weight requirements you need. 


Gas Golf Cart

A gas golf cart is more lightweight than an electric golf cart. When you compare these two carts when they are first made, the body will be very similar in weight. However, as they move down the production line, the gas cart does not get all that much heavier, whereas the electric cart does. 

Electric golf carts are heavier because of their batteries. Gas golf carts can get a bit heavier when they are filled with gasoline, but aside from that, they are typically lighter and sometimes more fuel-efficient because they don’t have this extra weight. 

This is why you will see many gas carts used as work carts. The heavy metal work truck accessories can be added to the back of a gas golf cart, and the weights will still not be incredibly high. 


Electric Golf Cart

Electric golf carts are heavier than gas golf carts. The electric golf cart is not all that heavy until the batteries are put into place. Electric golf carts are typically operated by Deep Cycle batteries that weigh between 40 and 70 pounds. 

Depending on what type of golf cart you have, you may need anywhere from 6 to 8 batteries to operate the cart. As you can imagine, this would add quite a bit of weight to the cart and make it much heavier. 

Electric golf carts are typically around 600 pounds before they have their batteries in. Once the batteries are in, the golf carts will be close to 1000 pounds. 


Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Lithium golf cart batteries are a new release to the market, and they are starting to take over the golf cart industry. A golf cart will not need nearly as many Lithium batteries as deep cycle batteries to power the cart. 

Lithium golf cart batteries weigh less, and you don’t need as many of them to power the golf cart. The number of batteries included in the golf cart could go down to one or two as opposed to six or eight. This saves hundreds of pounds. 

Number of Passengers

Most people think of a golf cart as being a two seat vehicle. However, this is not always the case. In many golf course communities, people invest in golf carts that are four or six passenger carts. 

The number of passengers that a golf cart can carry will impact the overall weight. The six seater carts are considerably larger and heavier than other golf carts on the market. 

If you are looking to keep the weight down on your golf cart, try to go with the two passenger cart as it will have longer battery life and better overall performance for long-distance runs. 

Accessories and Gear 

A golf cart can be loaded down with gear, which will also increase the total weight. If you are someone that wants all of the latest and greatest gadgets and equipment, the weight of your golf cart can increase considerably. 

Things like a cooler attachment, your golf bags, a roof, and more will increase the total weight of your cart. 

How Much Extra Weight Do Batteries Add?

How Much Extra Weight Do Batteries Add?

As we have mentioned, the electric golf cart batteries are heavy, and this will significantly increase the total weight of your cart. The total weight of the batteries will depend on the type of cart you choose and the batteries that you go with. 

A typical 12 volt Trojan battery weighs 83 pounds. A golf cart that will need 6 batteries will have an additional 498 pounds of weight. Golf carts that need 8 batteries would have an extra 664 pounds of weight. 

Batteries make up about half of the weight of a golf cart. Golf carts need these batteries to operate, so there is no way for a golf cart owner to get around this heavy weight. 

Some golf cart owners that are looking for extra speed or range from their electric cart will do things to lower the overall weight. This can include making the switch to Lithium-Ion batteries. 

Dry Weight Versus Curb Weight for Golf Carts

The interesting thing about electric golf carts is that their dry weight and curb weight are incredibly different. The dry weight of the golf cart is when a cart does not have the batteries in place. The dry weight for electric carts is typically quite low in the 400 to 500-pound range. 

The curb weight for the cart describes the weight once the batteries are put in. The batteries weigh between 40 and 80 pounds each, and they will need to be added to the dry weight in order to determine the total weight for golf cart batteries. 

The total weight of the golf cart is typically in the 700 to 1000 pound range. Remember that the overall weight of the cart will also be impacted by the passengers that are riding in it. 

Some golf carts can handle more passengers than others and therefore will handle more total weight as well. 

Golf Cart Towing Weight

Golf carts have a variety of uses. If you are a golfer, you may only think of the cart used on the golf course, but this is not really the case. Golf carts are used in industrial buildings and around farms as well. The golf cart is easy to maneuver and can help people trying to move cargo around. 

The average golf cart can tow about 1000 pounds. However, depending on what type of golf cart you have and what the cart is intended to be used for, chances are you can pull even more than 1000 pounds. 

Here are some uses for golf cart towing that you may find. 

Jet Ski

Many people will use a golf cart to bring a Jet Ski down to the water. With it being easier to get close to the water’s edge with a cart as opposed to a truck, a jet ski is a perfect item to tow with your cart. As long as your cart has enough horsepower, this is a great option. 

Small Trailer

There are small trailers that can be attached to golf carts. These trailers do a great job helping homeowners, and even farmers move landscaping or supplies around an area. The small trailer size will depend on the horsepower of your golf cart. 

The average gas golf cart has about 10 hp, which should be enough for a small trailer. The electric golf carts do not typically have as much horsepower. However, the more advanced models can. 

Another Golf Cart 

If your friend has a golf cart that breaks down, you can help tow them. Your golf cart can easily tow another golf cart as long as you do it properly. The golf carts that experience damage during towing are typically those that hook the golf carts up incorrectly. If you are smart about how you attach the golf carts, you should have trouble pulling a friend’s cart home. 

Golf Cart Weight Limit for Cargo and Passengers

Golf carts can be a very efficient way to move people and cargo around. With golf carts being able to get closer to buildings and travel on rough terrain, the carts are often used to move freight around. 

In addition, there are many situations where passengers travel on a cart to move people from one area of a park or even an airport to another. Knowing the weight limit of a golf cart is very important as it can impact safety as well as functionality. 

Every golf cart type and size has a different weight capacity and limits on how fast it can go

The general rule of thumb is that golf carts will account for about 200 pounds of weight capacity for each seat the golf cart has. 

Two Passenger Cart

Two Passenger Cart

The two passenger cart golf cart is meant to accommodate two 200 pound people, so, therefore, the total weight capacity is around 400 to 500 pounds. 

Some two passenger carts will be converted into a four passenger cart with a seat attachment added to the back. Not all carts can be converted to a four passenger carts because of the weight capacity. 

Four Passenger Cart

A four passenger golf cart is designed to accommodate four 200 pound people. This will likely be around 800 pound capacity. The four person cart is very popular in golf communities. 

The back of the cart can be used to carry people around, but it can also be used to transport golf clubs and other gear. These are very popular with vacation rentals as well, as people like to use them to comfortably transport friends and family around. 

Six Passenger Cart

The six passenger golf cart has a total weight capacity of around 1500 pounds. The higher weight capacity on this cart has to do with the total number of people it can carry. 

If you have a large family, the six passenger cart is an excellent option to consider. The only thing to remember about these carts is that when you have them loaded down to full capacity, you probably won’t get the same range from the cart. Battery life will deteriorate quite a bit quicker. 

Utility Cart 

A utility cart is more of a work cart than a passenger cart. With a golf cart like this, the manufacturers know that the intention is to carry gear and tools around. You can expect close to a 1000 pound capacity even though the cart is typically designed to have just two passengers. 

Electric vs. Gas Golf Cart Weight

The differences in the electric and gas golf cart weight have everything to do with the batteries. There are, however, some pros and cons that need to be considered when deciding between an electric and gas golf cart. 


The weight difference between a gas and an electric golf cart is typically going to be about 300 to 500 pounds. The main difference is the batteries needed to operate an electric golf cart. 

At first glance, golf cart owners may assume that it is better to have a gas golf cart because it is lighter in weight. This is a significant reason that gas golf carts can travel longer distances; however, there are other issues with gas golf carts. 

For instance, with a gas cart, you will always have to have a source of fuel-ready. With an electric gas cart, simply be sure to plug your cart in at night, and you will be prepared to use it again the following day. 

In addition, gas carts are typically more powerful than electric golf carts. Even though they have a lighter initial weight, they can do quite a bit when pulling and hauling gear. 

Pros and Cons

  • Gas golf carts are lighter than electric gas golf carts
  • Gas golf carts have a more extensive range than electric golf carts
  • Electric golf carts are easier to maintain 
  • Electric golf carts still have a good weight capacity for moving people around 
  • The shipping costs of a gas golf cart can be considerably lower than the electric golf cart
  • Gas golf carts will hold their value longer because they do not need batteries replaced every few years 

List of Most Popular Golf Carts and Their Weight Compared

Now that you have a better idea as to the average weights of golf carts, here are a few common models to consider. Remember that these weights will include the batteries. For the electric golf carts without batteries you can assume about 300 or more pounds less. 

Golf Cart BrandModelGas/Electric Total Weight 
YamahaThe DriveElectric945lb
YamahaThe DriveGas536lb
Club CarOnward 2Lithium Electric717lb
Club CarPrecedentElectric995lb
Club CarPrecedentGas606lb
EZGO RXVElectric971lb


Hopefully, you now feel as though you know how much a golf cart weighs. The individual model and the type of golf cart that you choose are going to be considerably different. The weight of your golf cart can impact where you can park it, how many people it can accommodate, and more. Many golf cart owners have a hard time choosing between gas and electric golf carts, and that is understandable considering the differences in both weight and performance.

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