What is a Cadet Golf Glove? Cadet vs. Regular Golf Glove

Golf gloves come in a variety of styles and sizes and finding the right one for your needs can take a bit of time. In addition to looking for the right material, golfers also need to look for something that is comfortable and fits well. For golfers with shorter fingers, the solution is a cadet sized golf glove. If you have never heard of a cadet golf glove, we have you covered. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to find out once and for all, what is a cadet golf glove.  

What Is A Cadet Golf Glove? 

What Is A Cadet Golf Glove

A cadet golf glove is different than a regular sized golf glove for a number of reasons. The two most obvious differences are the length of the fingers and the width of the palm. 

If you are thinking that your golf glove does not fit the way it should, switching to a cadet could work quite well. If you are ready to make the switch to cadet, we have you covered with what the differences are. 

Finger Length 

Golf gloves are made for those that have standard size hands where the palm and the fingers are proportionate. However, not all golfers are built like this. Some players can get a regular sized golf glove to work, but others will struggle. 

If you find that there is room at the top of your fingers when you put a standard sized glove on, then the finger length will need to be adjusted. 

The cadet size golf glove is the easiest solution to this problem. 

Palm Width 

The palm width is the distance across the palm of the hand. With a wide palm width and shorter fingers it can feel very uncomfortable to be in a standard size golf glove. 

The larger palm width should make it easier for a golfer with this type of hand to close the velcro on the glove as well. 

What Cadet Golf Glove Size Do I Need?

What Cadet Golf Glove Size Do I Need

Once you have determined that you would benefit from the cadet style golf glove. It’s time to figure out the best cadet golf glove size for you. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which type of glove would be a better fit for you. 

Fit and Feel

A golf glove can be really helpful when you feel as though your hands are slipping on the club or you need a little extra control with the clubs in your hand. However, the last thing you will want is for the glove to get in the way of the feel you have and the connection with the club. 

Don’t let a golf glove inhibit your ability to feel the grip. If the fabric or material of the grip is bunching up and keeping you from feeling like you have a second skin on your hand, then it is not the right fit. 

Sometimes it is easier to get the right fit when you are wearing a more premium material glove. In fact, some golf companies cut their gloves slightly differently, and you will have to keep this in mind when you are picking out a glove. 

Chose the cadet golf glove size that will fit most closely to your hand and feel snug but not overly tight. 


Golfers can sometimes use feel alone to determine which golf glove size they need; however, there are times when it is better to get an official measurement. If you have gone for a golf fitting, lately, chances are your hand was measured. 

The hand measurement can be used for both grip and glove size. 

Companies like FootJoy offer a fitting chart to help golfers determine which glove size they are. With the fitting chart, you can lay your hand out and see exactly which glove is recommended. 

Once you have your measurement and know what it is, you can use it for all future golf glove purchases. Sometimes the FootJoy gloves and the Titleist gloves will fit a bit differently than Callaway or TaylorMade gloves. 

If you are a cadet medium in one brand, you could be a regular medium in another brand. 

Finger Length 

Most people know the approximate size of their hands and whether or not they have a small or a large hand. Finger length is probably the primary reason a golfer would choose a cadet style glove over a traditional style. 

The shorter finger length will need a cadet style glove. If there is any excess fabric that hangs off the end of your fingers, the finger length is incorrect. 

When the fingers have extra room in them, you will have difficulty getting your grip into the right position. The grip is an essential feature of the golf swing; if it is not in the proper place, there is no reason to swing the club back. 

It is much easier to make a golf glove tighter in the palm, but you will not have much room for adjustment in the fingers. The way a golf glove sits in the fingers is how it will be. This is why the cadet golf glove plays such an important role in the game. 


A golf glove has a velcro closure. The velcro closure lets players ensure that their hand has a custom type fit. When closing the velcro on your grip, there should be some room for the velcro to catch. If the closure pulls too far or can only go halfway across the back of your hand, it is not the right fit. 

Velcro closures are significant because they are adjustable. However, if you are in a regular glove and you need a cadet, you will notice that you have a hard time pulling the velcro closed. 

Most golfers that wear a cadet golf glove will need it because the glove itself is a bit wider. 


The wear on the glove is another excellent way to see what size cadet golf glove you will need. If you are wearing out the glove in the palm, chances are it does not fit your hand correctly. The wear could also be an issue with your grip, but it is very often related to the glove’s fit. 

Sometimes the thumb on the glove will wear out from your hand sliding or slipping on the club or putting too much pressure in this area of your hand. If you want to avoid wear and help ensure that your cadet golf glove lasts quite a bit longer, choose the right size.

Cadet vs. Regular Golf Glove?

Cadets and regular golf gloves have a lot in common. They are both designed to help players that are looking to have a better connection with the club and at the same time decrease the chance of getting a blister. Both cadet and regular golf gloves have the same general purpose, but their fit is a bit different. Here are a few things to consider with the cadet vs. regular golf glove decision. 


Believe it or not, there are golf manufacturers that do not make cadet golf gloves as part of their lineup. This is unfortunate for the players that enjoy the cadet style, but the number of cadet gloves sold is smaller than the population that wears regular golf gloves. 

Finding a golf glove in a cadet style can prove a problem. Some large golf manufacturers will have cadets in at least most of their styles. 

The problem is that many golf glove manufacturers make more than one glove style. Not all of these will be available in cadets. 

Also, golfers like women and juniors that don’t have the access to as much golf equipment will sometimes struggle to find the cadet sizes. Left-handed golfers who wear a glove on their right hand sometimes have a hard time finding right-handed cadet gloves. 

In the end, the availability of the glove may determine whether or not you can purchase the cadet style. 


Luckily, the cadet golf gloves’ pricing will be the same as the regular golf gloves. The materials used to end up being the same because the palm is wider even though the fingers are shorter. 

Golf gloves vary in price, but most are in the $15 to $20 range. Sometimes it makes sense to purchase more than one golf glove at once if you play a lot of golf. 

The glove will not last you all season, and chances are you will have to replace them quite often, especially if you are dealing with warmer weather. 


The most crucial distinction between the cadet and the regular sized golf glove is the size or the fit. We recommend trying both the cadet and the regular size golf gloves on and then seeing which one has a more snug fit. 

Remember that although you don’t want the glove to be too tight, it needs to at least fit snugly on your hand. The tighter fitting glove allows for a better feel and some more control. 

Once you have a brand and style glove that you like, the size and fit can remain the same for years to come. 

No Glove? 

Some golfers are not just choosing between a regular glove and a cadet glove; they are choosing between a glove or no glove. No glove can be a good idea for golfers looking for a better feel. 

In addition, if you can’t find a glove that fits your hand correctly, don’t struggle with a glove that does not fit. Simply change your grips more often and use no glove. 

Players that don’t wear a glove will need very tacky grips. Many professional golfers do not wear a glove because they feel that it gives them a better connection to the club. Most lower handicap players will take their gloves off when they get close to the green to help improve their overall feel on the greens. 

If you struggle to find a glove that fits you right, you always have the option for no glove. Remember that a glove is an optional accessory and unnecessary for all players. 

Do You Need a Cadet Golf Glove?

If your hand is shorter and wider, you need a cadet golf glove. The traditional golf glove is made for a standard hand with long fingers and a more narrow palm. 

Sometimes golfers are unaware of the cadet style option, and they end up struggling with choosing a large, then a medium, then a small glove trying to get the right size. Unfortunately, this will never work. Players will need to use a golf glove that fits their specific hand size. 

Switching from one size glove to another is not the same as going to a cadet style glove. Many players think the cadet is in between the medium and the large style gloves, but this is not the case. 

In fact, some golf manufacturers will even offer a medium large glove for those that can’t quite decide on a size. 

The cadet glove is wider and has shorter fingers, and therefore it will fit considerably differently than a standard size golf glove. 

Should a Golf Glove Fit Tight?

Should a Golf Glove Fit Tight

A golf glove should fit tight. When you look at the fabric across the hand, it should snugly, and there should be no extra fabric moving around. The fit should be tight around the palm and in the fingers. 

Of course, you will still need to be able to close the velcro on the top of the hand. Golf gloves can’t be so tight that you cannot close the glove. Instead, you should be able to close it entirely without feeling like it is difficult to do. 

Overall a tight fitting golf glove will be a much better idea for golfers than a loose fitting glove

Golf Glove Size

The golf glove size options will depend on if you are a right-handed or left-handed golfer, a man or a woman, and a junior or a senior looking for arthritic type gloves. The golf glove is designed to work for many players, but finding the right size is essential. If you are curious about what golf glove sizes are available, here are some of the most common. 

  • Small
  • Cadet Small
  • Medium
  • Cadem Medium
  • Medium Large
  • Cadet Medium Large
  • Large
  • Cadet Large
  • Extra Large
  • Cadet Extra Large 
  • Extra Extra Large
  • Cadet Extra Extra Large 

If you genuinely have no idea what size glove you would need for golf, you will have to find an online measuring system to measure the palm and the fingers and match it to the glove manufacturer. Sometimes this will not give an exact result, but something within the range. 

The majority of golfers wore a medium or a large golf glove. If you have midsize or supersize grips on your golf clubs, you may need the extra large golf glove. 

Cost Of Cadet vs. Regular Golf Gloves

Luckily the cadet and regular golf gloves come in at the same price. Here are a few of the top golf gloves on the market and their options in cadet and the regular golf glove sizes. 

FootJoy WeatherSof (Regular Size Gloves)

FootJoy WeatherSof (Regular Size Gloves)

The Footjoy WeatherSof are some of the most cost-effective yet long-lasting gloves on the market. These gloves have good durability and plenty of thickness to protect from a blister on your hand. 

FootJoy StaSof (Cadet Size Gloves) 

FootJoy StaSof (Cadet Size Gloves) 

The Footjoy StaSoft golf gloves have an excellent feel for a fair price. We like that when these gloves start to get a little wet, they increase their grip instead of decreasing it. For an all-year-round high-performance cadet style glove, this is a great choice. 

Callaway Dawn Patrol (Cadet and Regular Size Gloves) 

Callaway Dawn Patrol

For those golfers that take advantage of the early morning rounds, the Callaway Dawn Patrol is a great golf glove to consider. This glove comes with moisture-wicking technology to help keep your hands from slipping or feeling like they lose control of the club. 

Finger Ten Cabretta Leather (Cadet and Regular Size Gloves) 

Finger Ten Cabretta Leather

Sometimes golfers struggle to find a glove that fits their price range and fits their hand. The Finger Ten brand does a great job fitting the hand properly while providing tremendous value. If you are new to the game and want to get a glove selection that fits well and will last for several months, give this one a try. 


We hope you now feel you can choose a golf glove that would be a good fit for your needs as a player. The cadet golf glove can be a game changer for many golfers. Realizing that there is a reason your gloves have never fit all that well and that there is a way to help fix this issue is a great thing. As we move into the summer months, having an option for a glove that fits properly is essential. The summer weather can make a golf grip a bit slippery; avoid disaster by having the right cadet size golf glove on your hand.


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