7 Best Golf Rain Gloves 2024: Essential Gear for Wet Weather

When you play golf in the rain, it is essential to have the proper gear. Golf grips get really slippery when wet, and you can lose control of the club.

Luckily rain gloves can give you much better control over the golf club and make it possible to score. Golf rain gloves tend to work better when they are wet.

Purchasing golf rain gloves is a bit different than purchasing a traditional golf glove.

We have put together some of the best rain golf gloves on the market to help you make this decision a bit easier.

Our Best Best Golf Rain Gloves in 2024

Best Golf Rain Gloves: FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves


  • Work better when they are wet
  • Some of the best rain gloves in golf
  • Wear on both hands
  • Breathable on the back


  • Not usually available in cadet sizes

The FootJoy Men’s Rain Gloves have been the best rain gloves on the market for quite some time. Each year this pair of gloves seems to get better and better. They have tremendous grip and lots of flexibility for the user as well. 

The FootJoy rain glove features the Quik Dri II knit material along the back of the hand. This helps to make sure that you get some air to your fingers, so your hand does not sweat in addition to the rain. 

The auto suede knit on the palm helps to make sure that even when your gloves get soaked from the rain. Overall, you will have a hard time finding a better pair of all-weather gloves than the FootJoy Raingrip. 

Runner Up 1: TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves


  • Great grip
  • Good fit
  • Quick-drying


  • Priced a bit high

TaylorMade certainly knows a thing or two about performance in the golf industry. This is a company that will understand how important it is to make sure you have control over your golf club at all times. 

TaylorMade gloves are the type that will work better as they get wetter. These are thick gloves, but they are made of a breathable material.

The thickness allows you to feel as though you have more control over the club regardless of the rain condition at the time. 

One of the things we like about the TaylorMade is that it feels as though you can get the glove to have a very tight fit on your hand. When you adjust the TaylorMade glove, it feels very secure on your hand. 

If you play TaylorMade equipment, feel comfortable with their products, and want a glove with an excellent rain grip, this is a perfect choice to consider.

Runner Up 2: Mizuno RainFit Golf Gloves


  • Very good grip in wet weather
  • Dries quickly
  • Thin enough to keep great contact with your golf gear
  • Always sold in pairs


  • Thinner glove for better feel, but they rip easier

Mizuno golf products are made for players who are very serious about their golf games. If you want a pair of rain gloves that will still allow you to work the ball and hit great shots, this is the pair you should go for. 

When playing in the rain, it is not just a matter of trying not to throw the club; you also will need the ability to perform and play well.

Just because it started to rain does not mean that you are ready to give up the low score you have been shooting that day. In fact, when you get great at playing in the rain, you can use the rain as an advantage. 

The Mizuno RainFit gloves have flex mesh inserts that all some air to get into your hand and cool things down a bit. The back of the glove is very lightweight and breathable.

Wilson Staff Rain Golf Gloves

Best Value


  • Velcro closure for a perfect fit
  • No slip grip 
  • Mest top helps the glove conform to the hand


  • Not the best for cold weather conditions

If you are a fair-weather golfer, it may not make sense to spend a lot of money on a pair of rain gloves. If you want something as just a backup to keep in your golf bag should you get caught in a storm, the Wilson Staff Rain Gloves are a great choice. 

The Wilson Staff golf rain glove is priced very fairly but still offer an excellent no slip grip in wet weather. In fact, when the Wilson Staff gets wet, it gets even more tacky.

One of the things that we like best about the Wilson Staff is the fact that it will dry rather quickly. When the rain clears up, the last thing you want is a wet glove sitting on your hand. 

The palm of the Wilson Staff Rain Glove is made with a synthetic material so that it lasts for a very long time. This is a pair that you could put in your golf bag for the next few years and not have to worry about them breaking down. 

Callaway Opti Grip Golf Gloves

Best For Comfort


  • Holds up to wear and tear
  • A great addition to your rain gear
  • Enhanced grip on the club
  • A thin and lightweight glove


  • Usually priced a little higher than some of the other synthetic leather gloves

The Callaway Golf Men’s Opti Grip golf glove is made with microfiber suede. This material is durable and long lasting and works well in a variety of weather conditions. The palm is essentially water resistant, and it will work to keep your hands dry. 

The Callaway Golf Men’s Opti Grip has the Opti Flex material that helps you get the perfect fit out of the glove. Your glove will feel as though it is custom fit to your hands. Another great feature is the stretch binding cuff. 

With the Stretch Binding Cuff, your glove can go further up your hand and keep your wrist dry as well. In between the fingers on the Callaway Golf glove is the X Spann material.

This will make it so your fingers can move around freely while the glove does its job of increasing connection with the golf club. 

Srixon Golf Black Rain Gloves

Best For Humid Weather


  • Thin fit
  • Provides a good grip on the club
  • Great for all types of wet weather
  • Easy to adjust sizing


  • Not a good choice for winter gloves

The Srixon Golf Rain Gloves are a great choice if you are playing in damp weather. Sometimes it does not have to be pouring rain for you to need a little help getting a good grip on your golf club. 

The Srixon Golf Weather gloves are lightweight enough that you can wear them when the course just feels wet and damp, not just when it’s raining.

The Srixon gloves have very quick dry material, and they provide an excellent grip on the club. If you are worried about playing in the humidity, there is no question the Srixon will work for you. 

Aside from not being offered in cadet sizes, the Srixon golf gloves are very form fitting and feel like a second skin on your hands. This is an excellent choice for all-weather golf gloves. 

FootJoy Women’s RainGrip Golf Gloves

Best For Women


  • Microfiber suede palm 
  • Quick drying back
  • Ball marker on the glove 
  • Overall best golf rain gloves for women


  • Tend to stretch out over time 

Women get stuck in the occasional golf rainstorm too! For women golfers who want to maintain a good grip in wet conditions, the Footjoy rain grip is the best choice. This glove is just as good for wet conditions as the FootJoy Men’s rain golf gloves. 

The Women’s Raingrip has a knit material along the back of the fingers that will help your hands not get sweaty and dry quickly should they get wet at all.

The Footjoy Women’s Rain Gloves also have a removable ball marker, so you won’t have to reach into your bag or pocket with wet hands. 

Since this is the best golf glove for women, you will notice that the sizes are designed for the female golfer. The auto suede knit palm helps provide an excellent grip, and it won’t wear down long term. 

Golf Rain Gloves Buying Guide

Being prepared for the rain is very important when you play a round of golf. If your hands are not dry, the golf club can slip, and you will lose control.

This is not just a matter of playing well; it can become a matter of safety. If you lose control of the golf club, you could lose the club and send it flying.

Although this may sound like a rare occurrence, in the rain, it is not. Let’s look at a few questions that come up about rain gloves and how to choose the best one. 

Are Golf Rain Gloves Necessary? 

If you are going to play golf in the rain, you need to keep your hands dry. Rain gloves will make sure that you don’t turn the clubface in your hands as you swing, and they will keep the ball straighter.

Many golfers will try to avoid using rain gloves and use a towel to dry their clubs. This is not ideal. 

If you play a lot of golf, you should consider spending the money to keep a pair of rain gloves in your bag. 

What Is The Best Material For A Golf Rain Glove? 

You will notice that the golf gloves on the market are all different materials. The suede palm seems to be the most common as it is also fast drying. A Cabretta leather glove takes quite a bit of time to dry, and that’s why they are not quite as popular. 

Microfiber suede is a long lasting material. The suede holds up well to wear and tear, and it is generally a bit cheaper than Cabretta leather as well.

If you find a great glove that works for you, the material is not as important as the grip. However, keep in mind that you will want your rain gloves to dry quite quickly. 

What Is The Difference Between Rain Golf Gloves and Winter Golf Gloves? 

Some golfers question whether or not they need rain gloves or cold weather gloves. There are a few differences between these two that are worth considering.

Winter golf gloves are thicker and are made to keep your hands warm. However, winter gloves are also going to help in wet conditions. 

Since sometimes winter golf could also mean playing in the snow, the gloves do wel to keep your grip in cold and wet conditions. These gloves are a little bit heavier and will generate quite a bit of heat. This is not going to be great in hot or humid conditions. 

Rain gloves are thin, allow you to have a good connection with the club, but they work to keep your hand cool and dry as well. If you are an all weather golfer and play in any type of weather, it’s a good idea to have both winter golf gloves and rain golf gloves. 

What Wet Weather Gear Should A Golfer Have In Their Bag? 

In addition to having the best golf gloves for rain in your bag, you can do a few other things to make sure that you are prepared for wet weather on the course. 

The most important thing is to make sure that you have some towels on the outside and the inside of your bag. Keeping a towel on the inside is excellent for when the weather starts to clear up.

As the weather clears, you can take out the dry towel and get all of your equipment back in order. 

Another good thing to have for golfing in the rain is an umbrella. Although golf umbrellas can be a bit awkward to work with, they do help to keep you dry.

Although you will still get wet when you come out from under the umbrella, you will end up drying out a lot faster when the rain is over. 

The last thing that is a good idea to have in the bag is your clubs’ rain hood. The rain hood helps to make sure that your clubs stay dry. When clubs are left to get wet, they sometimes end up getting rusty. This rust will be removable, but it is still a step that you don’t need to add. 


The best golf rain gloves are the ones that keep your hands from slipping on your club. The FootJoy Raingrip gloves have truly figured out how to make a player successful in the rain.

If you are new to rain gloves, this is without a doubt the place to start. Chances are you will have this pair for years to come.

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