Best Golf Ball Markers in 2024

Marking your golf ball is important. Some players think that any old penny will do, but when it comes down to it, the marker can make a difference for many players.

As a playing and teaching professional, I was always very particular about my ball marker. I wanted something that stood out to me on the green and something that was easy to find in my pocket or on my hat.

We have put together some of the best golf ball marker options on the market. Although some of these are going to cost you more than a penny or a nickel, the price will be worth it to have a go-to golf ball marker.

Our Best Golf Ball Markers in 2024

Best Personalized Golf Ball Marker: Woodulike Golf Ball Marker Divot Tool


  • Easy to find
  • Great looking golf ball marker
  • Built for the serious golfer


  • Priced higher than other golf ball markers

With the multitude of golf ball marker choices out there, it can be tough to decide the best golf ball markers for your game.

However, when you get something that is personalized with your name or initials, it is hard to say there is a better choice.

With these personalized golf ball markers, you can choose between wood or metal, and they come with either a hat clip or a divot repair tool. If you are a serious player that is out there each week, a magnetic ball marker is a great idea.

When playing in tournaments, I always found it very annoying to be searching around in my pocket for a plastic ball marker. The metal ones have more weight to them, and they are easier to grab when needed.

PINMEI Golf Ball Markers Cap Clips Sets

Best Hat Clip Markers


  • Great cap clip style
  • It comes with 4 markers and 2 clips
  • It fits most standard hats


  • Can’t customize the ball markers you get

The pace of play when golfing is significant. In fact, if you are a golf lover, you know how much more enjoyable a three hour round is compared to a five hour round.

As a golf professional, I always try to teach players how to play a faster round of golf. If each person works on their pace of play just a little bit, the day will be much smoother for all involved. 

One of the best ways to speed up play is to be ready for each step of the golf process. One way to do that is to have your equipment ready when needed.

A hat clip is a perfect solution for the golfer looking to get around the course a bit faster. The hat clip keeps your ball marker ready for you, and you can change out the markers when you see fit. 

Adding a hat clip is a fun addition to your game as well. The PINMEI Golf Ball Cap Clips Set allows you to choose between several different styles.

Their magnetic backing is strong, and you won’t have to worry about losing these critical golf accessories.

Girls Golf Bling Swarovski Crystal Golf Ball Marker

Best for Women Golfers


  • Great looking necklace
  • Easy to use 
  • High-quality materials


  • Have to make sure a necklace does not distract you during your golf swing

Sometimes women golfers need a unique option for a golf ball marker. The issue for many women golfers is that a cap clip or a large bulky divot repair tool do not work.

As a female golfer myself, I can tell you that anything that was kept in my pocket while playing could sometimes be a distraction and annoyance. 

The Golf Bling Swarovski is a necklace that has a golf ball marker attached to it. This is a unique and effective method as women golfers very often play with a necklace on.

The necklace is smaller in profile, so it won’t bother you while you are swinging, and the magnet has a strong hold. 

The ball marker itself is large enough to stand out on the green and do a great job of marking the golf ball for you.

If you leave the golf course and you still have your golf ball marker necklace on, nobody will know that it is actually one of your golf accessories!

Magguest Golf Ball Position Marker

Best Value


  • It comes in bright colors
  • Large pack 
  • Can write on them if needed


  • A little more challenging to find in your pocket than a heavier magnetic ball marker 

Although the metal ball markers are getting more and more popular, the traditional plastic golf ball markers do still exist. These are the type that has a small peg in the bottom that helps them stay in place while on the putting surface.

The plastic markers are very lightweight, and some people will put two or three of them in their pocket. 

A pack of 100 of these golf ball position markers is going to be quite a bit less expensive than other markers. This 100 pack should last you quite a long time as well. The round shape is a perfect choice to mark your round ball. 

You can use a sharpie on the top of these to mark them with your name or with a motivational thought for the day.

During tournaments, it can be helpful to think about something positive, like focus or calm while you are out on the course.

If each time you mark your ball, you can see those words, it can help you play better. 

Callaway Golf Stitch Magnet Hat

Best Ball Marker Hat Combination


  • Hat with magnetic brim
  • Lightweight performance mesh
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • More expensive than just a ball market

The Callaway Golf Stich Magnet Hat is a great option for the player that is looking for a golf ball marker solution. If you find that you are constantly losing your ball marker in your pocket and you want to have it within close reach, the Callaway Golf Stich Magnet Hat is a great choice. 

With this hat, you can choose from a variety of colors, and the overall fit and performance is much more comfortable than it is with other brands. We really like having the ball market within such close proximity. When you are bending down to read a putt, you won’t have to stand up to get the ball marker out of your pocket. 

This is a hat that you will have to order in a size that is going to work for you. The two sizes are S/M and L/XL. Callaway offers some measurements on both of these hats so that you can be sure they work for your game.

Callaway Golf Divot Repair Ball Marker

Best Ball Marker Divot Tool Combo


  • 4 in 1 divot tool
  • Ergonomic design
  • It comes with Callaway logo


  • Not a folding design

The Callaway Golf Divot Repair Tool is a ball marker and divot tool combination. Similar to the golf hat solution, if you are looking for a ball market that does not get lost in the bottom of your pocket, the Callaway is a great solution. 

With this magnetic ball marker, you simply press down to release it from the divot tool and fix a mark on the green. We like this combination because it allows you to combine two of the most important tasks on putting green, fixing a ball mark, and marking your golf ball. 

This tool takes things a step further as it also provides a small nylon brush to help clean your clubs off after a rough shot. Anytime golfers can condense the number of tools they need on the golf course, the end result is a good one.

Golf-EZ TRI-LINE Golf Ball Alignment Kit

Best Golf Ball Marking Kit


  • Great golf ball identification marker
  • Ensures you always hit your own ball 
  • It comes with everything you need


  • Sharpie marker will stain hands if you are not careful 

Although a golf ball marker is a way to mark your golf ball while on the green, some golfers get it confused with a golf ball alignment kit or marking kit.

We included the best golf ball alignment kit on our list in case you were looking for something like this for your game. 

Ensuring that your golf ball looks different from the others in your group can help you avoid penalties. This particular model allows you to hold the ball within a clip, line it up perfectly, and then draw a variety of lines. 

We recommend marking your golf balls when you get them. Go through the dozen golf balls and get them all set up to work for you while on the golf course.

Using a high-quality marker will make sure that the ink does not rub off on your hands or onto your golf clubs after the fact. 

Golf Ball Markers Buying Guide

There are lots of different types of golf ball markers on the market. It is essential to ensure that you choose a golf ball marker that works well for your game. The good news is that golf ball markers are not expensive so you can find one that is a good fit for your skill and your budget. Here are a few of the ways to tell the difference between a great ball market and a mediocre one. 


Golf ball markers are not expensive. Unless you are purchasing a golf ball marker that is customized or features a specific club or brand name, the pricing is going to be relatively low. If you are a golfer that loses ball markers often, you may want to consider purchasing a pack of cheaper plastic ones. 

In addition, the magnetic ball markers are a bit more money, but if you combine them with a hat with a magnetic brim, chances are you won’t lose the ball maker. 


There are several different types of ball markers that are available to golfers. Some ball markers are very large and have quite a bit of weight to them. Others are lightweight and will be easy to maneuver around the green. 

In addition, some golf ball markers will have a small spike on the bottom to hold them in place on the greens, while others will just be a heavy circle that sort of balances in place. Either of these styles are fine to consider. 

Ball Marker Size 

The size of a golf ball marker will vary considerably, but it is a good idea to find one that is not too large. Most of the time, you are going to be marking your golf ball so that it is out of the way of another golfer. If the golf ball marker is a large raised model, it is impossible for a golfer to hit the ball over the marker. 

In addition, you will want to make sure that you get a golf ball marker that is big enough to see when you market it on the green. The small ball markers are not great for players that have trouble with vision. Pay attention to the ball marker size and ensure that you are getting something that you can see and is convenient to use. 


We really like the magnetic golf ball markers and the technology that they offer. When you use a magnetic marker, you can attach it to a money clip, a hat, or even a divot repair tool to ensure that you don’t lose the ball marker. 

If you end up with the right combination of accessories, your time spent at the green will be more efficient, and you will likely lose fewer ball markers. The extra money for the magnetic ball markers is well worth the price that you pay. 

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Golf Ball Markers Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better understanding of the best golf ball markers on the market, it’s time to understand a few of the rules and regulations involving these ball markers. 

Where Do You Place A Ball Marker? 

When marking a golf ball, you will need to place the marker directly behind the ball. Most golfers will feel as though half of the ball marker ends up under the golf ball.

When you mark your ball, make sure that you don’t move the ball at all. Simply place the marker in position, and then you can pick up your golf ball. 

Remember that when placing your golf ball back on the ground, you need to put it in precisely the same spot it was before you marked it. Always mark your ball from behind while looking at the hole. 

What If Ball Marker Is In Another Players Line? 

Sometimes your golf ball marker will end up directly in the line of another player. This is quite common and can be easily fixed. You will take your putter head and use it to measure one putter head length left or right.

This one putter head length will help make sure that the ball marker is no longer in the player’s line. 

You will want to make sure that you have an exact line that you are moving the ball on. Again, it must be placed exactly where it originally was before you can take your next putt.

Some players may ask you to move your ball marker over two putter head lengths. If this is the case, remember to put it back two, or you could incur a penalty. 

Are Plastic Or Metal Golf Ball Markers Better?

It will be a matter of preference if the best golf marker is plastic or metal. However, from all the years in the game, I can tell you that the metal ball markers are my favorite. They tend to fit into a divot tool or on a hat, and they are much easier to find in your pocket. 

The way the metal golf ball markers sit on the putting green also seems to make it much easier to mark your golf ball. You won’t have to worry about the plastic piece flying away when you remove the ball or losing this on the bottom of your golf bag.  

Keep your magnetic or metal golf markers in your valuables pocket on your golf bag or attached to your divot tool. You will find that the metal golf tools hold up for a long time and will end up being your favorite golf accessory.

Do I Need To Mark My Golf Ball? 

Marking your golf ball on the green gives you a chance to clean it. Making sure that your golf ball is clean prior to putting will give you a better chance of making your putt. When the golf ball does not make it all the way to the hole because of the sand or debris that was on the ball, you will be disappointed.

In addition, there are times when your golf ball could be in the way of another golfers ball. This is not fair to that player and you must mark the ball to ensure that they have a fair chance. Players that you are golfing with may offer to lend you a golf ball marker, but it is better to have your own.


Golf ball markers make it possible for golfers to clean their golf balls and get the ball aligned on the green much easier. Having a few different ball mark options in your bag can help you play more accurate golf.

The Personalized Golf Ball Marker is our favorite choice because it is a unique and long-lasting marker. You can have this model made precisely to your specifications and enjoy it for years to come. 

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