Our 8 Best Golf Irons Under $300 (2024 update)

Finding a great set of golf irons for a fair price can prove to be an incredible challenge. Luckily there are a few companies on the market that will make it possible for you to invest in a set of golf irons and still keep your budget intact. If you are in the market for new irons this year and think this is your price range, be prepared to check most of the big name brands off your list. However, if you can get over the brand name and you just want something affordable to start enjoying the game more, we have you covered. Let’s look at the best golf irons under $300 in 2024.

Best Golf Irons Under $300

Best Overall Golf Irons Under $300: Lazarus Premium Golf Iron Set

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons

Key Features

  • Great quality for a fair overall price 
  • It comes in many different set combination 
  • Regular flex shaft


  • Durable golf clubs that are built to last 
  • It can work well for players who only golf occasionally 
  • Great performance out of the rough 
  • Strong grooves to help promote more spin 


  • It does not have the same feel as a premium golf iron 

The Lazrus Premium golf iron set is a perfect option for the golfer that plays occasionally and would like to have a quality golf set without breaking the bank. The Lazarus golf iron set comes with a total of 7 golf irons for well under the $300 range. 

However, there are other set combinations that will allow you to get less than 7 clubs and save even more money. The stepped steel shaft is quite durable, and it is a regular flex shaft that will work for most average swing speed golfers. 

The clubs come equipped with custom Lazrus golf grips that resemble a Golf Pride standard type grip. The set of irons is very consistent when playing from both the rough and the fairway, and we noticed no trouble getting the ball to stop around the greens. 

When you choose your set, make sure that you are checking the specs of these clubs and not doubling up on lofts that you already have in your bag. With golf irons getting more and more expensive every year, it makes sense to purchase a set like this that balances the price and the quality of the iron. 

Lazarus has a full warranty; if you do not like these irons or their performance, simply get a replacement. 

Best Single Length Irons Under $300: PGX Single Length Golf Irons

PGX Single Length Iron Set

Key Features

  • All irons are 37.25 inches
  • It comes with 7 clubs 
  • Lower center of gravity for higher launch


  • Very fair pricing for a quality set of irons
  • Consistent club head with plenty of forgiveness 
  • Same setup from one club to the next


  • Not made for the slower swing speed player 

The PGX Single length golf irons are the best option for single length irons under $300. These clubs are offered at a very fair price, and the set will include a total of seven golf clubs. We really like that the gap wedge was included as part of this set. 

Overall the PGX Single length irons are made to mirror the performance that you would find in a Cobra single length iron. Although they won’t have quite the same feel or ball speed, for the price difference, it could very well be worth it for some golfers. 

With the single length, iron golfers are able to stand the same way for all shots, making it much easier to become a consistent golfer. If you are a player who struggles with ball position, setup, stance, and more, the PGX single length irons can help you feel that you have control of your game. 

Faster swing speed players won’t need these clubs as they are too lightweight. 

Best For Beginner: Ram Golf EZ Irons

Ram Golf EZ3 Mens Right Hand Iron Set

Key Features

  • 6 club set with fair pricing
  • Forgiving golf irons
  • It comes with a hybrid


  • Great set for a beginner golfer to get started
  • Hybrid 4 is a great addition
  • Cavity back design for off center strikes


  • Not the longest distance iron set on the market 

The Ram Golf EZ irons are designed to make the game of golf just a bit easier. If you are a new player and looking for something that is affordable but also helpful to the beginner golfer, this is the set to do it. This is a full iron club set that includes everything from the 5 iron down to the pitching wedge. 

However, our favorite feature of the Ram Golf EZ irons is the inclusion of the 4 hybrids. Most of these cheaper golf iron sets do not have any hybrids included as hybrid technology is a bit more expensive to produce. The addition of this 4 hybrid helps save you money. It also helps give you more performance on the course. 

Overall this is a cavity back iron with plenty of forgiveness and an overall higher launch. Most of the golf irons in this budget category will not have the same ball speed and distance capabilities that we see from premium manufacturers. For beginners to get the basic concepts down, this is a great set of irons to consider. 

Best For Distance: MacGregor Golf VIP Irons

MacGregor Golf VIP Iron Set

Key Features

  • Premium looking golf iron 
  • Hot Face Technology 
  • Low center of gravity


  • It comes with a total of seven clubs
  • Has several length options 
  • High launch and high spin for iron stoppability


  • Won’t have the same workability as a premium golf iron

The best golf irons for distance that are less than $300 are the MacGregor Golf VIP Irons.. At first glance, you may mistake these irons for a more premium model on the market. In addition to producing lots of distance, this is an excellent looking golf iron. The MacGregor Golf VIP irons have hot face technology that provides a very large sweet spot. 

In addition to the sweet spot being large, you will notice that the overall ball flight is quite high with the MacGregor Golf VIP Irons. There is a low center of gravity to get the ball up in the air quicker, and golfers enjoy this KBS Tour 90 Steel Shaft to make the club a bit more premium in feel. 

The set comes with the 4 iron down through the pitching wedge making this one of the better choices for the golfer with more skill and ability. We like the fact that the MacGregor VIP irons also come in a few different length options ranging from one inch larger to one inch shorter in length. 

For golfers that are worried about being able to afford custom golf clubs, the MacGregor Golf VIP irons are a great option to consider. 

Best For Senior: Ram Golf Laser Hybrid Irons

Ram Golf Laser Hybrid Irons Set

Key Features

  • Full hybrid set 
  • Premium steel shafts
  • Higher launching


  • Hybrid sets are very often more expensive 
  • Even the wedges are hybrids
  • It makes it easier for the golfer who is getting older to be able to hit their irons


  • It takes some time to adjust to a hybrid in the short irons 

The hybrid golf irons have been a popular choice for senior golfers for many years. However, in recent years the pricing on these golf clubs has gotten very expensive. For some players, it makes sense to consider a cheap set of hybrid irons like the Ram Golf Laser Hybrid irons. 

When you look at the design and features of this Ram Golf Laser Hybrid iron, you will see that it has some premium shaping and an impressive overall high launching design. The hybrid shaping also makes these golf clubs a good choice for hitting shots out of the rough. 

The shafts on the Ram Golf Laser Hybrid irons are steel, and this is something that golfers should be aware of. Steel shafts in hybrids are not always the lightest, but they are partially what helps keep this set of golf clubs under the $300 range. 

If you want to see if a hybrid set of irons is a good choice for you without breaking the bank, the Ram Golf Laser Hybrid irons are the best overall option. 

Best For Men or Women: Mazel Single Length Irons

MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons Set for Men & Women

Key Features

  • Very accurate golf irons
  • It comes with 9 total clubs 
  • All clubs are the same length


  • Very fair pricing for 9 total clubs 
  • Higher ball speeds
  • More consistent golf irons 
  • Low center of gravity


  • A graphite shaft option would be nice to have

Mazel is a relatively new golf brand that is helping to make clubs more affordable and get players the distance that they need. If you are looking for fast ball speed and great overall consistency, this tends to be a really strong golf iron choice to consider. 

The Mazel Single Length irons come as a set of nine clubs, more than any other option on our list. If you want to talk about the best value out there, this would undoubtedly be up there. We like the fact that it comes with three wedges, pitching wedges, approach wedge, and a sand wedge. If you need to add in a lob wedge from another manufacturer, it will be easy to do. 

Since this is a one length iron set, all of the golf clubs are the same length, and the set can work for both male and female golfers. The cavity back design also helps make the longer irons considerably more forgiving. 

Best For Woman Beginner: Ram Golf Accubar Women’s Irons

Ram Golf Accubar Ladies Right Hand Clubs All Graphite Iron Set

Key Features

  • Very lightweight option
  • 6 high quality golf clubs 
  • Graphite shafts


  • A great option for a new woman golfers
  • Cavity back set with a low center of gravity 
  • Perimeter weighting for extra forgiveness


  • Will need to fill in with more wedges

The Ram Golf Accubar is the best iron for women that is higher in quality. and capable of making the game fun for a new player. This set has graphite shafts, something that usually comes at a premium but will be included for the very low price this set is sold for. 

The great thing about the Ram Golf Accubar is that it is a combo set that has both hybrids and irons for the woman golfer. The only thing that you will need to add is fairway woods as well as wedges at some point. The set comes with the pitching wedge, but it would do much better if you had the sand wedge as well. 

For new women golfers that have not quite mastered hitting the ball in the center of the clubface, this is a very forgiving and easy to hit golf iron that will make the entry into the world of golf quite a bit of fun. Everything about the set is designed for the female golfer, down to the grip size. 

Best For Senior Lady Golfer: Prosimmon Golf V7 All Graphite

Prosimmon Golf V7 All Graphite Iron Set 6-PW

Key Features

  • It comes with a hybrid
  • Cavity back with a forward center of gravity 
  • Graphite shaft in hybrids


  • Very lightweight overall golf set
  • Highly forgiving
  • It comes with bonus hybrid that senior women golfers will benefit from


  • It would be better if iron shafts were also graphite

When women golfers get into the senior years, it can often be tough to find great golf clubs. Some of the options on the market are extremely expensive, and they will require players to invest sometimes thousands of dollars to be able to play with them. 

For the woman senior golfer that needs the extra forgiveness and launch but doesn’t want to spend too much money on their next set of irons, the Prosimmon is a perfect solution. This set falls well below the $300 range, and it includes a 6-PW and a 5 hybrid. 

The addition of the bonus hybrid only makes this a better overall value. The hybrid does come with a graphite shaft which is ideal for the senior woman golfer. The irons are stainless steel, but it is a very lightweight stainless steel that is easy to swing and control. 

If you are a senior woman golfer and new to the game, this is a smart set to get you started because it’s affordable and has the technology necessary to make the game of golf fun. 

Buying Guide: How Do I Choose A Golf Iron? 

Now that we have given you the best golf irons under $300, it’s time to start narrowing down which one of these could be for you. As you have noticed from our list, it can be hard to find a name brand set of golf irons for under $300; however, this does not necessarily mean you will have to sacrifice quality. Here are a few of the things to consider. 

Set Makeup

The set makeup of a golf iron set under $300 may sometimes be more limited than a golf iron set priced at $900 or more. The set makeup essentially refers to the number of irons in the set. Most of these cheap sets will have a 5-PW. 

However, if you can find a set that has the 4 iron, or especially one that includes the short irons and wedges, you will end up getting a much better deal. Always look for something that has the pitching wedge and gap wedge. If you can find a set that also includes the sand wedge, that is a great option to consider. 


Golf irons come in different lengths, and some of these golf iron sets under $300 will offer you the option of a set one inch taller or one inch shorter than standard. Typically speaking, golfers that are over 6’1” are going to want to consider the golf clubs that are 1” longer. 

Those that are less than 5’5” may want to consider the slightly shorter golf shafts. There are also several golf iron sets on the market that fall in that range of being one length golf irons. 

With a one length golf iron set, all of the irons are the same length, and they will make the setup much more consistent. 


If a set of golf irons under $300 does not have any customer satisfaction policy or a warranty, then you may want to look at some of the user reviews. All of the options on our list had strong user reviews, but it is important that you consider the durability of the golf irons you are purchasing. 

For very high swing speed players, the materials used in these lower cost golf irons are not always as durable. This means that you could take a swing, hit slightly behind the ball, and end up breaking one of your clubs. 

Make sure that if you are purchasing cheaper golf irons, you don’t have very high swing speeds, as the end result will likely not be a good one. 

Golf Handicap 

A golfers handicap is another critical consideration when choosing the best golf irons under $300. If you are a lower handicap player, chances are the overall feel and performance of these cheaper golf irons will not be enough for you. 

Essentially when you try and make solid contact with the ball or hit a draw or a fade, you will notice some vibration in the shaft and club head and not the feel and feedback that you need. It takes a skilled player to be able to feel and see these differences in golf iron technology. 

The best golf irons under $300 are mostly geared towards the occasional golfer or even the beginner that is looking to get involved in the game for a very fair price. Golf is an expensive sport, but these options for players will make it much more affordable. 

Shaft & Grip 

The shaft and grip of the best golf irons under $300 will be important to consider. Although you can always regrip or reshaft a club head, the price to do this is relatively high. It’s best to look for something of high quality, to begin with. 

The problem with many of these cheap golf irons is that they are going to have stock steel shaft in them that is likely a regular flex. This is tough for golfers that need a stiffer flex or something slightly heavier to accommodate their speed. 

Custom golf shafts or at least having the option of a golf shaft in iron will come at a much higher price point. The grip of the club is usually quite standard, with the golf irons under $300; for players with larger hands, this can present a problem. 

If you think you will need to have it, the clubs regripped plan on spending about $8-$12 per club. 

Overall Verdict

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose one of the best golf irons under $300 with complete confidence. Although many of the options on our list have similar technology, the Lazrus Premium Golf irons stand out as the best overall option for golfers. We love the different set makeups that you can choose with Lazrus making this feel almost as if it is a custom golf club set built for you. The reviews of the durability and performance of these Lazrus golf irons really help them stand out as one of the best in the industry in this price range. When shopping for golf irons under $300, always make sure that you are realistic about what you can get for less than $300 in the world of modern golf equipment.

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