Best Hybrid Iron Sets in 2022

If your love for hybrids runs deep, you may want to consider a hybrid iron set. The hybrid set has become more popular in the last few years.

With more companies realizing that hybrids are an excellent choice for higher handicap and senior golfers, there will likely be more hybrid iron sets released over time.

Here are our top five hybrid iron sets.

Our Best Hybrid Iron Sets in 2022

Best Hybrid Iron Set Overall: Cleveland HB Turbo Launcher


  • New turbocharged face
  • Progressive design
  • Available in 4 iron down to SW
  • Better ball flight


  • Priced a bit high as they are a new release

We have chosen the Cleveland HB Turbo Launcher as the best hybrid iron set. The HB Turbo Launchers are a new release from Cleveland, and they perform at very high levels.

Cleveland was one of the first companies to start making these hybrid sets, and they have only improved through the years.

The HB Turbo launchers are hollow golf clubs. This helps them provide tremendous amounts of distance and forgiveness as well. Since this is a progressive set, you will see the change from the long irons to the short irons as far as the size of the clubhead is concerned.

The Turbo Launchers feature the same Hi Bore crown that Cleveland has made so famous over the last few years. The crown helps to improve the weighting and center of gravity on this iron as well.

Perhaps the most crucial difference that this set has compared to previous versions is the turbocharged face. You will see and feel the ball jump off the clubhead.

Alternative #1: Cobra T Rail Combo Set


  • The very hot clubface
  • Easy to launch
  • Similar to fairway wood in long irons
  • Great distance


  • Expensive
  • Short Irons are a bit large

The Cobra T Rail Combo set is Cobra’s answer to the Hybrids golf clubs that Cleveland has been putting out for so many years.

Cobra decided to jump on the bandwagon with this new and improved progressive iron set. You will notice that this set of irons looks a bit like fairway woods when you get to the long iron and more like traditional iron when you get down to the wedges. Apart from this Cobra also makes the Cobra F9 Speedback Hybrid which is another solid choice.

This is another hollow design, and Cobra uses their E9 face to help give you a big jump off the clubface. The Cobra T Rail are priced just about as high as the Turbo Launcher, and they are available in the Stiff, Graphite, or Regular shaft.

Alternative#2: Cleveland Golf HB Launcher


  • One of the best hybrid iron sets ever
  • Provides impressive results for a low price
  • Good distance


  • Older technology
  • Not as long as other hybrids on the market

Yes, we know we are putting another Cleveland set of irons on this list. The truth is these are the hybrids that the Turbo Launcher were based on and since they are a few years older, they are cheaper.

The pricing on this golf equipment is some of the best you will find. If you have been considering switching to a set of all hybrids, this is an excellent opportunity to do so.

The Cleveland Golf HB Launchers are not going to be as long as the Turbo, but they provide plenty of forgiveness and feel.

Powerbilt Golf Clubs EX-550

Best Value Hybrid Iron Set


  • Hollow body construction
  • Very low price
  • Graphite shafts


  • Wedges are more of a standard design
  • Inconsistent results for lower handicap players
  • Best for higher handicap or new player

As we mentioned, earlier hybrid club golf sets are quite expensive. Luckily the Powerbilt Golf Club Ex-550 makes them affordable for all golfers.

This is an excellent set of hybrids that will give you tremendous results if you are struggling with long irons or a traditional iron set.

You can get these hollow-bodied irons in both a senior and regular graphite shaft. You will find that since this is a progressive design, the long irons will look like hybrids and the short irons will look a bit more like a traditional golf club.

Majek MX4 Hybrid Iron Set

Best For High Handicapper


  • Very well priced
  • Forgiving
  • Great from the rough 
  • Thin face for added distance


  • It doesn’t have the same feel as the Launcher or T Rail

The Majek golf clubs are starting to make a bit of a name for themselves in the industry. Majek is a value brand destined to give players distance and forgiveness at a fair price.

The Majek MX3 Hybrid Iron set is a great choice for players that struggle to get irons to perform the way they need them to. 

The club is built with a thin forged steel face to allow for higher launch and better control. This technology is very similar to the Callaway Jailbreak technology that has really helped golfers get tremendous distance from their shots. 

One of the great things about the Majek clubs is how easy they are to hit out of the rough. If you happen to miss the fairway, you can be back on in a matter of one swing with the way these clubs launch from the rough.

The design is a bit progressive in that the wedges look a bit more like an iron. However, this is a true hybrid golf iron set. 

All of the irons in this set come with a pure graphite shaft perfect for those with medium to slower swing speed. This is a set of hybrid irons that are built to last and will continue to give you the results and performance that you need. 

Hybrid Iron Set Buyers Guide

Now that you have an idea of the different options out there, you have to narrow down which one is for you.

There are a few basic things that you should keep in mind when you pick out your golf hybrid clubs.

Set Makeup

As great as hybrids are, you may not want them to go all the way down to the sand wedge with your hybrids. When it comes down to the short irons and the wedge, you may want a bit more feel and control over your shots than a hybrid can provide.

It may be worth using the hybrid sand wedge and then getting a lob wedge that is a more traditional design.


Hybrid golf clubs are considered game improvement iron sets. Since they are designed to help you lower your scores, the shafts are generally going to be graphite.

The graphite shafts are going to give you more distance than a steel shaft would. Hybrid sets with steel shafts in them can get a bit heavy.


The best hybrid iron sets are designed to be extremely forgiving. They will help you to launch the ball in the air and work well out of a variety of lies.

If you have a traditional set of irons, currently, you will be pleasantly surprised by the increase in the forgiveness you will get. Potentially the best part about the hybrid golf iron sets is that they will be great out of a variety of lies.

Handicap Level

Chances are you probably have a few irons in your bag to help you replace your long irons. This has been a change that has been occurring for several years, regardless of the handicap.

If you have found that your hybrid irons are the best clubs in your bag, it may be time to switch to a full set of golf club hybrids.

Of course, this change can happen across all handicap levels, but they are most popular with the higher handicaps.


At first glance, the best hybrid iron sets may seem very expensive. When you compare the cost of single hybrids to the cost of a single iron, you can see why the hybrids are priced as they are.

These are high-quality clubs that are usually sold with a graphite shaft, and that will only add to the cost of these golf clubs.


Hybrids are amazing golf clubs that help even the players that struggle the most to succeed. Cleveland leads the hybrid iron game and has been for years.

The Cleveland HB Turbo Launchers provide a hollow body design that gives you the tremendous length and the playability you need from any lie.

If you have struggled with your iron game and have thought about going to hybrids, this is the time to do so. The technology has only improved, and you will be getting a tremendous value.

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