Top Flite XL Review 2024 (Who Should Buy)

You may know more about Top Flite golf balls than the complete golf sets that they offer. If you have yet to see or try the Top Flite XL, it may be worth a shot.

In this Top Flite XL review, we will let you know what makes the Top Flite XL great, who should play with this, and who shouldn’t! 

Top Flite XL Complete Set Review 

What’s In The Bag: Driver, 3 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid, 6-9 Iron, Wedge, Putter, Bag, Headcover

Player Handicap

The Top Flite XL complete set has low centers of gravity, offset golf club heads, and oversized golf faces. All of these things line up best for the higher handicap or beginner player.

The lower handicap golfer is not going to get the feel and consistency that they desire with this set of clubs. 

Shaft Options

With a complete set like the Top Flite, you don’t get much in shaft options. The woods, hybrids, and fairways are going to come with a lightweight and forgiving graphite shaft. This will feel like a men’s regular flex shaft. 

The irons come with a steel shaft. This will help you gain a bit more control and consistency. The flex on this steel shaft will be a weak regular. 


The Top Flite XL has a great look to them. The fairway wood and hybrids have a sleek design that makes them feel a bit thinner like more of a mid handicapper golf club. The irons are a cavity back with perimeter weighting that will be forgiving but not allow for much workability. 

Overall the feel on the long irons and driver is going to be better than that of the irons. If you have been looking for a complete option for your game that is moderately priced and has decent feel and performance, the top flite golf clubs are a good choice. 


The Top Flite Golf XL set is very forgiving. The center of gravity is located quite low on all of these golf clubs. If you have never played the game before, this golf club set will help you learn. The graphite shafts in the driver and long clubs are great for helping you learn to hit the ball straight. 

The offset design on each of these clubs makes them great for those that slice their way around a golf course. 

The irons have a wide sole, and the stainless steel shaft will help you control them a bit more. If you happen to be a little wild with your iron shots, the stainless steel shaft in the Top Flite XL will make things a bit easier to control. 


It’s going to be hard to beat the price of the Top Flight Golf clubs. They offer a great value. In addition to the high performing golf clubs, we mentioned you also get a mallet golf putters and a stand bag to keep everything in.

When you calculate what all of these would cost separately, it would be quite a bit more expensive than the price of the Top Flite XL set. 


The Top Flite XL could be a great addition to your game if you are a higher handicapper or a beginner. However, this may not be the best option for all players.

Here are a few other complete set options that will also be worth considering.

Callaway Strata


  • Priced well
  • Great manufacturer is known for making high-quality clubs
  • Aerodynamic club head shape for higher longer shots


  • Does not come with SW
  • Only comes with one hybrid in the 12 piece set

The Callaway Strata is probably the most consistent highest-selling complete golf set. It comes in a few different set configurations, but the twelve-piece will most closely match the benefits of the Top Flite XL. 

The Callaway Strata is a lightweight and forgiving set of clubs with a mix of irons, hybrids, and fairway wood. Like the XL set, you will not get the sand wedge, so that will need to be added on at some point. 

A mallet putter is included with the 12 piece Strata, and it comes with stainless steel shafts in the irons.

Read our full Callaway Strata review.

Palm Springs Golf Visa V2


  • Low center of gravity irons
  • Forgiving design
  • Low price


  • Not for faster swing ball speed
  • Really should only be used as a starter set

The Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 is built very similarly to the XL. You will notice that it comes with a combination of both graphite and steel shafts, and it has a somewhat similar set makeup as well. 

The Palm Springs Golf set works well for those that enjoy hitting irons. With this set you will get a three and four hybrid and the 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Pitching wedge.

So if you find irons to be a strong point in your game, go with the Palm Springs and make it apart of your golf gear.

Wilson Profile Platinum Complete Golf Set


  • It can be used by the mid handicapper to a beginner
  • Cavity back style irons
  • Lightweight stand bag 
  • Good distance


The Wilson Profile Platinum is a complete golf set that has everything a mid to high handicapper would want to get out of a set.

One of our favorite things about the Wilson Profile Platinum is the 460cc driver with a large sweet spot. This driver will perform like any of the other top Wilson drivers on the market.

The lightweight premium carry bag makes this an excellent choice for anyone that likes to walk and play the game.

The cavity back irons are built for long and straight shots, and you will get plenty of launch and spin when playing with the Wilson Profile Platinum.


If you are looking for a go-to option for a beginner or an update for a higher handicapper that hasn’t purchased new clubs in quite some time, the Top Flite will be a great choice.

Only go with this set if you have a medium swing speed, and you love extra forgiveness in the clubs you play.

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