Experts Pick 6 Best Women’s Petite Golf Clubs (2024)

Not all female golfers should be using a full-length women’s set. The full-length women’s clubs work very well for women that are 5’3″ and above. However, once you start talking about ladies that are less than 5’3,” you will need a shorter set of clubs. 

The good news is that many women’s golf clubs are made in a petite style. Most of the type the petite women golf club is about one inch shorter than the standard.

We put together some of our favorite golf clubs for the shorter women golfers out there. 

Best Women’s Petite Golf Clubs in 2024

Best Women’s Petite Golf Clubs: Wilson Profile SGI Women’s Complete Golf Set


  • Great set makeup
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in the one inch less petite model


  • Don’t have an option for the stand bag.

The Wilson Golf Profile SGI sets are clubs that are made for a wide range of golfers. Men, women, and children can even take advantage of the SGI line. This particular set that we are looking at is the SGI Petite Cart bag option for women. 

These golf clubs are made specifically for women as they are designed with very lightweight graphite shafts. The putter contains a steel shaft, but that is something that you would want in that golf club. The petite is going to come one inch shorter for all of the clubs. 

The Wilson set also comes with an easy to launch driver, a fairway wood, hybrid, a sand wedge, and some irons for ladies. It is the perfect set makeup for the female player.

We don’t like it when the women’s golf clubs are produced without a sand wedge, as the short game is such an essential part of improving your golf scores. 

The Wilson SGI model for petite women only comes in the cart bag style, but the bag itself is very lightweight. You will have no issues lifting onto and off a cart or putting it in your car’s trunk.

Runner Up 1: MacGregor Golf DCT3000 Premium Ladies Petite Golf Clubs Set


  • Large sweet spot and lots of forgiveness
  • High MOI putter 
  • Stainless steel club heads with strong graphite shafts


  • Need to add a sand wedge

The MacGregor Golf DCT3000 is a newer release set of petite golf clubs for women. We love the set makeup on this model as it works quite well for a wide range of handicaps.

The entire set comes in a length that is one inch short and will help any player that is slightly shorter than standard. 

MacGregor golf company has always been known for making long hitting and high quality golf drivers. The driver in this set is a 13 degree 460cc titanium driver. The driver has a high MOI and a very large sweet spot

Thirteen degrees of loft on a woman’s driver is the ideal amount. This loft gives just enough forgiveness, but it won’t take away from the distance that a female golfer can get. In addition to the driver, there is a fairway wood and a hybrid included in the set. 

The irons are 6-PW, and they are a cavity back with plenty of forgiveness. The only thing that the MacGregor does not have is the sand wedge.

With the fair price on the set, you can pick out an excellent sand wedge to add and make this a great option for your game. 

Runner Up 2: Precise M5 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs


  • A great choice for a beginner 
  • Good set makeup with a variety of golf clubs
  • Lightweight graphite shafts


  • Not a great set for the serious golfer with higher clubhead speeds

Precise is becoming quite well known when it comes to complete golf sets for both men and women. This petite size set is perfect for a golfer that is less than 5’3” and looking for a lightweight and easy to launch set of clubs. 

The things we are most impressed with on the Precise M5 set are the ultra lightweight shaft and the golf bag. The golf bag comes with a dual strap to help make it easier to carry and enjoy walking the golf course.

Many women golfers want to walk and play and are stuck with a golf bag that is just too big; with the M5, you won’t have that problem. 

Overall the set makeup of the M5 provides a great combination of the woods, hybrids, driver, and irons that you would want in a set. If you are new to the game and looking for something that looks and feels great, keep this in mind. 

Best Petite Golf Clubs for Mid Handicap Women: Tour Edge Ladies Moda Silk 2020 Petite Set


  • Great feel
  • Perfect set makeup
  • Nice mallet club head putter


  • Priced a little higher than some other options

Next on our list is the Tour Edge Moda Silk complete golf set. Tour Edge makes some incredible golf clubs for players with slower swing speeds.

This fantastic set of clubs is available in the petite version, which is shorter for the lady golfers who need that adjustment

The Moda Silk comes with two hybrids, two fairway woods and plenty of technology mixed into the irons and the driver as well. The lightweight graphite shafts are intended to help golfers hit the ball much further and gain some extra club head speed. 

The Moda Silk comes with a very lovely cart bag with plenty of storage and organizational features. This is not just a beginner golf set but a set of women’s golf clubs that will last for many years, even when you are a mid handicapper.

Best Value Women’s Petite Golf Clubs: Believe Ladies Golf Club Set


  • Lightweight and easy to hit
  • Very flexible shaft
  • Comes with two hybrids
  • Priced fairly for all that is included


  • Would not work well for faster swinging lady golfers

Remember, when we talk about value for a set of golf clubs, we don’t always mean the cheapest. We want to provide you with options that provide an excellent product for a great price.

This Believe Ladies Complete Set is a perfect option for women golf clubs. 

With the Believe set, you get a high performing and high launching driver, a fairway wood, two hybrids 6-PW, and sand wedge. You will have everything you need to get out on the golf course and start playing some great golf. 

The clubs are very light and should be used by the slowest swinging players. Luckily they come in a petite version so you will not have to have any adjustments made to the clubs after purchasing.

Best Premium Golf Clubs for Petite Ladies: Cobra Women’s Petite XL Speed Complete Set


  • Easy to hit
  • Great for a wide range of petite golfers
  • Comes one inch short
  • Available in a few colors


  • Comes with three fairways, would have been better to have an additional hybrid

When some companies put together a set of golf clubs for the lady golfers, they take their cheaper components and put them all in a bag. This is not the case with Cobra.

Cobra Complete Golf Sets for women are packed full with top of the line technology and performance

These are lightweight golf clubs that can get you plenty of distance. We love that this set is not just geared towards the beginner golfer but also the mid handicapper.

If you are a younger woman golfer looking to get into the game and your have slightly higher swing speeds, you would love the Cobra. 

The XL Speed also comes with one of the best golf bag options when it comes to complete sets. The bag has a fourteen way top, seven zippered compartments, and a velour-lined valuables pocket.

In addition, there is a cooler pocket that can keep up to fourteen cans cold during your round. 

The only partially negative thing we could say about the Cobra is that it comes with three fairway woods. If you struggle to hit your fairways, you may want to choose a set of golf clubs that favors the hybrids as opposed to the fairways.

Women’s Petite Golf Clubs Buying Guide

Knowing which sets are available on the market is half the battle for the woman golfers. The other half of the battle is deciding which one is the best choice for you.

We put together some of our best information to help you choose a golf club that makes sense for your game and your budget. 


Almost all ladies’ golf clubs are going to come with a graphite shaft. This is to help women get more club head speed and be able to hit the ball further. Women struggle to get as much distance as men, and the graphite makes this problem a little less obvious. 

With the petite sets, the shaft will be slightly shorter than the standard women’s golf clubs. This will fortunately not affect the stiffness of the shaft as they are factory-made to work for the petite women golfers. 

Some putters for women will have a graphite shaft, and others will have steel. There is really no benefit to graphite in this golf club, so do not be alarmed if your putter has a steel shaft in it. 

Set Makeup

Obviously, you will need a driver and a putter, but it is the clubs in between that will make some lady golfers confused about what is best for their game. The most important thing for any golfer is having some variety in your game. 

You will want to have a club that helps you on days that your driver does not cooperate. You want to have a club that helps you get out of the rough and one that carries you over a water hazard.

You need a variety of shots in your bag to be able to get better at golf. Choosing a set that is just irons is not going to be enough. Make sure you have some hybrids and at least a fairway wood as well. 

Short Game

Some of the full sets for the female players do not have a sand wedge. This is unfortunate as the sand wedge is an essential golf club. Getting around the golf course without the loft and the spin on this particular club can be quite difficult. 

Even the experienced female player will struggle considerably, trying to hit a pitching wedge out of a sand trap. If you are searching for women’s golf clubs, pay just as much attention to the short game tools as you do to the driver. 


As we have mentioned before, price is not going to tie in directly with quality. Some golf clubs are priced high because of the name brand and not because of the performance of the actual clubs. 

For a full set put together with the bag and everything, you should be expecting to pay anywhere from $300 to $1200. Keep in mind that clubs for petite golfers are considered custom clubs.

If you were to order individual custom clubs to the length that you need, you would spend closer to $2000 for a set. When you look at it this way, these petite set options are a great deal. 

Why Should you Buy Petite Golf Club Set?

Golfers who try and swing a club that is too long for them will have some erratic shots and be left with poor results. Most of the time, the miss is going to be to the right, and no matter how hard or how fast you swing, you can’t get the club to go straight. 

Generally speaking, women that are about 5’3″ and shorter should consider shorter golf clubs. This may not apply if your arm length and your height say otherwise.

You can go to a local club fitter and get fitted to make sure that a petite set of golf clubs is the right choice for you. You may also be able to try out a friends club and see how the results differ from your current equipment. 

Either way, it is vital to make sure that the golf club in your hand is appropriately fitted for you. 


Luckily petite clubs for women are not that difficult to find. In fact, sometimes, you are better off being petite than you are being tall. We picked some of our favorite options, but if you don’t want to do too much research and searching, the Wilson SGI is a great choice. 

Wilson has been solving the affordable but effective golf club problem for many years. The set is perfect for a beginner golfer that needs clubs shorter than standard length.

If you are a player with a bit more experience than the Cobra Speed XL is the way we would go. The XL has a great variety of clubs and will allow you to work the ball and perform the way you need to as you improve your game.

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