Best Golf Drivers For Women in 2021

The options for good golf drivers for women just keep getting better and better.

The manufacturers are continuing to create options that work not just for beginners and high handicap women, but also low handicap lady golfers as well.

In the past women would have no choice but to have a man’s driver cut down if they wanted something with improved technology.

We’ll break down for you some of the best golf drivers for women and who should be using them.

Our Best Golf Drivers For Women In 2021

Best Golf Driver for Women: Cobra F9 Speedback Women’s Driver

The Speedback driver was able to combine an aerodynamic design with a low center of gravity to create a very long and forgiving option.

The face on the Cobra Driver is the only one on the market to be CNC milled. This machine milling allows for even more precise thickness levels in the clubface, especially in the sweet spot.

The Women’s F9 Speedback driver also features adjustable weighting and loft.

There is even an app you can download on your phone to tell you how far you are hitting it with the settings you have in place.

If you are looking to improve your ball speed, with an extremely adjustable and forgiving option, this Cobra Driver could be the best fit for you.

This club will work well for all handicaps, it is not specifically a beginners club and not specifically designed for a player either. The adjustability makes it a great option for a wide range of players.

Runner Up 1: TaylorMade M6 Women’s Driver

The TaylorMade M6 Women’s Driver is one of the best golf drivers for women that TaylorMade has ever put out.

This club has faster ball speed than previous models.

Each clubhead is individually tested before it is sent out to make sure it has reached maximum levels of speed. That is what their “speed injection” technology is all about.

TaylorMade improved on their Speed Pocket design from previous models and created a driver that is even faster and more lightweight as well.

The TaylorMade M6 does not have a tremendous amount of adjustability. TaylorMade chose to go with a fixed center of gravity and that saved them some weight on this clubhead.

This Driver is still a bit higher priced than the F9 and that, along with the lack of adjustability is mostly why it came in as a runner up.

Runner Up 2: Callaway Epic Flash Women’s Driver

Similar to the TaylorMade M6 women’s driver this is the top-performing Driver put out by Callaway.

This is not necessarily a ladies’ golf club as it is the same head as the men’s with a ladies shaft in it. Some female golfers are bothered by this, don’t be!

The technology in the men’s driver is so good you are going to want to hit with it as well. The club will come in the standard length for a ladies golf club as well.

The Epic Flash Callaway Women s drivers have adjustability in the loft and they also have a sliding weight to offer the female golfer a lot more options off the tee.

You can set this driver to be more draw or fade bias and help improve your launch angle as well. Keep in mind you want this ball to stay in the air as long as possible for maximum distance.

The ball speeds being measured off of this Driver are fast. A lot faster than previous models.

The pricing on the Epic Flash is similar to the M6 averaging anywhere from $450-$500.

Cobra Women F-MAX Airspeed Offset Driver

Best Women’s Golf Driver For Fixing A Slice

When finding a driver that works to correct a slice it is important to get something that is offset. The Offset clubhead will help to return the club to square at impact.

This is brand new technology by Cobra Golf and it’s their lightest option to date. Women s drivers in the past would almost all be offset but companies have moved away from that.

This Driver will not have an adjustable loft and the center of gravity is going to be located low and in the back.

If your golf swing needs a bit more speed this Driver should help you to swing fast.

Swinging a lighter club is one of the easiest ways to increase clubhead speed and sometimes (if the club was too heavy or too stiff prior) it can help to straighten out a slice as well.

This Cobra Women’s F Max Airspeed Offset was released on January 10, 2020!

TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Golf Driver

Best Budget Golf Driver for Women

Adjustable loft sleeve that allows you to pick the correct launch angle.

Speed pocket technology to help produce greater ball speeds while still being a forgiving and long driver. Spin is reduced as well to make those misses just a little less offline.

This Driver has dropped considerably in price since it was released several years ago. It is a great option for those that don’t want to spend $500 plus on a brand new Callaway but still want some jump off of the clubface from an easy to hit club.

The satin black finish and detailing on this driver provide easy alignment and a great view from the address position.

Callaway Epic Flash Star

Most Forgiving Golf Driver for Women

The new Callaway Epic Star Driver is the lightest golf driver on the market. It features a 30-gram shaft.

This Driver comes at a high cost and is one of the more expensive pieces of golf equipment out there. If you struggle with swing speed this is a great Driver to consider.

The face is equipped with the Flash Face and Jailbreak technology to make sure your misses are better than they ever have been before.

The triaxial carbon crown on the club lowers the center of gravity and helps you achieve the perfect launch.

Our Guide to Buying the Best Golf Drivers for Women

There are a lot of Women’s Golf Drivers out there to choose from. It’s not just this year’s models that you can try but lots of models from last year will stick around as well, and at a lower cost.

So which one is right for you? In this best golf driver for women review, we try to answer a few questions to help you choose the correct golf club for you.

What loft driver should a woman use?

The best thing about the golf drivers that are available today is that many of them are adjustable.

If you can find something that you like, in your price range that also has an adjustable loft, go for it! If you don’t find something adjustable you are going to want to make sure you pick something that has forgiveness.

Be sure not to choose a club with too much launch that you miss out on distance.

Some Women’s drivers come with 15 or more degrees of loft, in my opinion, this is too much.

Yes, it is more forgiving but you are just hitting a 3 wood at this point. The ideal loft for a woman’s club is anywhere from 11-13 degrees.

Women with a bit more clubhead speed can certainly go with a 10.5 degree and still hit the golf ball plenty far, slower swing speeds should gravitate towards higher lofts. Beginners should also go no less than 12 degrees on their first driver.

Can a woman use a Man’s driver?

Of course! If you are a younger woman, with a good bit of clubhead speed you can hit a men’s driver. You may need to have the length adjusted for you but if you are 5’7” or taller you likely can swing with the men’s club just how it is.

An important option for women golfers to remember is that the senior golf drivers are just men’s length clubs with a shaft in them that is very similar to the ladies’ shaft.

If you are a taller woman you should be looking at senior men’s clubs instead of women s golf drivers, they will likely be a better fit for you.

What is the best driver for a Senior woman?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a senior woman’s driver. As Men age, they switch from a Stiff to a Regular to a Senior flex club. Women have one shaft option and that is the ladies’ flex. Therefore there is no such club as a Senior women’s driver.

If however you are aging and looking for more a senior driver there are a few things to look for. The club must be lightweight. It would be great if the club was slightly offset.

Also, make sure to choose something with plenty of loft. Generally speaking, Cobra makes some great models for the senior lady player. If you can go to a local store and demo clubs it’s a great way to know which one will work for you.


The Cobra F9 Speedback Driver is hands down our best option for women’s golf driver of the year.

It has everything you need to hit the golf ball long and far, it comes at a fair price and even has a technology component that lets you track your progress. Cobra thought about female golfers when they produced this club.

As always, in every review, we provide several back up and runner up options as well. The TaylorMade M6 and Callaway Epic Flash are also solid (albeit more expensive) options to consider when looking for the best golf driver for women this year.

Let us know which driver you chose and how it has worked out for you.

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