6 Best Irons For 10 Handicap in 2022

It’s a new year, so getting your golf game into the single digits might be the top of your list. Finding the best irons for 10 handicap to help you achieve this isn’t the most straightforward task since there is a wide variety to choose from.

Many of the options reviewed on golf sites are aimed at professionals; sometimes, these forget about mid-ranger handicaps. We have gone out and taken a swing with some of the leading brands of golf clubs and compiled a list of the best irons on offer that you will love. This love will translate into your game as well. At the top of our list is the Srixon ZX5 iron set. If you are looking for a confidence-boosting set of irons, then we think you will love these.

Whether you are confused about getting a forged steel iron club or a steel iron club, worry not, we have you covered, and hopefully, this list will help you make a more informed decision.

What Are the Best Irons for 10 Handicap?

As we were compiling this list, we took great care at looking into a variety of golf clubs that not only focus on increasing your speed, but help with distance shots. Additionally, we looked at ones that feel good in your hands. We shouldn’t forget the best value, of course. The money you spend should correlate with the quality of the club.

Srixon ZX5 Irons








  • Crisper shot due to the lower center of gravity
  • Distance shots are aided by an easy and light swing
  • Steady performance across the face



  • Well-hit shots travel further and often overshoot the mark

You might be surprised that the list doesn’t start with a Taylor Made or a Callaway set. We have to be brave and go with a set of clubs that we love and know you will too.

The Srixon ZX5 Irons are some of the best-looking sets currently on offer with their clean, high-end appearance. They’re the best set for player improvement. One thing users of the ZX5 will say about it is that it offers great accuracy and a lot of forgiveness.

The forged steel gives the ZX5 an excellent feel to it and easy launch, which allows you to hit longer. The bulky but slick V-shaped sole is a Srixon standard that the company has kept over the years. It helps for excellent interaction with the turf.

It also has a semi encased cavity at the back, which aids in lowering your center of gravity. Also, it helps with moving the face down to connect the ball with the sweetest part of the face for a crisper shot.

This is the perfect set of irons if your handicap is averaging around 10 and a set you will want to keep even when you’re averaging in the single digits. The set of seven will cost you close to $1,150 and won’t break your bank.







Titleist T200 Irons








  • Precision distance control
  • It has improved sound and feel
  • Multi-material club



  • Slightly higher price

Coming in at a close second is the Titleist T200. Titleist is one of the best golf brands on the market, and they proved their worth with the T200. If improving your distance game is what you seek, then this is the club set for you. The new Titleist T200 iron has a multi-material construction and has been designed with the Max Impact technology with an enhanced polymer core. It helps improve ball speed when striking off-center and improves mass efficiency upon impact.

The T200 has denser D18 tungsten weights and a 2000 degrees brazing process. This has affected performance because the CG has been engineered to be even more precise, providing for fast, high launching long irons and forgiving, short, accurate irons.

It has a forged L-shape insert that increases the strength of your club and that, when you strike the ball, feels like it explodes off the club. This doesn’t compromise the comfortable feel of the iron.

We like forged steel heads instead of the regular full steel irons because they feel smooth when striking the ball. Some may prefer the more rugged feel that you get from full steel club heads, but we think the forged steel presents a better feel.

They’re priced just under $1,500 so aren’t the cheapest set on offer. They’re worth the money spent for mid-handicap players and will help improve your distance game and accuracy without affecting the feel or striking power.







Cobra Radspeed Irons








  • Increased speed, launch, and forgiveness thanks to weighting technology
  • Highest flying irons
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Stylish 3D print cavity filling



  • Stronger lofts and low spin
  • The shorter irons may seem bulky

Rounding up the top three forged steel iron sets is the Cobra Radspeed. Cobra has done an excellent job with the look of the clubs, which have a 3D graphic print protecting the back of the cavity. It gives it a cool look and is eyecatching.

The mid-sized club has a flexible, thinner face to promote ball speed and allow for longer-distance shots. This makes the Cobra Radspeed great for game improvement and is one set we recommend to players with a mid-range handicap.

The Radspeed derives its name from the Radical Weighting technology the company uses. By focusing on weight placement in relation to the center of gravity, Cobra is able to maximize the club’s performance to provide the best balance between forgiveness and speed. The further the mass is from the CG, the better performance you get.

They added a 10g screw to the toe of the head and a 3g heel to achieve this. Had we thought of that, we would have done the same because it works perfectly. Don’t expect a short face from these clubs as the head looks quite long.

For the more tech-savvy players, the Radspeed has sensors in the butt of the club using Cobra’s Arccos Caddie GPS system. This can be paired up to the Cobra Connect feature and allow you to better track your performance.

The Cobra Radspeed is also competitively priced at $800. It’s a sure win in our books.







Callaway Apex DCB Irons








  • Previously a players’ only brand, Apex is now available to all
  • Large clubface with incredible sweet spots
  • Cavity back that allows for loads of forgiveness
  • It turns your foul shots into good ones



  • It’s pricey
  • It doesn’t have an SW in the set.

Ah, finally a Callaway. Not to say we have anything against Callaway or its products. Quite the contrary, we love them because Callaway makes some of the most forgiving clubs on the market.

We can crown Callaway and Taylor Made as the kings of forgiving clubs. If you look around the golf club or the driving range, you will find that many people own one of these two brands. This is especially true of professionals and players with lower handicaps.

Callaway has also made a set of irons for the mid-range handicaps with the Apex DCB set.

The Apex brand was adopted from the Ben Hogan clubs that were associated with your more refined players. Callaway changed things around a bit and has created a new Apex range that helps improve mid-range handicap players’ overall game.

Callaway has put a lot of work into producing the Apex DCB to give players the maximum forgiveness possible. They were able to achieve this with the forged iron deep cavity back. Its enhanced sole width has been engineered for solid turf interaction and easy launch.

For higher ball speed and improved spin, Callaway made use of A.I. technology to design the Flash Face Cup, which also gives a spring effect when you strike the ball. This doesn’t affect the accuracy and offers more distance and control.

The clubhead has up to 50g of tungsten encased in its patented microsphere-filled urethane, which helps lower the center of gravity, producing plenty of launches.

The Apex DCB is priced slightly higher than its competitors and retails at $1,400.







Taylor Made Sim 2 Max Irons








  • A large sweet spot that increases accuracy
  • Hits shots higher
  • Guaranteed distance on mishits
  • Great range of forgiveness



  • The springy face reduces the feel and makes chipping tricky
  • Lofts may be too strong and compromise creativity

Similar to the Callaway, Taylor Made makes the most forgiving set of irons on the market. Despite being a popular brand, e feel the Srixon is better when it comes to 10 handicap and other mid-range handicap players.

Taylor Made has gone the distance in making irons to help improve your game, and when we took a swing with them, they delivered in achieving longer distances. The cavity back ensures you get good forgiveness and helps give you an excellent accuracy range.

The sweet spot extends along the entire face of the head, which helps your accuracy and distance, especially when you mishit the ball. The ball is guaranteed to still gain a lot of distance and keep on your desired trajectory.

The Sim 2 Max was explicitly designed to give your shots more height. The mid irons could be mistaken for wedges since they’re so forgiving. Thanks to the extra height gained, you will get more birdies and par opportunities. That is because the ball lands softer on the green and reduces rolling off.

Taylor Made products have a unique feel to them that is consistent across the board. The Sim 2 Max has a forged feel to it and produces a crack sound when you strike the ball across the broad sweet spot.

The Sim 2 Max isn’t bad looking at all, but we feel they focused more on performance. The Taylor Made Sim 2 Max is priced at around $850.

Taylor Made is one of the top golfing brands, but unfortunately, they have been plagued with problems with the faceplate coming off from the club’s head on some of their models. They even had to make some recalls.







Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons








  • It glides through the turf and is high launching
  • It is an excellent fit for golfers who hit toward the toe
  • The loft degree is engraved on the sole of the club, making it easier to select the right one when making a purchase
  • On contact, it has a crisp sound



  • Scratches on the clubs are more pronounced due to their matte finish
  • The set isn’t really suited for golfers who want to shape the flight of the ball







Cleveland is known mainly for making some genuinely high-quality wedges for the average-to-more-experienced golfer. The company has diversified to create an iron set aimed at improving the game of mid-handicap golfers. We believe these are some you should include on your radar.

Looking at the name Launcher UHX, we’re drawn to think that these clubs are going to give our shot that extra bit of distance. That is the aim of the Launcher UHX. It has been designed for greater distance and while being very forgiving.

It has a half cavity back and a half utility hollow for better precision and control. There is no need to worry about your ball getting lost in the woods or falling far short of your mark with a mishit. You will be able to clear the woods, go further thanks to the Launcher UHX, and save on your strokes for a better score.

The high steel face of the club gives the Launcher UHX higher speeds when you hit the ball, while the V-shaped sole allows for better interaction with the turf. The sole is more prominent on the shorter clubs and gives it more bounce, while the hollow longer clubs have a wider sole.

Tour Zip and finite Laser Milling improve the stopping power and generate more spin, which is crucial for distance control on approach shots.

A cool touch that Cleveland has adopted is that they engrave the degrees of the loft on the sole of the club. Cleveland has equipped the Launcher UHX with a solid loft, which has positively affected the distance we can achieve with this set.

The Launcher UHX set is reasonably priced at $515 compared to the other brands, which is a steal.

Return to the Clubhouse

Once you have an idea of what iron set you want, and before you decide to order off the internet, you need to go to your local golf supply store and go through the fitting process. 

Just like fitting a new shoe or golf tee, you can match your preferences to the right golf club, be it the length of the shaft or the weight of your club. The sales personnel will measure your performance with a few swings and help you pick out the correct size from your chosen brand.

This will also help you make a more informed decision about what part of your game you want to improve.

When we researched this list and made a few inquiries with our regular sales personnel at the golf supply store, they happily shared that for most mid-range handicaps, the Srixon, Titleist, and Cobra were the most requested irons sets. This was as opposed to the Callaway and Taylor Made products.

One reason for this is that with the Callaway and Taylor Made, although they are outstanding, the models of the clubs are updated a lot quicker than the rest; the pressure to keep up with the latest model is high. However, the changes they make aren’t as significant.

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