Nike VRS Covert Irons: In-Depth Analysis & Review 2024

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Nike’s not shy on the course in general and the precision Nike VRS Covert Irons are no exception. These cavity-back clubs have a simple, beveled design that strives for a balance between aggression and softness.

Does their eye-catching design mean technical precision, or is this club all flash with no substance?


  • Bold, beveled design with red trim and angular shapes
  • GolfPride’s White 2G Wrap grips provide sure all-weather handling
  • Unique, lively face pops the ball up quickly and powerfully
  • Head design delivers power without a hard swing


  • Bold color choice and sunken cavity design aren’t for everybody
  • Heavy-handed clubs can impair shot feel
  • Not as effective for slow swing speeds
  • Sunken cavity can lead to distance loss on mis-hits

Nike VRS Covert Iron Review

  • Nike goes their own way by ditching the trendy matte black, gray and white in favor of shiny, durable chrome. Paired with white 2G wrap grips and red trim, this is a club where design and technology merge.
  • Deceptively simple beveled design allows for a pillow-like contact with the ground while maintaining a fast swing.
  • NexCOR face allows for faster ball speeds while the high-frequency X3X face grooves enhance spin control. As you play through 18, you’ll likely discover balanced shot to shot consistency throughout the day.

What Are the Nike VRS Covert Iron?

Looking for high-flying performance? Nike’s VRS Covert Iron is all about giving golfers control of their club so their performance on the links can be more consistent.

Similar in strength and performance to some hybrid irons, a decent swing makes this club able to perform from multiple different lies.

The most noticeable feature here is the cavity back design. The deep, undercut, high-speed cavity back is designed for straighter shots which reach higher highs and go longer distances. Nike has always been on the cutting edge of adding cavity back designs to their clubs and the VRS is no exception.

Nike VRS Covert Irons detailed review of the different aspects of the Nike VRS Covert Irons.


Choosing to forgo the traditional matte finish, the VRS has a sleek, aggressive look. The club actually resembles the superhero Iron Man in a way, with smooth angles and a bold, red trim.

If you’re looking to stand out on the course, this is a club to consider.

Don’t be surprised if the Nike VRS Covert Iron has a polarizing effect around the clubhouse. What is one golfer’s cool club might be another’s flashy eyesore.


NexCOR face construction with high-frequency X3X face grooves let you combine spin control with blazing fast ball speeds. The club helps you pop the ball up high with the True Temper Dynalite 105 Steel Shaft.

While the design isn’t for everyone, the technology will likely have fewer criticisms. The thinner topline and minimal offset hide high-tech, game-improvement qualities.

This is a sleek club with a blunt leading edge, which passes through the turf without digging through the dirt. You’ll likely be able to pop the ball up quickly from the green with ease.


VRS Covert minimizes dispersion. This is one of the straightest irons you’ll find in this category. Shots track on-line with precision.

Cavity design pulls weight from the center to the outside of the club face. This signature design helps enhance long iron play – ideal for covering the distance!

Weighted sections in the heel and toe mean this club has extreme perimeter weighting. On the course, this lets players maximize distance while avoiding the twist of off-center hits. By taking the weight out of the face, and making the shaft thinner, this club combines strength and forgiveness.


The club is made from ultra-thin stainless steel which is powerful but lightweight. The True Temper Dynalite 105 R-Flex Steel Shaft lends itself to an easy swing, which lets the ball soar far and land soft. To help control the swing, the grip is Golf Pride Tour Velvet with 360 black and red grip.

Brand Reputation

Well, it’s Nike. They have a hit or miss history on the golf course. But their latest has merged design with function in a bold way which many golfers like. There’s plenty of flash to the design, but it’s all in service of function.

With Nike Golf, you’re getting a trusted name based on cutting edge sports science. While other clubs use the cavity design, Nike was the first to apply this design to irons and drivers. They have a proven system based on extensive research.


This is a high-end driver and you can certainly find cheaper clubs. This isn’t a club you’ll likely just buy on a whim. But if you like what Nike offers, you do get a lot of club for the money.


Callaway Steelhead XR Iron Set

This is a high-end club with 360 face cup technology and hollow bore-thru design. The club is constructed with a stock steel shaft made from True Temper XP 95 stepless, or a stock graphite shaft made with matrix F94.

While this is a well-made club, the features found here are fairly standard for clubs at this price point. If you want something truly unique, the Nike VRS is probably the better choice.

If you’re looking for a more traditional iron, the Callaway fulfills that role pretty well.

TaylorMade Men’s SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set

Although perhaps not as well-known as Nike, Taylor Made has a solid reputation in clubhouses around the world. The SpeedBlade has the lowest CG of any iron in their line as well as a new, elongated SpeedPocket.

This club is less expensive than the Nike VRS but still packs a lot of design features including individually engineered heads and balanced distance gaps between each iron.

Titleist AP1 716 Irons

If price isn’t your primary concern, you might want to check out the Titleist APR 716. This club is described as the most forgiving Titleist ever.

The club has a True Temper XP 90 gram stiff shaft but others are available including the Dynamic Gold AMT, KBS and Nippon shafts.

If your main goal is to maximize distance, the Titleist is worth consideration. If you’re interested in a club with more all-around balance, the Nike VRS might be a better choice than the Titleist AP1.

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Set

What a name with this one! The Big Bertha uses an Internal Standing Wave to create a hot, powerful iron. Hollow body construction gives you forgiveness by distributing the weight with precision.

If you’re looking for higher ball speed, long distance and a premium after-market shaft, Big Bertha might be a great choice. If you value accuracy and precision with your swing, the Nike VRS might be the better option.

Should I Buy the Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Irons?

If you’re looking for a “game improvement” club, the Nike VRS Covert Irons are worth your consideration.

The high-speed cavity back lets many people hit higher and for more distance than ever before. This club is easy and forgiving with a unique, bold design.


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