Ping G25 Irons Reviews: Irons for All Abilities 2022

The Ping G25 iron has managed to remain relevant, even though it is not the best-looking or best feeling iron you’ll ever find. In our Ping G25 irons reviews, we look at the pros and cons of these irons and if these irons are fit for players of all abilities. 

Ping originally made the G25 as an update of the G20, and they have been touted as irons that low handicappers and high handicappers can use. Most of the Ping G25 irons reviews noted the improvement in looks from the G20. We agree with this view and that everyone, from first-timers to superior golfers, can get something out of the Ping G25 iron. 

There are quite a few factors to consider when searching for a good iron to purchase. Ping has a color code chart to help you maximize your success with the iron that you buy. You simply measure your height and the distance from the ground to your wrist when standing in a natural position. Ideally, you should match the correct color dot with the irons you purchase, but it is not an absolute rule when buying.  

The features of the Ping G25 irons covered in this article will help you see that they can be used by virtually anyone interested in a good round of golf.

Ping G25 Irons Reviews

Ping has been in the irons business for a long time and is a trusted brand in the golfing industry. The G25 design and look show that Ping listened to their customers who did not like the look of the G20. Previous designs from Ping were mainly categorized for mid to high handicap players, but the G25 has broadened this range to encompass low handicappers. 

Design and Looks

Ping designed the G25 irons with a non-glare matte finish, and with a compact look. The simple but effective design features a thinner topline. Many golfers will also appreciate the more progressive sole, which is thinner than the G20. 

There is a substantial offset, which is less in the shorter irons than on the G20. The offset is 12-13% less on the middle irons than the G20. It is easier to induce a fade or draw. Generally, the G25 gives off a less bulky look that maintains a good level of forgiveness. A slight camber grind on the back of the sole creates a bit of relief. 

Sound and Feel

The G25 irons have a solid and stable feel and sound characteristic of all Ping designs. With the G25, you know and hear when contact is made with the face. A new vibration dampening medallion on the back of the face makes for a great feel, almost like a forged iron. 

Ping engineers integrated the multi-material cavity badge into this product to give a subtle yet powerful sound on impact. Most of those who tested the G25 found themselves hitting irons just for the amusement of striking them. This says a lot about what Ping achieved with the G25 range.

Key Features of Ping G25 Irons

Even as the golf world chases better and more enhanced technology, Ping has managed to make the G25 survive the test of time and remain a sought-after iron. The G25 is classified as a game-improvement iron and generally, these give great trajectory, great forgiveness, and solid distance with a clubhead that inspires confidence in a golfer.   

Custom Tuning Port

The Custom Tuning Port (CTP), which is unique on the G25 range, has an integrated custom bottom at the sole of the iron. This CTP feature lowers the Center of Gravity (CG), while increasing the Moment of Inertia (MOI). 

G25’s ability to increase MOI and decrease CG means high-launching shots that keep your ball flying straight when airborne. The CTP allows you to avoid mis-hits as it keeps the head stable through perimeter weighting and mass behind the impact zone. 

With the G25, the CTP is positioned nearer to the sole, unlike on the G20. It is directly aligned behind the impact area to help lower the center of gravity and launch higher shots.  

Face Stabilization 

The G25 irons have thinner faces that are not too bouncy. This thinner face allows for a little more weight to be directed at the cavity. Low-toe weighting and face support bars give the G25 irons a better feel and distance control. 

On the Ping G25 iron, the heel and toe support bars are located in the face’s impact area, stabilizing the face and helping you get consistent distance control with almost every shot.

Multi-Material Badge

Ping’s G25 irons multi-material badge is made of aluminum and a soft elastomer, giving rise to that solid impact sound and a good feel. The materials used in the G25’s multi-material badge absorb unnecessary vibrations for a smoother feel. Ping G25’s multi-material is much more than just a decorative emblem. 

Progressive Sole Widths

The Ping G25 irons’ thinner sole contains progressive sole widths, which are different from the previous long sole width irons. The long irons have an increased progressive sole width, resulting in more forgiving and high-launch plays. Short irons have a decreased sole width because of the thinner soles, which improves playability and versatility on the Ping G25. 

While the G20 maintained a constant sole width of more than an inch, the G25 sole width narrows as irons move from the 3-iron to the pitching wedge. 

The progressive sole widths help with center of gravity placement for maintaining distance. 

Performance of Ping G25 Irons

The Ping G25 irons have a good look, flight, feel, and loads of forgiveness, making them a great match for golfers of all abilities. Performance carries a key role in deciding to purchase irons. Here is how the Ping G25 irons perform on the golf course. 


Accurate distance mapping is made possible by stabilizing the face with heel and toe support bars. The new custom tuning port on the G25 impact face boosts distance and control. 

The multi-material badge means varying lengths, making repeatable swings with a solid strike possible, which gives you reliable distance control. The Ping G25 has a respectable yardage, maybe not as long as other irons in the same bracket but still good enough for any golfer.

The spin rate and higher launch ball angle on the G25 short irons allow for good accuracy in maintaining the distance and gapping around the greens. 


Forgiveness is the Ping G25 irons’ best attribute. It is very forgiving. There is a significant reduction of shot scattering because of the high moment of inertia and low center of gravity. A thinner sole on the progressive sole width improves playability but does not reduce forgiveness. 

Twisting of the clubhead and flexibility is greatly reduced on impact with the G25. It has negligible sidespin, and the thin clubface produces the weighting perimeter. Even the severe misses remain relatively in line. 

Making the iron smaller is supposed to reduce forgiveness, but this is not the case with the Ping G25. It performs better than the bigger G20, a great tribute to the engineering that went into this design. 

Ping had been trying to make the most forgiving iron ever since 2003, and with the launch of the G25 in 2013, the company achieved this while giving the iron a sleeker look.  


A Ping G25 irons’ strike on the ball produces a straight, high-trajectory shot. Ping integrated the custom tuning port and support bars into the design, improving rigidity, making the long irons good for swings. The G25 flies higher than previous models without adding more spin. 

Just like most game-improvement irons, the G25’s  workability is limited but it is easy to get the ball into the air from any lie. Every iron in the G25 bag produces a straight, high trajectory shot from just about anywhere on the golf course. The long iron is more suited for swings, while the short and middle irons produce mid-trajectory shots.

In terms of playability, G25 irons have grid relief and narrow edges that help to hit the ball more solidly. The long irons are more helpful with swings and a variety of lies. The G25 irons help with turf interaction and are much more playable that the G10 and G20.    

Pros and Cons of Ping G25 Irons 

If Ping set out to make irons that would suit both high and low handicappers, then the G25 is almost as good as it gets. The G25 was designed to suit golfers of all skill levels. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the Ping G25 irons. 


  • Plenty of forgiveness.
  • Easy to get the ball into the air from basically any lie.
  • A stable impact zone that is reliable.
  • Fantastic distance control.
  • Fly high without adding too much spin.


  • Workability is still an issue that can be improved.
  • Still oversized.
  • Tends to snag in the rough.
  • Shot shaping is not as easy as with other irons.


Is the Ping G25 iron worth buying? 

The Ping G25 has combined all the qualities needed in an iron, so low and high handicappers can use it. Ping has been producing irons since 1969 and has very rarely disappointed when it comes to product quality. 

Ever since Bubba Watson won the US Open in 2012 using Ping irons, there has been more interest in the brand, resulting in Ping working harder to satisfy its customers. The G25 is an improvement on the G10 and G20 ranges and offers great value for money

Are Ping irons good for beginners?

Yes. It is the ideal iron for beginners with a good feel, looks, and plenty of forgiveness. The Ping series has a variety of irons that are great for beginners. It is important to pay attention to the features of irons before you make a purchase. 

One aspect to consider is the shaft because it impacts ball flight, distance, and your ability to get constant carry. 

If you swing a 6-iron above 92 mph, then the extra stiff shaft is what would commonly work best for you. A stiff shaft works swing speeds of 84-91mph, while a regular flex shaft is ideal if you swing 75-84mph. You should try the seniors’ flex shaft if you swing below 75 mph. If that still doesn’t work for you, try the ladies’ flex shaft. 

Another very important aspect to consider as a beginner is consistency. Consistency is dependent on a wider sole, lower center of gravity, perimeter weighting, and more forgiveness. It is important to buy game-improvement irons as these are specially made to help hit higher, and further.

Are Ping G25 irons forged? 

Ping G25 irons are cast, although they have the feel of a forged iron. Before 2019, only three Ping irons had been forged in the brand’s long history, the original Ping and the Anser ranges of 2010 and 2012. The Blueprint range of 2019 marked the return of Ping forged iron.  

Ping used its famed “Investment Casting” method to make the G25 irons. Cast irons’ weighting is spread throughout the club, and this improves on mis-hits while limiting the trueness of a solid shot.    

Overall Verdict

Low handicappers can get something out of the Ping G25 mainly because of the ease of playing that comes with these irons. The engineers at Ping squeezed every ounce of forgiveness they possibly could from the smaller design, and it worked. Shots fly in the right distance and line even when the contact is not in the right place, which is a huge compliment for any iron.

As a game-improvement iron, the Ping G25 does help the average golfer hit further, straighter, and higher. Ping’s integration of a custom tuning port was a master-stroke as it contributed to that subtle yet solid sound on impact. 

Years after the launch, it is still quite difficult to get a bag of Ping G25 irons; Amazon is a good place to look for this great product by Ping.  

The G20 was well received and loved by golf enthusiasts. It is no mean feat that the G25 looks better, feels better, and performs better than the Ping G20. 

Many Ping G25 irons reviews confirm they give reliable distance and great forgiveness, which the world had already become accustomed to with Ping’s products. We think Ping improved greatly on their forgiveness. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more forgiving iron than the G25. 

While it’s still oversized, the downsizing of the G25 compared to the previous version made it look sleeker, and we like the thinner, meaner Ping iron because it enhanced the performance on the golf course. 

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